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Logan Paul DATING Josie Conseco?
Black Widow (2020) Special Look
  1. Marcella Jaynes

    Marcella Jaynes4 tuntia sitten

    Cool lady. I like her. Not crazy about the big puffy shoulder top, but hey.... lol

  2. Sarahs ASMR

    Sarahs ASMR4 tuntia sitten

    She into witchcraft ? She has not aged at all im shoooooooook

  3. MrRoDonDoSalsa

    MrRoDonDoSalsa4 tuntia sitten

    This guy is a super narcissist, and he actually raised his daughter to be a hand maiden. He would have never approved of any man that could take her away from here divine purpose: To take care of his nasty fat sloppy ass! This bastard needs to be ignored forever!

  4. Venusia Venus

    Venusia Venus4 tuntia sitten

    Is the American (from the U.S.) way of thinking to Raise their Children to think Only about "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, and ONLY ME" Me First, Me Second, and Me Last. I already leached from You Parent to Raise ME, Now I dump YOU because We, Americans, Dump Our Parents to Rot because You Guys are OLD FARTS and Have No Value. I am Strong Enough Now to Go Leach from Another White Man to TAke Care of ME. ME, ME, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kuzovaj

    Kuzovaj4 tuntia sitten

    Wait isn't that all the seasons in one scene? Lmao

  6. Angel cake

    Angel cake4 tuntia sitten

    *Protect your kids*

  7. Ms Penelope

    Ms Penelope4 tuntia sitten

    How can anyone blame Thomas Markle when Meghan and Harry set up themselves to sell the Royal Family brand exclusively for their own profit? The whole thing is tawdry but this man has been victimised by Meghan and Harry, who attempt to oppress freedom of speech while draining the Duchy of Cornwall of millions. She owes her dad.

  8. Worship with Meena

    Worship with Meena4 tuntia sitten

    Such chill Interview! Good chemistry! Can't wait till i see the sequel! 💙

  9. Ugo Uzoechi

    Ugo Uzoechi4 tuntia sitten

    What do you mean by that fan that is Faze rug..🤦.

  10. Mariam Orchideve

    Mariam Orchideve4 tuntia sitten

    Yea Leonard always date old model s ,why he never take them to this occasion 😄

  11. Shinjan Bhatta

    Shinjan Bhatta4 tuntia sitten

    She nailed it!!!!

  12. Olivia Brochman

    Olivia Brochman4 tuntia sitten

    This dude seems unstable. For only filming with Hannah for two months, he sure did "fall in love" with her really quickly and everytime I watched them interact, I personally felt that he was trying way too hard and almost forcing himself on her. People got mad when she didn't chose him but I wonder if his almost clingy behavior scared her off. He sure seemed to move on fast with Gigi Hadid and now it seems like he's changing his love interests like he changes his socks.

  13. Ugo Uzoechi

    Ugo Uzoechi4 tuntia sitten

    Faze rug!!!👍👍

  14. Mazidah Mukhtar

    Mazidah Mukhtar4 tuntia sitten

    All i see is kimmi lips like waiting to explode.. her old lips is much better

  15. Dez

    Dez4 tuntia sitten


  16. rh25

    rh254 tuntia sitten

    “While she looks a little less like the pop star without the makeup”

  17. MHCE444

    MHCE4444 tuntia sitten

    Lol Jamie only dates light skinned woman 😂

  18. Ann Mcevoy

    Ann Mcevoy4 tuntia sitten

    Please stop this. Get on with living a happy life, stay out of the media, stop making films, stop using journalist friends to promote yourselves and then you will be happy, the British monarchy will be happy and most of all little Archie will have proper parents and not Reality celebrity actors. I wish them well but am as tired of this situation as i suspect they are. Tom Bradbury do what you do best, read the news.

