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The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

Nooice - Key & Peele

Nooice - Key & Peele

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Sexy Vampires - Key & Peele

Sexy Vampires - Key & Peele

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MC Mom Tears It Up - Key & Peele
Dueling Hats - Key & Peele

Dueling Hats - Key & Peele

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Grown Ass Man - Key & Peele

Grown Ass Man - Key & Peele

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Severed Head Improv - Key & Peele
Nervous Mob Boss - Key & Peele
Old Men Dis Drake - Key & Peele
Sex Detective - Key & Peele

Sex Detective - Key & Peele

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If Names Were Farts - Key & Peele
Non-Scary Movie - Key & Peele
Slap-Ass - Key & Peele

Slap-Ass - Key & Peele

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Hold Me Back - Key & Peele

Hold Me Back - Key & Peele

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Zombie Attack! - Key & Peele

Zombie Attack! - Key & Peele

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Scat Duel - Key & Peele

Scat Duel - Key & Peele

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  1. Someone

    Someone14 tuntia sitten


  2. Corey Pattison

    Corey Pattison14 tuntia sitten

    Come on man, no black business socks? Then what about a flip phone proudly holstered at the beltline?

  3. RamenRamRod

    RamenRamRod14 tuntia sitten

    Love the passenger next to him awkwardly smiling 😂

  4. Corey Pattison

    Corey Pattison14 tuntia sitten

    Jordan has to feel pretty good when he gets to wear that wig in the skit and when he's a detective. It's probably used many times. But dude I mean you're bald and you can pull it off. Not to mention the fact you have a hot ass hilarious awesome power lady wife! This goes out to all the balding and bald dudes that think that that is a problem. Nothing's real and all this is made up. You don't have to feel poorly for your body doing what it does naturally. And again Jordan you're an asshole for having such a kick-ass wife! She's really smart and beautiful, and damn those eyes and smile!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!

  5. Bodybag Dotzip

    Bodybag Dotzip14 tuntia sitten

    My Theory: Mr. Mahina WASN’T a real dude leading up to the time of the skit. Key’s character was just bullshitting everything in both the form of the character and its voice. The mop only gained sentience at the end, and the whole witch backstory is made up. We know that it couldn’t have been real beforehand because of Key’s reaction to when Peele sees Mahina (sad that he found out his lie, not a reaction of sickness that Peele figured out the secret).

  6. thelightningwave

    thelightningwave14 tuntia sitten

    This how black people develop negro powers.

  7. khalid walker

    khalid walker14 tuntia sitten

    This funny asf 😂

  8. CreepeeRobot

    CreepeeRobot14 tuntia sitten

    There is no going back from that hahaha!

  9. Christopher Samiselo

    Christopher Samiselo14 tuntia sitten

    There is always one u haven't seen 😂😂

  10. alex Motts

    alex Motts14 tuntia sitten

    Sooooooo basically hip hop meets cyberpunk. Just sayin 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Ozamataz Buckshank

    Ozamataz Buckshank14 tuntia sitten

    Wow so many stupid idealist in the comments. Hating athletes for making millions is stupid. There is a simple explanation why thats the case but i wont waste my time writing it here cuz all u dumbasses will either dont get or get it but still hating

  12. allen seno

    allen seno14 tuntia sitten

    "It's April Fools day. Got you good, shopkeeper"

  13. eric t

    eric t15 tuntia sitten

    After they shoot themselves, it cuts to them walking downstairs...welcome to hell lol

  14. Malgosh

    Malgosh15 tuntia sitten

    "Tyrone, is that you? Oh, wait that's an actuall rat!" - This one made my day.

  15. Blessing Sungai

    Blessing Sungai15 tuntia sitten

    People that disliked this video are in prison ... and the blue "like" button agrees ...

  16. Shadow Bisping

    Shadow Bisping15 tuntia sitten

    2:54 Was this in reference to the 80s-90s ear piercing rule: "Left is right. Right is wrong."

  17. Der Vater aller Lappen der Nation

    Der Vater aller Lappen der Nation15 tuntia sitten

    I love how there is lightning flashing even though the windows are down 😂

  18. Lefty

    Lefty15 tuntia sitten

    Billy dee lol

  19. Kourtney Douthard-Becker

    Kourtney Douthard-Becker15 tuntia sitten

    Why is it even necesssary for peele to have a wig on? 😭😭😭😭

  20. diana king

    diana king15 tuntia sitten


  21. Kourtney Douthard-Becker

    Kourtney Douthard-Becker15 tuntia sitten

    He really looks middle eastern 😭😭😭

  22. Ndèye Fatou Cissé

    Ndèye Fatou Cissé15 tuntia sitten

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I'm a French speaker and he almost nailed the accent but a lot of the words he said didn't have any meaning

  23. nin6246

    nin624615 tuntia sitten

    Is it just me or do these guys come off very very gay....with each other?

