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How To Spot Fake Luxury Jewelry
The Top 10 Movies Of The Decade
The Ending Of 'Joker' Explained
What Is Elephant Toothpaste?
  1. Kevin RAAAMAGE

    Kevin RAAAMAGE5 tuntia sitten

    I would feel bad about drinking the chartruese, you literally are drinking history. Same kind of guilt when you eat a beautiful cake

  2. Hunter Henryk

    Hunter Henryk5 tuntia sitten

    1917 would be my pick for Best Cinematography or Best Director, but, story-wise, it wasn't anything special. I would still give Best Picture to Joker, seen not as a "superhero movie" but as a movie about mental illness being neglected by society. The worst thing that could happen though is Best Picture going to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a terribly dull movie that people are overrating based on director's name and the final scene, while neglecting the other 3 hours of torture. As a "Hollywood movie," it can't even approach La La Land which already got snubbed for Best Picture.

  3. FarmYardBros

    FarmYardBros5 tuntia sitten

    I thought this was going to be an adult version of Disney performances, as if everyone was on ice.

  4. TheToxicAlien95

    TheToxicAlien955 tuntia sitten

    The art of fake mutilation. 😂

  5. Gekkabijin Ume

    Gekkabijin Ume5 tuntia sitten

    How about blue pond in hokkaido ?

  6. Haris Sh j

    Haris Sh j5 tuntia sitten

    He is most overrated disgusting actor ... Whoever think he is legend have not seen genuine comedy

  7. Anna Roblox

    Anna Roblox5 tuntia sitten

    The person that,makes the old paint cleaner from an artist,but he's also an artist bc he can fix it,incredible

  8. Michael Critelli

    Michael Critelli5 tuntia sitten

    ''he fired a nuclear weapon from his shoulder'' and this dude was in the sas thats sad the flash was a replacement to the flamethrower not a nuclear weapon

  9. Tariq Jarral

    Tariq Jarral5 tuntia sitten

    Good nice work Millions of like

  10. Alex Myladoor

    Alex Myladoor5 tuntia sitten

    0:12 my neck when I fell yesterday

  11. JUNEBUG754

    JUNEBUG7545 tuntia sitten

    The lavender one 😍

  12. Het Desai

    Het Desai5 tuntia sitten

    for me best picture: Ford v Ferrari Best costume: Rocketman

  13. Darrin Kulyk

    Darrin Kulyk5 tuntia sitten

    Awesome Ladies With Guns 🔥

  14. Noelle Mak

    Noelle Mak5 tuntia sitten

    “We have them on from 10- 11 pm so you want to make sure nothing is bothering you” Me= pointe hurts no matter what kid

  15. Paulina Behrens

    Paulina Behrens5 tuntia sitten

    Could I please have one :(


    MMISTAKEN CodM5 tuntia sitten

    No it's not the Anti Gravity room it's the Michaels Jackson room (rip miachel Jackson

  17. Fan Alan Walker

    Fan Alan Walker5 tuntia sitten

    OMG! why he do it with his? 😱😱😱😱😱

  18. Avenger Resolution

    Avenger Resolution6 tuntia sitten

    I only understood one thing ....... *NoThInG* !

  19. tehmaimed

    tehmaimed6 tuntia sitten

    Great movie, but I'm wondering why Dad Kim doesn't just run from the basement and go to prison instead? I feel like that basement is a hell lot worse than a prison cell

  20. Shanu

    Shanu6 tuntia sitten

    Which wax is this...anyone tell me its name

  21. Orphuz

    Orphuz6 tuntia sitten

    dislike because the lady looks like a feminist

  22. Smiles And facts

    Smiles And facts6 tuntia sitten

    This just shows money can't buy beauty or good style

  23. Bentiko Games 🎮 Roblox🎮

    Bentiko Games 🎮 Roblox🎮6 tuntia sitten

    when her cell phone falls out of her pocket: 5:05

  24. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith6 tuntia sitten

    I didn't know John Williams was still alive.

