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Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers

Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
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New Meat Commercial

New Meat Commercial

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Surfaces: Sunday Best

Surfaces: Sunday Best

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Mt. Joy: Strangers

Mt. Joy: Strangers

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  1. Corey Mondello

    Corey MondelloPäivä sitten

    Trump knew about this virus in January 2020, was told it could kill millions and cost trillions of dollars. It’s 100% his fault for the mess we are in today, because he chose not to act. Now he is blaming W.H.O. (he blamed Obama at one point too), and he has been pushing that anti-Malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine, because he has business ties to them, and he has fired the person who is charge of where stimulus money goes, because like he stated, he alone wants to be the one who decides where the money goes! Trump and his supporters are enemies of America and common decency!

  2. debbie duccini-day

    debbie duccini-dayPäivä sitten

    Great McConahey, Seth.

  3. Michelle Nguyen

    Michelle NguyenPäivä sitten

    Amy looks really beautiful and happy here. 🥰

  4. Amit Aulakh

    Amit AulakhPäivä sitten

    FAKE NEWS!! The M15 bus goes uptown and downtown, it doesn't go crosstown.

  5. Laurinda H

    Laurinda HPäivä sitten

    Distilleries all over VT have been doing this for a couple of weeks now.

  6. Anne Boleyn

    Anne BoleynPäivä sitten

    worried about house party outside when so many more people forced to interact to vote

  7. Wynne Johnson

    Wynne JohnsonPäivä sitten


  8. Meira Leonard

    Meira LeonardPäivä sitten

    Seth I'm sure you read ALL your comments haha.. but add this to your next positive stories segment.... these engineers teamed up with 2 surgeons and they are 3D printing masks in Tacoma, WA and laser cutting face shields. They've already made 840 AND they are REUSABLE!!!

  9. M. G. Gonzalez R

    M. G. Gonzalez RPäivä sitten One of Mexico's big medical complex staff, with a positive Attitude. Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI.

  10. Ruth Anino

    Ruth AninoPäivä sitten

    U have Thorn birds? Send me the copy. I would like to read it. I've watch the mini tv series.

  11. Summerdayays

    SummerdayaysPäivä sitten

    lol this was awesome this made my day for some reason :/

  12. Portal vermelho

    Portal vermelhoPäivä sitten


  13. eidem

    eidemPäivä sitten

    02:22 well she was right

  14. Christiane Carson

    Christiane CarsonPäivä sitten

    Hmmm... If he does take his beloved 'miracle' pills, I wonder if he'll crush them up and snort them off a mirror alongside his Adderall? Anyone know if that's a lethal cocktail I ask hopefully? I'd laugh myself sick all the way to the White House if he died from taking his own advice!!!

  15. Ken Roberts

    Ken RobertsPäivä sitten

    well tracy is still tracy maybe things are gonna be ok after all 🤣🤣

  16. Eileen Farrar

    Eileen FarrarPäivä sitten

    "Nice, normal, old fashioned corruption."---SO--ON --POINT!!!

  17. mermck

    mermckPäivä sitten

    THE GREAT ACT OF THIS TIME. remember in November an vote the Orange lying about this being a hoax turd out of our Oval office before he paints all the antiques in the White House fake gold. ( that is just wrong)too!

  18. ThreePalmsII

    ThreePalmsIIPäivä sitten

    How did a stupid person like Trump get to be president? From stupid people voting for him.

  19. Clayton

    ClaytonPäivä sitten

    Seeing Marge drink that vinegar was all the motivation I needed to stay inside for another month.

  20. Polly Sey

    Polly SeyPäivä sitten

    Class act.

  21. Chor Siu

    Chor SiuPäivä sitten

    Very good and honest review ,, I just don't get it why Trump has so much supporters in America ?Thank You !

  22. lichga100

    lichga100Päivä sitten

    O look! It's a pie5e of 5h1t that wanted to kill an innocent man and had a stable of slaves in prison.

  23. Valley Girl

    Valley GirlPäivä sitten

    How TF are grocery stores gunna get food on everyone's tables if a lot of us don't have any MONEY?

