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😠Wenger CONFRONTS Emery!😠
Top 10 Jose Mourinho Cartoons!


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442oons: Live and Waffly!

442oons: Live and Waffly!

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  1. Savage _bc10

    Savage _bc10Päivä sitten

    I think u forgot p

  2. we are keepers

    we are keepersPäivä sitten

    *funniest thing* *me laughs at de gea* *man utd fans laughs *man city fans laugh* *real Madrid fans what's so funny*


    NASEEM CLUTCH YTPäivä sitten

    Kante rarely make mistakes like that so you can't really blame him although it turned into a goal

  4. Ali Chreiha

    Ali ChreihaPäivä sitten

    Fuck off barca bastardos HALA ESPANYOL

  5. Miketzu Yt

    Miketzu YtPäivä sitten

    Great work

  6. Michal Mackov

    Michal MackovPäivä sitten

    Kante went - FullGerrard

  7. Daniel Arsenal

    Daniel ArsenalPäivä sitten

    Once again a song 😡

  8. Martin Navrkal

    Martin NavrkalPäivä sitten

    18-2 af shots. Ohwell

  9. Bartosz Gamer

    Bartosz GamerPäivä sitten

    Kantes slip was funnier than a couple hundred years back to me so it was very much like a 130 yet so much more than you want me to be like you I love you

  10. Damian Wrobel

    Damian WrobelPäivä sitten

    Next Gerrard

  11. Squeaky Chicken HD

    Squeaky Chicken HDPäivä sitten

    Kante is still an amazing player But he may have been using Gerrards boots

  12. risshi tharan

    risshi tharanPäivä sitten


  13. Crocomandos/EveryDayGames

    Crocomandos/EveryDayGamesPäivä sitten

    Why is Kante so tall?

  14. Lil Chuki

    Lil ChukiPäivä sitten

    Kante’s slip is funnier than all your vids combined

  15. How do i change my pfp damnit !

    How do i change my pfp damnit !Päivä sitten

    442oons Logic: You can get many likes for literually copying this 0:01 But you can't get likes for an actual good comment

  16. Oscar Theobald

    Oscar TheobaldPäivä sitten

    99% of comments: omg I am so early 1%. Lol shattered testicole or 2

  17. ZxK

    ZxKPäivä sitten


  18. Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Fernando Pizarro VillagarcíaPäivä sitten

    I miss the London Bridge song

  19. Natali Isidora

    Natali IsidoraPäivä sitten

    stiven ceran

  20. Longes

    LongesPäivä sitten

    To be honest i think kepa should comeback to managing, gk is not for him

  21. Bella Cuthbert

    Bella CuthbertPäivä sitten

    Mantels slip was funnier than Liverpool's defence

  22. Lord Brain

    Lord BrainPäivä sitten

    I love this video similar to the United vs Liverpool one

  23. NipezGaming YT

    NipezGaming YTPäivä sitten


  24. Elvis Eze

    Elvis EzePäivä sitten

    44200ns you never fail to amaze me

  25. Space Gaming

    Space GamingPäivä sitten

    lot of balls

  26. Connor Seaturtle

    Connor SeaturtlePäivä sitten

    Poor cavani

  27. Crimson Colombian

    Crimson ColombianPäivä sitten

    Yeah, the game was an absolute clown show!

  28. Fire phoniex03

    Fire phoniex03Päivä sitten

    Steven Gerrard

  29. Jayant Calla

    Jayant CallaPäivä sitten

    The fuck I just saw

  30. Jamie Eason's Vlogs

    Jamie Eason's VlogsPäivä sitten

    N’golo Gerrard 😂😂

  31. Sak T V

    Sak T VPäivä sitten

    Kante's slip was more funnier than Gerard's slip

  32. Sniper Lewis 16 • Aberdeen fan

    Sniper Lewis 16 • Aberdeen fanPäivä sitten


  33. Quenching spider

    Quenching spiderPäivä sitten

    Ayyyyyy ITS FUNNY

  34. Nathan van der Meulen

    Nathan van der MeulenPäivä sitten

    1:10 KNEW IT

  35. Finn Clapton

    Finn ClaptonPäivä sitten

    Kantes slip was as funny as arsenals season

  36. Spook3d

    Spook3dPäivä sitten

    New font is weird

  37. BrayPlays7 NFFC

    BrayPlays7 NFFCPäivä sitten

    Kante lost his boots in the dressing room and borrowed a pair of Stevie G’s

  38. Kaidzz

    KaidzzPäivä sitten

    i think they should do a behind the scenes like how to make a 44200ns vid like so this can happen

