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  1. Elsie Quintana

    Elsie QuintanaPäivä sitten

    My mom is a cancer survivor and my dad is diabetic, it’s scary times we are living in 🥺

  2. Miriam Méndez Vergara

    Miriam Méndez VergaraPäivä sitten

    I am asmathic, I feel you. I don't get a choice either. Been quarantined for three weeks now (I live in Mexico City) and God am I angry at people who don't take this seriously! I hear you.

  3. Sauna Tonttu

    Sauna TonttuPäivä sitten

    I felt like an outsider since Zack started to talk about being American and needing to stick together D:

  4. Silver_Rose

    Silver_RosePäivä sitten

    If you want to know where “Snowdonia” and the “Red Mist” come from, just watch the video where Keith eats $500 worth of gourmet cheese. You’ll thank me later ;)

  5. Lilac Heart

    Lilac HeartPäivä sitten

    I have a compromised immune system. I'm a 16 year old girl. this is my new favorite video. thank you for this Zach. we love you.

  6. Stormey Roth

    Stormey RothPäivä sitten

    my stepdad is at risk too, hes 50, has an autoimmune disease, and just had a liver transplant.

  7. Alaura Lemieux

    Alaura LemieuxPäivä sitten

    Yes Zach college students have field trips, though to make you feel better NO college where I am living is even allowing people to live on campus. I am now one of the thousands of college students who have sheltered in place and not gone on spring break to protect people like you who don't have the immune system and to flatten the curve. I understand that nightmare and we do go get food after an art museum trip but almost all colleges right now have shut down and become 100% online. That nightmare sounds horrible but right now, don't worry about that, worry about yourself and the amount of pottery that you could make and sell to all your subscribers. Be safe.

  8. SharonRenie

    SharonReniePäivä sitten

    Thank you for making me feel less alone. I am an asthmatic and I have anxiety, which has been heightened by all that is going on. I also broke my arm just before all this went down and have my last appt with my doctor on Thursday. I’m having panic attacks from just the thought of having to leave the house.

  9. Allison Heinze-Villanueva

    Allison Heinze-VillanuevaPäivä sitten

    I understand, I'm terrified for you and myself. things aren't looking good at all....I'm scared

  10. Angela K

    Angela KPäivä sitten

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been battling cancer since last August. I finished chemotherapy already and going though radiation therapy now. It makes me so sad that people just can’t stay home for a few months. Things like parties, clubs or any place with a lot of people has been a part of the past for about 9 months now. At least for me. If I can do that, all of you can stay home for 2 or 3 months. What’s a few months in a lifetime? I and people with similar struggles haven’t gone through so much pain just to stay home and not be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Please be there for each other! Thank you!

  11. Doctor. D.R

    Doctor. D.RPäivä sitten

    Hopefully Zack’s immune system will roll a d20.

  12. Gage Bergman

    Gage BergmanPäivä sitten

    Thank you for talking about this! I’m a 23 year old fairly healthy person but people need to stop being selfish I would love to go out with friends but my mom is a cancer survivor I can’t risk spreading that to her she’s already battled enough just because your young doesn’t mean you can’t spread it

  13. Basic RīLeY

    Basic RīLeYPäivä sitten

    completely surprised that us capricorn aren’t the last one on the list 👁👄👁...

  14. magaliep34

    magaliep34Päivä sitten

    The dislikes are probably 5g believers


    MANSUELITOPäivä sitten

    Shoutout to all my people with Crohns Disease. 💪🏼 We got this!!


    MYSCENTEDLIFEPäivä sitten

    Yes I’m immunosuppressed. It’s horrible just to get the flu. I couldn’t imagine having covid 19.

  17. Tiffany Delfin

    Tiffany DelfinPäivä sitten

    zach i started tearing up.. thank you for sharing your personal feelings and real life situation. stay home, everyone.

