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The Mandalorian - re:View

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Exorcist III - re:View

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Half in the Bag: Joker

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The Exorcist - re:View

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Half in the Bag: IT Chapter Two
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Bone Tomahawk - re:View

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Suspiria (1977) - re:View

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  1. Zetetik -

    Zetetik -Päivä sitten

    I had that Terminator poster on my bedroom wall in the 80s.....The original and best!

  2. Zetetik -

    Zetetik -Päivä sitten

    I had that Terminator poster on my bedroom wall in the 80s.....The original and best!

  3. gnc623

    gnc623Päivä sitten

    Say what you want about the prequels, but at least they told a story.

  4. adamtzsch

    adamtzschPäivä sitten

    Over 7,300 people got upset. It’s time for FIgos to install a 21-or-over age limit.

  5. Khurt Khave

    Khurt KhavePäivä sitten

    Aside from a couple amazing practical effects, the entire film and story was clunky including several director/scene errors; especially with the ending it felt like a college student film.

  6. VoyagesDuSpectateur

    VoyagesDuSpectateurPäivä sitten

    Everyone knows that the best way to deal with a mouse problem is to build a time machine and send a robot mouse back into the past to kill the mouse who will become the mother of the mouse leader after she is impregnated by the mouse that the other mice send back in time to kill the robot mouse.

  7. walrus_bongs

    walrus_bongsPäivä sitten

    To me the wine represents The last Jedi and the white table cloth represents Star Wars legacy. It’s ruined after he pours out the wine and any shred of dignity he franchise had is now ruined as a result of a bad movie.

  8. Christopher Thomas

    Christopher ThomasPäivä sitten

    so erm....Mr. Plinkett's review is when?

  9. Zetetik -

    Zetetik -Päivä sitten

    _"John Connor's turned into....I don't know what John Connor's turned into...."_ John Connor's turned into another shit actor, is what's happened, Mike

  10. Zetetik -

    Zetetik -Päivä sitten

    _"John Connor's turned into....I don't know what John Connor's turned into...."_ John Connor's turned into another shit actor, is what's happened, Mike

  11. Joseph Bonadia

    Joseph BonadiaPäivä sitten

    Oliver Tree got his style from the kid with the egg

  12. Grovester77

    Grovester77Päivä sitten

    The man who knew too little is a favorite.

  13. airingcupboard

    airingcupboardPäivä sitten

    I really like Tron. I seem to remember seeing it at the cinema when I was a child. I guess we expected Star Wars, but it really was another animal. I remember being beguiled by the visuals and the bike race scene was mind blowing. It's a profoundly aesthetic movie. Actually the effects really do still hold up because it fits so well with the concept. I like how the limitations of the technique dictated the look. In many ways it's like an art film (pushing the boundaries of a limitation or rule) and even the costumes remind me of 20s modernist stage costumes. Is it super fun to watch? No! Nonetheless it's fascinating.

  14. Buck Johnson

    Buck JohnsonPäivä sitten

    I actually like Tremors 2 more than the original.

  15. Eric Faith

    Eric FaithPäivä sitten

    Where's Tr3n???

  16. Aaron Morris

    Aaron MorrisPäivä sitten

    The sequel was flatter than the original. Btw, people had a fairly good sense of computers by 1982 as personal computers began making their way into homes in the early 80s. In fact the movie "War Games" came out the year after Tron. It was a movie about a kid who uses his home computer to hack into a government site.

  17. The Guardian

    The GuardianPäivä sitten

    In my fan fiction Civvie 11 is Game Station's version of Rich Evans but from the future. Or maybe his great grandson

  18. Rob T.V.

    Rob T.V.Päivä sitten

    Its like a cinematic slot machine

  19. Chara

    CharaPäivä sitten

    Jumanji reboot was actually pretty cool.

  20. Think Pad

    Think PadPäivä sitten

    Fury Road sucked pricks .

  21. Thomas R. Hart

    Thomas R. HartPäivä sitten

    2015: "The Lone Ranger might help bankrupt Disney" 2020: *laughs in Star Wars*

  22. Hatts Harbringer

    Hatts HarbringerPäivä sitten

    How can you find blade runner boring?

  23. MonkeyspankO

    MonkeyspankOPäivä sitten

    Warning: Tron fans may be triggered by this re:View

  24. Launchpad McQuack

    Launchpad McQuackPäivä sitten's Algonquin for: The Good Land

  25. The Bersergner

    The BersergnerPäivä sitten

    I literally only just realised that Shane Black and the other guy are different characters. Mind blown!

