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r/Tinder I AM CAT

r/Tinder I AM CAT

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r/Facepalm What could go wrong?
  1. Never Mind

    Never MindPäivä sitten

    as a professional photographer, the second one triggered my fight or flight

  2. Existential Nathan

    Existential NathanPäivä sitten

    “This person is a fucking-“ *COMMERCIAL*

  3. Luana Gacha

    Luana GachaPäivä sitten

    Not directly entitled kid and the story is from my mom. Little background: my mom is a teacher on a school for adults who are going to be people watching over the kids at the daycare or something similar (forgot the English word) so she teaches German (it takes place in Germany) and art. One year she has a normal class. Exept for that one man. He's in his early 40s (remember I said for adults? Most of them are 18-29) he already worked on a daycare,but more like a trainee and now he's there to become a professional educator(?) For a daycare. Turns out, he's pretty bad in nearly every subject. I'm not talking about C's, I'm talking about he was failing so hard,that he didn't even really needed to take the final exam, because it was clear,that he won't make it. My mom and some other teachers of him told him pretty soon,that he needed to do something to get better so he won't fail. He didn't do anything. So he's taking the final exam anyways and,who guessed it? He failed! A few weeks go by until the school gets a letter. From a lawyer. The lawyer is from that man and his dad. They hired a lawyer to sue the teachers for letting him fail. My mom then had to write down his behavior in class from every single period and why she gave him the grade she gave him. And she had to write down the whole 6 hours they had for writing the exam. She wasn't happy. Same things with her colleagues. He lost the case in the end. That's an entitled grown up, asking his dad to sue the school because he's failing. I don't think he got a job after that

  4. Maria Kennedy

    Maria KennedyPäivä sitten

    "Did anyone else imagine piccolo from dbz carrying bags angrily" *yes*

  5. Existential Nathan

    Existential NathanPäivä sitten

    “This person is a fucking-“ *COMMERCIAL*

  6. Chrono Rcade

    Chrono RcadePäivä sitten

    Sooooo... anyone mind explaining to me WHY exactly this Karen was screeching like a banshee?

  7. alert death gun

    alert death gunPäivä sitten

    Do Noah get the boat

  8. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarPäivä sitten

    The calling of my people used by a person like that makes me want to brush my teeth with mint orange toothpaste

  9. AlpinaFlyer

    AlpinaFlyerPäivä sitten

    Didn’t even know the title and assumed it involved vaccine lifespan

  10. Pone Ana Lisa

    Pone Ana LisaPäivä sitten

    I love you

  11. Tech Help Portal

    Tech Help PortalPäivä sitten

    R slash=👍 T2S reddit channels 👎

  12. J P

    J PPäivä sitten

    10:40 It's that time again, it's time for... Karen Watchers! (rights reserved)

  13. Mario Scenic vids and dogs

    Mario Scenic vids and dogsPäivä sitten

    My grand parents are hyper Christian I can’t even say god without them yelling at me I love them but I hate them also

  14. Siggie

    SiggiePäivä sitten

    The plumbing story is funny I am at this moment digging out a sewer !!..Ohhh I wish I can share videos...omg the video I have will make you puke !!!

  15. Dragon of darkness _

    Dragon of darkness _Päivä sitten

    I just did math and realized that the person in the first story’s first day working there was 27 years ago

  16. Lexipy

    LexipyPäivä sitten

    Nice click bait title and image. "How I got $75,000 By Saying "OK"" That does not line up with the story at all.

  17. MoonFlux

    MoonFluxPäivä sitten

    I hope the story about the Marine Vet is the one where he gets revenge from the grave!

  18. toga himiko

    toga himikoPäivä sitten

    Bruh you can see bobs for free on the internet wtf you harassing someone for

  19. Joseph Burton

    Joseph BurtonPäivä sitten


  20. Black Kittie Lixie

    Black Kittie LixiePäivä sitten

    The first story reminded me of a story my husband told me about his last marriage. She punched him in the face while he was sleeping in the middle of the night because SHE had a dream that he was cheating on her. Also, she was cheating on him.

  21. Karen Lloyd

    Karen LloydPäivä sitten

    I give a penny

  22. ImmortalTrickster17

    ImmortalTrickster17Päivä sitten

    She literally treated a simple request like it was sexual harassment, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  23. sub to pewdiepie

    sub to pewdiepiePäivä sitten

    Can you cover r/supernovarevenge It's more extreme than nuclearrevenge

  24. Nicolas P. Cage

    Nicolas P. CagePäivä sitten

    The assumption about the construction equipment is false. The human labor would be dozens or hundreds of times more expensive. The machine can do the labor in hours what would take days or weeks to do by hand. That's reddit for ya tho.