  18. Emily Louis

    Emily LouisPäivä sitten

    I’m happy you brought this topic up, because I have asthma and no one realizes how scared I am. This is a respiratory disease and I’m scared that if I get sick i might not make it through this. I’m scared because I’m 16 and I wanna live life and have kids and have grandkids and all that. I’m happy that more people who see this are able to realize that even if we look healthy they don’t know what’s happening inside of us.

  19. Selena Rivera

    Selena RiveraPäivä sitten

    Since I was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (aka CML) on October, I’ve been super cautious around people. It breaks my heart that I don’t get to see my brother who is a bus driver due to this pandemic 😭 thank you for making this video!

  20. Kenzie Loudermilk

    Kenzie LoudermilkPäivä sitten

    Keith plays cup pong(with water) like I do...badly😂😂

  21. kasan0da

    kasan0daPäivä sitten

    I am currently on Dialysis and immune system is at its weakest right now. When I saw those spring breaker, I got legit angry.

  22. Karla Caceres

    Karla CaceresPäivä sitten

    I feel bad for Zach. I cried so much. Anyways, on a positive note: Happy Passover Jewish Kitty!

  23. Emilia T

    Emilia TPäivä sitten

    Your weed dealer oml , this nearly made me cry but I love the comedic twist you can put into things

  24. Anna Robertson

    Anna RobertsonPäivä sitten

    cries in type one diabetes

  25. Coco Lee

    Coco LeePäivä sitten

    Kanye is cancer not gemini

  26. G Ki

    G KiPäivä sitten

    I am staying home, thankfully I live still with family so I don't need to worry as much for financial state even tho it is hard. For me what scares me the most besides family members falling sick is worrying and wondering and panicking how things will go back to normal - especially how I will deal with it myself... I am anxious person as it comes being around people , but now I am not sure even what I will do. Considering the fact just thinking about going anywhere right now gives me so much anxiety its not even fun to think about...

  27. bonanahh

    bonanahhPäivä sitten

    thank you for talking about this!!! i’ve had to say these same things to the people in my life to put in perspective how serious this is! I had to say “if there was one ventilator left between me and a healthy person, it wouldn’t be me and I would die.” we need to be there for each other and take care of each other!!!! if early hominids could help each other survive, we can too. we need to love each other more and respect each other’s spaces and realities, as hard as it may be. imagine others as whole people!!! because we all are!!!

  28. AlphaWolf Plays

    AlphaWolf PlaysPäivä sitten

    At points it seemed he was gonna cry and that made me wanna cry :( hope you stay safe buddy

  29. Battleboy 33

    Battleboy 33Päivä sitten

    9:20 ish. The pres put travel bans to prepare us for the virus and was called a racist

  30. Rory C

    Rory CPäivä sitten

    I hear you. I'm 21 but have an autoimmune disease and take medication that suppresses my immune system so I'm a little worried as well. However seeing as though I'm young I've accepted that worst case scenario I get the virus and I am sicker than most people my age but I highly doubt it'll be fatal. I'm more worried about my older family members as we all are.

  31. Lee Cohen

    Lee CohenPäivä sitten

    Thank you. I’ve also got AS. I lost my job because of the pandemic and I haven’t left my apartment in weeks. Thank you for voicing everything I’ve been feeling

  32. Simply Sam

    Simply SamPäivä sitten

    Not to mention, those who don’t know they have underlying issues. Not a good surprise

  33. Cash Williams

    Cash WilliamsPäivä sitten

    I'm in wa. state, and the first cases were all in nursing homes near mt. baker, kinda in the middle north part of the state. pretty much everyone in the state lives on the west side, and the closest big city/town to mt. baker is like 45 mn away. the first case in my city was a 65 year old woman who quarantined herself in her own home, and idk how she is now. idk anyone who has it, I was told two students of the college a mile away have it and will be fine. pretty much everyone is self quarantined only going out to buy food and toilet paper and everything, and anyone who hangs out with friends is getting bullied by literally everyone who finds out. the only thing happening with travel around my house is my 2 year old nephew who goes to his quarantined dad's house, to his quarantined mom's house, to my quarantined house, and trust me there's sanitizing going on. schoolwork is all optional as it's out for the year, but we're all highly recommend to do the optional work, and most parents including mine are making us do it as well. idk, that's what wa. is like

  34. koia

    koiaPäivä sitten

    eugene is actually good with kids

  35. Fangirl 123

    Fangirl 123Päivä sitten

    My mom is diabetic and I am way more scared for her than I am for my self...

