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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review
Hype Fatigue Is Real

Hype Fatigue Is Real

5 päivää sitten

DOOM Eternal: The Story So Far
Why Seven of Nine Blames Picard
Resident Evil 4: 15th Anniversary
  1. Just A Common Fan

    Just A Common Fan21 tunti sitten

    I must have watched a different crossover event. I enjoyed the first three episodes but I think the final two were very boring, convoluted, and lackluster.

  2. Heiwas

    Heiwas21 tunti sitten

    Ficou muito bonito esse trailer! Realmente tem uma energia que me lembra muito pokémon! Eu amei!

  3. Moisi

    Moisi21 tunti sitten

    So it is really over isnt it! The golden age of western civilization...

  4. Maniacal Brick

    Maniacal Brick21 tunti sitten

    Project Scorpio Project Scarlett Project Mara Project Gotham (Lol)

  5. digirockmon327

    digirockmon32721 tunti sitten

    So glad that this game is coming to N.A. . Gundam Versus was fine, but PALES in comparison to Extreme Vs, especially THIS VERSION.

  6. Gh0ast

    Gh0ast21 tunti sitten

    I'm cautiously optimistic. It all depends how woke the show is

  7. Zeroph Taurus

    Zeroph Taurus21 tunti sitten

    Anti-cheat please. We need it.

  8. JonniesMusica

    JonniesMusica21 tunti sitten

    Wish overwatch devs were this thoughtful about the player experience

  9. Mosahid Raza

    Mosahid Raza21 tunti sitten

    Only 90s kids will know my feeling to hear it's over 9000🥺 Who is here from 90s 👇 Like here 👍

  10. Saksham Punia

    Saksham Punia21 tunti sitten

    Why not fortnite???

  11. KD Dezy

    KD Dezy21 tunti sitten

    Nice graphics on this on.

  12. cookie _

    cookie _21 tunti sitten

    That Virginia’s hair is on ponytail tho’

  13. petulant

    petulant21 tunti sitten


  14. Giygas64 SA1DX4Life

    Giygas64 SA1DX4Life21 tunti sitten

    This game deserved a 4

  15. KD Dezy

    KD Dezy21 tunti sitten

    Nice graphics on this one.

  16. Andreas Pittas

    Andreas Pittas21 tunti sitten

    Literally the greatest mobile game in existance

  17. Gabriel Gamer BR Fã De Sonic

    Gabriel Gamer BR Fã De Sonic21 tunti sitten

    Jump jump Super Star Love Music

  18. The Skyrim Inquisitor

    The Skyrim Inquisitor21 tunti sitten

    Oscars are heavily woke and Disney influenced, Joker is made for 'incels'. It's not hard to do math that Joker probably wont go well for these awards. I'm not having my hopes this year, it wouldn't surprise me if they snub the best actor from Joker ether

  19. Ben

    Ben21 tunti sitten

    Not gonna lie, I thought from the thumbnail this was a video game being sponsored by Daniel Radcliffe.

  20. Stir It Up

    Stir It Up21 tunti sitten

    From Hobbit to homeless hitman

  21. Bill23799

    Bill2379921 tunti sitten

    Picard taking his dog out for walkies on a cold winter morning at Chateau Picard. " Make it so, Number One ".

  22. Akira’s Collection

    Akira’s Collection21 tunti sitten

    Ight imma fuk wit u

  23. joe suwalski

    joe suwalski21 tunti sitten

    Clone wars was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up.

  24. БуТеР

    БуТеР21 tunti sitten

    I wanna flight to zona 51

  25. Tyln93

    Tyln9321 tunti sitten

    Where is Jar Jar Binks?

  26. Mosahid Raza

    Mosahid Raza21 tunti sitten

    Who wants to hear Vegeta,s it's over 9000 👇👍

  27. malcolm garrett

    malcolm garrett21 tunti sitten

    I remember being in Texas after hurricane Katrina. I seen the demo of this game up and I played the hell out of it and CoD 2

  28. . 『 E D U A R D O 』 .

    . 『 E D U A R D O 』 .21 tunti sitten

    Dammmn that looks smooth

  29. Dream (In2D)

    Dream (In2D)21 tunti sitten

    2:16 Why Gohan lookin like a baby mario ;o

  30. Zain Hussain

    Zain Hussain21 tunti sitten

    I used to love this show as a child I really can't wait to watch this.

  31. wexz1

    wexz121 tunti sitten

    darwin's game ??