  19. Queen Womba

    Queen Womba4 tuntia sitten

    These are like my parents hehe

  20. Just Charlie

    Just Charlie4 tuntia sitten

    Hi. Yes. Excuse me, when does season 5 come to us commoners without wowpresents plus? 🧐😂

  21. Mihir Muntasir

    Mihir Muntasir4 tuntia sitten

    I like this tiktok....... At first i m the viewer

  22. Jacob Maldonado

    Jacob Maldonado4 tuntia sitten

    Jack Perry reminds me of chris von erich

  23. Reuben Gangte

    Reuben Gangte4 tuntia sitten

    This is weird👀

  24. Lynn Moon

    Lynn Moon4 tuntia sitten

    Who cares?

  25. Chakraphat Sakoonchai

    Chakraphat Sakoonchai4 tuntia sitten

    I've never heard the queen speak until now lmao

  26. Jacob Maldonado

    Jacob Maldonado4 tuntia sitten

    Luke Perry's son reminded me a little of a man that pass away many years ago named Chris Von Erich who was also a pro wrestler before committing suicide.

  27. Kris Swing

    Kris Swing4 tuntia sitten

    Doing what? Male stripper

  28. PrettyFancyNancy MSP

    PrettyFancyNancy MSP4 tuntia sitten

    he used to be so cute. what happened. i blame hailey

  29. parth mahara

    parth mahara4 tuntia sitten

    When she said Harry Potter I fell for her

  30. Ambiguous Nut Case

    Ambiguous Nut Case4 tuntia sitten

    Nobody cares about trying to get him and Gwyneth Paltrow back together.

  31. Tara Welch

    Tara Welch4 tuntia sitten


  32. Jay M

    Jay M4 tuntia sitten

    ADDICTED to this show! I've been a fan of RuPaul since I was 10 when he had his music career. Always playing the song, Supermodel (You better work) in the car. If you're a fan of drag, you have to go to a show. So much fun!

  33. Gulban Singh

    Gulban Singh5 tuntia sitten

    Get a life Thomas..

  34. whoami7721

    whoami77215 tuntia sitten

    It's a staggering difference between the recent interview and the one from just two years ago. It was a quick decline. I've been a fan of Ozzy since the '80s and it goes without saying I didn't think he'd go this long. He stammered and shook on the MTV reality show and says it was a bad mix of drugs and a Parkinsonian tremor. I think to maintain the rock star image, performers true conditions are often kept from the public. It might be the end of Ozzy the performer but what a legacy to leave behind.

  35. Heavenly Reid

    Heavenly Reid5 tuntia sitten

    Can't get over the way he was looking at her


    QRANGE MONSTER5 tuntia sitten


  37. Emanuela Angelini

    Emanuela Angelini5 tuntia sitten

    Poor Crown

  38. dannyaye

    dannyaye5 tuntia sitten

    So wierd that the man between the 2 girls even looks like JR

  39. Augustina Duah

    Augustina Duah5 tuntia sitten


  40. melwsome

    melwsome5 tuntia sitten

    Trixie looks like my special ed teacher I had in fifth grade.

  41. sheena sarmiento

    sheena sarmiento5 tuntia sitten

    Me: "Can you adopt me too Angelina?" that thought. She's just a wonderful mom too.

  42. sheena sarmiento

    sheena sarmiento5 tuntia sitten

    Me: "Can you adopt me too Angelina?" that thought. She's just a wonderful mom too.

  43. Jane Robertson

    Jane Robertson5 tuntia sitten

    In real life, you would NEVER encourage a friend to go back to an ex who cheated. Also, he has children with Angelina, imagine how that would feel, everyone your whole life wanting your Dad to go back to his ex girlfriend! It will NEVER happen ...

  44. CallMeKen Bangbang

    CallMeKen Bangbang5 tuntia sitten

    Omg you will not believe me penelope blossom actor is in the chilling adventure of sabrina part3 episode 1 :O

  45. Boris Sheen

    Boris Sheen5 tuntia sitten

    Daryl looks like such a.. well I can't say since FIgos deletes my comments. he's a tool tho. Jeffrey looks cool tho.