  25. Smiles And facts

    Smiles And facts6 tuntia sitten

    Her closet is literally bigger than my house

  26. Chris Kaletsch

    Chris Kaletsch6 tuntia sitten

    Omg wow

  27. A.f.aliluft

    A.f.aliluft6 tuntia sitten

    Long live the Mediterraneanism

  28. Jam Jam

    Jam Jam6 tuntia sitten

    "How we gonna get these sounds?" *dude points at food* "Kronch"

  29. JonatasAdoM

    JonatasAdoM6 tuntia sitten


  30. hiding in my room

    hiding in my room6 tuntia sitten

    What's the point? It's not like the sand adds flavour

  31. Sleepy Link

    Sleepy Link6 tuntia sitten


  32. Chelsea

    Chelsea6 tuntia sitten

    does getting your pimples popped by a dermatologist hurt??

  33. ilove2929

    ilove29296 tuntia sitten

    Why no floor paint sponsoring this video?

  34. Jakob Elijas

    Jakob Elijas6 tuntia sitten

    Roald Dahl's Jack and the beanstalk...?

  35. franscois swarts

    franscois swarts6 tuntia sitten

    I hated how the story follows the other one but B is sooo much smaller

  36. Ruben Baeza

    Ruben Baeza6 tuntia sitten

    To be honest, his best films were from the 90s. The rest of his work is mediocre with only one or two good films.

  37. Aniket Legend

    Aniket Legend6 tuntia sitten

    Wow! It makes me feel I'm nothing in this world!

  38. Aon Muhammad

    Aon Muhammad6 tuntia sitten

    I am going to buy the second last one for my nutsack.

  39. Pug Mug69

    Pug Mug696 tuntia sitten

    👨 🔫😎

  40. Loc Le

    Loc Le6 tuntia sitten

    12: Enjoy the high ground

  41. MiniMations

    MiniMations6 tuntia sitten

    As a person who finished 4 jawbreakers in a year, this entertains me

  42. LittleR0124

    LittleR01246 tuntia sitten

    Narrator speaks as if the period keeps catching him off guard after every sentence.


    [DATA EXPUNGED]6 tuntia sitten

    1:42 Everyone has royal blood doesn't matter where you live

  44. kolhapuriBOY

    kolhapuriBOY7 tuntia sitten

    I am in love with Hailee since I saw bumblebee

  45. DannybOi Rodriguez

    DannybOi Rodriguez7 tuntia sitten

    After eating Jawbreakers on and off throughout my childhood I now feel uncomfortable after watching this video.

  46. Camille

    Camille7 tuntia sitten

    Whoever didn’t speak up to that shit were cowards.

  47. Barbie fox

    Barbie fox7 tuntia sitten

    I’ve used this soap since the 70’s

  48. Yaa Sarkodie

    Yaa Sarkodie7 tuntia sitten

    You ain't talk about mumbo sauce

  49. Are y0u Cr4zY

    Are y0u Cr4zY7 tuntia sitten

    Let's be honest,as kids we all were making zombie sounds.

  50. Mahwish Naqui

    Mahwish Naqui7 tuntia sitten

    I fare when he put the eyes 😱😱😱

  51. Walkertongdee

    Walkertongdee7 tuntia sitten

    Brad Pitt beats up Bruce lee right that would happen...

  52. Walkertongdee

    Walkertongdee7 tuntia sitten

    Tarantino the biggest thief there ever was cant make anything original. What a stinker its just a flashback to other movies, real life events and people.He is so desperate he will try anything, wish he would stop.

  53. Suki Scales!

    Suki Scales!7 tuntia sitten

    That’s why on shows and movies they will sometime have a plate of food in front of them but won’t eat it. Like they will put the fork to there mouths but then put it down because somebody says something like “EVACUATE THE BUILDING” like they are about to eat but somebody ruins it!

  54. Sadab

    Sadab7 tuntia sitten

    Her face is whats bonkers

  55. Lin Y

    Lin Y7 tuntia sitten

    Wildlings are not allies, did you even watch the damn show. Wildlings became acceptable and not hates by the northerners but the rest of westeros still wouldn't accept them. They are still a threat to rest of the realms. Dear lord come on did you even watch the damn show.