  24. carlos gomes

    carlos gomesPäivä sitten

    “According to,.reportedly “translation- I’m just talking out my ass.

  25. Kah Weng Chok

    Kah Weng ChokPäivä sitten

    I just rewatched Contagion. I can't believe the real life counterpart of Jude Law's character is the POTUS himself.

  26. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet YeetPäivä sitten


  27. Torbjörn Lekberg

    Torbjörn LekbergPäivä sitten

    The hand sanitizer giveaway prove that there, after all, are USamericans with a compassionate spirit. I can already hear angry boomers screaming "Socialism!". Fear the caring generosity...

  28. InformationIsTheEdge

    InformationIsTheEdgePäivä sitten

    OK, I giggled like an idiot when that couple was getting married. That was fantastic!

  29. Kristofer Polak

    Kristofer PolakPäivä sitten

    Dude. You seem more relaxed and have definitely got your timing back....Thank you needed that

  30. oscargordon

    oscargordonPäivä sitten

    I thought the question facing us was "Hasn't Seth finished The Thorn Birds yet?"

  31. Andrew Talbot

    Andrew TalbotPäivä sitten

    She finally kicked the bucket. Thank you, Corona, for erasing this scum from the earth. May she burn for all eternity.

  32. Valley Girl

    Valley GirlPäivä sitten

    I'll be right back... I'm gunna go try and snort some advil...

  33. DarkSchneider

    DarkSchneiderPäivä sitten

    Joke didn't really land for me even w/ explanations, but glad to see Sally finally getting some airtime again. 😅

  34. The True Legendary Super Saiyajin

    The True Legendary Super SaiyajinPäivä sitten

    It true it is no big deal if you're young and smart and always keep your distance from everyone, but Trump's deal is, instead of letting it be mandatory for everyone to be quarantined from the start and issue a pseudo law to deny people for social interaction, he just had to lie didn't he. The 'Handsome' 'Genius' President Donald Trump knows how to do things just right.#Sarcasmisobvious

  35. Major Steve Austin

    Major Steve AustinPäivä sitten

    Antifa show

  36. Cynthia Campel

    Cynthia CampelPäivä sitten

    Thank you Senator Harris for you clear, concise , informative knowledge ...inspiring and appreciative 🙏. We need a leader who knows how to “lead and let go “ .... let those who know govern ....🙏

  37. steamrunnerOS

    steamrunnerOSPäivä sitten

    It's getting very dangerous when you realize that your president is the Jude Law character from Contagion. Stay save America!

  38. criz nittle

    criz nittlePäivä sitten

    Unfortunately I can't afford to donate, but I'm offering free memorial slideshows to families effected by Covid-19.

  39. Ronald Smith

    Ronald SmithPäivä sitten

    Steven and Jared they both look like 2 Childhood friends who grew up to Child Molesters and Animal killer's 2,

  40. Nicholas Benoit

    Nicholas BenoitPäivä sitten

    Trump is the most corrupted US president.

  41. Chester Finecat

    Chester FinecatPäivä sitten

    One Everglades mosquito says to another "Should we suck this human dry here or drag him deeper into the swamp?" Replies the second mosquito "Oh no, the big ones would steal him."

  42. Jamee Choi

    Jamee ChoiPäivä sitten

    Would love to see people take containers of their own to get hand sanitizer so we can respect mother nature like we are supposed to


    SUDHIR PATELPäivä sitten

    America is a nation of risk takers (capitalism : gambling) that voting Trumps the risk of catching the coronavirus.

  44. misshayden1

    misshayden1Päivä sitten

    Bagpipes are Scottish!!! Do America's think they are Irish?????

  45. David M

    David MPäivä sitten

    Hey, look everybody, he's got a copy of The Thorn Birds! Said every third commenter.

  46. Valley Girl

    Valley GirlPäivä sitten

    Wouldn't be great if Trumptard went away now... Since it's April?

  47. lazycalm41

    lazycalm41Päivä sitten

    When Aliens come to planet Earth asking for an example of a perfect female specimen we will show them Jennifer Lawrence. She is irresistible!