  24. OpacityChris

    OpacityChris15 tuntia sitten

    "Shut up Mom! Silence from you! You're cutoff! From talking!" Had me rolling 😂😂

  25. Elroy Dennison

    Elroy Dennison15 tuntia sitten


  26. amit dalah

    amit dalah15 tuntia sitten

    me: "what do you think of humanity" alian: "its great" alian: *shot in the head

  27. Peace.

    Peace.15 tuntia sitten

    "Weigh your options and consider the ramifications of those options" "Like heck I will" CONSEQUENCES

  28. Jenny Jenny

    Jenny Jenny15 tuntia sitten

    Bestest ever.

  29. Nt Daell73

    Nt Daell7315 tuntia sitten

    FIXED !!!!

  30. 유포스

    유포스15 tuntia sitten

    When he laughed like a psycho i was so scared


    BRIAN KIARIE15 tuntia sitten

    Key & Peele Video Check

  32. OpacityChris

    OpacityChris15 tuntia sitten

    Girls: He said he's hanging with his boy but he's probs cheating Him and his boy:

  33. Elroy Dennison

    Elroy Dennison15 tuntia sitten

    OutKast 4ever

  34. commiesarentpeople

    commiesarentpeople15 tuntia sitten

    I like how the movies are all in chronological order

  35. cohen wilson

    cohen wilson15 tuntia sitten

    I only understood love because he flexed like he was hard😅😅😅😅

  36. tln25

    tln2515 tuntia sitten

    White guilt is a tool of the Left- thanks Democrats.

  37. llama

    llama15 tuntia sitten

    growing up too poor to fly this is just how I feel about every flight I take

  38. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas15 tuntia sitten

    Anyone else hear coach Hines at 1:20 lol

  39. Mandlenkosi Ngcobo

    Mandlenkosi Ngcobo15 tuntia sitten


  40. Lee Bard

    Lee Bard15 tuntia sitten

    "Youthful Commerce"

  41. Barrington Johnson

    Barrington Johnson15 tuntia sitten

    1:30 id have just said stop being selfish I already got you man,wouldn’t have got ME😂😂😂

  42. John Morgan

    John Morgan15 tuntia sitten

    That whole skit was pointless

  43. Heeex Animation

    Heeex Animation15 tuntia sitten

    Wow... just... wow

  44. MSC MSC

    MSC MSC15 tuntia sitten

    “Stuuuaaaaarrrrtttttttt”😭🤣 Bruh been there.

  45. Mohd Fayyadh

    Mohd Fayyadh15 tuntia sitten


  46. por?pendejos!

    por?pendejos!15 tuntia sitten

    Well I was gonna order the CD for a penny, but notices Ghostbuster song is t included.

  47. Joe Correia

    Joe Correia15 tuntia sitten

    Duke Ellington?

  48. GullyBop

    GullyBop15 tuntia sitten

    "Hi yaaawwlll I'm Star Magic Jackson Jr...." roflmao!!

  49. AZCaveMan

    AZCaveMan15 tuntia sitten

    The guy next to Jordan is the best part! Lol he's like a captivated audience watching a movie

  50. MSC MSC

    MSC MSC15 tuntia sitten

    This one of their best sketches.

  51. Sarath LP

    Sarath LP15 tuntia sitten

    Sky Shoppe....Ma goes in .......😂

  52. J Christopher

    J Christopher15 tuntia sitten

    From the thumbnail I couldn’t even tell that was Keegan! 😂

  53. Tanndo Baloyi

    Tanndo Baloyi15 tuntia sitten

    wow this is sad 😢

  54. Kumo Au

    Kumo Au15 tuntia sitten

    You dont need a dialogue to make a comedy

  55. Michael

    Michael15 tuntia sitten

    Who is that woman in this skit? She's beautiful

  56. Snoop Zebra

    Snoop Zebra15 tuntia sitten

    As someone who did French in high school, this shit is accurate af

  57. The Gourmet Campers

    The Gourmet Campers15 tuntia sitten

    'You're cut off from... TALKING!"

  58. Brayo kikenyi

    Brayo kikenyi16 tuntia sitten

    Man you should make this video uncensored we want to hear everythiiiiing! video

  59. Brittany Meals

    Brittany Meals16 tuntia sitten

    Oh Damn!?! Now I see it!

  60. Cambodia

    Cambodia16 tuntia sitten

    "There are ramifications of what you do" love it.....

  61. Cambodia

    Cambodia16 tuntia sitten

    Be careful of what you ask for in life

  62. Safari Calamari

    Safari Calamari16 tuntia sitten

    39W-2L. Crazy guy is a beast.

