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Here's James Rolfe's Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks on Cinemassacre. Well, except for the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray which you can get here:
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  1. Cinemassacre

    Cinemassacre7 päivää sitten

    Get the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray here:

  2. Channel X

    Channel X10 tuntia sitten

    The irony.


    VICIOUSVICTOR TEE10 tuntia sitten

    Was the PS3 Remote Recharged like a controller? Anyone....Thanks!

  4. Jeremy F

    Jeremy F14 tuntia sitten

    AppleTV has search across streaming services. iTunes on AppleTV organizes movies in a grid, not a horizontal scrolling setup. You can rent or buy movies on iTunes, and they have almost everything.

  5. Its Okay To Be White Nationalist

    Its Okay To Be White Nationalist15 tuntia sitten

    All the more reason to go to switch as sony and microsoft go woke.

  6. Álvaro

    Álvaro15 tuntia sitten

    Oh, the Iron E!

  7. Andrew

    Andrew39 minuuttia sitten

    Interesting editing choice to not have any music in the video

  8. John Smith

    John SmithTunti sitten

    All the best movies are older, they were not filmed in high definition, and you will never get high definition out of them. Blue-Ray is not needed, DVD will do just fine.

  9. Destin Butcher

    Destin ButcherTunti sitten

    Those menus are the same because you like shitty movies

  10. DavidTheWavid Animation

    DavidTheWavid AnimationTunti sitten

    So compring the best DVDs with the worst blu rays. Typical youtube nerd rant. My god, get over yourself.

  11. Spectre Designs

    Spectre Designs2 tuntia sitten

    I thought I’d watch through this and though I disagree with the title, I’d come across at least one single good point, but it was just garbage. Not a single decent reason. Was this parody?

  12. Spectre Designs

    Spectre Designs2 tuntia sitten

    “I don’t like it because whenever I play it on my game console from 2006, things don’t work like they did on DVD” “I don’t like it because I didn’t do the research into the types of editions I plan on buying” “I don’t like it because the name is stinky” “I don’t like it because the physical copy PUBLISHERS don’t put as many extras” this is so fucking dumb, I’m sorry man. Love a lot of your other videos, but this just feels like a mistimed April Fool’s Joke.

  13. Justin J. Wood

    Justin J. Wood2 tuntia sitten

    “I wish there was a way to search across all my streaming services to watch a movie” You don’t use Apple TV do you? That’s called Siri search.

  14. ray sam

    ray sam2 tuntia sitten

    4K 8K IS A JOKE

  15. teddy terral

    teddy terral4 tuntia sitten

    VUDU is the best digital movie site with the best options for organization.

  16. Kilster909

    Kilster9095 tuntia sitten

    Combining streaming services to search for a movie is a good idea. What I've been doing is searching for the movie or TV show on Google and going to the "Watch Movie" tab of the information block. There, it has a list of every service it's available on and it's easy to select one that I have and watch!

  17. Jfaiola

    Jfaiola5 tuntia sitten

    This dude must be buying the wrong blu-rays.... My blu-rays have all these things he claims are missing

  18. SharkandMinno

    SharkandMinno5 tuntia sitten

    12:15 - you can do that on the PS4

  19. NozomuYume

    NozomuYume6 tuntia sitten

    I can't agree with streaming being better. More convenient, yes, but the video is always overcompressed. For brightly-lit scenes without motion streaming is usually okay, but watch a movie with lots of action scenes with lots of dynamic range in the lighting ("Aliens" for instance) and you'll quickly see all sorts of visual artifacts. ESPECIALLY banding -- god I hate banding so much. Not to mention dark areas where the screen turns into lots of grey macroblocks like you're watching a bunch of square gravel.

  20. scj643

    scj6436 tuntia sitten

    This is why I use Linux to play my Blu Rays. No need to deal with this BS

  21. DarkLiger

    DarkLiger6 tuntia sitten

    VHS for life!

