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Parasite's Perfect Montage

Parasite's Perfect Montage

19 päivää sitten

Succession: Say What You Mean
Where Zombies Come From

Where Zombies Come From

5 kuukautta sitten

Polly: Nirvana's Darkest Song
Anatomy Of Anatomy Of A Murder
Van Gogh's Ugliest Masterpiece
Why Apple Needs Samsung
How Not To Adapt A Movie
Eyes Wide Shut: The Game
Check Your Schadenfreude
Listening To Blade Runner
Passengers, Rearranged

Passengers, Rearranged

2 vuotta sitten

How Louis CK Tells A Joke
AKIRA: How To Animate Light
Movie Violence Done Right
How To Understand A Picasso
A Very Long Nerdwriter Q&A
  1. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson3 tuntia sitten

    20x better if Danny Trejo in there instead of pretty boy Pratt

  2. Twist Visuals

    Twist Visuals3 tuntia sitten

    I wouldn't say this was my favorite episode but it definitely had one of the best acting and lines. Hank's last line before his death was so epic.

  3. x l b L o O d l x

    x l b L o O d l x3 tuntia sitten


  4. 코알라

    코알라3 tuntia sitten

    I went to see this movie by subway. When Park started talking about the smell of the subway, my feelings for him became uncomfortable. I felt like I was no longer just a bystander watching the situation. Park was the character who did nothing wrong but I could never like him. in fact i think Kim was the one who is hateful but also more empathetic

  5. Momogi / Troublesome Child

    Momogi / Troublesome Child3 tuntia sitten

    What I don't understand is how the sister makes the kid so well behave...

  6. blank 003

    blank 0033 tuntia sitten

    So u made an entire video about what madr vader cool without mentioning imperial march? Not cool, bro.

  7. Vini Chinen

    Vini Chinen4 tuntia sitten

    Istri si oranh kaya mirip dea imut ih

  8. Peter Shepherd

    Peter Shepherd4 tuntia sitten

    There's a split diopter shot in "Us" when the leading character meets her clone as an adult. Really cool

  9. SadZer0

    SadZer05 tuntia sitten

    100% agree

  10. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot5 tuntia sitten

    are they gonna remake this but in a hollywood style? like they did with the "old boy"

  11. Chris Darnell

    Chris Darnell5 tuntia sitten

    Thanks for this video. I really enjoyed it. Pixar does amazing things. And it’s great to learn more about them.

  12. McCheesy -

    McCheesy -6 tuntia sitten

    "Real fake camera" 𝙑𝙄𝙎𝙄𝘽𝙇𝙀 𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙁𝙐𝙎𝙄𝙊𝙉

  13. X

    X6 tuntia sitten

    Give up your vapid philosophy. Enjoy the goddamned music for what it is. Someone of your ilk will never get it. Your projections are futile. You weren't there. You never took LSD, and if you did, you can't claim you took it then. You need to back off and relax, brother. Everyone will be dead soon. And that's fine. We don't need your trip to distort such realities, for what?...internet ratings? You give a disservice to nuance, truth, reality, discovery....and instead fill it with a boring slice of bread of banality and staleness, moldiness, coming-uping-with-nothing-new-ness, and a general stench of f**k off. You remind me of a pylon at Kent State. You're in the way and serve as nothing.

  14. Elmar live

    Elmar live6 tuntia sitten

    0:56 And this blew MY mind, sir.

  15. alexislit420

    alexislit4206 tuntia sitten

    RTX 2080 TI be like

  16. 이규민

    이규민6 tuntia sitten

    유튜브 알고리즘에 이끌려온 한국인 안계십니까?

  17. RichterVonFuchs

    RichterVonFuchs6 tuntia sitten

    Videos properly fitting ultrawide monitors are so rare I got legitimately caught off guard when I clicked this. I've always been in love with pixar lighting.

  18. iamito

    iamito7 tuntia sitten

    You should have given a spoiler warning....

  19. Smithy Chris

    Smithy Chris8 tuntia sitten

    Nice video but the movie still sucks.

  20. Fizz O'Donnell

    Fizz O'Donnell8 tuntia sitten

    What an insightful video. Nice.

