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We're Getting MARRIED

We're Getting MARRIED

17 päivää sitten

this video is not for boys
wait...stop... NOOOOOOOOOOO-
Something is WATCHING me in my bed
Are You an Angel or Devil? QUIZ
When saying NO screws you over
  1. Hannah And more

    Hannah And more9 tuntia sitten

    Don’t worry terry I’m a virgo

  2. destiny Eccelstone

    destiny Eccelstone9 tuntia sitten

    Gloom please tell lauan yess to saying billie elish cause I’m axacly the same I get ideas of billie elish please I hope u red this And also I love ur vids and laundry love both ur vids

  3. Via Yoshikawa

    Via Yoshikawa9 tuntia sitten

    Hah she’s wearing the pants from the vid with Azzy and the clothing hacks

  4. Cute Drawing Wolf

    Cute Drawing Wolf9 tuntia sitten

    Kassie!!!!!!!! NO!

  5. MacDawnlds UwU

    MacDawnlds UwU9 tuntia sitten

    I didn’t know any of them!XD😹😓

  6. ¡ !

    ¡ !9 tuntia sitten

    I miss Kassie and Terry doing skits like that

  7. angel cookie cat

    angel cookie cat9 tuntia sitten

    The ending was just-

  8. Kitty Queen

    Kitty Queen9 tuntia sitten

    This is so fake, but I still think it was really fun to watch

  9. Helen Jane

    Helen Jane9 tuntia sitten

    kassie: it's been a long time since i've lived a life me: 0.o [email protected]

  10. Layla Monaghan

    Layla Monaghan9 tuntia sitten

    Senpia’s emo brother is on to you

  11. XxlilbabycutiexX

    XxlilbabycutiexX9 tuntia sitten

    I had this app and I had five baby's

  12. Rylee Erickson

    Rylee Erickson9 tuntia sitten

    now I want to know what happens when you died 😩

  13. Kaifei 100

    Kaifei 1009 tuntia sitten

    7:47 Me: “You just noiced?”

  14. Galactic Galaxys

    Galactic Galaxys9 tuntia sitten

    Whyyyyyyyyyyy i scard

  15. china hardy

    china hardy9 tuntia sitten

    How do she do that gloom like that its impossible

  16. Cleo Hale

    Cleo Hale9 tuntia sitten

    Poor Katie

  17. Nuss Girls

    Nuss Girls9 tuntia sitten

    what is the name of this game

  18. Tulay Maras

    Tulay Maras9 tuntia sitten

    2020: geht's married 2029: has kid's 2030: be a family vloger

  19. Chloe Gilholme

    Chloe Gilholme9 tuntia sitten

    Yo pleas live

  20. Coca punch Singing

    Coca punch Singing9 tuntia sitten

    Oh gosh

  21. •Klüb _ Kräzii•

    •Klüb _ Kräzii•9 tuntia sitten

    I have a feeling the country she is in, the only one I know where they call apartments, dorms etc., flats And where they spell it "Flavour" with a "U", The only country I know like that is the united kingdom

  22. Isaac Whitcombe

    Isaac Whitcombe9 tuntia sitten

    Azzy: that’s not me Jay: wait wait that’s not me Lauren: what what

  23. Arley Waits

    Arley Waits9 tuntia sitten

    Does this mean no more gloom???? *crys*

  24. Mckenzie Carrigan

    Mckenzie Carrigan9 tuntia sitten

    Kassie can you plz do conspiracy theories with Jay or Lauren pls I love you lauren is evil

  25. Zara Far

    Zara Far9 tuntia sitten

    She was born on the same day as me🤪😖

  26. Tamz LD

    Tamz LD9 tuntia sitten

    5087 anyone

  27. DJD YT

    DJD YT9 tuntia sitten

    9:28 i counted how much numbers were writen and there were 6 and mad son has 6 letterd

  28. Kristeen&Garrett

    Kristeen&Garrett9 tuntia sitten

    Says we broke up 4 years later gets engaged

  29. Agent 4

    Agent 49 tuntia sitten

    **laughs in VPN**

  30. Bjelka Dizdarevic

    Bjelka Dizdarevic9 tuntia sitten

    Don't screaming

  31. Grace Rose

    Grace Rose9 tuntia sitten

    You guys should definitely do more of this


    MIABELLA MACHADO9 tuntia sitten

    Kassie noooooo!!!!