  39. Shay’s Studio

    Shay’s StudioPäivä sitten

    Funnier than gerrard slip sh*te manager

  40. Zaid Tahir

    Zaid TahirPäivä sitten

    Fuck!! You are cutting everybody Balls

  41. Delp

    DelpPäivä sitten

    As a liverpool fan I am against making fun of slips

  42. Dil- Gaming

    Dil- GamingPäivä sitten

    Kantes slip was funnier than Phil Jones' Defending 😂

  43. Umar Hussain

    Umar HussainPäivä sitten

    At 1:11 did anyone else read gerrard's sponsor

  44. cheese cake

    cheese cakePäivä sitten

    This is exactly what I saw last night

  45. Synxio

    SynxioPäivä sitten

    Tammy Abraham: *gets chance to score* David Luiz: ima end this man's whole career referee: *sends him off* David Luiz:*regrets life decisions*

  46. stex legenda

    stex legendaPäivä sitten

    0:45 Leno in yellow kit 0:50 Leno in green kit

  47. tomas

    tomasPäivä sitten

    1:29 is that Torreira?

  48. mazin amir

    mazin amirPäivä sitten

    Mustafi ( 2 assist in one match what a legend) I guess manu should sign him to replace lingard 😂😂😂

  49. Skeetum

    SkeetumPäivä sitten

    honestly kante's slip had me dead

  50. Eversmile Muthanuni

    Eversmile MuthanuniPäivä sitten

    😂😂 this is accurate

  51. Umar Hussain

    Umar HussainPäivä sitten

    Last time I was this early spurs won the pl😂

  52. Harry Kane

    Harry KanePäivä sitten

    Kante just being Gerrard

  53. Tahsin Tasnim

    Tahsin TasnimPäivä sitten

    Man didn't lie about the shattered testicle warning tho

  54. Mr Screamer

    Mr ScreamerPäivä sitten

    Kante's slip was funnier than Neymar crushing on Mommy. 🤮🤮🤮 🤣🤣🤣 🤮

  55. Adriano Cuadros

    Adriano CuadrosPäivä sitten


  56. Samuel Corey

    Samuel CoreyPäivä sitten

    Then Gerrard Slip 😂

  57. Feda Hussain Haidari

    Feda Hussain HaidariPäivä sitten

    kante to garrde

  58. Denis

    DenisPäivä sitten


  59. tristen fun

    tristen funPäivä sitten

    Simone 2020

  60. stex legenda

    stex legendaPäivä sitten

    People: joke about Steven Gerrard slip Kante: hold my slip

  61. george brian

    george brianPäivä sitten

    David luiz was man of the match

  62. Robert Varga

    Robert VargaPäivä sitten

    1:56 courtuise at atletico madrid ???

  63. SampleText

    SampleTextPäivä sitten

    Is no one gonna mention thr font change in the beginning

  64. A a

    A aPäivä sitten

    This shitty cartoon is not made for kids - profitanity - cartoon violence - a shattered testicle or two Well thats really not made for kids

  65. James and Lucy Bell

    James and Lucy BellPäivä sitten

    Kante wakes up in the morning oh no I missed the match Gerard don't worry mate I sorted it out for you Kante oh shit here we go again

  66. Judy Chen

    Judy ChenPäivä sitten

    0:47 3:04

  67. Kayumba Ngoy

    Kayumba NgoyPäivä sitten

    🤣🤣🤣 more of Mustafi plz. And give him a voice if u can his voice isnt that hard to imitate