  21. Emre Yazgan

    Emre Yazgan10 tuntia sitten

    The music in this montage is an original score. Misinformation on the video. It is called The Belt of Faith

  22. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez10 tuntia sitten

    Hey, sometimes books can juxtapose dialogues and even thoughts

  23. Veronika

    Veronika10 tuntia sitten

    Noah Baumbach is a great director and this is exactly why I love his films. Plus he picks great actors to act his dialogues. Adam Driver is one!

  24. TomokoPanda

    TomokoPanda11 tuntia sitten

    Just found your videos today! N gotta say that you're the first to make me want to fully listen to the whole video! Love that you get to the point n give just enough info. if not all! To understand n comprehend the topic 💕🙌👏

  25. theprimerib

    theprimerib11 tuntia sitten

    oh my god i don't fucking care.

  26. The scarecrow dat's me~~

    The scarecrow dat's me~~11 tuntia sitten

    자막없이 걸작을 본다는것 좋다

  27. Andrew Chando Yu

    Andrew Chando Yu11 tuntia sitten


  28. Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha

    Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha11 tuntia sitten

    What's the movie about

  29. Angel Lee

    Angel Lee12 tuntia sitten

    Beautifully made video

  30. Frank Colak

    Frank Colak13 tuntia sitten


  31. Jacob Byrd

    Jacob Byrd13 tuntia sitten

    I put off watching this movie for a long time, even though it interested me, because I'm not really a movie person and become bored easily with them. But I couldn't pry my eyes from the screen with this one once it started. If anything, it taught me that I just need to watch better movies. But this was brilliant. I've often thought about how people think in the language they know, thus the possibility of speaking another or multiple languages leading to different thought processes and world views. Anyway, the film was fantastic and easily shot its way up into my top 5, if not 3. Still kind of processing it.

  32. Yousef A.

    Yousef A.14 tuntia sitten

    This is beautiful wow this makes me love the movie more

  33. mopbrothers

    mopbrothers15 tuntia sitten

    This is a scary ass painting. Right out of a horror movie. Goya must have had super thick skin to make something like this.

  34. robert bazela

    robert bazela16 tuntia sitten

    trump represents majority of his nation which is simpleminded,stupid and ignorant

  35. Cassiano Studzinski

    Cassiano Studzinski16 tuntia sitten


  36. Cassidy Gardner

    Cassidy Gardner16 tuntia sitten

    I just saw Toy Story 4 for the first time the other day, and I was blown away by how incredible of a movie it was. This only adds to the reasons why I love that film.

  37. _Mooche_ [Minecraft]

    _Mooche_ [Minecraft]17 tuntia sitten

    And see nothing

  38. Kroo Ale

    Kroo Ale17 tuntia sitten

    I dunno why but this movie is like the American movie Ready or Not. I mean not really but dunno..the musics used and the cinematography or whatever u call that. But this movie is way way better.

  39. André Schneider

    André Schneider18 tuntia sitten

    Even in the context of your video, that scene with Theoden still made me cry!

  40. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump18 tuntia sitten

    Sorry Chump fans this channel isn't for you to understand. Go back to listening to Donaldy bullshiting you. Your a tremendous joke to Americans & your are the both part of the problem.

  41. Owen Horst

    Owen Horst18 tuntia sitten

    you need to analyze something by hubert robert

  42. Blinkysaurus Rex

    Blinkysaurus Rex18 tuntia sitten

    It’s a step in the right direction, but there’s simply *too much* talking over each other, blatant overdubbing someone else’s sentence. When people talk over each other, it tends to be more of an overlap at the tail end of someone’s speech with the other persons response, or interjections of agreement, disagreement, approval or consolation. Plus, there’s a near total absence of umming and ahhh’ing and pausing, or stumbling over words. I feel like he went overboard, and over engineered the dialogue.

  43. Victoria Ballard

    Victoria Ballard19 tuntia sitten

    Are you sure it's 4th grade? I know 2 grade one kids who speak more coherently and more eloquently than donnie.

  44. TechnoCraft

    TechnoCraft19 tuntia sitten

    What is the movie in the very beginning?

  45. Emiliano Trujillo

    Emiliano Trujillo19 tuntia sitten

    You and 3blue1brown are hands down the best youtube channels ever created; your videos are just magnificent and always make me go insane! You are freaking amazing!

