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  1. Ryca Smiler

    Ryca SmilerPäivä sitten

    When you think the film has to do with reptiles! (We make Reptile Vivariums as a business!!) 🤣

  2. Damian Liranzo

    Damian LiranzoPäivä sitten

    Anyone gonna talk about how fit Anna is

  3. Chaz Jordan

    Chaz JordanPäivä sitten

    that man took off immediately he aint know what was going on but he was outta there lol

  4. Mae Johnson

    Mae JohnsonPäivä sitten

    Best film. So many laugh out loud moments. Can’t wait for it to come out on dvd. 9/10

  5. Ajay Hebbalkar

    Ajay HebbalkarPäivä sitten

    So, basically Thor helped wonder woman so that she can swing on Lightning? Or maybe Shazam or zeus?(now Don't comment saying that I don't know DCEU n MCU, it's a joke take it lightly)

  6. Michaela Schneider

    Michaela SchneiderPäivä sitten

    10 seconds in and i can see that this is a Wes Anderson film 😁😁 Edit: SWEAR I DIDNT READ HIS NAME AT THE BEGINNING 😂😂😂😂

  7. Kai Neal

    Kai NealPäivä sitten

    Movie 1: A Quiet Place Movie 2: A Quieter Place Movie 3: *The Mostest Quietest Place*

  8. Gabrielle Albert

    Gabrielle AlbertPäivä sitten

    How do u jumpscare in .0 seconds😳

  9. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    XimerTracks - Sub To MePäivä sitten

    Good work. Please make more. Let's build Each other up :)

  10. Noobinator

    NoobinatorPäivä sitten

    Eat your cereal

  11. Aliah Nour

    Aliah NourPäivä sitten

    I love you Andrew ..

  12. Killer Queen

    Killer QueenPäivä sitten

    "-My Tessa would never Kiss a strenger! -There's no your Tessa anymore!" That scene will be insane🙊🙊🙊

  13. Jack Bishop

    Jack BishopPäivä sitten

    Good trailer but can we please stop the mini trailer before the full trailer??? Waste of time and space of video

  14. shailon5480

    shailon5480Päivä sitten

    How much more clichéd could this get?

  15. Sherika Hunter

    Sherika HunterPäivä sitten

    She made her own birthday meal for those jerks! And cleaned! I loved the movie. But some parts really had me mad. Ziggy was a sweet son.

  16. Ives Sosa

    Ives SosaPäivä sitten

    Is this a trailer for Robocop??? Wtf

  17. Pals P

    Pals PPäivä sitten

    Damn, they had me by putting Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) in the thumbnail, I thought this was Friends reunion.

  18. Tato vargas izaguirre

    Tato vargas izaguirrePäivä sitten

    Colin Firth is a good actor but I stick with the original......

  19. TheGaming Boi

    TheGaming BoiPäivä sitten

    *Jokes on you my gun has around 108391710283027273 silencers on it.*

  20. Aisha Seidu Peligah

    Aisha Seidu PeligahPäivä sitten

    Soooo nerve wracking👀

  21. LeosterLockSABAH

    LeosterLockSABAHPäivä sitten

    IAM fan for Superman and wonderwomen,,it's stronggg owe yeaaa

  22. Phimosis Jones

    Phimosis JonesPäivä sitten

    Ew she got so old and saggy

  23. Jereme Fuentes

    Jereme FuentesPäivä sitten

    Jim's prank is getting a little out of hand

  24. Yara Cell

    Yara CellPäivä sitten


  25. Zan F.

    Zan F.Päivä sitten

    Wasn't the book placed in the 60s or 70s while the Vietnam war was going on? Why are we seeing modern equipment here? What kind of distasteful story destruction is this?

  26. Steven Herfst

    Steven HerfstPäivä sitten

    That’s it?😂😂 that was fucking garbage

  27. travs

    travsPäivä sitten

    in other word genetic mutation

  28. Альфред Закиров

    Альфред ЗакировPäivä sitten

    I love your show

  29. Mr leaf

    Mr leafPäivä sitten

    If guns can kill those things how the fuck did this all happen especially in the fucking U.S OF THE MOTHERFUCKING A a country literally filled to the brim of God damn guns

  30. Max Shaw

    Max ShawPäivä sitten

    I have mixed feelings right now, I am so excited for this film based on this trailer. The before the apocalypse scenes are so good and I can’t wait to see how long it takes people to realise that they need to be quiet, cause rn the monsters would be killing them left right and centre because of all the noise, but then again the apocalypse scenes look straight up bad, even when they hit that wire the mum says run which defeats the point of the no speaking aspect which made the first film so good. And then they have the bunker or tank looking thing scene that looks like it is a recurring thing, like the greatest part about the waterfall scene in the first one is that the talking felt so out of place even though it was regular talking which we hear everyday. Also I don’t believe that the mother would hit that trip wire as they that family are so much more careful than that so I’m really in the middle over this

