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31 Thoughts LIVE with Sam Gagner
  1. Jason Darwood

    Jason DarwoodPäivä sitten

    Dan Cloutier's miss in game 3 of the '02 playoffs vs Detroit.

  2. Max Johnson

    Max JohnsonPäivä sitten

    The Toronto Maple Leafs too soon

  3. Tom

    TomPäivä sitten

    great video I really liked it

  4. Albert Evans

    Albert EvansPäivä sitten

    Feast your eyes, Melnyk. This is what class looks like.

  5. Benson Ben

    Benson BenPäivä sitten

    with that hairstyle, erik looks like's about to show me some condos.

  6. Sens fan 7

    Sens fan 7Päivä sitten

    You should do 5-10 ranked prospects

  7. Sens fan 7

    Sens fan 7Päivä sitten

    Very difficult time it hurts playoffs would be in a few days, and draft will be very exciting but say bye bye. Now were effected Chinas lockdown is done what a joke.

  8. Sens fan 7

    Sens fan 7Päivä sitten

    Also you know for a fact 2 of these players could be on the same team in Ottawa

  9. Will Tollefson

    Will TollefsonPäivä sitten

    I don’t think the puck was in his glove to begin with. At least from the stuff I’ve seen, it hit his glove and was somewhere against his breezers or something, when he lifted up, it dropped out

  10. AS. I see The World

    AS. I see The WorldPäivä sitten

    Did anyone know there a big comet heading straight for earth called c19 atlas. Should be here soon. Makes everything make a little more sense. When you do that research...

  11. Brian Ferris

    Brian FerrisPäivä sitten

    Stuetzle did you grow up in Canada, His English is incredible

  12. WolverineIncognito

    WolverineIncognitoPäivä sitten

    Beautiful. Go Wings!

  13. Michael Cass

    Michael CassPäivä sitten

    Scott knew what he did and was doing. He was a nasty hitter and knew it would change a game. I believe he was a dirty player. And, a man like him, no im sure scott the man is different than scott the player, so scott the player is the reason enforcers ARE NEEDED in a game like this.

  14. Riley Cook

    Riley CookPäivä sitten

    A huge dang-it during game 6 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals where the refs blew the whistle too early to prevent the Predators from scoring a pivotal goal against the Penguins. Do a video on that please!

  15. Hockey Joe

    Hockey JoePäivä sitten

    Thats what happens when your of the world.devilish

  16. Trevor Michaud

    Trevor MichaudPäivä sitten

    I had no idea tim spoke perfect english

  17. Mystic Phoenix

    Mystic PhoenixPäivä sitten

    It's crazy to think how stacked Det and the Avs were back then, a time before caps lol.

  18. Holtbeast70

    Holtbeast70Päivä sitten

    This interviewer is ass

  19. Cric Time

    Cric TimePäivä sitten

    The undertaker💪💪

  20. Billy naff

    Billy naffPäivä sitten

    Vassy is awesome.

  21. ethab1

    ethab1Päivä sitten

    Damn why’s Tim’s English so good already

  22. Keithen Murphy

    Keithen MurphyPäivä sitten

    Some great stuff from some future solid nhl players

  23. Charlie

    CharliePäivä sitten

    Will always respect this player. True character... never complained or offered excuses if times were not going well on the ice. ... a principled young man. Look forward to Sept.!!

  24. Kai Smith

    Kai SmithPäivä sitten

    these questions are so redundant

  25. Johan Sjöström

    Johan SjöströmPäivä sitten

    My hockey Heroes🏒🤗

  26. Steve Suh

    Steve SuhPäivä sitten

    Moms are underrated, all I’ve got to say

  27. Simon Teich

    Simon TeichPäivä sitten

    leggo tim

  28. Terry Abeare

    Terry AbearePäivä sitten

    As a Red Wing fan i feel for the Leafs fan base. You guys desperately need a defensive corp. There is so much pressure on the young guys to play two way hockey. Your fowards are going to run out of gas.

  29. Charlie

    CharliePäivä sitten

    You're both still missed here. Everyone basically has been traded away. What happens down the road when management has to put out the money to keep these great young players.???

  30. Tman

    TmanPäivä sitten

    Now there’s no playoffs 🥺😭😡😡🤬

  31. Taylor Phillips

    Taylor PhillipsPäivä sitten

    Two mistakes to correct: 1. The Wings/Canucks series was 6 games, not 7. 2. Game 2 of the Wings/Avs series was 4-3, not 3-2.

  32. R Sherwood

    R SherwoodPäivä sitten

    “Guys, guys relax! I’m only an ATTEMPTED murder fugitive. You could’ve just knocked.”

  33. BlueTunes

    BlueTunesPäivä sitten

    As a habs fan, that hurt me. A lot.