  36. Aaralyn Rees

    Aaralyn ReesPäivä sitten

    ...the Try-ler Misters...

  37. morgan hansen

    morgan hansenPäivä sitten

    I'm with you because I have a heart condition!

  38. Hunni No

    Hunni NoPäivä sitten

    UwU I so confused Ok now I know what is happening


    SAVAS LIAMAKEROSPäivä sitten

    Maria is cheating she got so many pairs.

  40. Lottie Person

    Lottie PersonPäivä sitten

    I know this video is old but you can find large sizes of green tea kit kats in some asian markets and stores!

  41. NerdSquad Presents

    NerdSquad PresentsPäivä sitten

    This makes me want to cry

  42. Alyssa

    AlyssaPäivä sitten

    I feel really bad for everyone that is going through these kinds of situations. I am so blessed to be healthy and fit and being able to not having to worry about that. I wish I could help anyone. Please stay safe y'all x

  43. Susan D

    Susan DPäivä sitten

    I also have an autoimmune condition, and take an immunosuppressant but it's unclear if that puts me more at risk or not. I agree, it's the unknown of it all that is the most anxiety inducing, Take care of yourself and take care of each other, that's all we can do right now! With love from Canada.

  44. S B

    S BPäivä sitten

    This is so fucking funny

  45. Apeksha Adhikari

    Apeksha AdhikariPäivä sitten

    zach thank you for sharing this video, but you are kind of creating unecesary anxiety for thoes people who are not imunocompromised and are staying home. Don't make thoes people worry more then they need to

  46. Katy Bechníková

    Katy BechníkováPäivä sitten

    Overreact all the way you want, just be safe. Please, I like you.

  47. Hailey Mellino

    Hailey MellinoPäivä sitten

    Thank you for this! I have asthma and people my age (I’m 21) aren’t taking this seriously. It’s like they could be fine but if I catch miss rona I could possibly die. Not being able to breathe is one of the worst feelings and I am so afraid that if I catch it that’s how I will die. I’m trying my best to stay inside but I live with my grandma so I go grocery shopping for her. I’d rather get it then her get it. This is such a scary time and the way people are treating it and acting aren’t understanding the severity of it. Every time I have to leave the house I start mentally preparing myself for the worst. Stay safe out there!

  48. Stephanie Quinto

    Stephanie QuintoPäivä sitten

    Thank you Zach 😭😭😭❤

  49. Mal Lover

    Mal LoverPäivä sitten

    I understand what you're going though because one of my aunts is like you and has chronic fatigue and is more at risk than others so I kind of understand what it's like for you.

  50. ragnarox16

    ragnarox16Päivä sitten

    I dunno wtf this is - but I love it!


    REN PENA-CHAVEZPäivä sitten

    This is very awful :( I’m living in New York City and I have a lung condition and so does a lot of my family. I may not be exactly like other people, but I feel this a lot. I hope we can push through this

  52. Magsi Maginski

    Magsi MaginskiPäivä sitten

    Did someone keep track about how many times they changed the title?

  53. Nicole Sandra Perkins

    Nicole Sandra PerkinsPäivä sitten

    I'm a diabetic. I'm battling allergies and I'm scared to go ANYWHERE.

  54. Lucy Buchanan

    Lucy BuchananPäivä sitten

    Eugene should rank all of Keiths eat the menu restaraunts.

  55. Rebekah Cowper

    Rebekah CowperPäivä sitten

    Zach " What can I say I love pot" FIgos "this violates our terms and conditions, we are going to have to demonetise you" Try Guys " what the fuck did you do Zach" Zach " I meant my ceramics like I love my Phillips" *everyone who watched this video* smh

  56. Fire Ball

    Fire BallPäivä sitten

    Some of you guys are asking why the title was changed like three times, it’s because FIgos is getting stricter on the mention of coronavirus.

