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Mysterious Boris Q&A

Mysterious Boris Q&A

3 kuukautta sitten

Kalashnikov the card game

Kalashnikov the card game

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Entertaining 2.5 million people
Life of Artyom: part 2

Life of Artyom: part 2

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This was not a vacation.

This was not a vacation.

8 kuukautta sitten

Boris goes London - Country review
BATTLEBOX RED - Crossout gameplay
Boris visits Tatratea factory
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Life of Artyom

Life of Artyom

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BEWARE of Boris

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Hot Borsch

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Boris flies a Cessna
GopPro™ 2 HD

GopPro™ 2 HD

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About the channel...
The last Boris fan mail
How to make black bread
The Uber of Chernobyl

The Uber of Chernobyl

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Gopniks eat albino semechki
Gopniks of the Square table
How to prepare Samovar

How to prepare Samovar

2 vuotta sitten

  1. The holonet

    The holonetPäivä sitten

    What happened!?

  2. Olivia Larner

    Olivia LarnerPäivä sitten

    duuuude when i first looked at it i immediately thought pasteles and now i'm hungry **cries in puerto rican**

  3. Olivia Larner

    Olivia LarnerPäivä sitten

    3:58 tWo ShOtS oF vOdKa **entire bottle**

  4. Ersk1

    Ersk1Päivä sitten

    Oh you mean *pierogi*

  5. Lan Yuan

    Lan YuanPäivä sitten

    Your instructions were not clear, Vladimir Lenin is inside of my house

  6. brucelevesque25

    brucelevesque25Päivä sitten

    30 degrees is pretty hot here in Canada too haha

  7. Olivia Larner

    Olivia LarnerPäivä sitten


  8. Mr. Ara *Давид*

    Mr. Ara *Давид*Päivä sitten

    Amazing :D Thanks for Mendeleev :D

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    YaMumsRolling PinPäivä sitten

    Face reveal at 5 mil. Take it or leave it.

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    ᛏ ᛟ ᚱ ᚨ ᛚ ᛞPäivä sitten

    Я так кожного дня роблю собі бутерброди👍

  11. Trey Green

    Trey GreenPäivä sitten

    He sounds like a South-African with a Russian accent who grew up speaking South African Russian, than later in life, learned English.

  12. Thiago Rodrigues de Avila

    Thiago Rodrigues de AvilaPäivä sitten

    where are the portuguese subtitles? !!!!!!!! you were better, Boris

  13. Sebastian Vasquez

    Sebastian VasquezPäivä sitten

    I just subscribe because he is Russian :v

  14. Pacia Pickle

    Pacia PicklePäivä sitten

    What did I witness

  15. so yeah I'm a loli

    so yeah I'm a loliPäivä sitten


  16. Pacia Pickle

    Pacia PicklePäivä sitten

    You learn something new everyday

  17. Maggie In a Baggie

    Maggie In a BaggiePäivä sitten

    Oh no what is happening? You're supposed to boil 2 cups of water on stovetop, put ramen in for three minutes, take off and put in seasoning! Sghushddvhudgd Also, the reason the noodles taste good is the broth

  18. Fat Bastard

    Fat BastardPäivä sitten

    03:22 **WHY ARE YOU RUNNING**

  19. Its All Good Games

    Its All Good GamesPäivä sitten

    I literally just shitted a LOG that looks JUST LIEK THAT SAUSAGE! is that traveling by tatratea too?

  20. funny dank

    funny dankPäivä sitten

    In Serbia we call it salama, it dosnt make much sense. But dr. Sausage, why😂?

  21. Breeze music

    Breeze musicPäivä sitten

    If you can’t buy Boris’s tracksuit, then there is something better, ADIDAS TRACKSUIT

  22. piotrek geims

    piotrek geimsPäivä sitten


  23. piotrek geims

    piotrek geimsPäivä sitten

    Po jakiemu on muwi

  24. Eugene X

    Eugene XPäivä sitten

    Что за хуйняяяяяя?!!!!!!11111разразраз

  25. Maciek C

    Maciek CPäivä sitten

    My favorite shop in Poland is 'AlkohoLOVE'.

  26. Moon

    MoonPäivä sitten

    Hi Boris, I'm pen of you whom enjoy to watch your Video. But the background of your thumbnail today symbolizes Japanese imperialism. Like Nazism in Germany, it is a symbol of massacre and war in Asia, and I don't feel good. There s no relation with chocolate sausage and Japanese imperialism.

  27. Jack Duggan

    Jack DugganPäivä sitten

    Do the kv-2

  28. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarPäivä sitten

    Is the song katyusha?

