Jordan Matter
Jordan Matter
Jordan Matter

A dude with a camera and too much caffeine photographing some of the most incredible dancers, contortionists, acrobats, gymnasts, TikTok stars and circus performers on the planet, including Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Sofie Dossi, the Rybka Twins, the Grav Gang, Kaycee Rice, Rebecca Zamolo, Piper Rockelle, the Ninja Kidz, the Lopez Brothers, Cirque du Soleil, and almost the entire cast of Dance Moms! This is also the home of the 10 Minute Photo Challenge, photo dares and photo hacks! Enjoy!

Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts
My Son's First Kiss **sweet**
  1. Nonolulu12_Sun

    Nonolulu12_SunPäivä sitten

    Sophie.. how..

  2. Hasan Ahmed

    Hasan AhmedPäivä sitten

    ben azelart isn't supposed to be on Jordan Matter

  3. Dany Diaz

    Dany DiazPäivä sitten

    I am your fan❤

  4. Kimran Kaur

    Kimran KaurPäivä sitten

    The under water

  5. fiona yang

    fiona yangPäivä sitten

    I like the one when sofie walks on water

  6. fiona yang

    fiona yangPäivä sitten


  7. Farkin Adventure

    Farkin AdventurePäivä sitten

    U should hav Ed one it with charli

  8. Tanya Andra

    Tanya AndraPäivä sitten

    Can you do a part 3 nidal vs the grav gang

  9. Avelina Pedraça

    Avelina Pedraça2 päivää sitten

    Hi ! oiiiii

  10. aetna lin

    aetna lin2 päivää sitten

    We can finally comment!

  11. Gaming Rage

    Gaming Rage2 päivää sitten

    Hey love ya

  12. Karla Aguilar

    Karla Aguilar2 päivää sitten

    I like the 3 and 4

  13. Karla Aguilar

    Karla Aguilar2 päivää sitten

    Do more with tony Lopez and ondreaz

  14. delilah rose

    delilah rose2 päivää sitten

    you guys should like put soffie's face on the surface of the water and put FALL leaves around her face love you guys

  15. Nadine Iskandar

    Nadine Iskandar2 päivää sitten


  16. CUTE pop girl Jj

    CUTE pop girl Jj2 päivää sitten

    She should ride a bike underwater 😜

  17. Alyssa Cekic

    Alyssa Cekic2 päivää sitten

    if you like jordan matter like all my youtube videos

  18. Drake dalesi

    Drake dalesi2 päivää sitten


  19. Jenna Kang

    Jenna Kang2 päivää sitten

    Ben azalard?

  20. Fatima Fatima

    Fatima Fatima2 päivää sitten


  21. Tara love Ergin

    Tara love Ergin2 päivää sitten

    The best one was The kiss 😍😍😍

  22. gacha.life7

    gacha.life72 päivää sitten

    all of my comment for my vids are turned off

  23. Reeham Aljahmi

    Reeham Aljahmi2 päivää sitten

    I would really want you to come to dearborn

  24. VedasGachaAnd Vids

    VedasGachaAnd Vids2 päivää sitten


  25. Megan Junfola

    Megan Junfola2 päivää sitten

    Hey Jordan matter I think 1 of your the 1st tap grow you had is from gray's anatomy and just let you know I love you I love all your videos

  26. Elle Rasmussen

    Elle Rasmussen2 päivää sitten

    I absolutely love your videos!!!!!! You should do more with dance moms girls!! Your the best Jordan!!!! 😁

  27. aminah al

    aminah al3 päivää sitten