  26. Thursday Night Fever

    Thursday Night FeverPäivä sitten

    Hey Red Letter Media- the soundtrack to TRON was by electronic pinoeer Wendy Carlos, , way to shit on it.

  27. Patrick Rooney

    Patrick RooneyPäivä sitten

    Spock was always half human,

  28. Robert Angier

    Robert AngierPäivä sitten

    Tron Uprising the cartoon was amazing I wish it would have lasted more than 1 season I'd love for it to make a return on Disney +

  29. Paul Jenkins

    Paul JenkinsPäivä sitten

    rich simultaneously has the best and worst laugh and i love him for it. Also, The Orville is amazing.

  30. Charles 22

    Charles 22Päivä sitten

    38:25 Al Bundy working part-time.

  31. skekSo the Emperor

    skekSo the EmperorPäivä sitten

    This trilogy is about as narratively inconsistent as Paul W.S Anderson's Resident Evil Saga.

  32. Paul Jenkins

    Paul JenkinsPäivä sitten

    i love that rich's laughing in the background is picked up on the mics.

  33. Kevin prendiville

    Kevin prendivillePäivä sitten

    When are they making the Admiral Bone2pic standalone movie?

  34. Cameron Loomis

    Cameron LoomisPäivä sitten

    Leonardo Retardo?

  35. pastel stars

    pastel starsPäivä sitten

    Jim is so pure

  36. The_Rockness

    The_RocknessPäivä sitten

    I remember watching Theodore Rex as a kid and loving it LOL

  37. Derek Magnuson

    Derek MagnusonPäivä sitten

    At the 27 min mark, the Japanese text reads ”Never let go if you can make up! SOS. . . It’s a legacy video that completely breaks the common sense! Action, suspense, romance, and humor!”

  38. cubeincubes

    cubeincubesPäivä sitten

    Your mom was a mystery box, but I busted that shit open

  39. S. Sagawa

    S. SagawaPäivä sitten

    Hereditary was the best comedy I've ever watched in a long while.

  40. Old Man Martins

    Old Man MartinsPäivä sitten

    "Like a video game".... If those movies were even NEAR what the video games were.... we would had better movies.

  41. Patrick Dirks

    Patrick DirksPäivä sitten

    Hollywood Cop's score goes so hard.

  42. jtojagicc

    jtojagiccPäivä sitten

    the bit where Rich can't hold it in anymore and breaks character is gold.

  43. Frank C

    Frank CPäivä sitten

    I don't get how you guys liked this one but not 9

  44. Yauhen Hantsevich

    Yauhen HantsevichPäivä sitten

    Guys please watch and re:view Sorcerer from 1977

  45. Wasmo

    WasmoPäivä sitten

    I feel like the biggest problem is it does waste time trying to set stuff up for later movies

  46. Dreadful Deadlines: Essay Tutorials

    Dreadful Deadlines: Essay TutorialsPäivä sitten

    This movie is a guilty pleasure, ngl.

  47. Paul Jenkins

    Paul JenkinsPäivä sitten

    i was a little nervous watching this review given that the rocketeer is a favorite of mine and i didnt want to learn something that would make me go "awwww...." Really glad yall liked it too

  48. SuperCaleb360

    SuperCaleb360Päivä sitten

    7:05 gonna need a loop of Rich

  49. TheRegart

    TheRegartPäivä sitten

    Oddly enough, there apparently is an unedited r rated version of Tammy with the gore.

  50. Dusty kolar

    Dusty kolarPäivä sitten

    Ive watched this one a couple of times now. It might be rich's best read.

  51. proesterchen

    proesterchenPäivä sitten

    Constallations. I see, I see.


    ANDREW STOUTPäivä sitten

    Somebody didnt read the book , these guys are as bad as the director who made the movie

  53. mak10z

    mak10zPäivä sitten

    this is Sandra Bullock's best role IMHO... she was never cuter to me than in this movie.