  33. Tany Gutierrez

    Tany Gutierrez9 tuntia sitten

    I would think your beautiful 😍🤩🤩 and I would be exited to see you

  34. Yadhira Martinez

    Yadhira Martinez9 tuntia sitten

    I'm sorry for you

  35. Eriyanah Hilliard

    Eriyanah Hilliard9 tuntia sitten

    Terry lock the door Lol

  36. Ashlee Marianne

    Ashlee Marianne9 tuntia sitten

    Me: I’m tired. I should go to sleep. Also me: HAPPY DAY I GLOOOHOOOMM

  37. Husena Thakrawala

    Husena Thakrawala9 tuntia sitten

    Kasie-*gets four likes on bitlife* ""I'm officially FaMoUS!"

  38. radarcan cocoa

    radarcan cocoa9 tuntia sitten

    I got 29

  39. Snowy Foxx Gacha

    Snowy Foxx Gacha9 tuntia sitten

    Laurrnzide hasn’t made a vid since this one

  40. Sally Face

    Sally Face9 tuntia sitten

    This was like simulacra but emotionally scary

  41. Koko Stormy

    Koko Stormy9 tuntia sitten

    HAHA 😂 funny Azzy:do you want to build a snowman ⛄️ Azzys boyfriend:shut up!!!

  42. Madison Hyland

    Madison Hyland9 tuntia sitten

    There was 4 doors not 3

  43. Lonely and i don't want to be here

    Lonely and i don't want to be here9 tuntia sitten

    I played BitLife and was a pornstar for 22 years

  44. Cutelittlekitten 253 Gacha life

    Cutelittlekitten 253 Gacha life9 tuntia sitten

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake

  45. Miliana Bernard

    Miliana Bernard9 tuntia sitten


  46. 9 tuntia sitten

    you and azzy are my youtube idle. i love what u do and i just want to say thankyou

  47. Game Changer

    Game Changer9 tuntia sitten


  48. Snowy Foxx Gacha

    Snowy Foxx Gacha9 tuntia sitten

    Happy day it’s GLOOHOOMAH HEY EVERYBODY I DO GACHA!! Watch meh!!

  49. Elsie Creevy

    Elsie Creevy9 tuntia sitten

    They can find your place

  50. Sun Xiaomei

    Sun Xiaomei9 tuntia sitten

    Why did you swear

  51. Kamal Kaur

    Kamal Kaur9 tuntia sitten

    Which one is the villan the girl or the teacher?

  52. Senai Love

    Senai Love9 tuntia sitten

    The guy kinda sounded like *Fuzzi Asmr*

  53. Alan - Nova

    Alan - Nova9 tuntia sitten

    *wHy tHiS neW miIRopHoNe yUo bOugHT vIBrAteS ?*

  54. Natalia Tabuchi

    Natalia Tabuchi9 tuntia sitten

    I love skip-its and easy bakes I have them both

  55. Janai Thomas

    Janai Thomas9 tuntia sitten

    You ok in there

  56. Dr. wolfyQ

    Dr. wolfyQ9 tuntia sitten

    If both of them die then who uploaded the video????

  57. Marlon Andrade

    Marlon Andrade9 tuntia sitten

    I see casis arm pits and they have hair🤣🤣🤣

  58. Juliana Mejia

    Juliana Mejia9 tuntia sitten


  59. wanda ross

    wanda ross9 tuntia sitten


  60. Gemini Gacha star

    Gemini Gacha star9 tuntia sitten

    Kassie: this guy seems insecure Me: more like insane!

  61. Yvonne Redding

    Yvonne Redding9 tuntia sitten

    Hey that girl stole my name

  62. James Mayson

    James Mayson9 tuntia sitten

    I got twelve names right

  63. doingallright

    doingallright9 tuntia sitten

    I literally had an anxiety attack while watching this

  64. Annie Smith

    Annie Smith9 tuntia sitten

    You should submit a fake story to one of these channels. It would be so funny if it were posted! I would totally watch lol 😂

  65. Kiera The Ag YouTuber

    Kiera The Ag YouTuber9 tuntia sitten

    they have such cute tops in Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack!