  46. Linda Albu

    Linda Albu5 tuntia sitten

    What a complete A-hole. But to think this scumball is the only one bringing the Royal family down is hilarious. And Harry didn't know what he was getting into? Shows his lack of good judgment. Meghan's weirdo father will never stop harassing her publicly until he takes his last breath. What an exciting future for a selfish, young married (Royal) family to look forward to. 🙄🤔 Millenial MeFirst attitudes obviously runs in both the Sussex and Markle families. Taking the escape route out of the UK is just one fine example of their selfishness.

  47. Maximilian C

    Maximilian C5 tuntia sitten

    This is what you call milking one’s 15 minutes of fame !

  48. Rach G

    Rach G5 tuntia sitten

    Propaganda - see the doco in full... THIS interpretation is cherry picking to make Mr Markle look bad. ET are LIARS!

  49. Nasty_ Elizabeth_Gal

    Nasty_ Elizabeth_Gal5 tuntia sitten

    Im suprised that nick has his shirt on..

  50. Michelle Lopez

    Michelle Lopez5 tuntia sitten

    Because she cant tf

  51. kym Rodney

    kym Rodney5 tuntia sitten

    Hes one low life dirty old man and so is piers Morgan for defending this filth 😡😡

  52. Jules Mail

    Jules Mail5 tuntia sitten

    Im relieved, the way james always looking at his guest and not on the road.

  53. LG

    LG5 tuntia sitten

    so many comments about how disgusting the father is. I can't say I agree with him, however, his daughter is an absolute ... I want to say "cow" but I don't want to offend cows.

  54. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith5 tuntia sitten

    OMG! RuPaul... you are too much and just won't quit! "Who's Diana Ross?---HOW DARE YOU!" Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  55. Snehal Auti

    Snehal Auti5 tuntia sitten

    I think she is the most intelligent singer of all time!!!!

  56. Asmajabeen Sayed

    Asmajabeen Sayed5 tuntia sitten

    Omg ♥️i love Jonas brothers and they're every video 🖤

  57. Kevin L

    Kevin L5 tuntia sitten

    Look at which media outlets are continuously and consistently speculating while bullshitting the public -- but, in reality, have no fucking idea what is truly going on. That's how they operate (and somehow stay in business). Approximately 95% sensationalist Internet Rags trying to sell their inane trash to the Lowest Common Denominators. They also thrive on click-bait... after all, they got me here and I rarely, if ever, look twice this deep in the sensationalist sewer.

  58. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie5 tuntia sitten

    I would rather see Eric as bachelor over Mike, personality wise!

  59. Lololololololo

    Lololololololo5 tuntia sitten

    I’m the same as him I’m sixteen and everyone thinks I’m ten or eleven😂

  60. ジェルリn

    ジェルリn5 tuntia sitten

    I really like Brad he’s still handsome.

  61. Where are m' earbuds ?

    Where are m' earbuds ?5 tuntia sitten

    She was totally right. In the death of her reputation, she's gonna feel truly alive. Nobody let her to be the person who she really wanted to be. "Taylor Swift should do that, do this. She's bad girl, she can't take her boyfriends stay. Bla bla bla. That's all bullshit. Taylor Alison Swift is a humanbeing, too. If you can think and have an idea about something, congratulations but she can do that, too. She has a life, her own ideas, feelings and thoughts. Also, SHE HAS A HEART. Yes, she has. It's decade to listen her, understand her, accept her just the way she is. She's Taylor, just Taylor. She's young lady who try to be happy. Not more. That's all.

  62. Sumi S

    Sumi S5 tuntia sitten

    1:24 Are they ALL her kids???? Please tell me there are neighbours kids in there😕

  63. half angel

    half angel5 tuntia sitten

    56 and she still Georges

  64. Dianne Nwaireozo

    Dianne Nwaireozo5 tuntia sitten

    I was just wondering..... if you have children at what age do you stop paying for his or her school fees and university fees.

