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  1. Griselda Del Carmen Garcia

    Griselda Del Carmen GarciaPäivä sitten

    Charlotte Summers ya te queremos ver

  2. Jasminder Singh Jesse

    Jasminder Singh JessePäivä sitten

    That is not a trick you said well then what is it ?

  3. Mary Claire Garcia

    Mary Claire GarciaPäivä sitten

    The movements arr fluid! So smooth and elegant!

  4. Jersey Karen

    Jersey KarenPäivä sitten

    You guys are so so good, your going far. You brought tears to my eyes watching all your faces light up on the golden buzzer. Crossing my fingers.

  5. YaBoijoseph

    YaBoijosephPäivä sitten

    Let’s be real, Nicole still would have lost if she picked Candice.

  6. Maricar Patubo

    Maricar PatuboPäivä sitten

    I dont like dis guys thier talent it's a bit wiered

  7. Jae August Andrews

    Jae August AndrewsPäivä sitten

    They're good dancers but i got bored watchin them...

  8. Meow Nalisa

    Meow NalisaPäivä sitten

    Yeah it's kind a boring

  9. Melody Khoirom

    Melody KhoiromPäivä sitten

    4:10 Simon's face 😂😂😂

  10. Elaine Decimo

    Elaine DecimoPäivä sitten

    I’m Filipino. Anyone would assume I’m all for Marcelito but I’m actually rooting for Angelina. Don’t get me wrong, I think Marcelito is absolutely incredible. I have never seen anyone who can pull off with a dual voice and does it perfectly and seamlessly like he does. It’s just absolutely astonishing. I can not stress it enough. However, it kind of becomes blasé after a while. It seems repetitive.... But there’s just something about Angelina’s voice that’s so unique and raw. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I can’t really describe it but it’s almost as if she takes me on a journey to a different world and makes me feel what she’s trying to convey in a song and lets me experience and live that moment. It’s haunting, nostalgic, and heartfelt. When I listen to her I get mixed emotions. I’m at a loss for words, in complete awe. No singer has ever made me feel that way. I’ve been a fan since I watched her audition on Norway’s Got Talent with her rendition of Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday. I was blown away! And she keeps blowing me away as she grows up and her voice develops. I can only imagine how amazing she will be as time goes by. Such a beautiful, soulful, velvety voice! Those two are the ones I’ve seen so far who I think deserve The Champion title. It’s merely my opinion and it’s subjective. I hope no one bashes me for this. May the best one win. ❤️🙏

  11. Seattle Red

    Seattle RedPäivä sitten

    beautiful performance! 🌹🌹🌹

  12. Mani Bharathi

    Mani BharathiPäivä sitten

    Trevor holmes is best 👍💯


    STASIUN LIVEPäivä sitten


  14. Ernesto Dela Kruz

    Ernesto Dela KruzPäivä sitten


  15. MrTwixplays

    MrTwixplaysPäivä sitten

    Julianne 🖕

  16. Breahana Reed

    Breahana ReedPäivä sitten

    Sry but guitarist like this r so underated like he should have had a golden buzzer. People who don’t play don’t realize how much skill it takes to play like this, decent singers get a better reaction than this & its sad

  17. Fedor Ivanov

    Fedor IvanovPäivä sitten

    The real winner is Angelina Jordan!! She is a completely different level compared to all other competitors. Such unique talents like her come to Earth once in several generations. AGT acted very dirty and disrespectful towards Angelina and to millions of her viewers around the world by removing her performance video from this channel and not showing her performance on their channel. This is just disgusting!

  18. Go Jo

    Go JoPäivä sitten

    Want to see their wedding dance...

  19. Jeremiah Kwasi Asenso

    Jeremiah Kwasi AsensoPäivä sitten

    When I was your age, I was amazed by ants in the garden

  20. Azxuch Grace

    Azxuch GracePäivä sitten

    I think marcelito is the best in he the sarve to win,because hes unique voice and that's talented.

  21. ItsClydie Gaming

    ItsClydie GamingPäivä sitten

    Simon isn't rude, He is just being honest.

  22. Awo Mohamed Ahmed

    Awo Mohamed AhmedPäivä sitten

    To this day I still think he deserved the golden buzzer

  23. nor way

    nor wayPäivä sitten

    Does anyone notice that the camera man always on the same girl on the auidience and making it feels like shes the ex girlfriend HAHAHA

  24. Jack Jordaan

    Jack JordaanPäivä sitten

    Absolutely awesome voice mate! Love the beard! Love the voice!

  25. Charlie Meg

    Charlie MegPäivä sitten

    Diddy do to fucking much 🙄🙄

  26. Alexander Hickerson

    Alexander HickersonPäivä sitten

    The song was fucking perfect, I absolutely LOVE that song...