  56. Filbertstar Nongbet

    Filbertstar Nongbet7 tuntia sitten

    Love modern movies...

  57. Dev Patil

    Dev Patil7 tuntia sitten

    Watch these when high

  58. Lin Y

    Lin Y7 tuntia sitten

    Seasons 8 is fine, it's just a bunch of millennials throwing a childish fit because they didn't get a happy ending and the show didn't end the way they wanted. Just shut the hell up you entitled little twats. dannys decline was always foreshadowed she's always on the knife edge of being a great queen and a mad queen. The criticism is so annoying. The reason to show Jon as a heir but not able to take the throne is to put Emphasis the the realm is a new world a new kingdom where people are no longer ruled just by blood lines. And yes that's why Bran became KING again to show that blood lines is no longer what matters. It's a brand new world a whole new way of rule. You stupid entitled little nerds can crawl back into your basements. Nobody cares

  59. PhotoKaz

    PhotoKaz7 tuntia sitten

    I remember emailing the company 20? 30? years ago and asking if they would make rose .. I was told they were working on it, so glad they did. I used to buy my son a gallon of the peppermint for Christmas and a gallon for his birthday 6 months later since he was a teen. 25 years later he still uses it but does not dilute. Sigh. My sister loves almond and when hemp oil was used and the coloring stopped she insisted the darker was better and had me looking at different stores to buy up the caramel ones so she could stockpile them. I was also very happy when they put a inner seal on the bottle after once having it open up in my courier bag. THAT took a lot of diluting. For the last few years of my eldest brother's life I would give him foot baths using the almond. It was a life saver. He had a tracheostomy and was on a ventilator most of the time and his skin was very dry but the almond soak made his feet so soft and supple. Which reminds me as my feet are burning right now that I should give myself a soak now and then! It's great soap. I generally use the rose with a little peppermint added for that tingle.

  60. Affan

    Affan7 tuntia sitten

    Oscars was live streamed on 13 jan This video was uploaded on 16 jan It’s clear that the insider purposely did not include movies such as joker and parasite.

  61. Sil G

    Sil G7 tuntia sitten

    That braid was gorgeous before he cut it off!

  62. King of Newyork

    King of Newyork7 tuntia sitten

    She fucked up the wall with the shoe lol

  63. Luis Gertrudes

    Luis Gertrudes7 tuntia sitten

    It would gonna be great if both soldiers became together more time. After first soldier death we could relax. We are sure that nothing would happen to second one. A war movie without death fear is emotionless. 1917 is a technical movie.

  64. My Wig Is Lost

    My Wig Is Lost7 tuntia sitten

    Guys Download webtoon, search for “Home Sweet Home” by YoungChan Hwang It has a very similar concept and trust me you’ll enjoy it!

  65. XxNawaf 19

    XxNawaf 197 tuntia sitten

    Today is my birthday 🎂 at 10 October

  66. ConTrol

    ConTrol7 tuntia sitten

    Easy go buy a prop that is made in china


    ᏩᎪᎷᎬᎡ KᎪᎢᏆᎬ7 tuntia sitten

    Who cares at least the movies good I legit hate this dude


    VALHALLA7 tuntia sitten

    Jim is in a horror movie?! Wow

  69. tom ster

    tom ster8 tuntia sitten

    looks like a video game. all cgi, forgot to hire actors. ps. all that work to make it look like one cut only to constantly brag about how it really isnt. why bother then to make it look it? especially at the sake of the actual movie

  70. Hellbound Wolf420

    Hellbound Wolf4208 tuntia sitten

    I don't understand these dumbass trends. I just want to die.

  71. Jackson C

    Jackson C8 tuntia sitten

    This movie is a masterpiece. Seeing it again tomorrow night.

  72. ƵiRro

    ƵiRro8 tuntia sitten

    The people in this video and also the background music are so annoying.

