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  1. Powerserg 5000

    Powerserg 5000Päivä sitten

    Saw them in Tampa with static x and M13 put on an amazing show That kickass! Wish they would come back to SWF again

  2. DD Angel

    DD AngelPäivä sitten

    3:08 Obituary was replaced with a bit cherry on de subtitles 😀😃😄😆

  3. lucyanorush

    lucyanorushPäivä sitten

    ainda bem que existem boas bandas como anthrax,e Rush jamais deixará de existir

  4. David

    DavidPäivä sitten

    She is so hot

  5. I do care

    I do carePäivä sitten

    That is such an epic opener... Heavy thrashing music and Floor headbanging! I can list to first 47 seconds over and over. And then they repeat it!

  6. Danny Gambrel

    Danny GambrelPäivä sitten


  7. RexProd

    RexProdPäivä sitten

    fckn awesome!!!! glad they're back to the beginning! \m/

  8. Marian Nicolaou

    Marian NicolaouPäivä sitten

    I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am waiting to see you ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Gabriel Santos

    Gabriel SantosPäivä sitten

    Mitch Lucker faz muita falta pra gente!

  10. Ricardo Comin

    Ricardo CominPäivä sitten

    Any swedish friendly soul would help with the lyrics?

  11. Canal Alisson Sergio O Rei da Treta

    Canal Alisson Sergio O Rei da TretaPäivä sitten

    Saca o meu trampo e comenta

  12. Karl Boyd

    Karl BoydPäivä sitten

    The Ills of Modern Man is the greatest deathcore album of all time. These men are legends. Also Purgatory is a sick fucking record. The guitar is always just NASTY.

  13. Todd Harwood

    Todd HarwoodPäivä sitten

    Is this an art school project? Yeah a theme song for soy boys, wonderful.

  14. bizarro magnifico

    bizarro magnificoPäivä sitten

    Shitty song

  15. henrik schultze

    henrik schultzePäivä sitten

    another great song !!!!!

  16. Cameron Morales

    Cameron MoralesPäivä sitten

    Kept me going in Afghanistan back in 2012 brothers!

  17. marcus brawner

    marcus brawnerPäivä sitten

    Was she hard up for $ ?

  18. Harrison C. Smith

    Harrison C. SmithPäivä sitten

    I love this band

  19. naresh naresh

    naresh nareshPäivä sitten

    2020 the one of the songs that make my soul feel i dont know how to explain

  20. spirtoylis spirtoyliss

    spirtoylis spirtoylissPäivä sitten

    A great song of this beautiful band nightwish I love it so much Check this small band if you like is very good with woman voice

  21. Laughing Walrus

    Laughing WalrusPäivä sitten

    This is just so fucking badass, thats all I can really say. Just so god damn badass

  22. Sgt. Hartman

    Sgt. HartmanPäivä sitten

    People talking shit about double strokes needing post-production to sound decent have clearly never used them on a drum kit. After about a few hours, maybe days, of practice, first time on a drum kit (I've got good rhythm due to other experience with music) I was able to play consistent heal toe at around 800 spm easily (RRLL at 200bpm). It's not crazy difficult. The difficult part is getting this fast, but it's not hard to be consistent in rhythm. The heel-toe in this video is 1120 strokes per minute, for reference.

  23. Sebastián Gonzu

    Sebastián GonzuPäivä sitten

    velvet revolver?

  24. James Glandon

    James GlandonPäivä sitten

    Toe Tag

  25. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristPäivä sitten

    Black pop lmao

  26. Cittá Francesco

    Cittá FrancescoPäivä sitten

    Gdzie kręcono ten teledysk? Pozdra od Polonii węgierskiej!!!

  27. Ângelo Mattheus

    Ângelo MattheusPäivä sitten

    Tab for music: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 the end.

  28. Baby With a 6 Pack

    Baby With a 6 PackPäivä sitten

    😂 I'm just gonna pretend this is a song about the 82nd TRW in Sheppard AFB 😎

  29. Raul Ramirez

    Raul RamirezPäivä sitten

    This is suicide silencie mother fucker's 💀💀

  30. J Arellano

    J ArellanoPäivä sitten

    Wednesday and its 3:13

  31. Brad Jordan

    Brad JordanPäivä sitten

    Kinda disappointed...this was like a powerpoint...

  32. Saiyan Cragus

    Saiyan CragusPäivä sitten

    A coin for Witcher xD

  33. Eric Duke

    Eric DukePäivä sitten

    I want to hear a lot more of this...


    FULLBRING ICHIGOPäivä sitten

    These guy's were way and I mean wayy ahead of their time, good to see em still jamin and these last two albums have been bangers.

  35. Pieter van Ham -FACP4001-

    Pieter van Ham -FACP4001-Päivä sitten

    This is the type of song you would hear from someone wearing over the ear headphones.

