The Ending Of 'Parasite' Explained | Pop Culture Decoded

A review and breakdown of the ending to ‘Parasite,’ the Korean thriller that everyone’s talking about. We analyze all the messaging, symbolism, social commentary, and hidden meanings packed into the film’s ending, and dissect what it all means. Find out what director Bong Joon-ho is really saying in those last few scenes about themes ranging from class to climate change.
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The Ending Of 'Parasite' Explained | Pop Culture Decoded


  1. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Jeremiah Fernandez26 minuuttia sitten

    the flood scene really hit home for me

  2. Simran Nissa

    Simran Nissa2 tuntia sitten

    just a thought... things wouldn't have been too bad if people realised the importance of what they had,were a lil compassionate and empathetic... compassion and empathy dosent have to come with class/money...the film should also be viewed as an individual People are so blinded and unkind and ungrateful for what they have...for the kims their greed took away their happiness...for.the parks their money which blinded their basic humanity ... the kims(son nd daughter) could have just taken away their job... without basically snatching away every other persons job living in the house...eventually their wrong doing didn't do them any good... I understand the perspective of the film...but it can be viewed from a lot many perspectives...can be analysed and maybe used as a wake-up call for people for perhaps a lil empathy to say the least....(I always hope and wish that art pieces like this actually evoke questions and awareness)

  3. sreelatha chalamkuri

    sreelatha chalamkuri3 tuntia sitten

    where can i watch this?

  4. CrabTastingMan

    CrabTastingMan3 tuntia sitten

    *The "nice" rich woman was hinted to have been a commoner too. She's phony, through and through.* 1. When Mr. Park mentions there is an odd smell in the living room like a subway smell, Mrs. Park just brushes it off saying she "hasn't been on a train in so long" and "doesn't remember the smell." 2. Also, unlike Mr. Park, a truly rich man, she puts a lot of faux-foreign slang (imagine an English-speaker throwing French words in) to sound sophisticated and is all around ditzy, showing that she doesn't actually know how to act like a rich person, because she wasn't born into it. 3. When the camping trip was cancelled due to rain, she phones Mrs. Kim to prepare bean-paste instant noodles because its some popular thing among kids nowadays. But the kids are not in the mood to even lighten up to a snack, so she is the only person who ends up eating it very hungrily, and empties the pot as if she is adverse to the idea of wasting food. She tells Mrs. Kim to chop up some expensive top grade beef to put in it, as if that would suddenly make instant noodles into fine dining. 4. She tells Ki-woo she packed extra bills into the envelope for his private tutoring, claiming she "decided to put more in than the previous tutor," but right before that we see her secretly hesitate and takes a few bills out. A real rich person would not be so stingy, you know what I mean? And she puts up appearances like she is totally giving and nice about it. 4b. The director says the kitchen trashcan for that hot-sauce Tuberculosis fakeout was $2,500 premium wastebin with an expensive totally silent foot pedal. The epitome of excess. She can spare to spend 1000s on a crap basket for her house but sheds bills when she has to give money to someone for just payment? 5. When Ki-woo first arrives and shows her his credentials she has no eye for them. I also read that some details in the papers are plain wrong, but she apparently is too dumb to notice.

  5. Dipro Prattoy

    Dipro Prattoy5 tuntia sitten

    im left in thoughts

  6. Landhaus Idyll

    Landhaus Idyll5 tuntia sitten

    One of the best film I've ever seen!

  7. Kiều Anh

    Kiều Anh5 tuntia sitten

    oscar pls

  8. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorer6 tuntia sitten

    This is soooo crazy! I just watched Parasite, now it’s on my recommendations

  9. Leo Lora

    Leo Lora8 tuntia sitten

    The saddest, most mindblowing aspect of the movie is towards the end, where the son writes to his dad starting with “I have a plan..” and proceeds to elaborating his plans on getting his dad out. But more than halfway through the movie they had a conversation at the evacuation center where the father gave him only one advice: “Only one plan ever works out: no plan at all.” And that hit me in the saddest way because we know the son will be working really hard and will be planning hard to get his father out but we know that his dad was right. His plan will never work out.

