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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Cheers, America!

Cheers, America!

8 päivää sitten

In The Mood For A Vacation?

In The Mood For A Vacation?

10 päivää sitten

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  1. Happy Camper

    Happy Camper23 tuntia sitten

    Our so called President is an absolute moron in every way. He and the party that supports him have gotten away with trampling on the Constitution in so many ways that I have lost count. The very Constitution that is the backbone of our democracy. I have fears that we will not come out of this with our democracy and freedom intact.

  2. x x

    x x23 tuntia sitten

    China declares war on the world with bioterrorism. These war crimes must be dealt with swiftly. China must be broken apart and punished severely by Trump today just how Russia was in 1991 by Reagan. Both global corrections were led by Republican US Presidents and so the universe has spoken and placed Trump appropriately in time to free the world of tyrants. You can't hate the cosmos...Democrats simply made this happen by being far to soft on their fellow communists and you're sitting in your house going poor with high anxiety as a result of the evil of the DNC trying to manipulate you like their slave. Are you learning yet?

  3. Jonathan Mosher

    Jonathan Mosher23 tuntia sitten

    Her forehead look like 2 sperm whales are meeting each other.

  4. 11farzad11

    11farzad1123 tuntia sitten

    I think without their audience and high budget shows these talk show hosts are very mediocre on FIgos. Many FIgosrs are far more talented and produce much better content. The world has turned. They are the small fish in the big pond.

  5. Steve G

    Steve G23 tuntia sitten

    Fire the 'Apprentice '

  6. 강주효

    강주효23 tuntia sitten

    B/G group global ,oppa ,초청장

  7. Miriam Bucholtz

    Miriam Bucholtz23 tuntia sitten

    That was all I had to hear to make me decide to wear one. I think the whole world would feel better if he did; that way we wouldn't have to see his face.

  8. Frank Roth

    Frank Roth23 tuntia sitten

    Praise Allah Trump Saved America we owe a debt of gratitude

  9. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith23 tuntia sitten

    Man I hate Jon Batiste

  10. Daniel m

    Daniel m23 tuntia sitten

    I heard just the other day that if you start using "OFF" instead of deodorant it will ward of the "VIRUS" and mosquitoes as well . Its true ! Don't drink bleach . It just makes your poopoo white .

  11. Happy Camper

    Happy Camper23 tuntia sitten

    Please, please share this on your show. This is a video from a family I have watched for over a year. They lost their father / father-in-law to Covid-19, he was healthy. They explain some things that are very important for everyone to hear and it is concise and to the point.

  12. Spiritualistic

    Spiritualistic23 tuntia sitten

    Why does it have to be UK's Boris Johnson in the hospital ? Trump so richly deserves to be the one fighting this bug 🙄

  13. Leo Lunchbox

    Leo Lunchbox23 tuntia sitten

    I would love a podcast with John Oliver and guests. Like this, but longer and without video.

  14. Jiejie 11

    Jiejie 1123 tuntia sitten

    That tall child needs some rest. That laugh at 7:58 sounded manic. I'm getting joker vibes.

  15. Matthew Selby

    Matthew Selby23 tuntia sitten

    Halloween came to America with the Irish after potato famine. Started with the Celts.

  16. Andrea Nodal

    Andrea Nodal23 tuntia sitten

    will I ever get used to the lack of laughter in the background?

  17. sdfkjgh

    sdfkjgh23 tuntia sitten


  18. PK Whelan

    PK Whelan23 tuntia sitten

    I’m sad to see him go. I know he’s probably in heaven having a cocktail smoking a nine mile long cigarette. That thought makes me happy and so does this video.

  19. Phoenix Sky

    Phoenix Sky23 tuntia sitten

    When are one of these reporters going to tell him he’s a disgrace.

  20. Mecha Tama

    Mecha Tama23 tuntia sitten

    so while he was getting angry about Trump did anybody else hear his accent slipping out

  21. Yaben Jr

    Yaben Jr23 tuntia sitten

    Gravity isn't real🗣🗣🗣

  22. romulusnr

    romulusnr23 tuntia sitten

    Aka "the barn", which leads to "barnies"

  23. J Baldwin

    J Baldwin23 tuntia sitten

    Trump should just stop breathing.