  36. Daniel bouwmeester

    Daniel bouwmeesterPäivä sitten

    I like it alote. TA5 ROBERT PATRICK


    KILLZONEGUN1315Päivä sitten

    Honestly I just feel like the beginning was kinda sus but the singing was great

  38. leecooper9911

    leecooper9911Päivä sitten

    1:13 sock?

  39. Kori Taylor

    Kori TaylorPäivä sitten

    Looks fun the perform, BUT Wait SLIPKNOT, Deftones, Lamb of God, GOJIRA, Pantara & other great Artists put this together???

  40. Damen Lewis

    Damen LewisPäivä sitten

    Killer music

  41. Stephens Dygert

    Stephens DygertPäivä sitten

    This fellow is searching for the "Truth" The lyrics are contradictory. He's kinda lost and needs to be found. He kinda blind. Hopefully soon he will see. For he hath made him to be sin us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. II Corinthians 5:21(kjv)

  42. svoboda simon

    svoboda simonPäivä sitten

    Like Badlands only or mainly

  43. Warhead

    WarheadPäivä sitten

    So... this is the original video from mid 1990´s , or it was shot later on? Cause it looks super HQ for mid 90´s...

  44. Burning Panda MilkShake HD

    Burning Panda MilkShake HDPäivä sitten

    I'm Greek. This song makes me remember what my country once was and take my mind off the shithole that some assholes decided to make it into... ΕΛΛΑΣ ΡΕ ΓΑΜΩΤΟ!!!

  45. Kirk Curthoys

    Kirk CurthoysPäivä sitten

    I don’t know why she wasted her time

  46. Igor Maxwel

    Igor MaxwelPäivä sitten

    Original song from Stalingrad (2012), one of the best Accept's career albums and my third best album with the vocalist Mark Tornillo.

  47. Aylê Roqueiro

    Aylê RoqueiroPäivä sitten


  48. Jared Nomak

    Jared NomakPäivä sitten

    Хорошо поколбасились ребята, молодцы, хорошая песня вышла.

  49. Mikel Berezi

    Mikel BereziPäivä sitten

    Really composed by Francis Rossi??

  50. Fity Petr Hecko

    Fity Petr HeckoPäivä sitten

    Waaaaaaw only nice paradise accept i like 35 years forever thanks

  51. ArsRegnandi

    ArsRegnandiPäivä sitten

    I was wrong, when I initially said "It is not my cup of tea"

  52. Brian Herald

    Brian HeraldPäivä sitten

    Drummer is a beast

  53. Cem Miran

    Cem MiranPäivä sitten


  54. Trouser Snake

    Trouser SnakePäivä sitten

    I miss the days when the only stupidity in this comment section was seeker bell.

  55. AndyDrew003

    AndyDrew003Päivä sitten

    I had my youtube playing music in the backround, and honestly thought this was new NILE. but was pleasantly surprised when I found that it was Aversions Crown. I will need to get back to listening to more of their stuff. Fucking awesome

  56. Phil

    PhilPäivä sitten

    My downvote is cause FIgos keeps recommending me this. I did listen to it all the way. It's not all bad though. Not downvote worthy. Thanks FIgos. I'm listening to this again just cause you... All the way not just 30 sec like some jerk. 😃

  57. neongore

    neongorePäivä sitten

    I like this

  58. Amber Helsel

    Amber HelselPäivä sitten

    Thank fuck. This is Suicide Silence.

  59. The Fonz

    The FonzPäivä sitten

    Who’s the new goth clown on guitar? So many lineup changes now it’s a joke.

  60. Hean espitia gomez

    Hean espitia gomezPäivä sitten

    seguire siendo de la era Ecliptica!!!!

  61. Nilo Netto

    Nilo NettoPäivä sitten

    Eloy é um gênio!

  62. mysteriousDSF

    mysteriousDSFPäivä sitten

    Reminds me of the music of Empires and Puzzles

  63. Денис ХХХ

    Денис ХХХPäivä sitten

    Круто , но местами даже через чур мелодично для Кредл оф Филс

  64. Vasya Klapatyi

    Vasya KlapatyiPäivä sitten

    цыганский фольк)))

  65. Vasya Klapatyi

    Vasya KlapatyiPäivä sitten

    There are some frames from the Vikings in the video Have someone else noticed that?

  66. Metal Mathis M.

    Metal Mathis M.Päivä sitten

    So...that's generic Shit.

  67. Daniel Amaral

    Daniel AmaralPäivä sitten


  68. Jerry

    JerryPäivä sitten

    I crashed my car with the refrain blasting from the speakers, most epic crash of my life.

  69. S Spijker

    S SpijkerPäivä sitten

    Bohemian Rapsody has left the building. This song is epic!