  54. R.J. Searson

    R.J. SearsonPäivä sitten

    I'm surprised a horny old bastard like Mr. Plinkett hasn't tried to fuck the ghost. She kinda cute tbh

  55. joeyjojojunior1794

    joeyjojojunior1794Päivä sitten

    The tone that Mike takes on reminds me of the old Adam Sandler skit when he plays the wife of Chris Farley and Chris Farley is Reading New York restaurant reviews and then pans to Adam Sandler and smiles and rubs his thigh and whatnot. Mike has that tongue-in-cheek airiness tone as well. Pure cheese

  56. George Clinton

    George ClintonPäivä sitten

    The fact that the D&D: Star Wars Player's Handbook explains more about the Jedi, the Sith, the Force, and the differences between and specifics of the Light and Dark side of the Force in like 30 pages with large illustrations taking up space in the layout than the movies do in 9 fucking films is absolutely ridiculous. In fact I'm ridiculing it right now it's so ridiculous.

  57. hollistinian2

    hollistinian2Päivä sitten

    Mike at 15:17. You’re welcome.

  58. NexisFilms

    NexisFilmsPäivä sitten

    14:35 Rich laughing in the background is Gold !

  59. Bernie Bro

    Bernie BroPäivä sitten

    I still think this movie helped Trump win in 2016.

  60. BurninatorTheTrogdor

    BurninatorTheTrogdorPäivä sitten

    The first part of the movie is bad ass. The rest was just blah. If they would have stuck with dark and gritty it could have been saved. I don't think I want to watch the first Tron again to preserve prosperity.

  61. Plum Fun

    Plum FunPäivä sitten

    GREAT movie, and HIGHLY under rated! It was the first movie I saw where Wesley Snipes and I didn't think of him as "Wesley Snipes playing [insert character name]". In every other movie...he's Wesley Snipes playing a role. In this one, he was "Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes". Probably Wesley's BEST acting roll and performance *ever*.

  62. Jack MacGuire

    Jack MacGuirePäivä sitten

    Like button: *SMASHED*

  63. Martini5

    Martini5Päivä sitten

    Btw it's interesting how the re:view format is so different from Half in the Bag (even though people complained it's the same thing). I really like my HitB about new/blockbuster movies, re:view - older/more obscure stuff and BotW about those "I just want to hang myself" movies and "things" we all love.

  64. Citizen_Kaathe

    Citizen_KaathePäivä sitten

    Not the Odyssey. It's the Anabasis by Xenophon. Which is the real account of how an army of 10k mercenaries hired by Cyrus, who dies in battle, have to fight their way back home through hostile territory.

  65. Nate Avery

    Nate AveryPäivä sitten

    Memember berry orgasm on screen. It was okay but not as great as people think.

  66. nexusbrill

    nexusbrillPäivä sitten

    I don't know why I like this episode of re:view. There's something about it, I can't quite put my finger on it.

  67. Neil O'Keefe

    Neil O'KeefePäivä sitten

    Rich Evans got me too'd by Dave Thomas

  68. Michael

    MichaelPäivä sitten


  69. Kevin Vance

    Kevin VancePäivä sitten

    5:52 because the actor playing Chekhov died

  70. Mcmadness288

    Mcmadness288Päivä sitten

    When they break VCRs I'm like "who gives a shit" when they break old game consoles my heart cries. I have no doubt that was the intended reaction.

  71. Shinku Toner

    Shinku TonerPäivä sitten

    Discovery was a blatant rip off of Tardigrade. I hope the lawsuit goes through appeals and fuck CBS.

  72. Warren R

    Warren RPäivä sitten

    The feral kid is the narrator.

  73. Diane Harvey

    Diane HarveyPäivä sitten

    0:37 Is that untextured??? IS THAT IN THE MOVIE???

  74. Baron von Hoss

    Baron von HossPäivä sitten

    Love these movies! I have watched Tron a dozen times or more. And this was the hottest Olivia Wilde ever was!

  75. pieV3000

    pieV3000Päivä sitten

    38:10 Tfw your a fortnite streamer but want to play other games

  76. Christopher Groß

    Christopher GroßPäivä sitten

    Al Gore Rhythmus

  77. Drewcifer

    DrewciferPäivä sitten

    No one is going to mention that there is no wheel of the worst #19?

  78. d d

    d dPäivä sitten


  79. Kingwest

    KingwestPäivä sitten

    This movie sucked so hard I didn't even realize that Hugh Jackman was in it... Wow.

  80. SnoutBaron

    SnoutBaronPäivä sitten

    Tfw they do a video on an awesome subject but it's tainted with this bland guest.

  81. Arden Cross

    Arden CrossPäivä sitten

    I don't know if they're going to like season 2 because it seems to me that they're going to explore deeper into the first mandalorian jedi with the dark Saber while learning about baby yoda's species and their connection to the force.

  82. Legend 27

    Legend 27Päivä sitten

    What about the ishtar trailer?