  46. Peram Pamay

    Peram Pamay20 tuntia sitten

    I think there is a code in the scene where they found their home is flooded, the lights keep flickering as they were about to leave...m no scout so i can't ...

  47. Barlos Guwop

    Barlos Guwop21 tunti sitten

    Amazing video.

  48. Gar96

    Gar9621 tunti sitten

    The most astonishing thing about the movie, is the film was filmed in London. That’s not New York, that’s London.

  49. Fred P

    Fred P22 tuntia sitten

    Can someone explain to me why the police wasnt able to locate where the father was hiding? I mean while going to the underground, his hands were full of blood, i thought it would be enough for the police to know where he is.

  50. abhishek krishna

    abhishek krishna22 tuntia sitten

    Great interpretation

  51. Christian Maglekær

    Christian Maglekær23 tuntia sitten

    Pixar started with playing camera movements in Wall-E. They put amateur lookalike focus zoom in it.

  52. Isaac Salvatico

    Isaac SalvaticoPäivä sitten

    Does anyone know what song is playing in the background?

  53. Gus Gus

    Gus GusPäivä sitten

    I hope they get some Oscar's

  54. Rowan Frost

    Rowan FrostPäivä sitten

    Who is Joe?

  55. Simone Sonzogni

    Simone SonzogniPäivä sitten

    We really hope this Masterpiece take the Awards that deserves and his Director too. And we really hope to see such a 💎 not only in few small theaters next time!

  56. Relithraxas

    RelithraxasPäivä sitten

    I watch this video at least once a month for the last few years, somehow it has become more relevant over time.

  57. isaid stream

    isaid streamPäivä sitten

    because it was shot with smartphones cameras

  58. Veronica

    VeronicaPäivä sitten

    A brilliant and unique actor.

  59. Soul Gen

    Soul GenPäivä sitten

    1:26 higher budget lol

  60. Kaecyy

    KaecyyPäivä sitten

    Daaaaamn! Much appreciation for this video and for this AMAZING LIST, from this former Weird Tales assistant editor. Truly Richard Powers must be one of the great surrealists, up there with Dali and Ernst et al. I read that MOMA in New York City has at least one of his works, so perhaps he will get his due one day. Cthulhu fhtagn, y'all!!

  61. Samuel Joseph Fernald

    Samuel Joseph FernaldPäivä sitten

    Best movie of the past decade. Blew my mind.

  62. P 666 RAX

    P 666 RAXPäivä sitten

    Polly is a very disturbing song, but then there are few by Nirvana that hit really hard.

  63. Anna Marie Nguyen

    Anna Marie NguyenPäivä sitten

    I wish you explored this concept deeper. How do words affect each of the main characters? I don't think it's the same for all of them. And what does all this implicate about the messaging of the show? You made a lot of interesting generalizations, but I think there's more to dig up in this direction. Nice to see you back though :)

  64. ZhanaZee

    ZhanaZeePäivä sitten

    An amazzzzingly brilliant movie

  65. Larry Goodwin

    Larry GoodwinPäivä sitten

    Check out Michael Hedges' version.

  66. Marie Loiseau

    Marie LoiseauPäivä sitten

    Moreover, I would like to understand people who claim to understand Picasso. Cause there is a bloody awful piece of mural in my city made by him that a bunch of people are adamantly defending because of "Picasso quality art". In reality, the five year olds in my local kindergarten draw artistically greater and philosophically deeper things with crayons. Modern art was a lost cause the moment it came out of the womb.

  67. 개소리하면짖는개

    개소리하면짖는개Päivä sitten

    Korean subtitles 제시카 외동딸 일리노이 시카고 과선배는 김진모 그는 네사촌

  68. Karthik Garimella

    Karthik GarimellaPäivä sitten

    That was so well explained

  69. Andriana Holubka

    Andriana HolubkaPäivä sitten

    This is such a good video!!

  70. just passing by

    just passing byPäivä sitten

    what the hell have you 'Nerdwriter1' smoking? haha

  71. Orphuz

    OrphuzPäivä sitten


  72. Prasad

    PrasadPäivä sitten

    15 episodes in 6 years!

  73. ayraliant

    ayraliantPäivä sitten

    Tell me where can I watch this movieeee.......!!!!!

  74. AI auto

    AI autoPäivä sitten

    I always wonder, did this channel got money? Cause using film scene over 3 second is not legal, right?