  57. Liah Rhaeyna

    Liah RhaeynaPäivä sitten

    So this is what quarantine has done

  58. emzi n

    emzi nPäivä sitten

    Wes is so damn cute I just can’t

  59. Erin T

    Erin TPäivä sitten

    i’m immunodeficient and i really really appreciate you making this video. i’m a delivery driver for a pizza place so i’m considered “essential”. i started to get a little sick so i went to the doctor and luckily it was just a bacterial infection nothing too serious compared to what is going on in the world but i though i was overreacting by begging my manager to let me quarantine for at least 2 weeks. i love you zach thank you for being my voice.

  60. 1incubuschik

    1incubuschikPäivä sitten

    Is anyone else noticing how good Zack’s hair looks? Those hair implants are looking fantastic!!

  61. Ray Razer

    Ray RazerPäivä sitten

    Thank god you changed the title

  62. Emily Woodhouse

    Emily WoodhousePäivä sitten

    As someone who has been social isolating for 2 year. (I have chronic myalgic encephalomyelitis and spend 4/7 days in bed) thank you zach. It needed to be said and more people need to talk about it.

  63. Airampro02 Irigoyen

    Airampro02 IrigoyenPäivä sitten

    Hell yeah! I'm definitely an alien wearing a human mask xdxd

  64. Rachel Lynn

    Rachel LynnPäivä sitten

    Noen looks like he could be a kpop dude...

  65. Alicia Molloy

    Alicia MolloyPäivä sitten

    I live in Iowa as of posting this we dont have a shelter in place issue. We have a stay at home encouragement. But I live in an area where there is a lot of agriculture so a lot of the work force is in the work space of growing and delivering food. Our Governer gets a lot of backlash for it, but she and her team have been doing daily briefs to the public. Shes strongly encouraging people to be adults and go out only as needed. I dont think it's ok to fault her for that . Shes being responsible and telling us to do the same

  66. PennyJ W

    PennyJ WPäivä sitten

    We Love You Zach!!! Stay Strong Bruv!!! And Happy Birthday to your Momma!! <3

  67. Idek K

    Idek KPäivä sitten

    wasn't Anthony Padilla supposed to do a vid like this?

  68. macarena valenzuela

    macarena valenzuelaPäivä sitten

    13:05 WAY TO MELT MY HEART :)

  69. unepommeverte17

    unepommeverte17Päivä sitten

    i'm not immunosuppressed but my mom is. my brothers and i don't live with her- i still live in my college town, with a roommate who works for an essential utility (not as much exposure as grocery store people and healthcare workers, but still). one brother lives with and works for our dad, and the business has to do with construction which is still considered essential. my other brother just moved out of dad's house and in with his gf and her two kids, and the gf is some kind of home-visit nurse assistant. *and it took my mom until TODAY to postpone easter dinner this sunday* i mean ok she's all brain-foggy from radiation and doesn't use twitter but still holy shit i was literally about to call her to guilt-trip her with something like "hey so i'd prefer it if my mom didn't end up in a literal mass grave soooo" :/

  70. Martin Hernandez

    Martin HernandezPäivä sitten

    I completely understand what you are going through. I have been in isolation for 33 days now, and i always feel like people think i'm over-reacting, but i just say no one is going to take care of me better than me. I'm the same way if i get sick i usually end up in the hospital for weeks so i'm super cautious. I got into an argument with my father over asking him to tell my brothers not to come over, he got upset and i had to just let him know that if he didnt respect my wish than he was putting my life at risk for a stupid 2 hour visit with them and his grand children. Needless to say i just flat out told him if he can't understand that then he needs to move out and go live with them because i'm not going to die over some bullshit and as a father he should want ALL his kids to be safe.

  71. Kevin Cui

    Kevin CuiPäivä sitten

    Panda Express is fake Chinese food. So westernized.

