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Uukausi sitten



Uukausi sitten

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  1. Not Much

    Not Much12 tuntia sitten

    Don't try in your neighborhood!

  2. Anthony Stoer

    Anthony Stoer13 tuntia sitten

    On a beau dire Sébastien Loeb mais sans MRELENA surtout la au plaisir

  3. Miroslav Hrabák

    Miroslav Hrabák13 tuntia sitten

    nádhera !!! asi 10x se mi zastavilo srdce - a to vidím jenom video... splendor!!! about 10 times my heart stopped - and I only see the video ...

  4. chatham43

    chatham4316 tuntia sitten

    ....and he still missed his flight..

  5. chatham43

    chatham4316 tuntia sitten interruptions...oh dear.....

  6. Yolo_Gamer0000

    Yolo_Gamer000017 tuntia sitten

    “Well you dont HAVE to be mad to compete at this sport, but it help”~ WHY IS THIS SO TRUE

  7. tmu trmn

    tmu trmn18 tuntia sitten

    Go ELF!

  8. Vinnii :P

    Vinnii :P18 tuntia sitten

    Damn.this guys are the best drivers in the world in my opinion. Drifting Ang high speed conbined

  9. 18 tuntia sitten

    Love wrc rally bin fan a all my life

  10. J. S.P

    J. S.P19 tuntia sitten

    Evans is a great driver, but Rovanperä is much more talented & he will surpass him soon enough.

  11. StreetWarrior24

    StreetWarrior2420 tuntia sitten

    Ostberg is too good for WRC 2.

  12. RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.

    RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.20 tuntia sitten

    Love Elfyn

  13. MrBanaanipommi

    MrBanaanipommi22 tuntia sitten here Kalle at age of 14 years!

  14. Daniel C. Freteval

    Daniel C. Freteval23 tuntia sitten

    He looks massively drugged, the eyes never lies (amphetamine, and or O2 boosters).

  15. Harry Cheese

    Harry Cheese23 tuntia sitten

    A big surprise, I didn't expect Evans to win, respect.

  16. Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson23 tuntia sitten

    Armstrong probably used the same fucked up pacenotes that he tested on Dirt 2.0. Serves you right

  17. James Stewart

    James StewartPäivä sitten

    The humble fire breathing dragon 👌nice one.

  18. Guillermo G.

    Guillermo G.Päivä sitten

    Evans is humble, this guy is amazing. I suddenly want to see him winning the whole thing. Amazing. Congratulations Evans, congratulations Toyota!

  19. arthur staal

    arthur staalPäivä sitten

    No snow, in sweden, in february. ClImAtE ChAnGe Is FaKe NeWs

  20. TheRebelOne

    TheRebelOnePäivä sitten

    Well done Evans, richly deserved win.👍

  21. A Random Chill Man

    A Random Chill ManPäivä sitten

    When you are scrolling through the videos after listening to Sweden c418

  22. Meyaka Brown

    Meyaka BrownPäivä sitten

    Is this the trailer for Dirt Rally 3.0? Impressive. 👍

  23. Ever Faster Racing

    Ever Faster RacingPäivä sitten

    Good win for Evans but would he have won on the full rally?

  24. Ever Faster Racing

    Ever Faster RacingPäivä sitten

    Mads looks set to dominate this season

  25. Ever Faster Racing

    Ever Faster RacingPäivä sitten

    Got to feel for Solberg having that podium taken away at the last stage

  26. Rajab Muhammed

    Rajab MuhammedPäivä sitten


  27. Hajduk Besmrtnik

    Hajduk BesmrtnikPäivä sitten


  28. Alain Gonzalez

    Alain GonzalezPäivä sitten


  29. Alain Gonzalez

    Alain GonzalezPäivä sitten

    TOYOTA #1

  30. Martyn Devlin

    Martyn DevlinPäivä sitten


  31. Martyn Devlin

    Martyn DevlinPäivä sitten

    Don't think I've ever watched wrc since mccrae died

  32. Clio Kahvaliu Baker

    Clio Kahvaliu BakerPäivä sitten

    I cannot hear what the lady is saying - annoying music

  33. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo OliveiraPäivä sitten

    Where os tudo snow? It the end of the world that we know

  34. Vinícius Ortega Calvo

    Vinícius Ortega CalvoPäivä sitten

    Spook to tiekens gs

  35. Vinícius Ortega Calvo

    Vinícius Ortega CalvoPäivä sitten

    Crazy milícia antiterror mídia... Need some

  36. xhitfaced fetus

    xhitfaced fetusPäivä sitten

    Amazing talent across the board , this year is going to have some insanely fast racing

  37. Vitrius Argento

    Vitrius ArgentoPäivä sitten

    Mads is a pilot the WRC.. not in the wrc 2...

  38. Don Davis

    Don DavisPäivä sitten

    Evan's navigator is seated SO LOW in the cockpit, it makes him appear to be a midget.....

