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Blackhawks welcome back Coach Q
P.K. Subban Meets BOOMi

P.K. Subban Meets BOOMi

3 päivää sitten

Episode 10: Winning the Right Way
Episode 09: The Team Game

Episode 09: The Team Game

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Epicode 08: Game On!

Epicode 08: Game On!

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Epicode 07: Breakaway BOOMi

Epicode 07: Breakaway BOOMi

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Epicode 06: Shoot to Score

Epicode 06: Shoot to Score

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Episode 05: Pro Passing

Episode 05: Pro Passing

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Episode 04: Super Stickhandling
Episode 02: Skating Test

Episode 02: Skating Test

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Episode 03: Power Skating

Episode 03: Power Skating

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Episode 01: All-Star Training
Kane reaches 1,000 points!

Kane reaches 1,000 points!

5 päivää sitten

  1. Blake Heinz

    Blake HeinzPäivä sitten

    He is the best dude

  2. Nolan Solemina

    Nolan SoleminaPäivä sitten

    great video

  3. Samuel Attias

    Samuel AttiasPäivä sitten

    East in Red and West in Blue

  4. Alfred Kardevall

    Alfred KardevallPäivä sitten

    he's awasome dude

  5. زكية نعناعة

    زكية نعناعةPäivä sitten

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  6. Pete Dougherty

    Pete DoughertyPäivä sitten

    These are the goals 0:46 1:29 2:25 3:26 5:26 6:07 8:02

  7. Eric Lofboom

    Eric LofboomPäivä sitten

    Awesome 😎 game Wild

  8. King Gokuu

    King GokuuPäivä sitten

    I still wish they played with petey

  9. Дмитрич

    ДмитричPäivä sitten

    Детройту надо возрождать русскую пятёрку , а так они какие то беззубые.

  10. Kanada Zane

    Kanada ZanePäivä sitten

    Kulikov is so bad I just can't

  11. BigH0mie89

    BigH0mie89Päivä sitten

    “Waits for his mom to come to town” LOL

  12. William N. French

    William N. FrenchPäivä sitten

    literally printing money from sportsmodelanalytics.com predictions

  13. socialnews sn

    socialnews snPäivä sitten

    Tatar vs. Dallas is missing -> figos.info/videot/adqys2iVm5Blhas.html

  14. alida flus

    alida flusPäivä sitten

    Tomorrow is going to be an amazing matchup. Chicago is also on a five game winning streak and Coach Q returns to Chicago.

  15. Kalle Piispa

    Kalle PiispaPäivä sitten

    Only positive for Detroit was Howard

  16. Михаил Золотухин

    Михаил ЗолотухинPäivä sitten

    Во - дают!

  17. Anon Ymous

    Anon YmousPäivä sitten

    stahl came in unmolested! such good commentary. none of the players molest anybody ffs lol

  18. زكية نعناعة

    زكية نعناعةPäivä sitten

    💋💋💋💋✨😩يلي جــــت عينـــه علــــى هـــذا الـــتعليق روح عســـاك ما تشوفـــ غــير واشـتـرك بـقـنـاتـــي *الواتساب**WHATAPPS* *00212621508855*💋💋💋

  19. Michael Avril

    Michael AvrilPäivä sitten

    Bjorkstrand on 🔥🔥🔥 he ate that check and said “look ma”

  20. Josh

    JoshPäivä sitten

    Boring video. Snooze fest 😴

  21. Kurt Hartz

    Kurt HartzPäivä sitten

    Penguins looked tired to me, like they had 50 lb. Concrete skates they just didn't have a good game!!! They will rebound. It seems like everytime they have a chance to catch the capitals they have these stinker games?? They are on the cusp it's just going to take that little more of a push they can do it I have faith in this team... However you can notice that Guentzel is missing, to me I think that injury is going to force Rutherford to make a legitimate trade and not just a depth trade now he will have to make a meaningful trade ???

  22. Captin Curt

    Captin CurtPäivä sitten

    Ffgggagaggagahahahgav for your bnshzh ha ha bxb thanks again

  23. Nicholas Baldrick

    Nicholas BaldrickPäivä sitten

    Still to this day can't believe noone did a Michigan in the NHL, not even in an all star game up until this year

  24. Brady Dog

    Brady DogPäivä sitten

    Master of “The Slot”,

  25. Louis Vermette

    Louis VermettePäivä sitten


  26. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llPäivä sitten

    I want that mother fuckenr Matt Moore throwing

  27. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llPäivä sitten

    The spirits don't got me

  28. Dāvis Līvmanis

    Dāvis LīvmanisPäivä sitten

    What a great effort by CBJ

  29. David s. Allen

    David s. AllenPäivä sitten

    what the hell is yzerman waiting for and not firing this bold,idiot,no system,no defence,no grit coach

  30. Teddy Robinson

    Teddy RobinsonPäivä sitten

    Disappointed again by the Jets-and ,to think,I picked them as a Cup contender at the start of the season--there's still time but they have got to play better defense-Geez,good job by CBJ to exploit the defensive breakdowns.