  25. Volkl Futsal !

    Volkl Futsal !Päivä sitten

    0:26 26th may is my birthday lol

  26. Alexandria Taylor

    Alexandria TaylorPäivä sitten

    All of these people, when asking to buy things for a lower price, do the same shit: •Ask for a much lower price, then play the guilt trip like "their son has cancer" or "they're a single mom" •Say that the person selling the item doesn't even need the money as much as they do or that the seller is just being greedy •Start cursing at the seller when they stand their ground usually resulting in a hollow threat like "I'll report you" or "I'm blocking you" •Then there are those that actually have the audacity to try to be nice after cursing up a storm If you are one of these people, please do not reproduce.

  27. darkwaterentertianme

    darkwaterentertianmePäivä sitten

    TBH the bear one shouldn't be on there it was just miscommunication.. TBH even the funny lady voice you did for it didn't fit it lol

  28. Robert Boudreau

    Robert BoudreauPäivä sitten

    What a douchebag,

  29. Observing Rogue

    Observing RoguePäivä sitten

    I'm a MGTOW, so I don't want to date anyone, and just focus on my career. And I'm an Anarcho-Capitalist, so I hate & distrust police and government. But I'm still curious, as what is the acceptable way that cop could have asked out that girl, without doing the creepy, messed up way he did. Would it have been acceptable, if he just went back to the house, in the afternoon, ask to speak with her, introduce himself as the cop that was there previously on that call, then say, he would like to go on a date with her, to get to know each other better, under better circumstances. Would that have been ok? Would it have been better if he did that, in normal cloths, or in uniform with his hat held on his chest? And if she wasn't home, or the dad wouldn't let him speak to her. Then should he just leave his number with the dad, and let the dad decide for her? Should he come back a different day & time, to speak to her directly? Should he ask the dad if they can hang out sometime, so he & the dad can get to know each other better, which won't guarantee the dad still won't try to keep them apart, when it should be her choice who she goes out with? I'm genuinely curious, what the best alternative could have been, to what that cop did. And should he have tried to be with her at all? Should how they first met, destroy any chance of them going out? Seriously asking.

  30. RiorXD

    RiorXDPäivä sitten

    They didnt get 75000 dollars that was just their repair bill.

  31. Booted Botter

    Booted BotterPäivä sitten

    karen: I can take better care of this dog then you OP: *pulls out police's card karen: *insert music here* RUN

  32. Maniura

    ManiuraPäivä sitten

    That kid is going places

  33. Colten Morrill

    Colten MorrillPäivä sitten

    I don't deserve the money.

  34. Zoey Char

    Zoey CharPäivä sitten

    “Those are native Americans...”😂😂😂 I can’t xD



    4:53. Typo

  36. The Jaguar19

    The Jaguar19Päivä sitten

    I have no idea why, but when she said that her employer wasn't complaining. I thought the story would have followed with the fact that they died in their sleep. Would have made the story completely different 15:19

  37. Mayukarx

    MayukarxPäivä sitten

    I never cried on a reddit posts video. I am actually devestaded. No story had hit me so hard like the this one about the boy... I am heartbroken

  38. XUNIN

    XUNINPäivä sitten

    These videos = will make you angry whit one reddit post

  39. Mick Wilson

    Mick WilsonPäivä sitten

    There's a simple solution block the person

  40. Ethan Griffith

    Ethan GriffithPäivä sitten

    They're not slaves they get paid have some common sense

  41. Epic Memes are epic

    Epic Memes are epicPäivä sitten

    When I die my will: I split it equal, anybody who doesn’t go to the funeral is cut from the will anybody I know was awe full to me I will write down to be cut from the will.

  42. Moto moto Child

    Moto moto ChildPäivä sitten

    Ngl you kinda sound like a more stoned @n0ob3

  43. Steve 'o

    Steve 'oPäivä sitten

    Just to be clear, none of this happened, it's just some guy reading a script.

  44. Angela Mitzner ODaniel

    Angela Mitzner ODanielPäivä sitten

    Thank you for bringing awareness to child abuse and donating money to Prevent Child Abuse America. I am an alumni for the Kappa Delta sorority. Organizing events and raising money for this organization is something we do across the nation every year. This is an important topic that I think isnt discussed a lot of the time because people just dont want to think about it. So thank you for posting this story!!!!

  45. Mya Czajkowski

    Mya CzajkowskiPäivä sitten

    “ i dead now” *CB is still texting* “never contact me again” Can’t contact a dead person on the phone now can we buddy

  46. 含羞草草莓

    含羞草草莓Päivä sitten

    my dog is an adorable yorkie But I guarantee you that if someone tried to even TOUCH him *he would loose his shit and go full anime boss battle on them*

  47. Noah James

    Noah JamesPäivä sitten

    i realize that all the r/choosingbeggers moms are "a single mother" is that a coincidence or am i thinking to hard?