  10. Mr Meme

    Mr Meme9 tuntia sitten

    I can’t watch so spoilers are for me

  11. Xavage

    Xavage9 tuntia sitten

    While watching this movie, i feel like watching bad genius all over again

  12. sarah m

    sarah m11 tuntia sitten

    I just watched it at the cinema, it was freaking creepy but funny at the same time? , and mostly it was sad from the beginning to the ending, the scene that left me shocked the most was when the maid entered the basement to see her husband, I didn't see this one coming, and the scene where the husband in the basement was pressing the light switch with head was just weird and shocking, the movie in general was nice, really liked the plot twist at the middle of the movie, it was really worth it, a good movie and I recommend everyone to see it

  13. Kitahara Iori

    Kitahara Iori14 tuntia sitten

    Whooops wrong anime..... Wait what?

  14. Karibe Madhura

    Karibe Madhura15 tuntia sitten

    Ending explained? *FoundFlix wants to know your location*

  15. William Yu

    William Yu15 tuntia sitten

    6:04 He didn't bring down the rock for peace offering lmao. The director said he brought that rock down to kill the husband downstaris, but it backfired on him.

  16. Reel Life

    Reel Life17 tuntia sitten

    I watched a few ending explained and this video is by far the best. The analysis is spot on! Great job.

  17. Brain Trope

    Brain Trope18 tuntia sitten

    I hate that the incredibly creepy scene of the man in the basement peeking over the stairs was ruined for me. Other people in the theatre laughed at it, and I couldn’t help but be taken out of the movie. I definitely would’ve been much more scared if that didn’t happen 😕


    JJANG JJANG MAN BBONG BBONG20 tuntia sitten


  19. Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson20 tuntia sitten

    Its the Eloi vs the Morlocks. Brilliant

  20. xingforyou 24

    xingforyou 2421 tunti sitten

    I liked the interpretation that the father took that man's place in the basement as a symbol of a never-ending cycle of poverty, but it also got me thinking about him choosing to go there. I was wondering if his choice is the representation of lower class' mental limitations that they put them selves in, or rather are put there by the higher classes to make sure that majority of lower class accept their fate and their place in this society.

  21. Omar Lance

    Omar LancePäivä sitten

    That's the most generous Comments section on FIgos ever.. so many likes!

  22. Minnie Nguyen

    Minnie NguyenPäivä sitten

    Wow I barely realized these deep hints when watching the movie

  23. Wajid Zeb

    Wajid ZebPäivä sitten

    I'm so happy to see the movie nominated for the Oscars. It deserves.

  24. Amy Good

    Amy GoodPäivä sitten

    Yawn. You lost me at "climate crisis." I loved the film... Until I heard this review saying it was all about "climate crisis." Doesn't matter how great the film is, add propaganda to it and it's just *bullshit*. Thanks for the clarification.

  25. Anamika Kumar

    Anamika KumarPäivä sitten

    One thing I didn’t understand fully was the ending for the old housekeeper, if she died in the basement then surely her dead and decomposing body would’ve been there while the dad ran to live inside it at the end? Or did someone remove her body before he went to the basement

  26. Ret /

    Ret /4 tuntia sitten

    He is the one who buried her

  27. Himma

    HimmaPäivä sitten

    The climate change part though... i just realized it

  28. Diana Frankhauser

    Diana FrankhauserPäivä sitten

    Best movie of the year. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  29. Lee Abe