  31. Jordan Perepolkin

    Jordan PerepolkinPäivä sitten

    This is a memory of the decade for me so emotional best Canucks game since 2011 and best up till the passing of the captains in Vancouver but still awesome

  32. David s. Allen

    David s. AllenPäivä sitten

    waive that fkin garbage howard

  33. Dano S

    Dano SPäivä sitten

    Detroit’s whole defensive game is abysmal. I understand blash is the Coach Yzerman wants, but I’ve never seen a system picked apart so easily in my life. Players seem to be going through the motions instead of playing with some damn grit. Something needs to change in the locker room

  34. Landon McIlroy

    Landon McIlroyPäivä sitten


  35. Buddy Guy

    Buddy GuyPäivä sitten

    A few years ago he was taking a spill, now he is punching children. Oh, griiitttty...

  36. Teddy Robinson

    Teddy RobinsonPäivä sitten

    I agree-Poor Jimmy Howard-the Wings are horrific defensively.the Wild could have had 3 or 4 more goals if not for Howard making some great saves.

  37. Jelli Mann

    Jelli MannPäivä sitten

    Zadina pinball player :) :) :)

  38. TxquilaIsGud

    TxquilaIsGudPäivä sitten

    There’s always that one kid who puts the ball closer to their side

  39. Chris Trudell

    Chris TrudellPäivä sitten

    I stand corrected A game of inches AND seconds.

  40. Trevor Meed

    Trevor MeedPäivä sitten

    The wild had 6 goals and won 4-2

  41. Marcus Holloway

    Marcus HollowayPäivä sitten

    Feel bad for Hockeytown :(

  42. Jack Barnes

    Jack BarnesPäivä sitten

    #1 is just ridiculous.... I can’t even comprehend how ANYBODY could do that move that quickly.

  43. Vmade

    VmadePäivä sitten

    rip Paul Maurice?

  44. Mirror Gamer

    Mirror GamerPäivä sitten


  45. EskimoClay1

    EskimoClay1Päivä sitten

    was there, kinda a boring game. gj wild, poor jimmy howard.

  46. Donavan Dunbar

    Donavan DunbarPäivä sitten

    That announcer was a little annoying

  47. Alex Lobza

    Alex LobzaPäivä sitten

    Thx CBJ

  48. Kaden Chakrabarti

    Kaden ChakrabartiPäivä sitten

    2:50 the voice crack😂

  49. S N

    S NPäivä sitten

    let’s just hope he’s not using the N word anymore.

  50. S N

    S NPäivä sitten

    name a more new york name than anthony deangelo. 🇮🇹

  51. Jerry Kosloski

    Jerry KosloskiPäivä sitten

    What a bunch of jerks!

  52. Dakota Lehigh

    Dakota LehighPäivä sitten

    Heck of a win blue jackets!

  53. SchulzEricT

    SchulzEricTPäivä sitten

    I get being a homer, but these announcers, man... I mean, Makar scores on a relatively routine wrist shot and he acts like it was Ovie from his back over his head... relax... RELAX. How is he gonna react when there's a legitimately exciting goal? He has nowhere to go.

  54. SleepurZzz OG

    SleepurZzz OGPäivä sitten

    i was there and they threw octopi on the ice😂

  55. Slavic Kitchen Gamers

    Slavic Kitchen GamersPäivä sitten

    Nevermind. Next season will be our, maybe. But still WE ARE TRUE NORTH AND TRUE NORTH NEVER DIE.

  56. Pizza Time!

    Pizza Time!Päivä sitten

    Laine: *y o u ' r e f a t*

  57. uslsuspect

    uslsuspectPäivä sitten

    I scored twice in two seconds with my girlfriend when I was 17 years old.

  58. mariomania

    mariomaniaPäivä sitten

    why so many thumbs down?? pathetic

  59. Alan Krapivner

    Alan KrapivnerPäivä sitten

    Stevey Y, you're a genius. Play a competitive game and tank for Lafreniere. I see you

  60. Lukas Dominguez

    Lukas DominguezPäivä sitten

    miss you coach q all love!

  61. T F

    T FPäivä sitten

    No Jets No

  62. Nathan Evans

    Nathan EvansPäivä sitten

    7:31 you can see the slingshot tech on the nexus adv

  63. Ostrich Wayne

    Ostrich WaynePäivä sitten

    The Detroit Red Wings, have dropped six in a row.....