  48. corvus13

    corvus13Päivä sitten

    I can't believe the hospital didn't make the caretaker turn down the music or leave.

  49. Bonefetcher Brimley

    Bonefetcher BrimleyPäivä sitten

    7:49 Good. That sister was a bitch anyway.

  50. Joren Thar

    Joren TharPäivä sitten

    I bet a certain pupper wanted to play and you had to hurry and wrote the wrong title, didn't you?

  51. Isabella Rautinen

    Isabella RautinenPäivä sitten

    10:20 reminder for me :3

  52. Corbin Universe

    Corbin UniversePäivä sitten

    I just realized that men are technically a minority. It's a miniscule amount (by a percent or 2) but technically we are

  53. Damean Bible

    Damean BiblePäivä sitten

    Can someone tell me if anything happened to the last lady???

  54. RandomGreninja

    RandomGreninjaPäivä sitten

    If I were the OP in the second story, I would take the call just so I could tell that mom to drink bleach and gouge her eyes out with a butterfly knife.

  55. Sawyer Geil

    Sawyer GeilPäivä sitten

    my dad got me a PS4 for Christmas and Santa got me a PSVR

  56. NicoMartok

    NicoMartokPäivä sitten

    Where's the marine vet? xD

  57. Michael Weskamp

    Michael WeskampPäivä sitten

    And chicken have 6 legs, because they come in sixpacks.

  58. OKpokeloser_radiohead06 B

    OKpokeloser_radiohead06 BPäivä sitten

    I’m talkin about that ps triple

  59. Michael Regan

    Michael ReganPäivä sitten

    Erm...White people didn't go to Africa and capture black people. Black people captured black people and traded them to white people. Slavery was evil, but it's a multi-racial thing, not just a white people thing. Just look at modern Arabic countries or even India, whete 10% of a billion strong population is estimated to be a slave...Today.

  60. Mick Wilson

    Mick WilsonPäivä sitten


  61. Coby Bear

    Coby BearPäivä sitten

    You should have a podcast because I listen to your vids but not watch them while doing activities! It would be so cool

  62. Josh

    JoshPäivä sitten

    Dude, it's bass as in bass guitar, rather than like the fish... Geddy Lee is the bassist/singer for Rush.

  63. Joseph Burton

    Joseph BurtonPäivä sitten

    Wow that dude is a real keeper.

  64. Schnitzeltoast

    SchnitzeltoastPäivä sitten

    Ever wondered why you cannot write braille on your phone or Computer?

  65. rSlash

    rSlashPäivä sitten

    I got todays' thumb/title mixed up with another video coming out later! Expect the story about the marine veteran in about a week! My bad :P

  66. preciousinfinity

    preciousinfinityPäivä sitten

    How can anyone think this first story is okay? If we'd heard this from the cheating wife then we'd hear a story of forbidden love, of how she didn't love her husband anymore but didn't know how to tell him, about how he invaded her privacy and then ruined her career. People can't help if they fall in love with someone other than their spouse. Yes having an affair is shitty and they should have come clean sooner, but this went way too far.

  67. Nat B

    Nat BPäivä sitten

    I will admit the guy who is covering up something on her leg flipped out too soon. He could have said simply, I don't do deals. I've been told to ask for a deal or combo packages, or any type of specials. But I have no experience in having stuff covered up.

  68. Taylor Bickel

    Taylor BickelPäivä sitten

    That parent story is something I've done to my husband before. If it's after 8 p.m. and I'm not volunteering to cook something, God invented ramen and pizza rolls for a reason.

  69. Andy B

    Andy BPäivä sitten

    I still think computers should be treated like cars. You shouldn't be allowed to operate one until you pass an examination!

  70. Rick

    RickPäivä sitten

    17:35 She would probably say, it is because off vaccinations :P

  71. Alex Sands

    Alex SandsPäivä sitten

    God damit why has that guy trying to buy the comic got to be from new Zealand he's making all of us look bad 😤😤

  72. Professor Steve

    Professor StevePäivä sitten

    so much better than the clickbait lewd thumbnails and the stupid robot voice

  73. Kelsey Buxton

    Kelsey BuxtonPäivä sitten

    Funny how all Karens have law degrees

  74. TheSmosis

    TheSmosisPäivä sitten

    so what ive learned is religion is a horrible relic of the past that needs to be abolished

  75. TheBlueJediYT

    TheBlueJediYTPäivä sitten

    Some one call keanu reaves

  76. ohnio antonio

    ohnio antonioPäivä sitten

    its okay, buddy. i was already depressed BEFORE your videos. youre good.