  22. aloprax

    aloprax6 tuntia sitten

    I think JVC owned VHS they just licenced it out to loads of companies

  23. Slyjuan Reviews

    Slyjuan Reviews6 tuntia sitten

    Este video es absurdo... Son boberías

  24. Justin M

    Justin M7 tuntia sitten

    yea and 4k is bullshit anyway counting vert lines pump your numbers up

  25. Thomas Mobley

    Thomas Mobley7 tuntia sitten

    Encryption is on your dvd too, and if it could have been it would have been on video tapes.

  26. Left4Cake

    Left4Cake8 tuntia sitten

    Google play is working on interating a search on there servies that searches for movies on the other servies as well... witch makes sense since there main product is the search engine.

  27. Hell Knight.

    Hell Knight.8 tuntia sitten

    You just won the crybaby award. I can tell you are a libtard.

  28. Kreyz McKormik

    Kreyz McKormik8 tuntia sitten

    I have top kind of disagree. With streaming apps like Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, Etc., theres too many options at it makes it difficult for me to decide

  29. Robert Rocheville

    Robert Rocheville9 tuntia sitten

    That's why I convert most of my stuff. Sometimes even before I even watch the disc.

  30. Ivan Cabrales

    Ivan Cabrales9 tuntia sitten

    Where did you get all those VHS tapes?

  31. Thomas Sully

    Thomas Sully9 tuntia sitten

    Pretty much everything is going to become digital in the near future no doubt about it

  32. GlowSticks

    GlowSticks10 tuntia sitten

    A lot of these concepts happen with EVERYTHING we buy. (Almost everything) Also, lets make shit more complicated then it has to be for no reason. NICE This world is shit. -_-

  33. Channel X

    Channel X10 tuntia sitten

    I love physical media.

  34. GuninGames

    GuninGames10 tuntia sitten

    Isn't funny we had cartridges in games, movies and music (i know some were tapes but they were protected by said cartridge) , went to CD's, now everyone's going back to cartridges like the SD card which is smaller and can hold even more, its funny how the "if it aint broke dont fix it" saying goes

  35. Josh Abatecola

    Josh Abatecola10 tuntia sitten

    "I'd at least like to know when the title is expiring" Hulu has an expiring menu. If anything on your list is going away soon, it'll show up on the expiring list if you check it. Of course, it doesn't say HOW soon it's going away.

  36. ZeroNumerous

    ZeroNumerous10 tuntia sitten

    "Physical media isn't really physical if you have to connect to the internet." Welcome to gaming. We've been complaining about it for years.

  37. Josh Abatecola

    Josh Abatecola10 tuntia sitten

    beating off to this rn

  38. Jack Alter

    Jack Alter11 tuntia sitten

    Damn I'm not going to lie I kind of got annoyed when I saw this title, because I thought it was just going to be James' nostalgia and childhood kicking in, but watching it, he made some very very good points!!!!!

  39. CapnPicard

    CapnPicard11 tuntia sitten

    Nice james,. Nice. lol

  40. Lukkern

    Lukkern11 tuntia sitten

    The absolute best streaming option at the time is the movie selection from apple, because they very often have bonus features, and you still feel like it’s semi physical. I really recommend it!

  41. buttguy

    buttguy11 tuntia sitten

    Roku used to let you search ALL the apps for a release. Was super convenient and a lot of the time I'd find stuff on some weird app I never used that I didn't even expect to exist. Now we have an Apple TV and that functionality, as far as I can tell, is completely absent. Perfect example of stuff getting worse as it gets better.

  42. WookieCookiee

    WookieCookiee11 tuntia sitten

    MakeMKV is an awesome software tool to convert your Blue-rays into digital files. From there organizing your media kinda depends on you but there are apps like Plex & Jellyfin that give you your own personal server experience where you can basically make your own personal Netflix with all your media. Only thing to consider is storage space because uncompressed Blu-rays take up space pretty quick.

  43. Joshua Sinclair

    Joshua Sinclair12 tuntia sitten

    I agree

  44. Jason Germany

    Jason Germany12 tuntia sitten

    No issue with the menus I’m not there to see a menu I want to see a movie, that’s not even a legit complaint. I mean how’s that amazon streaming menu and special features going for you? Lot of operator error in this video. Every complaint sounds like “get off my lawn”.