  24. Paula Hildebrandt

    Paula Hildebrandt23 tuntia sitten

    Watch literally any episode of TLLS with Craig Ferguson for pointers on filling a show with meaningless stuff (that ends up being more meaningful anyway.) He's the master!

  25. Carriemchardy Carrie

    Carriemchardy Carrie23 tuntia sitten

    Who knew the next war would be in America itself.

  26. Kyle Cline

    Kyle Cline23 tuntia sitten

    Really? Why disappoint everyone dammit. Just rude.

  27. Hamnadi Faouzi

    Hamnadi Faouzi23 tuntia sitten


  28. Frank Roth

    Frank Roth23 tuntia sitten

    What a hack this bum is, without all the fake clapping goofy band and other distractions, you see just how NOT FUNNY this snot nose kid is

  29. Autumn White

    Autumn White23 tuntia sitten


  30. Chris Olson

    Chris Olson23 tuntia sitten

    Thanks for the recommendation CDC. We'll wear all the masks we can't get. 👍

  31. Brian Dyck

    Brian Dyck23 tuntia sitten

    Conan you know they say sarcasm is a metric for potential , if that's true your gonna be a great man some day . miss ur show . Stay safe.

  32. KickyFut

    KickyFut23 tuntia sitten

    I see a doggo, and I immediately hit the 👍 button!😁

  33. Do It With Dave

    Do It With Dave23 tuntia sitten

    Ol ass light switches

  34. Mgl

    Mgl23 tuntia sitten

    this is so good

  35. Jéssica Soares

    Jéssica Soares23 tuntia sitten

    Nice try Stephen Fry

  36. Brenda Carter

    Brenda Carter23 tuntia sitten

    With US Covid-19 totals at 428,889 confirmed cases and 14,690 deaths today, this is painful to watch.

  37. philip J Dry

    philip J Dry23 tuntia sitten

    I voted for trump, and he abandoned us, the only people helping us is the democratic leaders

  38. shmackatrotsky

    shmackatrotsky23 tuntia sitten

    Word up to Wushtah Mass. It's Clahk versus Holy Crawss versus WPI versus Quinsigg, the little Hahvahd awn the hill.

  39. Max Mac

    Max Mac23 tuntia sitten

    bernie dropping out is a huge mistake. get ready for 2 term trump.

  40. defaultc00kies

    defaultc00kies23 tuntia sitten

    They were flirting like crazy.

  41. Laydee Intrigue

    Laydee Intrigue23 tuntia sitten

    Something about Chance just makes me smile that warm fuzzy smile.

  42. Space Captain

    Space Captain23 tuntia sitten

    Just saw Stephen on an episode of Who's Line Is It Anyway ( on youtube). He was practically a kid, but so good! Wow. I wanna see more of that!

  43. Adam V

    Adam V23 tuntia sitten


  44. C4Lii_ GiiRL 209

    C4Lii_ GiiRL 20923 tuntia sitten

    Read today trump is going to look into pardoning Joe

  45. Art Bach

    Art Bach23 tuntia sitten

    wont wear the mask cause he wants to rob the country in plain view

  46. Laughter Talks

    Laughter Talks23 tuntia sitten

    They need to arrest trump for crimes against humanity.

  47. Charlie Montero

    Charlie Montero23 tuntia sitten

    Everything is perfect with this president worst administration ever Sent people to vote in a medical emergency what a bunch of corrupts

  48. glenna279

    glenna27923 tuntia sitten

    John Prine is a legend

  49. David Paul

    David Paul23 tuntia sitten

    Who's the sidekick here?

  50. level0

    level023 tuntia sitten

    I get it; Conan wants Steven's job. Steven wants to be Conan.

  51. M One

    M One23 tuntia sitten

    How can you ever call trump "Sir" ???