  77. Some Dude

    Some DudePäivä sitten

    0:22 yeah I sighned it now gimme yo money

  78. Veeleebee 2009

    Veeleebee 2009Päivä sitten

    Definite Karen

  79. IndigoSimmer

    IndigoSimmerPäivä sitten

    I’d be nice to get links to the treads. I know you used to do that but it seems like you haven’t been anymore. It’s nice to check for updates.

  80. Nicole Morales

    Nicole MoralesPäivä sitten

    Isn’t there still blockbusters in Alaska?

  81. BVB Girl1313

    BVB Girl1313Päivä sitten

    That’s like saying smelling weed makes you high

  82. thedarkness111

    thedarkness111Päivä sitten

    Honestly the homeless guy is not that unreasonable imagine trying to eat very salty food like pizza without a drink especially if you hadn't had one in a while. Gross right? I agree demanding it is kind of rude but you're talking about someone who's genuinely in need (and asking for food not money so you know it's not going on drugs or alcohol). If he was really thirsy he might have been unable to eat the pizza and therefore it would be wasted.

  83. Optimize Productions

    Optimize ProductionsPäivä sitten

    Does high school count as “work”, cuz if so- I liked!

  84. Jason

    JasonPäivä sitten

    I grew up around depressives, be free man in story #1, you need to focus on yourself. Just because someone has a problem doesn't mean it has to be yours as well.

  85. em chaffer

    em chafferPäivä sitten

    The poor girl who had the double mastectomy! What sort of Dr. (when talking about removing the equivalent of 2 bags of sugar from the OUTSIDE of a very noticeable part of someone's body) would say... "Don't worry, the scars won't be noticeable before long"!? She should have had counselling before she made the decision and again before the op! 😡

  86. CassTeaElle

    CassTeaEllePäivä sitten

    So... the client was definitely entitled and rude, but $50 for a trim?? Seriously?? I would never in a million years pay that much for a haircut.

  87. White Tea and Peonies

    White Tea and PeoniesPäivä sitten

    Your CB-voice makes me want to punch something, I guess that's a compliment in this case, lol.

  88. Aiden Flame

    Aiden FlamePäivä sitten

    I knw what war vet story u were thinking of based on the descrip and have heard another youtubrr do it. I think u uploaded a future or previous audio cuz not only is the vet storu missin but its also quiiiiiite a bit short to have included it! Thr last person i heard read it was like one huge 25-30min story i believe. Its a ride!! I cant wait to here u read it to! Especially here u comment and laugh (dude its hilarious i hope theres puppy or laugh bloopers in it at the end!) I will post this here and in main comments <3

  89. Xxthe reaper gamer

    Xxthe reaper gamerPäivä sitten


  90. Mercy Corn

    Mercy CornPäivä sitten

    1:41 hope that bear likes salt cause he's gonna get one salty of a meal today

  91. Crysta McHenry

    Crysta McHenryPäivä sitten

    My dog’s name is Aria, and my mom’s is Gabby... Glad no one has ever asked us to rename them

  92. Rage Fury

    Rage FuryPäivä sitten

    Husband: Make me a sandwich! Wife: Okay. *Ties two slices of bread to her closed fist and punches him*

  93. Vitani ShadowHeart

    Vitani ShadowHeartPäivä sitten

    Where are the Puppy Bloopers?! I NEED my Puppy Bloopers!!!

  94. J D

    J DPäivä sitten

    Hey does anyone know if RSlash has a Patreon account I could subscribe to? Or is buying his Merch the only way to financially support him?

  95. kymmshi

    kymmshiPäivä sitten

    Did she say that being called by a telemarketer is worse than a being gang raped?? interesting.

  96. Leandra

    LeandraPäivä sitten

    Do you remember r/entitledparents? Yea, this is her now

  97. J D

    J DPäivä sitten

    I will probably get some flak for this... but I’m not a fan of the shawl. Of course I would never break up with someone I cared about over it! But it still looks a little strange. Like a hipster who ran out of “original” clothing ideas. Lol

  98. Rob P

    Rob PPäivä sitten

    Is that condition called Unemployment!!! LMFAO That is Awesome, that guy is my new Hero. Lol

  99. spiritofthewolf15x

    spiritofthewolf15xPäivä sitten

    Gaston would have gotten a slap back in the day, and it would have solved MANY issues.

  100. statikreg

    statikregPäivä sitten

    Very little irritates me more than people who have kids (especially a lot of kids) and then expect sympathy for how hard it is....