  34. Nathaniel Cannell

    Nathaniel CannellPäivä sitten

    the ref is not even wearing a helmet

  35. aveo 26

    aveo 26Päivä sitten

    I wonder how many dominoes fell from all those Jagr transactions

  36. Zack Kuffeluu

    Zack KuffeluuPäivä sitten


  37. Liani Thomas Prewitt

    Liani Thomas PrewittPäivä sitten

    The thing is Roy had been doing his "Statue of Liberty" for a while before this game. I told everyone who would listen that showboatin' was going to bite him in the ass. Never thought it was going to be in Game 6. I have never jumped for joy like I did watching Karma kicking in. Gotta hang on to that joy during this debacle of an era for the Wings.

  38. Semi

    SemiPäivä sitten

    Hand pass be like

  39. Chris W

    Chris WPäivä sitten

    Patrick, we need you back to put a leash on these two. They're making too much money and not performing 100% every night.

  40. Vince Morsa

    Vince MorsaPäivä sitten

    Do a dangit for Patrik Stefan missing the wide open net and then oilers scoring right after lol. Or do the one where Ilya Bryzgalov passes the puck right at David Clarkson in the 2012 playoffs and the puck goes in lol.

  41. Jack Makackov

    Jack MakackovPäivä sitten

    Did he ask him what it's like to be the most over rated NHL player in history? It's not even close

  42. Сергей К

    Сергей КPäivä sitten

    OVI OVI OVI OVI OVI OVI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. McSomething15

    McSomething15Päivä sitten

    I will always look back fondly on this play.

  44. Sean Osmonson

    Sean OsmonsonPäivä sitten

    As an Avs fan, this one hurt to watch.

  45. Alex Xela

    Alex XelaPäivä sitten

    I was social distancing today. I stopped my car 10ft away from the car in front of me at every stop sign and stop light. But, the cars behind me didn't follow the rules so what's the point? Karlsson is a great player, but still don't know about him. Does he really make the difference when needed? He certainly was taken out of the games by the Blues.

  46. Burt Jamman

    Burt JammanPäivä sitten

    I hate Ottawa, always did. I hate Ottawa players. Chrsi Neil however is the exception. There was not many better enforcers. If you look at what that role was, this guy had the heart of lion and never backed down from anybody.

  47. Semi

    SemiPäivä sitten

    The sliding the stick behind the play shouldn’t have been a penalty lol. That really wasn’t effecting anybody lol

  48. Jo Joestar

    Jo JoestarPäivä sitten

    I'm sure he was black

  49. Michael Leonard

    Michael LeonardPäivä sitten

    I was at the ice fishing storm sturge

  50. Chris Myers

    Chris MyersPäivä sitten

    Season is over

  51. Brycen Hofer

    Brycen HoferPäivä sitten

    The devil scoring on themselves

  52. William Memelander

    William MemelanderPäivä sitten

    Bored of no hockey? Watch my newest vid on parents reacting to sons first nhl goal

  53. William Memelander

    William MemelanderPäivä sitten

    Bored of no hockey? Watch my newest vid on parents reacting to sons first nhl goal

  54. smellysocks

    smellysocksPäivä sitten

    This is the one I was waiting for

  55. Aaron Flynn

    Aaron FlynnPäivä sitten

    You should do the 1999 Stanley cup final game 6 ot winner. Not even the NHL could follow their own rules

  56. Dominick Angelo

    Dominick AngeloPäivä sitten

    Clean hit. Lindgren didn't need to answer for that at all.

  57. BlackMasakari

    BlackMasakariPäivä sitten

    If he can clean up his slipups, he is the ultimate player - he even can be fast as a rocket, if he doesn't stay on ice 2min all the time :)

  58. Editss Marcus

    Editss MarcusPäivä sitten

    Has anyone realized Caufield looks like the kid from rim of the world

  59. Patric Klassen

    Patric KlassenPäivä sitten

    Jets vs Oilers March 11, 2020 3 or possibly 4 dang its.

  60. HomerJLeafs

    HomerJLeafsPäivä sitten

    Bobby you are doing amazing sweetie

  61. Owen Celsie

    Owen CelsiePäivä sitten

    That sucks

  62. Barb Myran

    Barb MyranPäivä sitten


  63. Alexander Morken

    Alexander MorkenPäivä sitten

    go oilers

  64. Omniocracy

    OmniocracyPäivä sitten

    this hurts so bad

  65. Sean L

    Sean LPäivä sitten

    8 is a sack of crap. A dirty, one trick pony.