  48. chris goodayle

    chris goodaylePäivä sitten

    That’s the thing people have to realize-it’s just a movie.Stop this crap that the movie you just saw is so important,it’s not.Its 2 hours of misdirection from your every day boring life.

  49. Bobby Bussell

    Bobby BussellPäivä sitten

    Dr Fauci and Bill Gates are great friends who want to kill you all. ID 2020. People please wake up. Go under google images.

  50. IMightBeBiased

    IMightBeBiasedPäivä sitten

    Ugh. This was a stretch. I figured out what the joke was supposed to be once Seth passed it over to her. boooooo.

  51. Joan Sutton

    Joan SuttonPäivä sitten


  52. Jocelyn Richmond

    Jocelyn RichmondPäivä sitten

    Trump is looking at Pence as if it's the FIRST time he has heard anything Pence is saying.

  53. Leelyn05

    Leelyn05Päivä sitten

    tRump is so into that pill because he can actually say the word and I hate when his voice changes, Eww I despise that man !!!

  54. Fiona Anderson

    Fiona AndersonPäivä sitten

    Aussie here. I got it. We have dugongs, and jokes about dugongs.

  55. Thug Destroyer

    Thug DestroyerPäivä sitten

    Amy is the only celebrity I’ve ever had a crush on....she’s sho perfect...cute and funny 🤤💕

  56. horriblehobbits

    horriblehobbitsPäivä sitten

    I've been waiting for a new episode of this, thank you! This is the kind of show we need right now.

  57. George Lucas

    George LucasPäivä sitten

    Mat McConaughey is so much setting an example in social distancing.

  58. kevin cattell

    kevin cattellPäivä sitten

    I love that he kept saying it would disappear with the heat in April, meanwhile it was summer here in Australia and we still got it.

  59. waiotahi52

    waiotahi52Päivä sitten

    I don’t take medical advice from a guy who looks directly into the sun, who thinks windmills cause cancer and who thinks raking forests is the way to prevent bush fires.

  60. A C

    A CPäivä sitten

    I am very much enjoying the fact that he is calling out his writers by name when their jokes are bad.

  61. Jonathan Elmer

    Jonathan ElmerPäivä sitten

    You're sure Ally isn't sitting in another spot in Seth's attic? (Very similar brick wall behind you both) :P

  62. Jonathan Mosher

    Jonathan MosherPäivä sitten

    It can live in our bodies. I guess April is going to be around 102 degrees?

  63. Rafah SahilMansour

    Rafah SahilMansourPäivä sitten

    This not coronavirus, this is has gone away.

  64. vincentvangogodancer

    vincentvangogodancerPäivä sitten

    Seth you are freaking awesome. No audience doesn't hinder your show as it does for others. Your delivery is flawless. I can relate to the guy at 2:12!

  65. Arational

    ArationalPäivä sitten

    Voting should be mandatory for all Americans of 18 years and older. Fines would apply for not voting which would help pay for the process. This is the system they use in Australia (They currently have a conservative government)

  66. Kurt Fisher

    Kurt FisherPäivä sitten

    1970s "The Thorn Birds" on the desk? Man, you really need to update your reading material. -:)

  67. Ahmad Aboud

    Ahmad AboudPäivä sitten

    Heyy Tom!

  68. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph JohnsonPäivä sitten

    Is this an ad for Marco Polo?

  69. Drue Shook

    Drue ShookPäivä sitten

    Did you know that Mary Kay Cosmetics is now making hand sanitizers? Yes, they are! Easy transition! Go MK!

  70. Srinivasa Ramanujan

    Srinivasa RamanujanPäivä sitten

    Ten pomarańczowy smród i jego śmierdzące otoczenie chcę mnie duszeniem i torturami po cichu zabić,głupkom którzy wykonują tę robotę powiedziano że chcą mnie do czegoś zmusić ,to bzdura jest .Córkojebca nie ma żadnego planu tak jak nie miał z pandemią,ryzykuje wszystkim gdyż wydaje się mu że nikt go z tego nie rozliczy ,że jakoś to będzie,przecież niewielu ludzi wie o tej metodzie.Proszę ICH aby pokazali tej kurwie czym są tortury ,skoro " kocha tortury " Nikt się za tobą córkojebco nie wstawi ! Nie będzie żadnej wojny światów, odejdziesz z urzędu na własną prośbę ,hemafrodytę i krwawą Grażynę ONI zabiorą ze sobą .