  27. Lee allison

    Lee allisonPäivä sitten

    Awesome, wonderful…

  28. Alexander Hickerson

    Alexander HickersonPäivä sitten

    She looks like a young Robin Tunney. Beautiful voice and performance!

  29. Mtem Dlamini

    Mtem DlaminiPäivä sitten


  30. Christina Deguzman

    Christina DeguzmanPäivä sitten

    Because of Marcelito I clicked.

  31. Danica Sayago

    Danica SayagoPäivä sitten

    Every one here in chat box look at the views of marcelito’s performance and compare it to other’s views that’s what makes Marcelito a unique. Marcelito Pomoy a good husband a good father a humble person and a very talented Filipino. Vote Marcelito Pomoy for the win 🇵🇭


    XANDER MOOSEPäivä sitten

    Yes....Go marcelito 😘..🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


    XANDER MOOSEPäivä sitten

    Yes....Go marcelito 😘..🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  34. QAnon Warrior

    QAnon WarriorPäivä sitten

    It would be great to here his studio recording with his vocal harmonies.

  35. kerena Jones

    kerena JonesPäivä sitten

    I swear when he said that’s how you put your family on your back, I died, lmao 😭🤣😂😂

  36. Danica Sayago

    Danica SayagoPäivä sitten

    Marcelito Pomoy was able to learn How to dance like what Vunbeatable did but Vunbeatable cannot do like what Marcelito Pomoy does because Marcelito has a real and unique talent unlike the Vunbeatable . . This is a competition so no offense i’ll give my vote to Marcelito Pomoy for the win.

  37. Lockey & Rena -Reactions-

    Lockey & Rena -Reactions-Päivä sitten

    She is the cutest kid I saw in my life..

  38. Steph Espi

    Steph EspiPäivä sitten

    Who did she go for after all ? I’m curious 😆

  39. Gary McGowan

    Gary McGowanPäivä sitten

    Simon come on it was funny

  40. John Le

    John LePäivä sitten

    All the reasons of why people are upset dodnt have anything to do with his talent and why hes there... - He already won - It was so close to when he last won - Hes from america All excuses, that's just arrogant to just say he didnt deserve to win.

  41. Ruffamae Magsalay

    Ruffamae MagsalayPäivä sitten

    I reaaaaally love Zhavia, like super. She's really an inspiration, so pretty and humble dude!💗

  42. Makah Gagoh

    Makah GagohPäivä sitten

    I go for macelito..

  43. Mashiur Emon

    Mashiur EmonPäivä sitten

    Marcelito is very talented but V. Unbeatable deserve it more than anyone cause their talent, passion, hardwork, struggle all things.... 🤔

  44. Makah Gagoh

    Makah GagohPäivä sitten

    Asian people cannot win AGT because they are bias..

  45. KylaSquanker

    KylaSquankerPäivä sitten

    him singing this gave me so much good shivers down my spine its go good to hear him sing

  46. Infinity Mobile

    Infinity MobilePäivä sitten


  47. Mighty Boomerang

    Mighty BoomerangPäivä sitten

    MARCELITO for the WIN!

  48. Mighty Boomerang

    Mighty BoomerangPäivä sitten

    Make this blue if you love MARCELITO ⬇

  49. Danny Gama

    Danny GamaPäivä sitten

    He is better than hans and why did Howie buzz him.....

  50. Луч Света

    Луч СветаPäivä sitten


  51. Mahesh Shivashankar

    Mahesh ShivashankarPäivä sitten

    Excuse Indian folks let other people can comment 🙄🙄🙄

  52. Szymon Hinc

    Szymon HincPäivä sitten

    How was That not.. a Golden Buzzer...!

  53. Lue Cajardo

    Lue CajardoPäivä sitten

    Mamatay pa lahat ng ipis ng kapitbahay namin,marcelito pomoy champion dyan!!

  54. Aljon Maro

    Aljon MaroPäivä sitten

    Why tje hell did she lose to Whitney, omggggggggg tjat is too way impossible. Damn

  55. Ankan Ghosh

    Ankan GhoshPäivä sitten

    Katy wants to eat every male contestant.

  56. Joselyn Melgares

    Joselyn MelgaresPäivä sitten


  57. kushal kumar

    kushal kumarPäivä sitten

    Love India ❤️

  58. W Zone

    W ZonePäivä sitten

    hilariously funny hahaha

  59. Necy V

    Necy VPäivä sitten

    I like Marcelito Pomoy more. For one, I always believe dancing can be learn. A rare voice like him is definitely unique and 1 million. Perhaps there are people who could sing dual voice but not as good as him.