  75. King Solomon

    King SolomonPäivä sitten

    Ddnt finish this review but i just want to share that i ddnt get the ending why did the father kill the owner? Is it because of the smell? I more shock if the owner of the house would kill the parasite that would be a great twist, a parasite sucking a wrong host

  76. soorena firouzabadi

    soorena firouzabadiPäivä sitten

    No matter how many times you hear it, the Ring theme will always give goosebumps.

  77. OfficialNataly

    OfficialNatalyPäivä sitten

    Out of all 7 films growing up, I remembered this one the most. And now I know why...🤯 it’s visually and musically constructed, but allows us to learn Harry’s destiny as we continue his story through the next few films.

  78. michael greene

    michael greenePäivä sitten

    I've never heard so wasted mental energy and drivel in my life. I am willing to bet Dylan never read Isaiah or knew of any Biblical references to a watchtower. It was simple genius in lyrics and storytelling which was Dylan's trademark.

  79. John G. Hill

    John G. HillPäivä sitten

    Whenever the lady of the house wanted to make a statement, she said it in English.

  80. Leonardo Artist

    Leonardo ArtistPäivä sitten

    As an artist, I always enjoy hearing what others have to say about my/other's work. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes its actually insightful, and sometimes just silly. I wonder what Sir Anthony would say about this?

  81. Molly Guy

    Molly GuyPäivä sitten

    The color is so serene, relax, nature. The master’s bedroom painting is another painting that makes you relax.

  82. Reborn Audio

    Reborn AudioPäivä sitten

    Oversight by the producers. But 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  83. Doug Ales

    Doug AlesPäivä sitten

    Yeap - every time I hear something new and have my phone with me, the next time I open my Facebook app, their is a advertisement for it.

  84. gatorgityergranny

    gatorgityergrannyPäivä sitten

    great stuff.



    what happened when the boy sees the morse code the basement guy is doing??

  86. aimnbhrn

    aimnbhrnPäivä sitten

    wow never knew that how different lenses could also be an impression of a character's feeling or personality

  87. Cole Gudmunson

    Cole GudmunsonPäivä sitten

    Darth Vader was in ep three for about thirty min

  88. Heraclyte Sylvestre

    Heraclyte SylvestrePäivä sitten

    Where can I watch this in English audio? I hate watching with subtitles.

  89. Jason Ivy

    Jason IvyPäivä sitten

    This music hit me like a ton of bricks when I was a teen. Great, yet insane times

  90. Eugene Choi

    Eugene ChoiPäivä sitten

    going through almost every cut of a 5 minute montage thoroughly explaining all the details in 8 minutes is almost as impressive as the montage itself. well done.

  91. Amy Langston

    Amy LangstonPäivä sitten

    Can please show the correlation between Trump and the amount of lies he tells . It should be significant

  92. Distracted Globe Productions

    Distracted Globe ProductionsPäivä sitten


  93. Cal S

    Cal SPäivä sitten

    Would love to see what this guy thinks of The Play That Goes Wrong - as those people also give multilayered comedy performances.

  94. honeysucklecat

    honeysucklecatPäivä sitten

    When I finally got to see the actual painting I spent half an hour looking at it. About 20 minutes in I was hit with a strong sense of sadness and loss. His dad had just died and he put those emotions into every blade of grass

  95. Mohamad Makkouk

    Mohamad MakkoukPäivä sitten

    Can we all just drop this "deep" bullshit and admit that if a 7 year old can draw it it's not art? I once gave my kid colored pencils and a paper and told him to scratch the whole paper to get out all his anger and i swear to god the mess he made could be mistaken with a 2 million dollars painting nowadays

  96. OOF

    OOFPäivä sitten


  97. hasse birkmose

    hasse birkmosePäivä sitten

    Spot on.... and then some.... thank you!

  98. Vezhina Hadzhieva

    Vezhina HadzhievaPäivä sitten

    I fall in love with the world through these videos

  99. A ben

    A benPäivä sitten

    Pathetic to see how pathetic are becoming our peers those who followed the fuck you movement. The XX genra

  100. Evers Humor

    Evers HumorPäivä sitten

    Maybe i am to young but I don't like 2001 a space odessey. I thought interstellar presented new ideas better.