  71. Corey Mondello

    Corey MondelloPäivä sitten

    Trump knew about this virus in January 2020, was told it could kill millions and cost trillions of dollars. It’s 100% his fault for the mess we are in today, because he chose not to act. Now he is blaming W.H.O. (he blamed Obama at one point too), and he has been pushing that anti-Malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine, because he has business ties to them, and he has fired the person who is charge of where stimulus money goes, because like he stated, he alone wants to be the one who decides where the money goes! Trump and his supporters are enemies of America and common decency!!!

  72. North Land

    North LandPäivä sitten

    such bullshit. kamala " stayed " in DC cuz she flat out is afraid to travel and doesnt want to set foot in her pathetic state which has a bad outbreak of this virus. be real kamala. we see thru your talk

  73. Tyg Rahof

    Tyg RahofPäivä sitten

    Thank our Goddess for gay weddings!! Love is love!

  74. Brooke Rickettson

    Brooke RickettsonPäivä sitten

    “What happened to April?! “ Well obviously she got kidnapped by Shredder.

  75. Michael Elliott

    Michael ElliottPäivä sitten

    Thumbs up just for "YOU were crying!" Yes. Yes, I was.

  76. Rita Johnson

    Rita JohnsonPäivä sitten

    So it’s criminal what Trump is saying. I’m a Canadian but can’t you guys charge him with something?

  77. George Lucas

    George LucasPäivä sitten

    Nothing more Irish than some Scottish bagpipes.

  78. arseneknows96

    arseneknows96Päivä sitten

    I like the lamp by the way.

  79. Eater of Broken Meats

    Eater of Broken MeatsPäivä sitten

    FAKE NEWS. Everyone knows we are safe under the protection of Trump’s anointing.

  80. J Espinoza

    J EspinozaPäivä sitten

    Thanks Seth, I liked your " Lord of the Rings " reference. I would like to offer this to our brothers and sisters fighting on our behalf, in front of, and behind the scenes.This was taken from Aragorns' speech in "Return of the King" : " I see in your eyes, the same fear, that would take the heart of me. A day may come, when the courage of Men, fails. When we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves, and shattered shields, when the age of man comes crashing down. But it is not this day. THIS DAY WE FIGHT ! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you, Stand, Men of the West ! ". Be well all, "Where we go one, we go all" = " E pluribus unum " .

  81. John Edward Jones

    John Edward JonesPäivä sitten

    Senator Harris for AG....Smart, articulate has successfully prosecuted many...Hope she gets to work on The Don and and REGIME MEMBERS. He dismantled the health watch infrastructure.

  82. Not Convinced

    Not ConvincedPäivä sitten

    Kamala needs to have her lips sewn shut ☠😠☠🖕😠🖕☠🤺😠🖕☠☠🖕🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺

  83. Rakshya Adhikari

    Rakshya AdhikariPäivä sitten

    Can u plz call Bernie Sanders!

  84. Antonia Franceschi

    Antonia FranceschiPäivä sitten


  85. P.E.& The D’Vinyls

    P.E.& The D’VinylsPäivä sitten

    If ISco continues to make this hand sanitizer after the pandemic is over, I will certainly purchase it for the rest of my career as a home healthcare worker. What a wonderful gesture. And I love bagpipes, wish he lived next door to me...I’d love to be piped to wake up and piped to go to sleep everyday. And nooooo, I am NOT a hearing impaired adult...ppppfftt😂🤣😂

  86. I Echevarria

    I EchevarriaPäivä sitten

    Here in Puerto Rico since March 20, the Bacardí and Serallés distilleries decided to transform their production to produce ethyl alcohol to help hospitals and clinics deal with the coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) The Serrallés distillery will donate free ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 70 percent, to hospitals and health clinics, So proud of Puerto Rico. So grateful for all the people capable of sharing what they do to help others in needs.🇵🇷👏

  87. Jackie H

    Jackie HPäivä sitten

    Navarro is a social idiot.