    Lee AbePäivä sitten

    Thank you for this excellent review, the best I have seen yet on the movie. It really brings together all the symbolism and themes I had missed due to the density of the plot. But when you go through the director's interviews and explanations elsewhere on youtube, you start to realize that a lot of his "brilliant" use of motifs and symbolism were purely accidental and already resident in real lives of the Korean poor. Did you know that almost everything things in this movie is a cliche or direct take from Korean society and life? There's always a danger of reading too much into a film like this. The masterful use of imagery you mention here is entirely lost on the lower class Korean audience because this a direct portrayal their everyday life. Any imagery is coincidental. Koreans will see commentary rather than symbolism laden art addressing issues of classism. They will see a thriller rather than philosophical literature. Sometimes, the sensemaking we undertake is more our own making than the artist's intricate intention. If you have lived in Korea long enough, you find that the poor do actually live in cramped sunken basement apartments. Climbing endless staircases is really a fact of life in Seoul, they really do give random token gifts like the Mt rock statuary, and rich people do behave ostentaciously aloof, ridiculously callous, and oblivious to their own inhumanity. Young people's #1 job is tutoring, Lies and facades is a major issue always in the news. People really do have safe rooms, storms have recently flooded the poor out in several areas of the city. In dense cities like Seoul, the rich do fear contact with the poor like vermin. Live in Seoul, and you'll find Korean society one big farcical treasure trove of material for writing about the human condition.

  30. Teyo shariff

    Teyo shariffPäivä sitten

    No matter the reason the Kim should not have killed them

  31. Wai See Tan

    Wai See TanPäivä sitten

    Just because there's rain, it's a commentary on climate change? Really? Geez

  32. Dragoner Productions

    Dragoner ProductionsPäivä sitten

    At least it ended in a happy ending, dispite the daugter dying and all.

  33. The Guy From Across the Block

    The Guy From Across the BlockPäivä sitten

    Walking out of the theater I wanted the movie to end with the son seeing the flashing lights in the snow. This video made me appreciate the end much more.

  34. Susu's Mom does not fear ice cream

    Susu's Mom does not fear ice creamPäivä sitten

    Interestingly, there isn't much reflection of what the Kims did that had consequences to the people that they "replaced". They conned themselves into the Parks but in doing so, they had to kick out the people who were there, doing their own jobs without issues- the housekeeper and the driver. Funny thing is the father I believed asked about whether the driver was onto better pastures after they caused him to lose his job and the daughter talked about they should focus on themselves and their survival. They effectively stole the 'food' from those two people so that they can survive 'better'. It wasn't a fair way of taking someone's job but while they are enjoying their jobs, they did so by stepping on others. The same way that some rich people acquired their wealth by climbing the social ladder. As for the Parks, they didn't really do anything wrong. They treated their workers fairly by actually paying them decent salaries. There are some who wouldn't even pay their workers fairly. Yes, they do have class views and will always see their workers on a different class- that scene is very evident when the Parks' father told the Kims' father that he was paying him extra to dress up for the boy's party and reminded him that it's his job- he's not there as a friend. Resentment will always be there- the have nots will always envy and resent those that do have. And when you attempt and achieve going up the social ladder, you are even resented because you aren't staying in that social class. What this film doesn't reflect which is part of reality is when the have nots achieve the 'having piece', they will forget about the days of not having and will forget the suffering their endured and rather see it as a shameful experience.

  35. road_reader

    road_readerPäivä sitten

    Nice review but I don't like it when you put and compared other movie scene in this review. I mean US scene without spoiler warning?

  36. waranghira

    waranghiraPäivä sitten

    Damn, I thought it will be all about everyone's idea of "ending" and its narrative/plot surface level which need not be explained. Luckily unexpectedly they were referring to another, AND IT'S SO GOOD.