  32. PåT

    PåT21 tunti sitten

    I just want to see order 66 from a different perspective

  33. Taxozizz Nelo

    Taxozizz Nelo21 tunti sitten

    yea there needs to be more atmosphere a few more people on the streets but not to many and yea it is lacking a bit in the Gothic ambiance. Characters look alright better then most and the facial movments are semi ok i have seen a lot worst but yea it just seems dried up and dull on the video so i agree with the rest of you please do not release it soon you guys need to do so much more work on it. Like At least make them reach down and grip the door handle give a bit of realism to the game we love that stuff. that is so cliche just placing your hand on the door and smashing it open lol doors do not open like that at least not a majority of them.

  34. Belmonto

    Belmonto21 tunti sitten

    I'm actually way more hyped about this than Episode 8 and 9

  35. I comment JoJo references

    I comment JoJo references21 tunti sitten

    It's still going, I'm in tears.

  36. Jake Coltrane

    Jake Coltrane21 tunti sitten

    I get mad when someone eats a meal in 5 minutes that took me an hour to make. Can you imagine spending 3 years of your life working on a game only to watch someone get through it in 12 minutes?

  37. Povalsi Gaming

    Povalsi Gaming21 tunti sitten

    Sins Of The Forrest

  38. TimOnePie

    TimOnePie21 tunti sitten

    I love Star Wars the clones war, my childhood

  39. Rhys Baker

    Rhys Baker21 tunti sitten

    Seriously, this is just complete mutilation. I don't think this movie will make up for that in any way.

  40. Redlarkk

    Redlarkk21 tunti sitten

    Trailer needs more drums

  41. Quawnday Mcdowell

    Quawnday Mcdowell21 tunti sitten

    So Google stadia is perfect for FIgos reviewers who want to complain about how Google Stadia works lol

  42. Chilo

    Chilo21 tunti sitten

    How bout an attacker operator who can baricade doors/window but it takes 2 hit to break it and can only bring 3 baricades and its a 2 speed 2 armor

  43. Mr Libowski

    Mr Libowski21 tunti sitten

    Colonel Hans Landa is in this? Maybe I have to see this afterall

  44. Man's not Bot

    Man's not Bot21 tunti sitten

    All the best visual gags in the trailer. No need to see the movie then. Thanks marketing, you've done it again.

  45. benjamin fröhlich

    benjamin fröhlich21 tunti sitten

    And these are the tales of Harry after the times of Voldemort, when Harry was looking for the same adrenalin kicks, which voldemort gave him year by year...

  46. Alejandro Silva

    Alejandro Silva21 tunti sitten

    Wait isn't that picture form like 7 years ago?


    I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS21 tunti sitten

    These ppl seem so fake.

  48. Charles Renzi Murphy

    Charles Renzi Murphy21 tunti sitten

    You missed the 6 episode of comic storyline set between WARHEAD and Crysis 2. 😑

  49. Akarapong Boonrat

    Akarapong Boonrat21 tunti sitten

    need more teeths.. rated teeth for teeths

  50. Tygafttf

    Tygafttf21 tunti sitten

    when the mum says |is it okay with you", i cringeddd so much + does she have grills on her bottom teeth?

  51. Michael Sativa

    Michael Sativa21 tunti sitten

    It’s starting to feel like 2015 again.

  52. A Tem

    A Tem21 tunti sitten

    requires RTX 2080 TI minimum

  53. Abel Rios IV

    Abel Rios IV21 tunti sitten

    Arrow verse did it better than the dceu.... change my mind

  54. Saifful Stword

    Saifful Stword21 tunti sitten

    Someone read tooooo many japanese comics. And was given the honor to make this movie.

  55. The best at what I do

    The best at what I do21 tunti sitten

    Wait, Ahsoka has two BLUE sabres now? O.O

  56. Alexandria Burnett

    Alexandria Burnett21 tunti sitten

    My favorite part about this game is either when your opponent's animation cancels out your special move completely or when they have "super armor" rendering any attempt at a combo 100% pointless so you punch a few time, drop back, and wait for an opportunity to use a ki based attack. 10/10.

  57. Adrian Alvarez

    Adrian Alvarez21 tunti sitten

    Make a movie already smh

  58. Марк Курасов

    Марк Курасов21 tunti sitten

    8:40 пиздец развели блять

  59. Crown Chak_Mudra

    Crown Chak_Mudra21 tunti sitten

    The first Harry Potter movie I'm gonna see.

  60. Christopher Williamsom

    Christopher Williamsom21 tunti sitten

    Never knew i needed something so much until this trailer

  61. J

    J21 tunti sitten

    rule 34

  62. Rajesh Mohan

    Rajesh Mohan21 tunti sitten

    Where is the new 5 point review system?