  29. Евгений Алексеев

    Евгений АлексеевPäivä sitten

    Балон но блоу потому что эмпти)

  30. Zarah Ishak

    Zarah IshakPäivä sitten

    I love the Texas part

  31. João Victor Bibiano

    João Victor BibianoPäivä sitten

    Never Adidas Just NIKE

  32. Vicki Hansen

    Vicki HansenPäivä sitten


  33. 김택용

    김택용Päivä sitten

    상남자식 코딩 ㄷㄷ

  34. Вадим Блиат

    Вадим БлиатPäivä sitten

    Greetings from Vaquéira (Catalunya, Espanya)

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    ChatPäivä sitten

    Head to scotland and give Haggis a try

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    Jordy KoubariPäivä sitten

    De blyat plane that you can blin fly in GOPNIK 2

  37. TinniTolkay

    TinniTolkayPäivä sitten

    я ебал 10 лет в сети и впервые вижу эту ебанину. с подписотой на 3 ляма. пизди вы на русском было бы больше профита.

  38. Alice Quinncee

    Alice QuinnceePäivä sitten

    Plov: Gopnik Stir Fry

  39. The Soviet Union

    The Soviet UnionPäivä sitten

  40. Art Jashari

    Art JashariPäivä sitten


  41. Meat Beater 420

    Meat Beater 420Päivä sitten

    The name depends on how the animal acts, my dog is a mess so we call him Chernobyl.

  42. Rudol Von Stroheim

    Rudol Von StroheimPäivä sitten

    Her: “I bet he’s cheating on me” Me:

  43. Shjon Watlington

    Shjon WatlingtonPäivä sitten


  44. kajpier PL

    kajpier PLPäivä sitten

    boris! Polish gopnik need shop weslav in Poland! just do it!

  45. Rae

    RaePäivä sitten

    Why Anatolis voice is charming to me I do not know and never will.

  46. Buksta

    BukstaPäivä sitten

    Niko Belic is Serbian guy

  47. Mahion Suck at video game

    Mahion Suck at video gamePäivä sitten

    Boris going to the airport : Security: boris, why did you have vodka and other alcohol in your bag? Boris: *look at him confusingly while squatting* Security: ok i understand

  48. Dr East Germany

    Dr East GermanyPäivä sitten

    Boris call the neighbor cat vadim 2

  49. Steven Universe

    Steven UniversePäivä sitten

    ‘Give me some shashlik and mayonnaise and I can speak Japanese no problem!’ Why can I see either amethyst or peridot saying that?

  50. ntrovRT Hemi

    ntrovRT HemiPäivä sitten

    I use farenheit for translation to my southern neighbors

  51. ware x

    ware xPäivä sitten

    "to the states of United America" "rubbercandy, tastes like babushkas place" Plz Boris make more quotes, cyka

  52. Nick Sothep

    Nick SothepPäivä sitten

    Discovered Boris only today, I feel like I've lost precious years of my life..

  53. ntrovRT Hemi

    ntrovRT HemiPäivä sitten

    I swear EVERY SINGLE piece of brewing equipment seems to be made in Italy

  54. Mahion Suck at video game

    Mahion Suck at video gamePäivä sitten

    Boris: This is... this is disgusting...*add a bit more*

  55. iamthehell

    iamthehellPäivä sitten

    4:33 antolis squat noooooooooo antoli wetern spy :[

  56. Chat

    ChatPäivä sitten

    5:46 I relate to this outside of coding I'm a 3d modler and I also use after effects

  57. ntrovRT Hemi

    ntrovRT HemiPäivä sitten

    *vodka* Anatoli: "40% ABV? Mostly water"

  58. Supernova

    SupernovaPäivä sitten

    hey, a drink I can drink!

  59. Contents Differ

    Contents DifferPäivä sitten

    I recall a vodka-cooled PC build in a computer magazine. 1995-1998, using a 286. It was overclocked heavily, and they managed to play Wulfenstein 3D on it. A few more tests followed, but at one point the thing went into an unplanned overdrive of sorts. Instead of powering down, they got Doom running on it, and managed a few minutes of play before the PC died.

  60. Dale Gandy

    Dale GandyPäivä sitten

    So to the people that see this i have one question for you. I have seen boris play crossout and pewdiepie play it aswell and i decided to get. But the thing is when i went to build my own spider tank, i didnt have the parts. So my question is do i need to buy the parts from packs or play the game more because i do not know

  61. oplix pl

    oplix plPäivä sitten

    is the dc. Sausage called Mortadella in more western lands?