  83. Sven D

    Sven DPäivä sitten

    You set it up to have the last salad have anthrax and you didn't deliver! I love this video.

  84. Professor_Tickles 92

    Professor_Tickles 92Päivä sitten

    You cannot “SAVE” a movie in editing. There has to be genuinely decent material to begin with. If there’s nothing workable that can be salvaged then the film cannot be saved. Any video/film editor will tell you this. Star Wars had heart and imagination. Lucas’ original cut just contained some of the bad takes and long drawn out scenes. Marcia Lucas re-cut the movie, chose the better takes, and eliminated the boring parts.

  85. bryon jackson

    bryon jacksonPäivä sitten

    Death Train has Began Genesee who.was the ninja leader in How to Be a Teenage Ninja.

  86. Connor Jones

    Connor JonesPäivä sitten

    If Josh got aids, I wouldn't really care.

  87. Jake Downey

    Jake DowneyPäivä sitten

    Im writing as I watch this. So, The brain-bug being afraid was a big deal to celebrate because everyone thought the bugs were mindless violent entities that couldn’t be reasoned with and once they knew the bug could feel, it meant that peace could possibly be made.

  88. DanWorksTV

    DanWorksTVPäivä sitten

    WHYY NOOT!!?

  89. Jake Downey

    Jake DowneyPäivä sitten

    You two never read the book did you? Its ok neither did Verhoeven. Heinlein was vehemently against communism and fascism. Pick up a book occasionally guys.

  90. Phil Robichaud

    Phil RobichaudPäivä sitten

    I loved Tron Legacy's visuals and soundtrack, the big thing that i didn't like was the story line and some of the acting. Like you guys said they could have pushed some themes so much deeper. But now i gotta go re-watch both movies because i a weirdo geek too

  91. Surplus Human

    Surplus HumanPäivä sitten

    I think I need to move to Wisconsin

  92. Hadley Hadlen

    Hadley HadlenPäivä sitten

    So this is how I will be able to tell if someone's a true nerd or not. Sit through Tron and like it. Shit I loved it when I saw it in the theatre, wore out the tape, sunk probably hundreds into BOTH arcade games (Discs of Tron was the second) still have Tron 2.0 the computer game, have the action figures from that said game, etc... Long story short. I'm going to Walgreens.

  93. Kiwo

    KiwoPäivä sitten

    Jay lookin like a handsome boi in that jacket

  94. Redmenace96

    Redmenace96Päivä sitten

    Another great part of the movie: 81 minutes long! Filled with anxiety and dread- but not too much :-) Holloween = 91 min!! Counter point- Midsommer had very scary parts, but in between filled with boring crap. It couldn't bring me along on the dread and anxiety train because I got bored. Movies today are too long! Cut out the crap, tell the story, bring the climax. Structure, pace, and editing are critical. BWP nailed it.

  95. xfiremoon

    xfiremoonPäivä sitten

    annoying its like they forced themselves to laugh

  96. Solomon Rivers

    Solomon RiversPäivä sitten

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the next level side chick skill shown at 29:46

  97. Redmenace96

    Redmenace96Päivä sitten

    Mike is unfamiliar with a (I thought) common theory that what we label as 'serial killer', or insane people driven to kill people in weird/fetishistic ways in the modern era, can be linked to old-world superstitions and belief in monsters. Killings and disappearances have been happening since the dawn of civilization. They could easily be ascribed to a "Blair Witch", in times past. Now, we see a child abductor/serial killer as a mentally deranged human monster that can be investigated, tracked down, and locked up. I understood that while I watched it, and thought the movie was brilliant on many levels.

  98. Neitenth

    NeitenthPäivä sitten

    Siri sounds more natural than that actress.

  99. HonkyTonks

    HonkyTonksPäivä sitten

    Hard disagree on this one, Jurassic Park has always been an action/horror franchise to me, but this film seems far too removed from the tone of the previous 3 movies for me to find any appeal. I feel they wanted to soft-reboot it and aim for a younger audience, and then start churning them out like every other Hollywood blockbuster schlock.

  100. Henry Wolfe Carradine

    Henry Wolfe CarradinePäivä sitten

    There they are hating on the score to the original Tron, without knowing it‘s Wendy Carlos who did the Shining and Clockwork Orange and who was a pioneer of synth music, and elevated the Synth to the mainstream and showed it’s versatility with her album Switched on Bach. I love the score, it‘s my favorite thing about the original Tron.