  60. lorghans nikki

    lorghans nikkiPäivä sitten

    Background song: DALTON HARRIS Winner of X - factor

  61. Rabbit NP

    Rabbit NPPäivä sitten

    Anyone can play violin

  62. Roy Stout

    Roy StoutPäivä sitten

    Every time Laine sings there are 4-5 Elvis sightings... Watch close or you'll miss it...

  63. Yayang Mibang

    Yayang MibangPäivä sitten

    💧.. But happy 💧

  64. lorghans nikki

    lorghans nikkiPäivä sitten


  65. Emmah Bansil

    Emmah BansilPäivä sitten

    Alesha,y are u so gorgeous?????? Ur my fav judge, not only in AGT even in BGT...🥰🥰💕💕💕

  66. Muhammad firdaus Bin hilmi

    Muhammad firdaus Bin hilmiPäivä sitten

    Imagine having an argument with him on text.

  67. d brel

    d brelPäivä sitten

    He should have won. Laine who???

  68. Vimal Kirti

    Vimal KirtiPäivä sitten


  69. Discover Playlist

    Discover PlaylistPäivä sitten

    She will be a highly paid trainer

  70. wendy carbonell

    wendy carbonellPäivä sitten

    fuck Meghan 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  71. Айбарша Аймашева

    Айбарша АймашеваPäivä sitten


  72. smile smile

    smile smilePäivä sitten

    I dont think its worth of golden buzzer

  73. Айбарша Аймашева

    Айбарша АймашеваPäivä sitten


  74. Айбарша Аймашева

    Айбарша АймашеваPäivä sitten

    Димаш самый лучший!

  75. Supa Nova

    Supa NovaPäivä sitten

    1:57 that look 😂😂

  76. Arittra Banerjee

    Arittra BanerjeePäivä sitten

    Very unbeatables are unbeatable to beat!

  77. Benjamin Deffner

    Benjamin DeffnerPäivä sitten

    It annoys me that they compare those two... one is more acrobatic and the other is more style of contemporary. I actually thought they did a great job. Not only did they perfect synchronization, they showed that slower and chilled acts can be captivating and fill a stage.

  78. Zomi Marine

    Zomi MarinePäivä sitten

    Why she walk like that tho 😁

  79. Xander Schmitt

    Xander SchmittPäivä sitten

    I had a friend who was ottistic and he could play the piano this just hits hard

  80. Zeno Zoldyck

    Zeno ZoldyckPäivä sitten

    im for simon,thats not a talent at all.

  81. Aljon Maro

    Aljon MaroPäivä sitten

    This is insane , Zhavia, evvie and the guy who sang the creep, omygolly you're crazy they are all too different genre and the best if their fields

  82. connie ohm

    connie ohmPäivä sitten

    Sophie reminds me of Taylor Swift and Eed Sheeran all wrapped up into one little person... so talented! Love her....


    KITRON GAMINGPäivä sitten

    Even if we would brag for Marcelito i know the dancing team will win not because of talent but because Americans does not look up for Philippines. Global Invalidity is real, they just want ratings and views. 😏

  84. Kimberly Delgado

    Kimberly DelgadoPäivä sitten

    V unbeatables deserve to win

  85. M K

    M KPäivä sitten

    Error 404 talent not found

  86. russia is best cuntry

    russia is best cuntryPäivä sitten

    Only ogz remember "singing removes my tourettes" video

  87. Brandon Pecina

    Brandon PecinaPäivä sitten

    I think this turned out exactly the way it should have. Diddy was spot on. This was a battle.

  88. Shiyun Lee

    Shiyun LeePäivä sitten

    Lol we all know none of the two will win because they exist in the show for clout. Views and ratings. Period no cramps

  89. lovinglife

    lovinglifePäivä sitten

    foreign act should win.. or any of them that truly deserving.

  90. Schuyler Hyndman

    Schuyler HyndmanPäivä sitten

    I definitely did not see that coming...

  91. 44krysia

    44krysiaPäivä sitten


  92. richSky Vlogz

    richSky VlogzPäivä sitten

    The song choice maybe...

  93. Jaime F

    Jaime FPäivä sitten

    Who annoying chick at the end?

  94. wesley petsch

    wesley petschPäivä sitten

    She can literally sing any genre

  95. EZ30Cuber

    EZ30CuberPäivä sitten

    Shin Lim's magic is really outstanding. Nothing can compare to it. But Preacher shouldve been second or third. FUNNIEST COMEDIAN EVER yet still underrated. His jokes are very relateable and his delivery is amazing. Why, voters... why???

  96. Kalau77

    Kalau77Päivä sitten


  97. instarenl

    instarenlPäivä sitten

    The dislikes were the people that cried and mishit the button.

  98. EZ30Cuber

    EZ30CuberPäivä sitten

    LMAO preacher lost to darci again damn

  99. China Mashina

    China MashinaPäivä sitten


  100. Ian Rosal

    Ian RosalPäivä sitten