  72. Erin Clohessy

    Erin ClohessyPäivä sitten

    Zach: I hope you're watching this inside your house. Me: Ummm... I'm watching this while taking a walk in my neighborhood. (Only saw one neighbor who was across the street from me)

  73. Teri Birrell

    Teri BirrellPäivä sitten

    I’m terrified. Not for me as a relatively healthy 38 year old or my son, who’s an extremely healthy 18 year old, but for my mother, a 60 year old who was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago. She’s already had one appointment with her oncology team cancelled and no word on when the next one is. When she was diagnosed, I promised her “we’ll get through this together” and it’s breaking my heart that I have to break that promise. For her and for people like her, a little boredom and inconvenience staying home is NOTHING. Her life (and yours) is worth more than my freedom to move around. Thanks Zach and Try Guys for using your platform to spread this message.

  74. farta2406

    farta2406Päivä sitten

    U guys should make music lyrics on a beat with any of the try guys not knowing what the other one wrote. Make it into one song and listen to it for the first time together (whilst social distancing) ofcourse ... let’s see what happens 😂

  75. Nina IBetterNotTell

    Nina IBetterNotTellPäivä sitten

    I was hoping for a video like this to come up from big influencers, thank you

  76. Rose Paulin

    Rose PaulinPäivä sitten

    Has anyone had it done? Does it hurt?

  77. Scarlet Haag

    Scarlet HaagPäivä sitten

    Thank you for sharing this with us Zach! I love the tone of the video and what you're saying. I have some issues myself and am wondering the same thing, even though I live in the Netherlands, a much smaller country with seemingly more responsible people. Still we all don't know what's going to happen. Sticking together and LOVE is what we need!


    BONNIĖ’S BACKPäivä sitten

    Why is he so cute ❤️

  79. Scarlet Worthy

    Scarlet WorthyPäivä sitten

    Im a leo and i knew leos would be at the bottom because we are annoying as shit, but i am way to introvert, i wish i wasent a leo lol

  80. Harmony Amore

    Harmony AmorePäivä sitten

    I understand you. I had to have surgery three days ago. I also have a weak immune system so I understand the fear.

  81. Rosie Moreau

    Rosie MoreauPäivä sitten

    Why have you guys turned into such soppy youtubers. You used to do such cool try things before you went solo, now you’re doing face masks and cooking. really disappointing

  82. musically-in-love

    musically-in-lovePäivä sitten

    Whoever disliked this video clearly doesn’t understand the severity of Covid-19. Keep yourself safe, Zach.

  83. Emily Gardner

    Emily GardnerPäivä sitten

    Thank you for the message, it made me think about the choices I can and will make. Stay safe.

  84. Drey ko

    Drey koPäivä sitten

    Hello, can you help me audition in a movie doesn't matter what movie just to start my hopefully acting career my name is Niels i live in Holland and its hard, i just dont understand why no one actually sees me or notices me in total i spend more money than one year of acting..... I just hope one day someone notices me or just sees this in their texts please just help me get to where i want to be and then just forget that i exist what im saying hopefully changes your mind on just going to the next text, please just give me a chance.

  85. StripeyShrimp

    StripeyShrimpPäivä sitten

    This video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 As someone immunosuppressed too because of joint issues I’m super happy that someone with a big platform is talking about this. Thank you Zach! Thank you for showing how hard it is with the anxiety of letting people in your home at this tough time

  86. Stay the fuck home

    Stay the fuck homePäivä sitten

    I'm watching this from work, I dont want to but, I have to. Somebody has to process all of those covid, autopsy samples 🤷‍♀️ I was, as of yesterday, told that I was exposed to a coworker with the virus. I'm not immune compromised and yet I sit here, 6 feet away from my children, wearing a mask and washing the skin off my hands and wondering if every throat tickle is the beginning of the end of my life. Stay home guys. Fuck this virus.

