The Rybka Twins
The Rybka Twins
The Rybka Twins

Hey guys! We're Sam & Teagan, twin dancers and acrobats from Australia!! We LOVE fitness, beauty & fashion, having fun and living life to the fullest! We love to inspire and be inspired! We post everything from dancing, acro & gymnastics, expectation vs reality to Vlogs, fashion and all sorts of fun challenges! We post brand new videos every THURSDAY! We hope you enjoy getting to know us and truely wouldn't be where we are today without all your support! Love Teagan & Sam xo
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The Rybka Twins

Teaching our Mum HOW to Backflip!


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Acro Gymnastics at the POOL!
Partner DANCE OFF  (Twin vs Twin)
TWIN sisters buy DREAM CAR!!!
Twins SWAP Birthday GIFTS!

Twins SWAP Birthday GIFTS!

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PRAGUE travel vlog! 😝

PRAGUE travel vlog! 😝

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Acro/gymnastics HEELS challenge!!!


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How to get the PERFECT FAKE TAN!


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Special Announcement!!!

Special Announcement!!!

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MERMAIDS in the POOL for a DAY!
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    Hi I am new to this channel I have subscribe because it is very fun and I also learn gymnastics but I am not so good I wish I was


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    I'm sure you girls are really nice and are clearly strong af. but for the love of god if you are a beginner and reading this DO NOT BEND YOUR BACK like this in your first handstands. you should first be able to hold a solid line before worrying about the contortion these two are teaching. for people who want to learn the correct form please do not hesitate to reach out.. or watch my tutorial. I was seriously shocked to see how bad this was.

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