  66. Sam Shepard

    Sam ShepardPäivä sitten

    As a caps fan I could watch these playoffs over and over again

  67. Jordan March

    Jordan MarchPäivä sitten

    if ovechkin doesn’t go after Letang, none of this happens, plain and simple end of story

  68. Dylan MacDonald

    Dylan MacDonaldPäivä sitten

    I met him last year during opening weekend, he came over to the 3rd base side. He was signing for kids and such and I said welcome to Toronto Matt. Pretty nice guy, down to earth. Glad I got to say hello to a ball player ❤️

  69. Maxwell Clark

    Maxwell ClarkPäivä sitten

    Why does tchacuk still try to fight Kassian HE WON’T WIN

  70. Gate keeper

    Gate keeperPäivä sitten

    Lost season

  71. IRON60 BITCH

    IRON60 BITCHPäivä sitten

    Legal system is about the state getting even The law is secondary. States and their legal powers many times go out of their way to destroy families because of a pension for revenge

  72. who dis

    who disPäivä sitten

    Do these people really think we'll even get to play before the end of this summer?

  73. William Brecheen

    William BrecheenPäivä sitten

    I've never liked Roy. Awesome video

  74. IRON60 BITCH

    IRON60 BITCHPäivä sitten

    Maybe FBI was looking for Hillary Clinton’s emails

  75. Tom

    TomPäivä sitten

    awesome content keep it up bro

  76. Tom

    TomPäivä sitten

    awesome video

  77. IRON60 BITCH

    IRON60 BITCHPäivä sitten

    Low IQ Crooked Father Supported by his wife What a joke

  78. astrozify

    astrozifyPäivä sitten

    Roy didn't drop the puck, the puck hit his glove and came out, and was sitting on his pad. When he motioned up with his glove you can see where it slides off his pad into the position it was for the Red Wings to score. I'm not sure why no one knows this.

  79. Adam Weidl

    Adam WeidlPäivä sitten

    I hope he pulls through and can return to the ice. God be with you Colby

  80. Paradox Glitch *

    Paradox Glitch *Päivä sitten

    When Stamkos said years ago he wants to be with Tampa his whole career.

  81. Jackson Graney

    Jackson GraneyPäivä sitten

    The more optimism the better!

  82. James Guertin 97

    James Guertin 97Päivä sitten


  83. Alexander Wolf

    Alexander WolfPäivä sitten

    Congrats on getting the brad marchand not able to pick up the puck i wish i had one i dont like marchand

  84. ompurnam108

    ompurnam108Päivä sitten

    Those lips are... “moistly” 😏

  85. adampincente209

    adampincente209Päivä sitten

    This guy got it. The issues with his arm were behind him. He had been trending in the right direction for a while and then the fluke ACL injury on a run down. 33 years old, he can give this team a few season worth of professional starts. People outside of Toronto are sleeping on the Jays. I think they can get the second wild card this season.

  86. JABoyle3875

    JABoyle3875Päivä sitten

    As an Avs fan... 1. You blew it with the wrong commentary for Krupps game winner. Thorne was much better. 2. Florida’s goal - love how Roy did NOT cower in the net, and in the post game presser he said he had to let them have at least one because then they’d have to go home with their rat in their pocket, and how sad for them! Roy - king of trash talk.

  87. Chip Tamplin

    Chip TamplinPäivä sitten

    It's a travesty how many goals he's lost to lockouts and now this pandemic. He'd have at least 2 more 50-goal seasons and be easily 100+ goals closer to Gretzky by now. Hopefully they play at least enough games for him to hit 50 goals this season since he was obviously going to hit the mark again.

  88. jansen dacey

    jansen daceyPäivä sitten

    Instead of a dang it you should do a classic hat pick like Marek Malik’s shootout winning goal

  89. Demet Sarialtin

    Demet SarialtinPäivä sitten


  90. Zalapski

    ZalapskiPäivä sitten

    With the salary cap going down next year, that Karlsson contract looks even worse.

  91. 9,999,999 M

    9,999,999 MPäivä sitten

    This is REAL hockey!! Thx Gary "the maggott" Betman for completely ruining the coolest game on earth

  92. Unkle Salty

    Unkle SaltyPäivä sitten

    I wouldn't say the Wings "demolished" Carolina in the '02 finals ... a better example would be the '97 finals. THAT was a one-sided ass kicking.

  93. lelabotoxique

    lelabotoxiquePäivä sitten

    Oh man! I miss the Shoe!

  94. Bluestues King

    Bluestues KingPäivä sitten

    Please do a dang it where a fan laughs at a blackhawks player for getting hurt and then gets hit by a puck

  95. Anthony L

    Anthony LPäivä sitten

    Wish he played one more year with the wings.. kinda old but idc

  96. Michael Atkinson

    Michael AtkinsonPäivä sitten

    The man doesn't age.

  97. Ramrod

    RamrodPäivä sitten

    Sports stations are pointless right now

  98. Dudette Perfect

    Dudette PerfectPäivä sitten


  99. Carl Jumper

    Carl JumperPäivä sitten

    My dang it suggestion find every dang it from the leafs in the last decade and do a 24 hour special

  100. James Stewart

    James StewartPäivä sitten

    I swear he's the Steph Curry of the NHL, just makes plays look so easy like he‘s playing pick up against bantams. You can't even touch him, he's got the "gretzky bubble," defenders don't know what to do they back off.