  31. Jane Cate Irungu

    Jane Cate IrunguPäivä sitten

    F. This looks good

  32. lucas santos

    lucas santosPäivä sitten

    perai,,mas ele tinha morrido na explosao,,,

  33. In Time

    In TimePäivä sitten

    This movie is amazing

  34. joshuva george

    joshuva georgePäivä sitten


  35. Альфред Закиров

    Альфред ЗакировPäivä sitten

    hi I'm from Russia

  36. Spiceey

    SpiceeyPäivä sitten

    starcourt mall from stranger things? or just looks like it lol


    BADBOYDOCPäivä sitten

    I will support him, until that day comes

  38. paz me

    paz mePäivä sitten

    now BMW has a new meaning "black mama whoopin'"😂😂

  39. BitterasFk

    BitterasFkPäivä sitten

    Lul why is she still speaking proper English lmao

  40. Kartun Land

    Kartun LandPäivä sitten

    Not interest at all

  41. Daniel Walters

    Daniel WaltersPäivä sitten

    Kevin you lying sack of shit

  42. biNgbOng

    biNgbOngPäivä sitten

    i’m *only* watching this for jaeden martell ngl.

  43. Less Bait

    Less BaitPäivä sitten

    Timothée chalamet looks like Ralphthemoviemaker 😂

  44. paz me

    paz me2 päivää sitten

    this trailer got me🤣😂😂😂

  45. 96 LaserSights

    96 LaserSights2 päivää sitten

    Anyone else notice the alien at 1:23

  46. Xx_Yeet_ McFeet_xX

    Xx_Yeet_ McFeet_xX2 päivää sitten

    Ok but Noah Jupe can ACT, why y’all sleepin on him?

  47. Rebel Cerberus

    Rebel Cerberus2 päivää sitten

    Why he run weird

  48. Renato Ramos

    Renato Ramos2 päivää sitten

    Aliens apparently don't exist until they are on frame.

  49. Даурен Тургынбай

    Даурен Тургынбай2 päivää sitten

    Plz song in 35 sec please

  50. Ералы Б

    Ералы Б2 päivää sitten

    О маладец

  51. Elias Håkansson

    Elias Håkansson2 päivää sitten

    She's just so hot

  52. Jayden’s Animal kingdom

    Jayden’s Animal kingdom2 päivää sitten

    I wanna see this so bad!!

  53. Ellie Marie

    Ellie Marie2 päivää sitten

    So now we know... Hopper is still alive, but there is a chance Billy is alive also. Before this trailer, people had the theory Billy was the American because they thought, maybe, Billy got one of his clones to do it. Even though his clone was shown still in the upside down, there is a chance he is still alive, because there was at least 4 clones of him. So, there is a chance!

  54. Zina Tsgoeva

    Zina Tsgoeva2 päivää sitten


  55. Stacey Go

    Stacey Go2 päivää sitten

    What a visual feast

  56. The Bastard Gift

    The Bastard Gift2 päivää sitten

    Thriller? Horror? Life. Sometimes you look at a trailer and you just know it's a good movie. Maybe even damn good.

  57. Jhon VRe

    Jhon VRe2 päivää sitten

    Wanda welcome home

  58. Aryan Rai

    Aryan Rai2 päivää sitten

    I want jim to direct a zombie film next want to see what his take would be on that...

  59. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood2 päivää sitten


  60. Sudzy

    Sudzy2 päivää sitten

    this looks so good

  61. Jesly Olasiman

    Jesly Olasiman2 päivää sitten

    This is so freaking intense. My heart for Hardin 💔😭

  62. Kid Fabulous

    Kid Fabulous2 päivää sitten

    That’s not much of a trailer - of course hopper is alive. He is awesome 😎

  63. El!

    El!2 päivää sitten

    John has created such a good first movie I’m so excited for this. This man is so talented from being on one of the best well known shows to creating one of my favorite horror movies. Keep up the good work John

  64. Dylan Dodds

    Dylan Dodds2 päivää sitten


  65. i took the shet

    i took the shet2 päivää sitten

    They can’t survive with the jump scares cause the sound effects are too loud.