  39. Kazuki Ohyama

    Kazuki OhyamaPäivä sitten

    Colin, Richard and Kris they all couldn't win here at Swedish, but Elfyn made it! Really really good and congrats to him from Japanese massive Colin McRae fan!!!

  40. Equinox79

    Equinox79Päivä sitten

    Toyota was the best, it's better if tanak was the driver

  41. Jibo Kwy

    Jibo KwyPäivä sitten

    1:27 that credit goes to climate change tho

  42. João Dias

    João DiasPäivä sitten

    Congratulations Evans ✌🏻

  43. rainekarukka

    rainekarukkaPäivä sitten

    Just like burns or mcrae.. Nice to watch.

  44. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Definitely one of the most memorable Swedish rally ever!Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  45. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Definitely one of the most memorable Swedish rally ever!Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  46. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Definitely one of the most memorable Swedish rally ever!Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  47. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Definitely one of the most memorable Swedish rally ever!Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  48. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Definitely one of the most memorable Swedish rally ever! Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  49. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  50. George Balm Ghanard Junior

    George Balm Ghanard JuniorPäivä sitten

    First I want to say congratulations〜👍🎉🏅 It was so long before I won twice〜!! It was really goo〜!!

  51. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  52. # W R C E i m a r #

    # W R C E i m a r #Päivä sitten

    Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.

  53. Ivan F

    Ivan FPäivä sitten

    Evans, this is a surprise for Ogier and Rovanpera! The times of the "Sainz - McRae" are returning.))

  54. gothic pagan

    gothic paganPäivä sitten

    First win of a wrc event by a Welshman ? Lovely but. Who's boots those shoes? Hold those two sheep while I count them.👍😂

  55. 82 masso

    82 massoPäivä sitten

    Sweden, Finland and Galles in the same rally.

  56. Trap Town SIC

    Trap Town SICPäivä sitten

    I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be FIgos friends? :)

  57. hughcdavies

    hughcdaviesPäivä sitten

    Great win by Elfyn. But it was only half a rally and All live didn't work for most Friday. Three years in, these problems should be sorted by now.

  58. luca luca

    luca lucaPäivä sitten

    Wow im happy for Evans, but Rovanpera was so goood

  59. Nho Minh Đinh

    Nho Minh ĐinhPäivä sitten

    0:39 "nothing flamboyant, just clean driving" *showing onboard of him nearly going off*

  60. Alexis

    AlexisPäivä sitten

    I think this battle for Championship between Elfyn/Neuville/Ogier and Ott Tannak is so be great (yes my english is not good sorry)

  61. Sheikh Sameer

    Sheikh SameerPäivä sitten

    Fantastic car was driven by him. Tremendous

  62. arztbesuch

    arztbesuchPäivä sitten

    Skoda vs Skoda vs Skoda vs Skoda vs Skoda

  63. James Laumand

    James LaumandPäivä sitten

    Don’t care

  64. Roy - txt. blog Hakanen

    Roy - txt. blog HakanenPäivä sitten

  65. Yusuke Urameshy

    Yusuke UrameshyPäivä sitten

    Go mads

  66. Ümit Ateş

    Ümit AteşPäivä sitten

    Winner Sebastian loeb

  67. dat vergil doe

    dat vergil doePäivä sitten

    Is this guy harry's son, or just a common finish name?

  68. dimitris boukos

    dimitris boukosPäivä sitten


  69. Tim Suetens

    Tim SuetensPäivä sitten

    Proper rough stages like this don't exist anymore.

  70. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonPäivä sitten

    I'd like to see Peter with the big boys in a few years

  71. rien smeets

    rien smeetsPäivä sitten

    i've never been interested in wrc but this got in my recommended, BUT DAMN THIS IS AWESOME

  72. Harris

    HarrisPäivä sitten

    It's like pushing strong adrenaline when watching this video. Especially when viewing from cabin camera.