  65. Illyha Cross

    Illyha Cross5 tuntia sitten

    Is that Tom and Darcey I see... Aaargh

  66. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Gonzalez5 tuntia sitten

    Lauren!! Where did you get your dress??

  67. Ursula Gopie

    Ursula Gopie5 tuntia sitten

    Despicable man. What a father.

  68. Asmajabeen Sayed

    Asmajabeen Sayed5 tuntia sitten

    I knew that♥️ I'm so glad that the documentry is coming 🖤i cried when i saw that trailer ❣️ she's my queen 😭

  69. IdIIdd

    IdIIdd5 tuntia sitten

    If this show takes off, Katie Cassidy will be the longest tenure member of the Arrowverse (9 seasons) and could eventually surpass Stephen Amell's record of the most episodes on the Arrowverse. That would be cool.

  70. tanya c

    tanya c5 tuntia sitten

    Harry's fault for ghosting his father in law. He was arrogant, almost as though he was talking to a lowly subject of his realm, not to his father in law. He could've been more understanding of the situation Thomas was in, what with the paps taking unflattering photos of him, and how the poor old man was trying to rectify his image to be worthy of his daughter and the royal family. Well, you never know, maybe Harry will be ghosted at his son Archie's wedding. Harry handled the whole incident crudely, like a Henry the Eighth, off with his head style.

  71. Veinmetal

    Veinmetal5 tuntia sitten

    The reason we all desire a Breniffer is because they both stole the fantasy from us 15 years ago. We all thought Brad and Jen were perfectly fit for one another. Jen refused to have children. Then Angelina destroyed Brad's mental with lethal seductive powers by fulfilling his desire to have kids with alpha woman 15 years later he is embarrassed of having asian & african adopted kids with a toxic hysterical feminist Brangelina. Of course we all desire a reset. Of course we want a second chance. The only guilty snobbish fool we have here is a vengeful toxic Aniston. Just pretend you've seen nothing and move on, because nothing of value was lost here.

  72. Marcella Jaynes

    Marcella Jaynes5 tuntia sitten

    Who started the “Bi-eeeeeee...” thing? Was it Crystal?

  73. 리아나

    리아나5 tuntia sitten

    This could've been explained in less than a minute but she talked so much throughout the whole video just to explain the Kardashians reactions 🙄

  74. Elisangela SEMEDO

    Elisangela SEMEDO5 tuntia sitten

    She is defending black people, she is fighting for her children. She is a white, wealthy, successful woman who could have been ignoring this subject, but no, she is slapping her face, talking about a taboo subject. And your concern is to emphasize that her husband is not black because he has a white mother, their children are biracial?! Its seriously ?!🤦🏾‍♀️ Black or not, unfortunately in this world, having his color is already a reason for discrimination. Seriously, we have to stop segregation, skin tone classification. Distinguish people just because one parent is not white, it is SIMPLY STUPID, to put it worse. It seems that the black family side does not count.🙄

  75. rachel elmore

    rachel elmore5 tuntia sitten

    Ha hahahaha.”

  76. Sarah Rohlfy

    Sarah Rohlfy5 tuntia sitten

    Angelina is a good mom 👍

  77. Maren C.S.I.

    Maren C.S.I.5 tuntia sitten

    Come on Mr. Markle, move to Hungary and get citizenship. There is a law which says it copulsory to fend for your parents if they are not able to do it anymore.

  78. rachel elmore

    rachel elmore5 tuntia sitten

    Jo bros are hilarious, tho.

  79. Shauny

    Shauny5 tuntia sitten

    He is a piece of 5hit only interested in making money end of.

  80. rachel elmore

    rachel elmore5 tuntia sitten

    This lady is sooo annoying... for real, Bible.😉.

  81. Sanni Scott

    Sanni Scott5 tuntia sitten

    What a disgusting, hateful, jealous father! I want to throw up! The media is racist puke!

