Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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Stop This...

Stop This...

5 päivää sitten

I Laugh For The First Time EVER
YouTube REJECTED my BASS  :(
Jack Black Plays BASS?
PewDiePie COPIED me?

PewDiePie COPIED me?

2 kuukautta sitten

I, Giorno Giovanna, have a BASS
I DON'T Like BASS Anymore... :(
Only 1% Can Play This Bassline...
This Has To Stop...

This Has To Stop...

4 kuukautta sitten

What is this Instrument??

What is this Instrument??

4 kuukautta sitten

I've made a HUGE mistake...

I've made a HUGE mistake...

5 kuukautta sitten

PewDiePie Plays BASS?

PewDiePie Plays BASS?

5 kuukautta sitten



5 kuukautta sitten

Belle Delphine COPIED me?

Belle Delphine COPIED me?

6 kuukautta sitten

The truth about my FACE...

The truth about my FACE...

6 kuukautta sitten

Guess The Meme Song, Win $5,000
I'm the BASS Guy

I'm the BASS Guy

7 kuukautta sitten

Russia REJECTED me... :(

Russia REJECTED me... :(

8 kuukautta sitten

I lied to you about my voice....
STOP doing this to me...

STOP doing this to me...

10 kuukautta sitten

Why I never talk in my videos...
BASSo Mode

BASSo Mode

11 kuukautta sitten

  1. _Retro_ Channel

    _Retro_ Channel4 tuntia sitten

    Ad pops up: do u wanna learn hot to play guitar. Me: NO

  2. eileene paguntalan

    eileene paguntalan4 tuntia sitten

    Why wouldn't davie504 try to go in the Philippines let's see

  3. Felix Martex

    Felix Martex4 tuntia sitten

    Davie504 please help me buy a bass guitar I wanna learn how to slap😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. John Smith

    John Smith4 tuntia sitten

    Davie using an *illegal* loophole. ‘My take’ Bruh... your ‘take’ allowed you to miss properly playing the open hammer pluck chords in the Evan Brewer tune which make it much harder plus you stopped short of the difficult double thumb chords, you missed having to improvise a solo in isn’t she lovely because playing the chords were easy and therefore NOT what people meant when they said you couldn’t play it, and you played Donna Lee way slower than Piopoquina. YOU Davie, are a NOOB! CHECKMATE, 4 string guitarist!

  5. Gino Paoli

    Gino Paoli4 tuntia sitten

    Solo n°8: suonare più lento è più difficile, tanta roba. Sarebbe stato perfetto se il tocco fosse stato più delicato e calzante con un contesto jazz/orchestrale. Btw tanta roba l'esecuzione sul terzo solo, quello dei DT, davvero EPICO

  6. D I G I T A L

    D I G I T A L4 tuntia sitten

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a- What’s it called again?

  7. Augustus

    Augustus4 tuntia sitten

    Can you show us your set up and your bass settings??? PLEAAASEEE

  8. Pietro Valente - Drummer & Composer

    Pietro Valente - Drummer & Composer4 tuntia sitten

    I just uploaded my Davie504 EPIC battle, it's with drums and an orchestra arrangement!!

  9. Arie Ryodan

    Arie Ryodan4 tuntia sitten

    Done subscribe...epic

  10. mark anthony sinco

    mark anthony sinco4 tuntia sitten


  11. Soul Biscuit

    Soul Biscuit4 tuntia sitten

    Victor Wooten is the man!!!!!!

  12. Heber do Valle Junior

    Heber do Valle Junior4 tuntia sitten

    Solo number 3 - Dream Theater - Metropolis pt 1

  13. StealBreaker YT

    StealBreaker YT4 tuntia sitten

    Who like 🅱SS like NOW

  14. Soul Biscuit

    Soul Biscuit4 tuntia sitten

    Davie504 check out Will Kubley from the band Passafire. He will give you a tone challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you up for it? Prove me wrong.

  15. Glitchiest

    Glitchiest4 tuntia sitten

    I knew every song but 1

  16. Charlie Olsim Jr.

    Charlie Olsim Jr.4 tuntia sitten

    It is really convenient to have different camera angles/zoom ins because you can cut the video just the way you like. I doubt that davie does this tho, OR DOES HE? 😈

  17. Dakota McIntosh

    Dakota McIntosh4 tuntia sitten

    Number 10 for sure

  18. Murilo Cunha

    Murilo Cunha4 tuntia sitten

    Did you speak Portuguese??!?!?!