  52. Rebecca Zhou

    Rebecca Zhou23 tuntia sitten


  53. docsterz

    docsterzPäivä sitten

    "Please don't bury me Down in that cold cold ground No, I'd druther have "em" cut me up And pass me all around Throw my brain in a hurricane And the blind can have my eyes And the deaf can take both of my ears If they don't mind the size" just amazing

  54. Paula Hildebrandt

    Paula HildebrandtPäivä sitten

    Craig Ferguson did this for ten years. Very wise man.

  55. M One

    M OnePäivä sitten

    "Hand swab." Hahhaaa, that was a good one !

  56. Big Ern Dog

    Big Ern DogPäivä sitten

    8 indictments came down from the DOJ today, maybe they can finally pin that Russian dossier that Hillary paid for on Trump lol

  57. Juan Cruz Alarcón

    Juan Cruz AlarcónPäivä sitten

    The way that Paul talks with Stephen, the way they are having a conversation, if i had an oportunity to talk with Sir Paul McCartney, wich is one of my dreams, it would be so beautiful to talk the way they do

  58. M One

    M OnePäivä sitten

    Yeah, no - it's not the same (the banter), of course. Sorry guys. It's barely do-able with Stephen's monologue in and of itself. Actually, i take that back - this and other monologues are quite great. It really does take EVERYONE though, who is part of making a live show happen ! From the audience, to the whole band, to the production folks, and the guests. Love you all !!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS !!!

  59. Mr Roboto

    Mr RobotoPäivä sitten

    I love you man! You keeping me laughing even thru these rough crazy times. Keep up the good work and keep lifting up the spirits of our fellow human beings! Thanks Mr Colbert.

  60. Spiritualistic

    SpiritualisticPäivä sitten

    I got tested on the street corner. It was a beautiful street corner. The needle was perfect. It was a perfect needle ! 🤪

  61. Coen A

    Coen APäivä sitten

    Learning that John Oliver turns up Octonauts so his 4-year-old doesn't hear him cuss while he films his FIgos channel/news show is actually the most uplifting thing I've heard in weeks. John, please keep your head above water. We need you.

  62. Big Ern Dog

    Big Ern DogPäivä sitten

    I can’t wait for a Biden Presidency,maybe we can sellout to Iran and get back in the Paris climate accord just to name a few things.

  63. Austin Tuttle

    Austin TuttlePäivä sitten

    he seems so uptight, just chill out felix😂

  64. Amber Richard

    Amber RichardPäivä sitten

    Pizza gate was real and making a joke of these children’s death is disgusting

  65. Iris N. Garcia

    Iris N. GarciaPäivä sitten

    Ooooo, that sounds COOL!!!

  66. Amber Richard

    Amber RichardPäivä sitten

    Funny it’s not

  67. _rice

    _ricePäivä sitten

    Appreciate the extended clip!

  68. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpPäivä sitten

    Bernie: “I am suspending my campaign” CNN: “Looks like Biden has a good chance being the Democratic nominee.” Boe Jiden: “Who me?”

  69. Bobster986

    Bobster986Päivä sitten

    Did Gates say that things were going very well with producing childhood death?

  70. no1nestandsalone

    no1nestandsalonePäivä sitten

    I have a friend who was at Trumps celebrity roast and he wasn’t let on stage bcuz every time they would roast him.. the little whiny brat would try to run on and dispute it. He’s like a petulant child!

  71. Tim Randall

    Tim RandallPäivä sitten

    She is a naturalized American citizen.

  72. Konrad K

    Konrad KPäivä sitten

    Please keep this up! This is pure gold!!🤣

  73. Ting-Ting Meng

    Ting-Ting MengPäivä sitten

    That is the best advice. Your size and then a size you will be after you've done stress eating. I need that for all of my major fashion pieces.

  74. Big Ern Dog

    Big Ern DogPäivä sitten

    Wow your savior Biden seems like he’s ready for battle against Trump. If Biden gets elected there might be time to reverse all the trade deals,and ensure we will be at China’s mercy with toilet paper and prescriptions.

  75. jack ofhearts

    jack ofheartsPäivä sitten

    It's Wednesday?

  76. Remimi2017 della Torre-Torriani

    Remimi2017 della Torre-TorrianiPäivä sitten

    Can we PLEEEASSEEE get rid of that orange idiot in November?