  62. Em P

    Em PPäivä sitten

    Those subtitles just give your lines +10 strength (this is not just a meme, it is the truth, i just can't say it anny better in the moment)

  63. ntrovRT Hemi

    ntrovRT HemiPäivä sitten

    Margarine is far less healthy than butter

  64. angry Wehraboos noises

    angry Wehraboos noisesPäivä sitten

    It's beautifull but it kills you

  65. Kakti YT

    Kakti YTPäivä sitten

    Try to say this "Chrząszcz brzmi w Trzciance w Szczebrzeszynie"

  66. Олександр Грушевський

    Олександр ГрушевськийPäivä sitten

    Boris you play game Soviet Republic?

  67. WALLofFAME

    WALLofFAMEPäivä sitten

    *Russian Hacker*: 100

  68. Vega

    VegaPäivä sitten

    Он русский?!

  69. its wolfie_ undertale fan

    its wolfie_ undertale fanPäivä sitten


  70. its wolfie_ undertale fan

    its wolfie_ undertale fanPäivä sitten

    Russians vibin:we are bigest! Croatia:we have beautiful sea Germany:we caused both ww's Serbia:U PIZDU MATERINU IMAMO NIKOLU TESLU!!!

  71. Christos Papa_G

    Christos Papa_GPäivä sitten

    Greek music? wth2:35 Hell, I am not complaining...

  72. s ku

    s kuPäivä sitten

    By the power of babushkas kompot, Boris makes coding seem as easy as flipping a blin!

  73. its wolfie_ undertale fan

    its wolfie_ undertale fanPäivä sitten

    When you are a serb.... YEA BRO FUCK THAT WESTERN SHITS!!!

  74. Gent Gaming - Brawl Stars

    Gent Gaming - Brawl StarsPäivä sitten

    Cykp blyet

  75. TheUndeadBG

    TheUndeadBGPäivä sitten

    As a Python user, Java is WAY too complicated lmao. As for example: In java if you want to print something you need to type System.out.printIn(""Your message"), as for Python you just type print("Your message") xD.

  76. MeMeS from Me

    MeMeS from MePäivä sitten

    Ти не знаеш ли че не се казва славянин а Българин

  77. Kristjan Pani

    Kristjan PaniPäivä sitten

    Perfect gift to leave on someones doorstep unwrapped...

  78. ToaMat

    ToaMatPäivä sitten

    This.... Is perfect. My slavic heart has got one true tear when i was watching this video

  79. Brennus

    BrennusPäivä sitten

    Piano song?

  80. LowSkiLLenok

    LowSkiLLenokPäivä sitten

    1:47 как же жизненно)))

  81. the gaming misson 2

    the gaming misson 2Päivä sitten

    boris can you ,ake kvas

  82. HAPPYBATH Brown

    HAPPYBATH BrownPäivä sitten

    존나웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Max KonushenkoPäivä sitten

    Oof mine costs £312

  84. Xdman002 Official

    Xdman002 OfficialPäivä sitten

    Where can I buy that potato fryer?

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    NideldPäivä sitten

    Aha so that is how ashtrays are made

  86. Tango Tango

    Tango TangoPäivä sitten

    And if boris was the one on the left swapping just wearings. Maybe cousin anatoli

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    NickDallas ZacharyPäivä sitten

    I like your fight sence...

  88. Juhon Videot

    Juhon VideotPäivä sitten

    Boris = Anatoli put that chees down! Anatoli = I Don't think i will.

  89. Brandon P.

    Brandon P.Päivä sitten

    I remember watching this in the back of my English class and I thought I had the headphones in and it was at full volume so the entire class just hears “Welcome everybody to cyka blyat simulator.” Teacher was not too happy but the class was dying

  90. Илья Корепанов

    Илья КорепановPäivä sitten

    Пусть все думают что я написал что то умное Все кто русский, лайк и оставайтесь чики брики

  91. Андрей Римских

    Андрей РимскихPäivä sitten

    Кул туториал, комрад!!!!

  92. arthur dos games Br

    arthur dos games BrPäivä sitten

    comred i ned help with the ocidental front the capitalist are comin!!!!

  93. casian oprea

    casian opreaPäivä sitten

    you can put subitles in romanian

  94. Александр Громов

    Александр ГромовPäivä sitten

    2:41 - this *ded* is making me laugh every time.

  95. gameplay zone jdam1309

    gameplay zone jdam1309Päivä sitten

    I cried Whit this

  96. TRUST

    TRUSTPäivä sitten


  97. darkbrisco

    darkbriscoPäivä sitten

    Artyom is an example for all to learn from. Always ready to clean up after Boris and to help wherever needed. Comrade Kitty is true leader.

  98. Zivim ko sef

    Zivim ko sefPäivä sitten

    Boris can you please do a serbian video ?

  99. Rithrius

    RithriusPäivä sitten

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