  19. Andrea Manconi

    Andrea Manconi4 tuntia sitten

    Grande, hai un'impostazione non particolarmente tecnica e poi suoni anche piú pulito degli altri XD

  20. Alexander Nascimben

    Alexander Nascimben4 tuntia sitten

    Davie504 can’t play any song with a pick, so I guess he doesn’t own all the bass

  21. DocMcMad

    DocMcMad4 tuntia sitten

    “Anything you want” Acoustic Ukulele BASS

  22. hazizam ejam

    hazizam ejam4 tuntia sitten

    omg...😂tq davie...gonna send this to all my friend

  23. eh Sor

    eh Sor4 tuntia sitten


  24. ZoReS -

    ZoReS -4 tuntia sitten

    *S L A P L I K E* *N O W*

  25. Milkshake Master

    Milkshake Master4 tuntia sitten

    Checkmate for everyone whose not Davie504

  26. Daniel Pro

    Daniel Pro5 tuntia sitten

    You mean Phineas and Ferb

  27. Taswar Eshraq

    Taswar Eshraq5 tuntia sitten

    Davie next time sing a song. Reveal your singing voice.

  28. Ashton Blancas

    Ashton Blancas5 tuntia sitten

    Schiaffenze il basso ora

  29. Succulent Screams

    Succulent Screams5 tuntia sitten

    Very impressive, but can you play the bass line from mob psycho 100 opening 2, 99.9

  30. Hafizo Loka

    Hafizo Loka5 tuntia sitten


  31. AZ

    AZ5 tuntia sitten

    Davie cannot play GRATITUDE (Amin toofani)

  32. Apurva Patel

    Apurva Patel5 tuntia sitten

    Italian met Japanese/Chinese Hmm nice couple

  33. Aditya Kadariya

    Aditya Kadariya5 tuntia sitten

    Slap the challengers 😩🖐

  34. Nino R

    Nino R5 tuntia sitten

    Mamma Davie mi ha schiaffeggiato

  35. Just Xsar!x

    Just Xsar!x5 tuntia sitten

    Yeah bro!

  36. dood

    dood5 tuntia sitten


  37. Thi Tham Pham

    Thi Tham Pham5 tuntia sitten

    Wtf hentai?

  38. Stavros Meggos

    Stavros Meggos5 tuntia sitten

    thank u for the therapy time Davie504! I really appreciate it :D

  39. Candy Apple

    Candy Apple5 tuntia sitten


  40. Darwin San

    Darwin San5 tuntia sitten

    What song name

  41. Faktea Fanai

    Faktea Fanai5 tuntia sitten

    For all the haters.....😛

  42. Dario Liotine

    Dario Liotine5 tuntia sitten

    Charles the Pro 0_0

  43. Free Bass

    Free Bass5 tuntia sitten

    My challenge to Davie; Do an entire 10+ minute video WITHOUT SLAPPING, or even saying "slap". Bonus points if you can do it without saying "OMG" or "Epic". Obviously sitting there silent without playing does not count. Can't do it, can ya Davie?

  44. Luan Ferreira

    Luan Ferreira5 tuntia sitten

    Minha pika

  45. Peakz

    Peakz5 tuntia sitten

    3:41 that look's like Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation

  46. Joey Flor

    Joey Flor5 tuntia sitten

    You're the best Mr Davie504👍

  47. mini pickle scoot’in

    mini pickle scoot’in5 tuntia sitten


  48. Kaily Melton

    Kaily Melton5 tuntia sitten

    If you go back to his videos in 2017. He has no headphones. Check m8

  49. evanlight 21

    evanlight 215 tuntia sitten

    Teach me how to subscribe again

  50. Aliff Ikhmal

    Aliff Ikhmal5 tuntia sitten

    I,ve watched this video 5 time OMG...SALPP LIKE NOW

  51. Léon Lindh

    Léon Lindh5 tuntia sitten

    you're the best S L A P P E R nobode else S L A P P S better than you Davie504

  52. Peter

    Peter5 tuntia sitten

    I have never played bass in my life. But I'm an EPIC Bass fisherman, so I slap subscribe.

  53. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson5 tuntia sitten


  54. Rob Barlow

    Rob Barlow5 tuntia sitten

    I slapped like, I slapped subscribe, I slapped my bass but now I can't stop slapping and have landed myself in a lot of trouble with a lot of people Davie please help!

  55. Ray Obise

    Ray Obise5 tuntia sitten


  56. The Bommel

    The Bommel5 tuntia sitten

    nathan hughes - glove ... play it pleeeease ... or ... is ...it ...too ...difficult ?