  68. Daud Mehmood

    Daud MehmoodPäivä sitten

    Kante does not deserve hate done so much one of the best mids in football 1 mistake and this is the hate he is also a great man never angry just stop hating it’s a mistake

  69. cheeky squirrel 13

    cheeky squirrel 13Päivä sitten

    Anyone having flashback to Slippy G

  70. LxckyBlxckRxce

    LxckyBlxckRxcePäivä sitten

    WARNING This shitty cartoon is NOT 'made for Kids' - profanity - cartoon violence *a shatterd testicle or two* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. Y_so_ Serious

    Y_so_ SeriousPäivä sitten

    Yikes the knife hit is penis.

  72. LPR Geddes

    LPR GeddesPäivä sitten

    No Goalo Kanté really failed to live up to his name!!! Poor guy.

  73. Blue Creeper Gaming

    Blue Creeper GamingPäivä sitten

    Kante's slip was funnier than the Steve Gerard's

  74. Monkeys Fight

    Monkeys FightPäivä sitten


  75. Josh Griffiths

    Josh GriffithsPäivä sitten

    Christensen is no 4 not 27

  76. Om Patel

    Om PatelPäivä sitten

    Why are you so bad At not being a bad youtuber

  77. Ference Girigorie

    Ference GirigoriePäivä sitten

    Kante slip was funnier than Brazil 7-1 to Germany

  78. PROgamingAyaz Özel

    PROgamingAyaz ÖzelPäivä sitten


  79. Travis Liu

    Travis LiuPäivä sitten

    Why not London Bridge is falling down song? It's always been a classic on this channel

  80. Judy Chen

    Judy ChenPäivä sitten


  81. The Suspect

    The SuspectPäivä sitten

    Kante's slip was funnier than gerrard's one

  82. Ratatatt

    RatatattPäivä sitten

    I get the circus font throughout the main cartoon but why at the first screen? (where it says “this ****** cartoon is not made for kids”)


    MØ YASSIRPäivä sitten

    I feel bad that kante slipped even though it benefited us(as man utd) in the league table

  84. Nikolai Mathiesen

    Nikolai MathiesenPäivä sitten

    Christensen is number 4

  85. Jakub Zagrodzki

    Jakub ZagrodzkiPäivä sitten

    Arsenal is so meme. Like to agree

  86. Pruga u srcu

    Pruga u srcuPäivä sitten

    I think that even Lovren alone is better than Arsenal's defence.😂

  87. xzord169 4

    xzord169 4Päivä sitten

    Assists mustafi : 1 Allison :1 ozil : 0

  88. Chris Johnson

    Chris JohnsonPäivä sitten

    Gerrard must be like karma

  89. Zifou Mz

    Zifou MzPäivä sitten

    I love it

  90. ShadowNico Bico

    ShadowNico BicoPäivä sitten

    David Luiz is an arse from Arsenal

  91. Paulo Dyballer

    Paulo DyballerPäivä sitten


  92. Poyraz Özbanazı

    Poyraz ÖzbanazıPäivä sitten

    Gerrard finally get his revenge

  93. DMC 123

    DMC 123Päivä sitten

    Kante’s slip was some how funnier than Cavani’s hair 😂

  94. Rishi Rishiforce

    Rishi RishiforcePäivä sitten

    How dare you..the real chuckle brother is phil jones and chris smalling..dumbass

  95. kevaughn james

    kevaughn jamesPäivä sitten

    Kepa needs some competition for the starting 11 at Chelsea.

  96. Petr Moravec

    Petr MoravecPäivä sitten

    Bellerin was announced as man of the match. 💪 Tekeers! 😄

  97. lol coppa

    lol coppaPäivä sitten

    who getting relegated *like for man united* *commet for arsenal*

  98. Scott White

    Scott WhitePäivä sitten

    Kantes slip was as funny as unai emerys managing

  99. Lowie Janssen

    Lowie JanssenPäivä sitten

    Why do you make cartoons About teams that are in 10th place 442oons

  100. ALPHA MALE 69

    ALPHA MALE 69Päivä sitten

    n'golo gerrard