  82. Atoo Essack

    Atoo Essack5 tuntia sitten

    Ok we need to see a whole lot more of Danielle and Kevin. I absolutely love them ❤️

  83. Becky Panda

    Becky Panda5 tuntia sitten

    The 2 episodes Hannah showed up in are the most exciting. LOVE to see another season of her as the Bachelorette! XO 💋

  84. Ellie Si

    Ellie Si5 tuntia sitten

    Hannah seems to have dodge a bullet on this one. I unfollowed him already.

  85. Rosie W

    Rosie W6 tuntia sitten

    Poor excuse for a father.

  86. Bogdan Ciochina

    Bogdan Ciochina6 tuntia sitten

    Noooop, another sjw shit

  87. Jon Segujer

    Jon Segujer6 tuntia sitten

    Gent is being a disgrace to parenthood, Don't let your daughter regret the day u ejklTd her. 😡😠

  88. Michelle Ahuvale

    Michelle Ahuvale6 tuntia sitten

    You don't know them in person so don't judge Prince Harry and Meghan because your life might be the worse one before you open your mouth..

  89. Haseena Shams

    Haseena Shams6 tuntia sitten

    Comparison is the biggest killer to happiness

  90. sky high

    sky high6 tuntia sitten

    My dad raised me ,he paid all my school and college fees with his hard earned money.I can never imagine that I'm earning in millions and my dad is living in some secluded neighborhood with only 100$ in bank.I would never even imagine of ditching him.I can ditch the prince but never ma dad.

  91. Ricc Lee

    Ricc Lee6 tuntia sitten

    I feel like Priyanka is a social climber to the western fame thru Nick! She doesnt deserved him..

  92. Michelle Ahuvale

    Michelle Ahuvale6 tuntia sitten

    so you talking about their money now boring.. Leave them alone..

  93. xnestlex

    xnestlex6 tuntia sitten

    Chang your surname "sisters" as its shame for Poland. Thanks for Matrix 4 and I do hope Neo won't become Nea in next movie after that rainbow pill... ;)

  94. Alex Paulsen

    Alex Paulsen6 tuntia sitten

    Ozzy having health troubles? No way! Some people live quite a while with Parkinson's. Michael J. Fox has had it for what, 25 or more years? Ozzy should be grateful if he gets another 10-15 years illness or no illness. He's partied hard, he's lived like a rockstar (funny that). I think if he makes it to 80 he's done good.

  95. Tyler Owen

    Tyler Owen6 tuntia sitten

    People who watch this must have incredibly low IQ’s.

  96. chicks with ideas

    chicks with ideas6 tuntia sitten

    clickbait title. There's literally nothing wrong with commenting on a celeb's pic. I do it everyday!!

  97. Hannah

    Hannah6 tuntia sitten

    I feel like they should make bail in America literally your net worth or just shy of it if you’re a celebrity. They won’t want to go to prison so they will pay it and assume they will make it up later because of their fame. But the catch is they have to get a 9 - 5 job and they aren’t allowed to return to the entertainment industry or earn salary wages. What a great punishment instead of prison. If you use your money to be above the law then the law should put you back in your place. Just imagine going to the local grocery store and you see Lori stacking shelves. Best believe I’m gonna leave a loaf of bread in the cleaning products aisle. 😂


    JUST MY THOUGHTS6 tuntia sitten

    This man is unintentionally telling the public "am a terrible DAD, please save my daughter from me" He's trying to destroy his daughter but instead he's clearing her name

  99. Hema Sookram

    Hema Sookram6 tuntia sitten

    She’s wayyyyyy to good for his ass!!!!🤬🤬🤬🇹🇹

  100. Preteen Dhillon

    Preteen Dhillon6 tuntia sitten

    Selfish man always have many kids because they do not want to take care how their children are growing up. May be he did not support Megan because her mother was African. Her racist feelings come out after he broke up with her African mother. We do not know in the heart of a person that why he behaved like that with his own child and leaving her mother alone to take care of his child