  77. Rick Berge

    Rick BergePäivä sitten

    Having been born and raised in the great badger state of Wisconsin, who doesn’t love cheese, butter and brats, I am absolutely ashamed that they chose money over people again! Thank you Republicans, conservatives and Christians! You are the worst people in the world!

  78. J. Johnson

    J. JohnsonPäivä sitten

    Bring back the suit!! Please!

  79. In Da Life With Daij

    In Da Life With DaijPäivä sitten

    The two people she was talking about and that called her were Young Thug and Lil Uzi vert lol y'all welcome lol.

  80. Sara Bryn

    Sara BrynPäivä sitten

    Oh thank goodness, I missed John.

  81. Paula Hildebrandt

    Paula HildebrandtPäivä sitten

    Yay John!!!!🎹🎹🎹


    A BETTER MEPäivä sitten

    Wow waste all the tests on UFC

  83. Marxus Soulmann

    Marxus SoulmannPäivä sitten

    Love u Stephen! This is Marcus from The Hague Holland! With these publicless show, Your comments are more deadly!....Long Live U!😙

  84. ulfhulen

    ulfhulenPäivä sitten

    The bass is right there.. Conan. Pick it up.

  85. Kaptain Kid

    Kaptain KidPäivä sitten

    RIP John Prine - 10/10 /1946 - 04/07/2020. This is a sad day . . . the cancer couldn't get you but COVID-19 did. Ironic, isn't it?

  86. Jerin k

    Jerin kPäivä sitten

    U guys have issues between u both... Trying hard to be alpha.

  87. Bruce Elliott

    Bruce ElliottPäivä sitten

    What we heard... beautiful. Thanks, Jon. I've heard his music through the tunes of many other jazz musicians, and you made that so very clear. His music and his influence are pervasive. And of course also, sucks I couldn't listen for another hour - what's up with the cut-off?!?

  88. Rick Berge

    Rick BergePäivä sitten

    Dear Stephen, Please keep up the great work pointing out the ignorant hypocrisy of the snake oil salesman called trump, that half of America voted for, shame on them! They get exactly what they deserve voting for and continuing to support him. Sadly though, the other half of America is caught up in that asinine, very disturbing crossfire. Pay the American consumer more money and end poverty, lack of education and poor health in America! Republicans, conservatives and Christians are the worst people in the world.

  89. baerleon

    baerleonPäivä sitten

    Jesus, Conan has aged

  90. BoscoBob

    BoscoBobPäivä sitten

    I sincerely hope that Donny Trump and his entire -group of idiots- cabinet eschew any face masks or hand washing. What a waste of time for such great and powerful people like yourselves. Your entire presidency has been *PERFECT* so you know that no self-respecting virus would *EVER* think to infect our wonderful, great leader or any of your -bootlickers- cabinet. #PresidentBodyBag who as of 17:10 hrs on 8 April 2020 the souls of 14,739 on his hands. Donny will be remembered in history books for the incompetent buffoon and murderer that he is.

  91. Kathy Mullins

    Kathy MullinsPäivä sitten

    Thank you both for making me laugh!

  92. Marco .Barrios

    Marco .BarriosPäivä sitten

    What would be the name of this season´s The apprentice:? A.) The apprentice ( toilet paper season) B.) The apprentice ( kneel to your dear leader season ) C.) The apprentice ( are you dead yet, I have an election coming). D.) The apprentice ( Not my responsibility season).

  93. AJ Quinn

    AJ QuinnPäivä sitten


  94. Patricia Handa

    Patricia HandaPäivä sitten

    "Everyone just a wants to know the truth, because that's how you stay alive!" Preach, brother! 😂 Also, I'm pretty sure Trump's loyal supporters are in deep, deep trouble for precisely this reason... 😬

  95. jan morgan

    jan morganPäivä sitten

    so much better without the moray effect.

  96. Ruby R

    Ruby RPäivä sitten

    Yay John!! Thanks ..

  97. Brinx

    BrinxPäivä sitten

    "Member when he fired that guy's brother?.....because they were twins? Tough measures for tough times!!