  66. Caleb Anthony Lim

    Caleb Anthony Lim2 päivää sitten

    Did that fat guy eat a zombie kids neck

  67. Maham Naeem

    Maham Naeem2 päivää sitten

    About heckin' time, Wes Anderson

  68. Papuu Kumar

    Papuu Kumar2 päivää sitten

    Triple threat movie kab ayegi Hindi me

  69. Midnight_ Taffy

    Midnight_ Taffy2 päivää sitten

    OoP- I guess they’re back. Time to fucking die. Best thing to do, run away and say Fuck that, give me my children

  70. magic stu

    magic stu2 päivää sitten

    According to their customs in our Arab society, she is not innocent, and the fight occurred only under her head

  71. m.

    m.2 päivää sitten


  72. Joshua Watts

    Joshua Watts2 päivää sitten

    2:49 is that a dolphin noise?

  73. Dank Memez

    Dank Memez2 päivää sitten

    First 10 seconds have more dialogue than the entire first film

  74. RedSoulHeart

    RedSoulHeart2 päivää sitten

    I’ve always wondered with the monsters. How loud do you have to be to attract them? Like what’s the sound limit you can make to not attract them. Is whispering ok? Walking through dry grass? Because everything humans do make sound even your own heartbeat has a sound to it, so I’m curious as to what frequencies or limitations the creatures have. Cause they can’t just kill everything that makes ANY sound or they’d be able to literally hear you breathing or heartbeat. So there must be some sounds they can’t hear. Like we can’t hear dog whistles but dogs can kind thing.

  75. Lily Stellmacher

    Lily Stellmacher2 päivää sitten

    If I don’t see Rainn Wilson as a surprise star eating soup out of Creed’s skull, then I don’t want it

  76. Lily Stellmacher

    Lily Stellmacher2 päivää sitten

    Me and my 80 year old bones that constantly crack would never survive

  77. Martha Patricia Puente de la Vega

    Martha Patricia Puente de la Vega2 päivää sitten

    Another remake.... what about original ideas or perhaps even better... other books???

  78. Shopping Trolley

    Shopping Trolley2 päivää sitten

    Me watching this trailer while using an electric toothbrush

  79. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep2 päivää sitten

    Looks like A Quiet place boutta go take a Comback on the Movie Revenue

  80. Ankit Saksena

    Ankit Saksena2 päivää sitten



    WANDERSON WANDERSON2 päivää sitten

    Nmo saiba

  82. hypeboss 3113

    hypeboss 31132 päivää sitten

    When it shows hoppers face. The person who watched one episode: Oh my gosh they shaved his head. Me: sarcastically says He is alive

  83. Nlocek IBAG

    Nlocek IBAG2 päivää sitten

    Monster: Bashes into a car and then into a store. Almost everyone in the scene: Run.

  84. ER06 Cynstef

    ER06 Cynstef2 päivää sitten

    This pict is from taboo 🖕

  85. Sarah Dudley

    Sarah Dudley2 päivää sitten

    Filmed in Ventnor Botanical Gardens by any chance?

  86. tiemi yetunde

    tiemi yetunde2 päivää sitten

    Currently reading the book and I’m kinda excited for the part 2

  87. Foster's stubby ASMR

    Foster's stubby ASMR2 päivää sitten

    No thanks

  88. Tinokap

    Tinokap2 päivää sitten

    have these type of movies including zombi apocalypse ever heard of this thing called "army" and weapon stockpiles aka gunstores in merica and all over the world ?

  89. hey

    hey2 päivää sitten

    Ars pretentia

  90. vianney1519

    vianney15192 päivää sitten

    i am SHOOK 0o0

  91. Icey x

    Icey x2 päivää sitten

    Hyped for season 4

  92. CooleTim

    CooleTim2 päivää sitten

    Finally saw secuals become good , im really fucking hyped

  93. TheKingOfCheats

    TheKingOfCheats2 päivää sitten

    Yes! A good prequel!

  94. Saad Benhammou

    Saad Benhammou2 päivää sitten

    Thomas Shelby be like : where is my FOCKING MONEYYY

  95. Paisley

    Paisley2 päivää sitten

    I guess Hopper become bald instead of Eleven

  96. Matthew Tidwell

    Matthew Tidwell2 päivää sitten

    I knew that crazy bastard was alive😄

  97. 길민정

    길민정2 päivää sitten

    Can't wait

  98. FeedThejuice

    FeedThejuice2 päivää sitten

    When I saw the masked man I thought that was Aiden's from watch dogs

  99. JMB

    JMB2 päivää sitten

    Love Wes Anderson.

  100. Tanmay Mathur

    Tanmay Mathur2 päivää sitten

    That's gotta be the stupidest thing I have ever seen.