  45. The Name's Nathan

    The Name's Nathan12 tuntia sitten

    I'm disappointed he didn't mention some collectors editions like arrow video, standard criterions and Eureka, they don't include commercials and are full of special features and alternate versions of the movies

  46. Super Gaming

    Super Gaming12 tuntia sitten

    Want then what are the blue ray disk that have that are blue

  47. Joshua Kish

    Joshua Kish12 tuntia sitten

    Look at PLEX

  48. Carl Clausewitz

    Carl Clausewitz12 tuntia sitten

    I usually watch DVD anyway, because most people have a way to watch DVD. Not so much with Blue-Ray.

  49. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    DuckTalesWooHoo198712 tuntia sitten

    I used to get super pumped to see what Special Features were gonna be on dvd's. The Disney Vault releases were awesome too because they would have tons of documentaries on them about the creation of the films and chats with the 9 Old Men. I miss those days.

  50. Trevor Sabinson

    Trevor Sabinson13 tuntia sitten

    Is it bad that I jerk off to this video once or twice a day?

  51. Dija's Vid Dump

    Dija's Vid Dump13 tuntia sitten

    Man, it always really hurts to see that James knows nothing about technology...

  52. Super Nerd Land

    Super Nerd Land13 tuntia sitten

    Half of your complaints seem like they would be solved by not using a 14-year-old game console as your primary disc player lol

  53. Pat Nat

    Pat Nat13 tuntia sitten

    Never change James

  54. Xman80888

    Xman8088814 tuntia sitten

    If you mean streaming Amazon Prine movies that you haven't bought your best bet is to get the app on your phone find the movie you want and cast it to your tv.

  55. Jose G

    Jose G14 tuntia sitten

    I haven't seen a trailer in ages.

  56. Adam Larson

    Adam Larson14 tuntia sitten

    Blu has to do with color of laser, even though it's in the violet ramge

  57. agentst0ne

    agentst0ne14 tuntia sitten

    basically it is set up a Plex server and burn tons of time ripping media. need a NTSC tuner device + VHS player to rip VHS and lots of time.


    FOXDUDE15 tuntia sitten

    The DVD menu for The Mummy was so cool.

  59. DragonboxCollectables

    DragonboxCollectables15 tuntia sitten

    Archive physical to MP4!! Flashdrive movies!

  60. Tyler Mountain

    Tyler Mountain15 tuntia sitten

    Based VHS

  61. The Vman

    The Vman15 tuntia sitten

    This is just nitpicking shit lol

  62. Tyler Mountain

    Tyler Mountain15 tuntia sitten

    #8: did they really

  63. shlomo shlomowitz

    shlomo shlomowitz15 tuntia sitten

    If you Google a movie Google will tell you what streaming service it is on

  64. bryede

    bryede16 tuntia sitten

    Sony used to be awesome, but they've been an oppressive crap company for a long time.

  65. bryede

    bryede8 tuntia sitten

    @John Smith Well then rock on.

  66. John Smith

    John Smith9 tuntia sitten

    @bryede None of this applies to me.

  67. bryede

    bryede9 tuntia sitten

    @John Smith Mostly as a paranoid media company, going so far as to embed rootkits on their CDs so they'd secretly install software and phone home without the customer's knowledge. Once they were discovered, they offered a removal tool but they wanted your personal information before you could download it. Their electronics used to be second to none, but became failure-prone plastic junk over time. They're just a company that got too big.

  68. John Smith

    John Smith9 tuntia sitten

    *enjoying my blurays and Playstation games* I'm so oppressed.

  69. WickWah

    WickWah16 tuntia sitten

    And now when you pick up a dvd box set, you generally end up with cardboard sleeves. Which SCRATCHES the damn discs when removing them. 😑

  70. Dorio dos Santos

    Dorio dos Santos16 tuntia sitten rather enjoy my 1080p and 4K than DVD's 480i or 480p....