  63. Belgian Drag Racers

    Belgian Drag Racers21 tunti sitten

    Yees yeeeezs yezeeess3stzeyskzosigjzosdoyezsssss

  64. Chris Simmer

    Chris Simmer21 tunti sitten


  65. JOTA

    JOTA21 tunti sitten

    He has Quake Champions and Doom Posters

  66. Drew Andrews

    Drew Andrews21 tunti sitten

    So everybody is concerned with how little they know about video games?

  67. Bill23799

    Bill2379921 tunti sitten

    We named the DOG Indiana " Oops...wrong Franchise.

  68. Killer kl-rt

    Killer kl-rt21 tunti sitten

    Pretty much I guess

  69. Maurice Ross

    Maurice Ross21 tunti sitten

    Stick to the script, Harry.

  70. Free_Wifi_Kids

    Free_Wifi_Kids21 tunti sitten

    Make recruit an official op

  71. Mr Copycat

    Mr Copycat21 tunti sitten

    Harry Potter: So, anyways, I started blasting

  72. Nara

    Nara21 tunti sitten

    i indentify as an attack helicopter

  73. Mumbo

    Mumbo21 tunti sitten

    Finally a trailer for this!

  74. Mariana Salem

    Mariana Salem21 tunti sitten

    Vai Lexaa

  75. Najm Funky

    Najm Funky21 tunti sitten

    i feel blood of young again

  76. G0SU

    G0SU21 tunti sitten

    This kind of stuff is great for the movie industry. We wanna see weird and creative things; nobody knows what it means but it's provocative! I can definitely get some Suda51's 'No more heroes' vibes from this, which is exciting

  77. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime21 tunti sitten

    OMG!!!!!!!! DARTH MAUL IS BACK!!!!!! Which means that they can STILL implement Son of Dathomir into this!

  78. Randomness ReduX

    Randomness ReduX21 tunti sitten


  79. Victor

    Victor21 tunti sitten

    The font is exactly the same as for Suicide Squad.

  80. Eric Widder

    Eric Widder21 tunti sitten

    Idk.... I wanna like it. But idk.

  81. Scare Bear

    Scare Bear21 tunti sitten

    If it's only on Disney+ it's not worth getting excited about.

  82. Cavey Möth

    Cavey Möth21 tunti sitten

    Was Allie played by Bill Paxton?

  83. Saviour_G

    Saviour_G21 tunti sitten

    So it’s borderlands in real life set on earth 😂

  84. Isaiah Coleman

    Isaiah Coleman21 tunti sitten

    The Downtown part of the City is so beautiful at night.😁

  85. Diddler Dave

    Diddler Dave21 tunti sitten

    Yellowbelly needs to be added to the game for an April fools event

  86. Dahen

    Dahen22 tuntia sitten

    What if he had to reload? Or even worse

  87. game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki

    game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki22 tuntia sitten

    As i requested

  88. Toure' Muhammad

    Toure' Muhammad22 tuntia sitten

    Is Morbius a hero or a villain?? I forgot 🤔🤔

  89. game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki

    game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki22 tuntia sitten

    Need actors

  90. game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki

    game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki22 tuntia sitten

    Intern legal prove it i got 89 op titles on

  91. Rayquaza Δ

    Rayquaza Δ22 tuntia sitten

    Looks pretty cool.

  92. swindlebot 69

    swindlebot 6922 tuntia sitten

    Since when did harry potter duel wield guns

  93. marctorres654

    marctorres65422 tuntia sitten

    No tooth decay

  94. João Sobrinho

    João Sobrinho22 tuntia sitten

    Ahsoka dies

  95. game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki

    game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki22 tuntia sitten

    Op on coot kat mitch

  96. game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki

    game vibe host show as er tret in op mi liki22 tuntia sitten

    In acreage mild gated miles

  97. Solus Vael

    Solus Vael22 tuntia sitten

    You're a gunslinger Harry...

  98. Clarkzero

    Clarkzero22 tuntia sitten

    Sad that the PS4 era is almost over.

  99. der kunstler

    der kunstler22 tuntia sitten

    Clearly this is a set up for a new star trek show with the enterprise f

  100. SpaceKnife 0603

    SpaceKnife 060322 tuntia sitten

    Sub Zero Scorpion Reptile Ermac Smoke Noob Saibot Rain Chameleon Khameleon Tremor Raiden Liu Kang Johnny Cage Sonya Blade Kano Goro Kintaro Motaro Shang Tsung Baraka Kitana Mileena Jade Tanya Jax Kung Lao Shao Kahn Sektor Syrax Cyborg Smoke LK-7T2 Nightwolf Stryker Kabal Sheeva Sindel Fujin Sareena Quan Chi Shinnok Meat Kai Jarek Reiko Hsu Hao Nitaro Moloch Kenshi Bo Rai Cho Kobra Dairou Shujinko