  73. George Balm Ghanard Junior

    George Balm Ghanard Junior2 päivää sitten

    有る報道でのオジエの此の2戦での結果を個々にその優勝から遠のいて居る理由として共通意見がガズーの(ヤリスの潜在能力)とのマッチングでは無いか?と言う事です〜!! 一介のラリーファンで有る俺も同じと考察して居ます。 あれ程の百戦錬磨の天才で6連覇帝王のオジエは足踏み状態は変です〜今迄なら誰よりも速く順応して把握して来たオジエが此処新チームでの出遅れが不思議。 大方の専門家達の予想ではチーム移籍の場合は(そのチームに慣れる車に対応するのに3ステージが普通は掛かる)と言う見解〜俺も粗同意見〜故に大目に見て貰えるのもメキシコラリー迄と言うリミッターが定められた訳〜オジエは既にヤリスのポテンシャルは把握は出来て居ると予想出来る〜!! 問題はその先〜って言う事〜理由として挙げられる要因は〜2つ〜!! 今のラリーのステージは年々車の進化が加速して其の車のポテンシャルにドライヴァーが引っ張られる形で成長して来て走行自体がハイスピード高速走行が主流です〜!! ひと昔前はドライヴァーのセンスと才能で車を操作して操り素の操り方に「車は順応して進化して来た訳」=人で有るドライヴァーの意の儘に車自体は必死に付いて来て居た。 でも〜其れもひと昔前の話〜現代は人の成長速度より車の進化が(人より上回って車がドライヴァーを引っ張って成長させて居ると言うが本当の事主役が人から車のポテンシャルの方が上回って居る問題) 高速走行時での各社の車の潜在能力〜其れを如何に早く〜対応出切る車の反応出来るのが個々のチームで皆違いが出る。其のフルMAXの出来るドライヴァーが極限下で顔を覗かせるのが其の車の潜在能力の個性〜其れをオジエは把握し切れて居無い〜悪い例えで言えば(ヤリスの個性は素直では無く「灰汁の強い傍若無人な性格なへそ曲りなのでは) 究極でどの様か挙動をするか予想が付か無い〜ステージ毎に挙動が変わるとか〜左右に勝手にスライドするとか?トリッキーなステージでは何時迄もサスのポンピングが止まらずタイヤ面を地面に水平に密着させ無いとか? 故にオジエは掌握出来ずに迷って何時ものオリジナルペースが作れ無いのでは〜期限はメキシコラリー迄だからね〜執行猶予は!! 其処迄になら無いと他チームに遅れを取る〜其の意味で足枷と成って居る此の2人=オジエと初戦でのリタイヤしたタナック移籍組〜は厳しく見られる。 移籍組の〜エヴァンスとロバンペラは移籍組でも結果を残し証明した形〜!! 優勝候補の筆頭の(ヌービル)の今後の行動が不気味〜😱⤴️👍

  74. King Luis

    King Luis2 päivää sitten

    During a stage, Ogier hit a billboard and it was blocking the road. 3 spectators moved it just in time so Evans didn't need to slow or stop for it.


    BALANCE2 päivää sitten

    That is a long sunday...

  76. 조규현

    조규현2 päivää sitten

    Hyundai i20 👀👍💖

  77. jackie roberts

    jackie roberts2 päivää sitten

    Well done elfyn excellent rallying 😀

  78. VBR Tommy

    VBR Tommy2 päivää sitten

    What is that song from 1:20?

  79. Merovingian

    Merovingian2 päivää sitten

    #Wolfpack 🐺

  80. Farran Jonker

    Farran Jonker2 päivää sitten

    This game is terrible? 13:13 that should NEVER happen in any competitive game. Why is this even a thing lol..... get it out of Beta first AND THEN have a competition

  81. Nobody's Husband

    Nobody's Husband2 päivää sitten

    Wonderful Kalle,19 years old!

  82. Ensarratubers

    Ensarratubers2 päivää sitten

    Rovanpera :Future world champion !!!💪💪

  83. Ed Monton

    Ed Monton2 päivää sitten

    Boy's good...looking forward for a Finnish dominance again. Man, it's been too long.

  84. James Laumand

    James Laumand2 päivää sitten

    Don’t care

  85. Jstowee

    Jstowee2 päivää sitten

    Substitute the rear for a pedal cam

  86. James Laumand

    James Laumand2 päivää sitten

    I don’t care.

  87. Eric Meech Global Network

    Eric Meech Global Network2 päivää sitten


  88. Daniel Fbrt

    Daniel Fbrt2 päivää sitten

    Repair 30 minutes abudhabiteam chanel odcinek

  89. Patrick M

    Patrick M2 päivää sitten

    not much snow this year damn

  90. gentleman driver

    gentleman driver2 päivää sitten

  91. Ścieżka MOTOROWEROWA

    Ścieżka MOTOROWEROWA2 päivää sitten

    Evans best style of driveing.

  92. schuletrip

    schuletrip2 päivää sitten

    F1 can F off

  93. tmu trmn

    tmu trmn2 päivää sitten


  94. Marek Kuuseoks

    Marek Kuuseoks2 päivää sitten

    contact with Elon Musk :D

  95. wils pu

    wils pu2 päivää sitten

    Excellent works

  96. Colin Ashby

    Colin Ashby2 päivää sitten

    I came for the car and not the music

  97. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu2 päivää sitten

    They even fell from that tall rock in the very end... crazy.

  98. Victor Tapes

    Victor Tapes2 päivää sitten

    Where is the snow ? WTF Sweden ?

  99. Ludovic PONCET

    Ludovic PONCET2 päivää sitten

    L’affaire Griveaux

  100. Indulis Bērziņš

    Indulis Bērziņš2 päivää sitten

    Jeez.. such names as Burns, Mcrae, Gromnholm and not even top 2.. Makkinen the man!