  87. Biblio Wolf

    Biblio WolfPäivä sitten

    Since it sounded like Zach and Eugene were the only two who had completely or almost completely cooked dough my bagel ranking would've probably been: 1. Zach 2. Eugene 3. Keith 4. Ned

  88. Kalel Sanders

    Kalel SandersPäivä sitten

    You go Zach!! ❤❤❤

  89. Catherine Hand

    Catherine HandPäivä sitten


  90. loodiamexican

    loodiamexicanPäivä sitten

    I could not stop laughing! 😹 This is cinema gold!

  91. Mia are best

    Mia are bestPäivä sitten

    "leos thinks taht they are the spotlight and blah blah* me being leo and shy: im NOT like that. im shy-.. like REALY shy

  92. We're all Mad Here !

    We're all Mad Here !Päivä sitten

    Australia has had 49 deaths, at the time im writing this. America needs to take some pointers from Australia. We aren't even allowed to have funerals with more than ten people. clubs, pubs, cafes, gyms, parks, beaches, churches and anything that isnt a supermarket or retail store (and most of those have shut anyway) has been by law made to close their doors. no matter where you are, if there is more than 1 person per 4 square meter, you get a MASSIVE fine and can even be brought up on criminal charges. schools remain open for the moment but they have issued a no student statement. after easter holidays everything will be ready from kids to do home schooling.

  93. Kiana Gessner

    Kiana GessnerPäivä sitten

    Thank you for putting this out there and it means a lot to me and my family that someone is putting this out there for others to know

  94. Just a Random person

    Just a Random personPäivä sitten

    Currently I’m under watch for possibly have coronavirus and I have a compromised immune system.

  95. BeachGnome

    BeachGnomePäivä sitten

    I have severe asthma but I also have debilitating depression and anxiety. I can't handle being alone for too long on the best of days, much less in a pandemic. I caved yesterday and made the decision that I would risk it all to have (1) point of contact. It was either me dying alone because the loneliness broke me, or risking covid exposure and maybe dying. I see people posting about how you have no one to blame but yourself if you're not using all of this 'free time' to work on your side hussle, while I am fighting to make myself eat every day.

  96. Amy Kemp-Jones

    Amy Kemp-JonesPäivä sitten

    Also i would totally watch a video of one of the try guys just walking down the street outside anywhere in the outside world after being not allowed to leave for this long !

  97. CrazyButLazyGirl13

    CrazyButLazyGirl13Päivä sitten

    Thank you for speaking the truth Zach - it truly means so much.

  98. Polly Alcantara

    Polly AlcantaraPäivä sitten

    I love you, Zachary! <3

  99. Alrica Neshama

    Alrica NeshamaPäivä sitten

    Hey Zach, I understand your feelings very well. I am immune-compromised. Mine came from getting bacterial meningitis as an infant and nearly dying. Ever since my immune system is weaker. Once I get sick, I'm sick. What takes others a week maybe two weeks to get better from. It takes me one to two months to get better. You are not overreacting. Unless you are going to, coming home from work, out getting needed items, Doctor's visits, etc STAY HOME!! Oh and WASH YOUR DAMNED HANDS AS WELL AS STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING!! Sorry, the hubby and I have already caught several people doing just that. Touching stuff, touching their face, then touching it AGAIN! I literally cannot touch anything, unless we're buying it and that's with wearing gloves. I don't even touch the shopping carts anymore. We're washing our hands and faces after every trip, tossing our gloves, masks, hoodies, etc in the dryer to kill any germs. Thank you, Zach. No, we do not. So... It is truly appreciated that you're speaking up for us. I have discovered there are three types of people. 1. The hoarders that, are flipping out and hoarding so many items that others need. 2. The logic-minded that are taking precautions (my hubby, myself, and many others). 3. Those saying it's no big deal, it's just like the flu. *NO, NO IT IS NOT!* There are people here that are freaking shopping for their Summer lawn care, and gardening supplies, being in big groups in garden centers in Lowe's and Home Depot. *SERIOUSLY, STAY HOME!!*

  100. Sam Porter Bridges

    Sam Porter BridgesPäivä sitten

    I could easily lose my father with covid-19 he has stage 4 cancer. But as long as him and my mother are smart. He should be fine.