  70. David Taylor

    David TaylorPäivä sitten

    Slayer didnt do what Metallica did.. They didnt sell out to Bob Rock , stayed true to their roots.. Still going strong respect for that aftet all these years

  71. Bytürk Tolga

    Bytürk TolgaPäivä sitten

    Nerden geldim ben bu şeytanlar arasına anına koyayım

  72. BenIsHuge

    BenIsHugePäivä sitten


  73. Lord Richard

    Lord RichardPäivä sitten

    Me encanta esta banda, es de hecho una de mis bandas favoritas; pero en cuanto al video debo decir que la edición de relámpagos en las guitarras me parece bastante ridículo.

  74. 619 OG

    619 OGPäivä sitten

    Cool story bros

  75. Mauricio Arráez

    Mauricio ArráezPäivä sitten

    2020 🤟🏽

  76. Alliance Soluções em Comércio Exterior

    Alliance Soluções em Comércio ExteriorPäivä sitten

    This song of Beast in Black sounds like Bon Jovi with more distortion....kkkkk

  77. Howler Monkey

    Howler MonkeyPäivä sitten

    I hope they use Laura's superb lower register on a song.

  78. Banzai Doggo

    Banzai DoggoPäivä sitten

    Man... I... I want to cry now... Wtf is happening? I haven’t cried in a very long time... ;~;

  79. Helsor 666

    Helsor 666Päivä sitten

    That looks like the trivuim mask

  80. Fano Lima

    Fano LimaPäivä sitten

    Bebbeto top de mais também grande batera

  81. Fano Lima

    Fano LimaPäivä sitten

    Esse cara é monstro foda foda

  82. Alejandro Brull Gutierrez

    Alejandro Brull GutierrezPäivä sitten


  83. Marikha Flute'n'rock

    Marikha Flute'n'rockPäivä sitten

    proud of my russian origins

  84. Роман Бублик

    Роман БубликPäivä sitten


  85. Poomah

    PoomahPäivä sitten

    ADORÁVEL! E esse batera toca DEMAIS. NUSSss.

  86. Customer Service

    Customer ServicePäivä sitten

    Everyone that’s been in Bodom is a monster player but Alexi = CoB

  87. Marisol Filth

    Marisol FilthPäivä sitten

    Mí danyfilth un hombre muy trabajador lo amo😍😍

  88. Got everything

    Got everythingPäivä sitten


  89. Lukas 04

    Lukas 04Päivä sitten


  90. Jakub Sládek

    Jakub SládekPäivä sitten

    Cristina have very beautiful voice and it's sad how is lost in background :(

  91. Julien Lecroq

    Julien LecroqPäivä sitten

    The kicks are way too loud.

  92. azwris

    azwrisPäivä sitten

    Thrash Epos!

  93. Able 47

    Able 47Päivä sitten

    That should be "Only for the celestial ones". Just saying... I'm from Orion, so. Gonna nuke the world with tons of pro. Almost like the sun is annoyed at the world's abuse of the earth, trying to block the sun and deprive earth and nature of it, etc. Almost as if they haven't realized that energy harvesting for reasons of possessive greed and abuse isn't a good idea. I'd tell you to ask the other guys who tried to deal radiation about that, but at the timescale I's far better if you see what happened to them (in the future). You might appreciate their lack of. See, I have super advanced observational equipment such as tetrahedra, green lasers, ultrasonic stuff. The thing is from the timescale I observe at, from my perspective, I see a lot of ash, dust and shitballs running around. Those are commonly referred to by names such as "scientist" or "politician" ...Now, if I apply my observational methods they look EXACTLY like the ash, dust and shitballs I was imagining. The thing is, they're a bit disorderly, almost chaotic currently. I seriously don't appreciate that, I want nicely homogenized ashdustshitballs. Time and space makes for the perfect coupler. Anyway, rad song as usual. Not quite Shamateur, but hey. The song is ironic in the sense that those hiding in the bunkers are those who won't find salvation, as such. Love me some good comedy, though. \/ motherfuckers. I fully support Isis btw (no, not the fraudulent, coopted, supported and western enabled ISIS as evidenced here ). -sir isO

  94. javimetalheroe

    javimetalheroePäivä sitten

    post in Heavy/rock page

  95. folk pine

    folk pinePäivä sitten

    More violin, less drums please

  96. XTheJenovaProjectX

    XTheJenovaProjectXPäivä sitten

    Thank you for posting non stop DI videos!!!!!

  97. It Ti

    It TiPäivä sitten

    Everything become is masterpiece that this band do!!!

  98. marten1on1

    marten1on1Päivä sitten

    brilliant, makes me want to cry. The song touches al of my anger, despair, hope and pain i have suffered the last couple of years. Thank you my dying bride

  99. azwris

    azwrisPäivä sitten

    Scabbia's vocals are way back on the mix..come on..but good combination!

  100. nick wallker

    nick wallkerPäivä sitten

    I was heard satanists are it wrong?