  57. saga vlog

    saga vlog5 tuntia sitten

    1%bass 99.99%keyboard

  58. Sean B

    Sean B5 tuntia sitten

    Davie uses pick at 7M subs

  59. REE KID

    REE KID5 tuntia sitten

    No one: Me: hits like button Davie: you are good slapper

  60. Евгений Еличев

    Евгений Еличев5 tuntia sitten

    69 guy is the best *ay* *lmao*

  61. C9 GAMING

    C9 GAMING5 tuntia sitten

    3:51 girl is gf of davie

  62. Lopsang Lama

    Lopsang Lama5 tuntia sitten

    Yellow teeth ! Not epic !

  63. blood89 kali

    blood89 kali5 tuntia sitten

    Sei italiano e oarli inglese vabe👿😇

  64. saga vlog

    saga vlog5 tuntia sitten

    Wow what a trick i cant play bass cuz i slapp my piano 3 days only

  65. 4gility

    4gility5 tuntia sitten

    Rasputin by Bonnie m

  66. Vesko Achlarski

    Vesko Achlarski5 tuntia sitten

    I FUCKING KNEW IT !!!! A second person!

  67. Jerusalemi

    Jerusalemi5 tuntia sitten

    Woah That's so cool!

  68. Yuris on YouTube

    Yuris on YouTube5 tuntia sitten


  69. Ian Casas

    Ian Casas5 tuntia sitten

    I left my comment NOW

  70. Neosapiant

    Neosapiant5 tuntia sitten

    Шлёпнул лайк !

  71. MrLangam

    MrLangam5 tuntia sitten


  72. 차준규

    차준규5 tuntia sitten

    You are Zach king

  73. Sharken

    Sharken5 tuntia sitten

    So Davie Got defeated...NOT EPIC

  74. Martin Dziuba

    Martin Dziuba5 tuntia sitten

    Love victor Wooten


    SP00KYN0NSENSE5 tuntia sitten

    play two bass guitars at once and make the hardest single man duo out there

  76. Bondar Play

    Bondar Play5 tuntia sitten


  77. Vladimir Mosendz

    Vladimir Mosendz5 tuntia sitten

    epic, as always

  78. Thanos

    Thanos5 tuntia sitten

    You should ask a refund from bassist number 9 . 276 € for a crappy pentatonic and 2 arpeggios ? LOL At least he have good recording sound quality.... My favorite is bassist number 8 best performance , good sound quality and very nice technique . "5 cameras guy" instead have the best "quality for the money " and for sure he made the funniest video . 🤣

  79. Sister vlogs

    Sister vlogs5 tuntia sitten

    it sounds better when he plays it

  80. ExpEmerald_Gamer YT

    ExpEmerald_Gamer YT5 tuntia sitten

    Feels good to time travel 5 years into the pass, huh.

  81. gustav hede

    gustav hede5 tuntia sitten


  82. Jer Moe

    Jer Moe5 tuntia sitten

    C h e c k m a t e !

  83. Pixelblock62

    Pixelblock625 tuntia sitten

    when the test results come in and you find out you are 0.1% Russian

  84. Nitay Iohan

    Nitay Iohan5 tuntia sitten

    When you found Davies ears before the ear reveal 3:52

  85. Brandon sch

    Brandon sch5 tuntia sitten

    Hello If you speak spanish and you watch all Davie504 videos, leave me a like

  86. Lucifir Artwork

    Lucifir Artwork5 tuntia sitten

    Nice laugh. Subscribed.

  87. itz Meledug Livez

    itz Meledug Livez5 tuntia sitten

    "BASS" DAVIE 2k20

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  89. Archie Alcorn

    Archie Alcorn5 tuntia sitten


  90. Archie Alcorn

    Archie Alcorn5 tuntia sitten


  91. Keonn San Juan

    Keonn San Juan5 tuntia sitten

    I wish for 1 thing basssssssssss

  92. Archie Alcorn

    Archie Alcorn5 tuntia sitten


  93. Archie Alcorn

    Archie Alcorn5 tuntia sitten


  94. Archie Alcorn

    Archie Alcorn5 tuntia sitten


  95. Datypo gaming

    Datypo gaming5 tuntia sitten

    Is it unusual that I can play my guitar and bass without a pick? Just my preference of style.

  96. glenn calama

    glenn calama5 tuntia sitten

    Am I the only one who noticed he actually revealed his rigth shoulder??

  97. A Burnt Potato

    A Burnt Potato5 tuntia sitten

    Him After 11 tries : Success Me: 718628739719729829819 tries yet keeps failing

  98. Aaron Cameron

    Aaron Cameron5 tuntia sitten

    That second solo is off an album by Evan Brewer. It's called "alone" it's an album of all B A S S. And you should definitely check it out

  99. Paul Logan

    Paul Logan5 tuntia sitten


  100. GutZ natividad

    GutZ natividad5 tuntia sitten

    Rocky bassboa!