  73. Rocket & Groot

    Rocket & Groot8 tuntia sitten

    I just don't understand why that pilot stabbed him

  74. Keerthika Kaliappan

    Keerthika Kaliappan8 tuntia sitten

    So that means if we draw a picture now you guys will send it cool

  75. Giovanni Roverso

    Giovanni Roverso8 tuntia sitten

    WOW. The camera switching was so cool

  76. tammydshine

    tammydshine8 tuntia sitten

    I still want a sequel!

  77. Tesco Primark

    Tesco Primark8 tuntia sitten

    Watching this while you’re single and broke. perfecto !

  78. VirusGaming

    VirusGaming8 tuntia sitten

    Is a quiet place like The Scilence??

  79. DarkManu -_

    DarkManu -_8 tuntia sitten

    The dojima dragon is back😏

  80. Miguel Ortiz 777

    Miguel Ortiz 7778 tuntia sitten

    Son como los efectos del chespirito

  81. chelsi selvam

    chelsi selvam8 tuntia sitten

    Painting a floor doesn't mean difficulty in moping?

  82. Nik Tol

    Nik Tol8 tuntia sitten

    I feel this movie did very well compared to the books. It was very entertaining and just as creepy as the books. The only question now is are they going to make another movie considering there’s 2 more books left👀👀👀if so I’m ready to see it

  83. 본녀리

    본녀리8 tuntia sitten


  84. vignesh waran

    vignesh waran8 tuntia sitten

    I can cry all day

  85. Jameson Tyler Bynum

    Jameson Tyler Bynum8 tuntia sitten

    Oh good I’m not the only one here who thought he was going to get educated on the layers of sound of the, you know, ACTUAL TRANSFORMATIONS in the first few movies. Video was mostly focused on Bumblee. Super disappointed in this video. Didn’t tell me anything I actually wanted to know.

  86. Asimulation K

    Asimulation K8 tuntia sitten

    Y'all need better jobs and maybe role models..lmfao

  87. Kuman Green

    Kuman Green8 tuntia sitten

    I'm still hungry

  88. Masamune is Useless

    Masamune is Useless9 tuntia sitten

    I didn’t even know there was gum in the middle? I never thought I’d get that far.

  89. Little Bastard

    Little Bastard9 tuntia sitten

    3:27 a lady’s wardrobe

  90. Cao Cao

    Cao Cao9 tuntia sitten

    wow , unbelievable Meghalya double decker living root bridge on the list 😄😄😄😄😄

  91. Mymy _ Seaforth

    Mymy _ Seaforth9 tuntia sitten

    Me: *takes barbies head off and cuts her hair then calls it a day"

  92. Malia Stone

    Malia Stone9 tuntia sitten

    just watching the menthol applications made my eyes tear up

  93. Bearbw

    Bearbw9 tuntia sitten

    Saw this on snapchat..and thought no one has time to watch it in snapchat with all of those ads. Found it on FIgos

  94. Sam M

    Sam M9 tuntia sitten


  95. Flyte

    Flyte9 tuntia sitten

    for the yolk, just use a bottle or your hands

  96. beergood83

    beergood839 tuntia sitten

    Movie sucked

  97. Talk_in_ Silence21

    Talk_in_ Silence219 tuntia sitten

    Does dam stuff animals cost more than 60$ to 120

  98. L

    L9 tuntia sitten

    What's with the thumbnail?

  99. Anna White

    Anna White9 tuntia sitten

    Incredible movie it starts with him resting on the tree and ends with him resting on a tree. Pure genius filming

  100. Teguh Aditya

    Teguh Aditya9 tuntia sitten

    Just imagine...If she gonna says "this is fake ones (basically original)" "But miss I need money, are you gonna take it? Please help me" "Well sorry we can't" "I'm begging you, help me out. I'm drowning 😭" "Alright, we short it out. Im gonna buy it, and accept it as a help for you. Here $250" "Thank you very much. May god bless you as always" "Catching in silence, this shit worth $4500... Ouuuu lord what a gift" Lmao 😂😂