  64. Harold Pelletier

    Harold PelletierPäivä sitten

    What's up with the jets come on man

  65. Liana W

    Liana WPäivä sitten


  66. kevin sanders

    kevin sandersPäivä sitten

    You know what's more disgusting than watching detroits play on the Ice? Watching them walk past a kid trying to get his tshirt signed at the end of the game. Bunch of bums. Hope they read this comment too

  67. L G R W

    L G R WPäivä sitten

    Don’t get me wrong I do genuinely enjoy how this channel shows more detail in the highlight video compared to sportnets highlight videos, however was it really necessary to show the clip at 1:05?

  68. Phoenyx 787

    Phoenyx 787Päivä sitten

    Elvis Juice ad behind the net is apropos for Elvis :D

  69. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPäivä sitten

    Took too long for Fleury to get in his game but he was great at the end. Kovy is so damn good. seriously.

  70. Craig Staley

    Craig StaleyPäivä sitten

    That's it! I'm breaking out the sticks and dusting the kids off in the driveway tomorrow.

  71. Frederick P.

    Frederick P.Päivä sitten

    157$ , thanks jackets

  72. WhatRDose

    WhatRDosePäivä sitten

    The capitals look like they’ve just won the Stanley Cup again

  73. Trigger Bear

    Trigger BearPäivä sitten

    Wtf. I have never heard of this rat throwing ritual until tonight.

  74. Vestu

    VestuPäivä sitten

    What a game!

  75. Joseph Potter

    Joseph PotterPäivä sitten

    Form is temporary class is permanent

  76. Trigger Bear

    Trigger BearPäivä sitten

    You hockey fans are a funny folk thank you for sharing the culture with me

  77. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltPäivä sitten

    Man, I love Hockey, what a game that was!!!! Columbus is so good.

  78. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltPäivä sitten

    Let's go Jets!!!! Winnipeg is love!!!! Hockey is life!!!! J'aime le Canada!!!!

  79. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltPäivä sitten

    Oh yeah, what a great game, Go Wild!!!!! Although I hope the Red Wings gets better soon. Good game Detroit

  80. okow tina

    okow tinaPäivä sitten

    Tomorrow is going to be an amazing matchup. Chicago is also on a five game winning streak and Coach Q returns to Chicago.

  81. reg5381

    reg5381Päivä sitten

    They threw the ball like bitches.

  82. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltPäivä sitten

    Let's go Minnesota, for the state of Hockey!!!! St. Paul is love!!!! Hockey is life!!!!

  83. Occams OX

    Occams OXPäivä sitten

    Mario Lemieux is the Goku of Ice Hockey. He even looks like him.

  84. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

    Austin &Tschandra LaMoureauxPäivä sitten

    IDK what kind of Hockey Detroit is playing but good gracious! So much reaching for the puck no one's keeping there feet moving and no one's taking any Bodies out there ! No aggression no hits no passion

  85. Jonathan Bukey

    Jonathan BukeyPäivä sitten

    The rest of the league is going to know who Bjorkstrand is soon enough if they didn't figure it out last year.

  86. Ostrich Wayne

    Ostrich WaynePäivä sitten

    Hard fought game by both teams.

  87. Seamus Bygrave

    Seamus BygravePäivä sitten

    Good game by Dubnyk. Poor Jimmy Howard. Giving it his all, no help, and is 2-19-2 so far this season. Good game Wild!

  88. Andrew Zhang

    Andrew ZhangPäivä sitten

    You decide what place I am

  89. Austin Miller

    Austin MillerPäivä sitten

    Awesome job blue jackets sensational job beating Winnipeg and finishing strong heading into the all-star break on a six-game winning streak blue jackets need to continue to play exactly the same way in the second half of the season and the remainder of the season if they're going to make the playoffs and possibly win the division and make a run at their first Stanley cup championship

  90. Tedux Pebut

    Tedux PebutPäivä sitten

    Sup Elvis

  91. Seamus Bygrave

    Seamus BygravePäivä sitten

    Another great performance by Elvis Merzlikins, as well as Oliver Bjorkstrand. Great job CBJ, now on a 6 game win streak!

  92. DZKIM

    DZKIMPäivä sitten


  93. Jackson Dahl

    Jackson DahlPäivä sitten


  94. j the alien

    j the alienPäivä sitten

    The Apple strikes again.

  95. mason devos

    mason devosPäivä sitten

    congrats columbus. you beat an AHL team lol

  96. BL1TZ _TV

    BL1TZ _TVPäivä sitten

    I put bet for Victory of Columbus

  97. DeadPixel

    DeadPixelPäivä sitten

    I just left the game lol

  98. SouthernLion

    SouthernLionPäivä sitten

    Anyone else thing that was ranch dressing in the thumbnail

  99. Matthew Zimmerman

    Matthew ZimmermanPäivä sitten


  100. Propulsion Studios

    Propulsion StudiosPäivä sitten

    DeAngelo is a badass!!!