  88. I Play One On T.V.

    I Play One On T.V.Päivä sitten

    Sitting with Seth, she looks exactly like she did when she was age 16. Her parents' genes are incredible.

  89. Yvette Desmarais

    Yvette DesmaraisPäivä sitten

    The Thorn Birds? What other antiques you got up there?

  90. stefan stoss

    stefan stossPäivä sitten cure allready exists it is high dose intraveneous vitamin C many grams {{{ Dr frederik klenner protocol JAMA 1949 }}} allready use in 5 hospitals in 2 countries also we have unbeknowenst to overpaid media atheism 28137 species of medicinal plants in god's organic garden used globally for 1000s of years shop at organic health food stores or Whole Foods Hippocrates " food is mediicne " cook with spices and herbs st hildegrad von bingen ayur veda maharishi ayur veda TCM [ no animal parts] ethnobotany western master herbalism {{{ Kommission E naturhailkunde }}] naturopathy

  91. D. Mills

    D. MillsPäivä sitten

    Thank God someone else is saying it too. I do believe there is a silver lining, and that is families discovering time together again. This month I have seen so many families out along the suburb parkway and on the bike paths biking or walking together in the afternoons (admittedly AZ is GORGEOUS right now), and at night I can sit in my back yard and hear children playing in their back yards around the neighborhood. I've lived here for 24 years and this has never been the case. It completely reminds me of growing up in the 1970's when kick the can until after dark was our favorite pass time. Thanks Seth!

  92. Rob Yorkshire

    Rob YorkshirePäivä sitten

    Trump hates the word 'intelligence', it's rather like his kryptonite.

  93. Nathan Sebastian

    Nathan SebastianPäivä sitten

    Hey Seth, I have an idea for another "The Kind Of Story We Need Right Now"... please go check out Markipliers most recent Charity livestream, it's called Only rich people allowed or something like that; especially just the first 7 minutes of it... man there are so many good people just trying to do what they can to help each other out through all this, and Mark and everyone involved in the event are champions... but Mark's speech at the beginning of His stream, bumbling over his words tho he was, really inspired me last night, they all did, and I would really like to see more awareness on the good amidst all this badness... that and I don't want to lose that light that Mark brings into the world by just being a decent human 100% of the time so this is my way of trying to continue to support his channel when I'm otherwise unable to contribute in more meaningful ways... It, in my opinion, is the kind of story we all need right now. A Story about how, even while our world leaders close ranks and double down on protecting their interests, We still have each other even from within our isolation and distancing, and we are willing to support each other with whatever we can spare. There is help out there for those who need it, and alot of us may need it... I may need it before this is all over...

  94. The Book Bitch

    The Book BitchPäivä sitten

    Seth: Love you, love your work...But, "The Thorn Birds"? -- Sheesh, I read that when I was 9 and thought it was cheesy -- Uhm...and Frisbee is cute. I don't know why all your friends hate him.

  95. pat smiles

    pat smilesPäivä sitten


  96. Stevan Edgecombe

    Stevan EdgecombePäivä sitten

    "Does the VIRUS have A GUN⁉️?!? 👀👀👀⁉️" OK, I'm dead. ROTFLOL😭🤣😂🤣😂😭😅😂

  97. Thomas Akagi

    Thomas AkagiPäivä sitten

    Industrious Spirit: Physical and mental health all in one place!

  98. Grace

    GracePäivä sitten

    This is nuts. Hydroxychloroquine is an immunosuppressant used for lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Idk if it even helps fight off infection if it suppresses the immune system

  99. Ayesha 121

    Ayesha 121Päivä sitten

    Wasn't trump impeached i.e get down of the presidency ? A fan not from USA .

  100. Evelyn Pollard

    Evelyn PollardPäivä sitten

    And So Do I Keep Up The Good Work