  63. Besa

    Besa16 tuntia sitten

    He is not a real doctor, that's the janitor

  64. Marc Greene

    Marc Greene16 tuntia sitten

    This how I get girls, hang up on em

  65. Spectacular Spider-man

    Spectacular Spider-man16 tuntia sitten

    Guard kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

  66. Ognjen Cvetinovic

    Ognjen Cvetinovic16 tuntia sitten

    Challenge: watch any of their videos without saying "omg these guys are so good" or similar. Can you do it?

  67. Adin Boerman

    Adin Boerman16 tuntia sitten

    His license is 2IBA333... lol

  68. abc123 xyz098

    abc123 xyz09816 tuntia sitten

    They killed it

  69. Bird Tweety

    Bird Tweety16 tuntia sitten

    Yes he is funny

  70. Bird Tweety

    Bird Tweety16 tuntia sitten


  71. Brittany Meals

    Brittany Meals16 tuntia sitten

    Everything is racist if the wrong person is around. If you see something as racist, chances are you are the racist! But this shit was funny as hell I must say.

  72. kickinrocks 926

    kickinrocks 92616 tuntia sitten

    He's got this whole Chevy Chase in Fletch + Doc Brown style and thing going on.....and I ❤ it...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. TheReal2Nun

    TheReal2Nun16 tuntia sitten

    I have been going to all my favorite videos to help get my buddy! He released a new song! We live in such a small city and him and his girls talent is big. Check out “Against All Odds” and leave a comment on what you think.

  74. HS Lee

    HS Lee16 tuntia sitten

    Nice choice of glasses

  75. Zack Greer

    Zack Greer16 tuntia sitten

    Was this not already on here?

  76. R B

    R B16 tuntia sitten

    Keegan is the best crazy acting actor in history. All the skits that he acts crazy are the best skits. He’s a trip. Obama’s angry translator. Off the hook

  77. SomeNoob Jons

    SomeNoob Jons16 tuntia sitten

    Imagine california having a law that requires californians to have a fart license to fart

  78. miss Lue Lue

    miss Lue Lue16 tuntia sitten

    Dad is silent 🤦🏾‍♀️

  79. auxmike

    auxmike16 tuntia sitten

    Homies are Mexicans! Everyone knows that...

  80. Slappy theSquirrel

    Slappy theSquirrel16 tuntia sitten

    He ain't got hands, he gots dick beaters

  81. Crunkmastaflexx

    Crunkmastaflexx16 tuntia sitten

    i actually learned a lot from this

  82. Clay Soggyfries

    Clay Soggyfries16 tuntia sitten

    Teachers wish this was how it is 😂

  83. Frank White

    Frank White16 tuntia sitten

    Lost it when he’s drinking scotch in the recording studio


    CHAOS CHAOS17 tuntia sitten

    I actually was looking forward to understanding both languages they gonna speak but it wasn't French after très bien

  85. Cresent and star

    Cresent and star17 tuntia sitten

    He’s saying not all customers are the same

  86. L.E.E

    L.E.E17 tuntia sitten


  87. Shawn D

    Shawn D17 tuntia sitten

    01:06 is that asian dude sleeping?

  88. 이현재

    이현재17 tuntia sitten

    Such good actors

  89. Kaydence Kepaa-vaivai

    Kaydence Kepaa-vaivai17 tuntia sitten

    Mele Kaliki Maka 😂

  90. John Lester

    John Lester17 tuntia sitten

    Who else was reminded of The Matrix with the green office cabinets?

  91. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy17 tuntia sitten

    Why do i feel like he’s gonna start singing

  92. Kyle Arends

    Kyle Arends17 tuntia sitten

    This looks like a scene from a pirates of the caribean

  93. Free Pilot

    Free Pilot17 tuntia sitten

    Being a pilot myself. I must use that captain joke.

  94. Slime Bishop

    Slime Bishop17 tuntia sitten

    "Promise me you won't sleep with another woman"................. ............. "I hear you" 🤣

  95. Dave

    Dave17 tuntia sitten


  96. Free Pilot

    Free Pilot17 tuntia sitten

    Key & Peele! You Bastards! Lol. I watched the original concept of this parody years and years ago as a child and for years it gave me a specific nightmare that which I forgot about only 15 years ago. I'm now 41. You just reminded me of my worst nightmare. Now I need another 15 years to forget again. Sleeping with one eye open. Gang it,!!! Ha ha.

  97. twistplank

    twistplank17 tuntia sitten

    Y'all be joining Husslepuff n shit.

  98. lynco

    lynco17 tuntia sitten

    They should have added one last part, after another jump foward in time, showing Peele just sitting in his cell alone with two tear drop tattoos.

  99. Skuffed Gamer

    Skuffed Gamer17 tuntia sitten

    Peele acting as the toilet..Epic

  100. Kaydence Kepaa-vaivai

    Kaydence Kepaa-vaivai17 tuntia sitten

    What about the Islanders