  66. Claudia Flores

    Claudia Flores9 tuntia sitten

    On 7:30 cLoz you’re ise

  67. Rylee Osborn

    Rylee Osborn9 tuntia sitten


  68. gacha blue_16

    gacha blue_169 tuntia sitten

    When you said you are sipchlless me like you just talk gasp*FBI opened up ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  69. Leah Garcia

    Leah Garcia9 tuntia sitten

    Me: * finds out game has jumpscares * * zoomes out of full screen *

  70. Brianna Fisher

    Brianna Fisher9 tuntia sitten

    Kinder eggs aren't just in Canada they are in New Zealand and Australia as well

  71. Catherine Pattie

    Catherine Pattie9 tuntia sitten

    Literally every time he started to get mad I pushed my phone away from me and slightly covered my eyes. I'm so easily scared!

  72. Annie Smith

    Annie Smith9 tuntia sitten

    You should submit a fake story to one of these channels. It would be so funny if it were posted! I would totally watch lol

  73. Missy Vlogs

    Missy Vlogs9 tuntia sitten

    Australia has a lot of the same things as Canada Including maple water kinder surprises dunkaroos we do have tomato sauce chips here but there not a big deal and we do drink a lot of beer

  74. Rylee Osborn

    Rylee Osborn9 tuntia sitten

    Me:hmm I think many boys watched this ⬇like the video and this comment if you think this many boys clicked on this video

  75. Äliä Chännel flipäclip

    Äliä Chännel flipäclip9 tuntia sitten

    Gloom: there is no winter in Dubai right? Me: there is winter but no snow

  76. Ace Playz

    Ace Playz9 tuntia sitten

    Kassie says I’m speechless then how did you say that 😶

  77. Soy_ Bean

    Soy_ Bean9 tuntia sitten

    I’m traumatized

  78. P I N T E R E S T

    P I N T E R E S T9 tuntia sitten

    Im blind without my glasses *Takes them off*

  79. The Ash Smash

    The Ash Smash9 tuntia sitten

    It would’ve looked cool if it weren’t for the hair 😂 who agrees | | |

  80. ii_cloudy_ii

    ii_cloudy_ii9 tuntia sitten

    Azzy is so cuteeeeee

  81. athena dery

    athena dery9 tuntia sitten


  82. Daylin Herrera

    Daylin Herrera9 tuntia sitten

    In my opion i like Likee. So pls cheak out Likee for me.

  83. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui9 tuntia sitten

    14:00 she sounded so cute UwU

  84. Pereirl Jeamonod

    Pereirl Jeamonod9 tuntia sitten


  85. Pereirl Jeamonod

    Pereirl Jeamonod9 tuntia sitten

    I. Love you

  86. Crystal Castellanos

    Crystal Castellanos9 tuntia sitten

    She was never seen again

  87. F1n Likewater

    F1n Likewater9 tuntia sitten

    Did she actually fit in there

  88. Kameron Edwards

    Kameron Edwards9 tuntia sitten

    I really like your your friend says to say cuz he's hot

  89. Raylend Barr

    Raylend Barr9 tuntia sitten

    Who brought the tears to these kids why were their souls evicted

  90. Lily Pad

    Lily Pad9 tuntia sitten

    7 second riddles: This is Johnny! He’s tour friend and a nice guy! Viewers: Cool! We can hang ou- 7 second riddles: *NO YOU CANT HE IS DEAD NOW* Me: But why? 7 second riddles: Because...uh...he was murdered? Me: I SWEAR TO GWAD EVERY TIME

  91. Galactic Galaxys

    Galactic Galaxys9 tuntia sitten

    Uhhh uhh ahhhhh im sorry i turned it oof

  92. Toasty WaffleOOF

    Toasty WaffleOOF9 tuntia sitten


  93. #1 Horse Productions

    #1 Horse Productions9 tuntia sitten


  94. Stary Night

    Stary Night9 tuntia sitten

    Wow Kassie that sock trick I’am gonna tell my mom yo buy me socks today!

  95. Erica Games2324

    Erica Games23249 tuntia sitten

    i watched laurens video doing this game the first one didint scare but the secunt one scared me to death at night watching it but your first one didint do anything and i coverd my eyes for the secont one allso the first one means jump scare XD

  96. Q U A C C M A N

    Q U A C C M A N9 tuntia sitten


  97. Estelle Morin

    Estelle Morin9 tuntia sitten

    Lol befor I went on this video I donloded bitlife LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLLLLLLLLLL 😄

  98. Evelyn Kerr

    Evelyn Kerr9 tuntia sitten

    Dis guy got some serious anger issues tho

  99. Tiffany Ruiz

    Tiffany Ruiz9 tuntia sitten

    I hated the scary one 😖

  100. Olivia Prosser

    Olivia Prosser9 tuntia sitten