  37. Altantsetseg Badrakh

    Altantsetseg BadrakhPäivä sitten

    To me Parasite is a movie about a stupid and indecisive father. Through the rain and chaos poor family asks their father many times if he has any plans. But in the end he says he never had one and plans are stupid. In fact the way he and his family lives underground is because of him. That pizza scene the woman says 25 percent of boxes folded wrong and useless. Why 25? Because one of the four doing it wrong. Of course that stupid dad. The mom is different. She is a fighter. Even when the daughter stabbed the stupid father freezes because his brain never make conscious decisions immediately. Instead the mom fights for her daughter. Lesson of the film: never marry a guy with no plan. (Ps: they dont have to live super rich like the Park family. They can live just a normal house instead. And the Park family living super rich is not the reason and blame they are living underground). Just my interpretation. Wanted to share somewhere.

  38. Jeffrey Soriano

    Jeffrey SorianoPäivä sitten

    Makes you appreciate the movie more and more.

  39. Legosi

    LegosiPäivä sitten

    The scholar's rock given to Kims signifies their hopes for a better life. When the rain flooded their apartment, it can be seen floating in the sewage. It wasn't even the real thing in the first place.

  40. SamBeg StHa2

    SamBeg StHa2Päivä sitten

    Wait this is not the live action for Parasyte?

  41. chan polun

    chan polunPäivä sitten

    Dam that sewage management system in Korea fking sucks

  42. Gixxer90

    Gixxer90Päivä sitten

    On a side note not all rich folk are like the Park family!

  43. Tafreeh Man

    Tafreeh ManPäivä sitten

    disunity of working class? what u want ? The war?

  44. Li Jenny

    Li JennyPäivä sitten

    What happens of you grew up poor and then rose to wealth through hard work or success? Are you then obligated to share your wealth with the poor? Are you fine with the fact that your children will grow up with the wealth and priviledge of a 'rich kid', and probably never truly understand the sentiment of 'growing up poor'?

  45. Hanie G

    Hanie GPäivä sitten

    I’m so sad and scared and confused and depressed after watching this movie :c Amazing plot build up!

  46. for sad

    for sadPäivä sitten

    Proud that i can watch this without subtitles such an great film

  47. MisterBrauner

    MisterBraunerPäivä sitten

    I am not exploiting anyone. I am just a millionaire, because I am awesome.

  48. kuya chris

    kuya chrisPäivä sitten

    Rich filmmakers really understand poor people

  49. Yeonjun's healing

    Yeonjun's healingPäivä sitten

    Okay everyone is serious abt how the movie has deep meaning and plot but am I the only one who want kevin and da-hye to be together like I totally ship them ❤️

  50. Gabriel

    GabrielPäivä sitten

    I loved this movie. It was brilliant. It was beyond rewarding.

  51. Shucks

    ShucksPäivä sitten

    Also when Mrs.Parks is complaining, after the rainstorm in the car, she has her feet up with the bottom almost in the Dads face which is insulting in the extreme.

  52. di3g04

    di3g04Päivä sitten

    Overanalyzed disliked

  53. Hari Shankar

    Hari ShankarPäivä sitten

    This women voice over is like Google assistant

  54. Emilio Ferrer

    Emilio FerrerPäivä sitten

    Such a fantastic movie 🥰🥰🥰

  55. ADVGYM

    ADVGYMPäivä sitten

    This breakdown was fuckin brilliant

  56. Kyle Cosare

    Kyle CosarePäivä sitten

    But Kiwoo wanted to kill the people downstairs, it ain't a peace offering hahaha

  57. akcortin2

    akcortin22 päivää sitten

    Show this film on the deep South and maybe they will do voting for the party of the rich...

  58. Guto Garrote Hernandes

    Guto Garrote Hernandes2 päivää sitten

    Me before watching this video: "but the ending of Parasite doesn't need explaining, is self explanatory!" Me after watching this video: "ok, the ending doesn't need explaining, but great analysis nonetheless!"

  59. Girls Chase

    Girls Chase2 päivää sitten

    I'm really stunned that people are seeing this movie as a critique of the rich. If that was the intention of the filmmaker, they did a horrible job. All they did was make the Park family look a bit snobby and arrogant - so what? The poor family were the parasites. They got other (low-income) people fired so they could secure comfy jobs and exploited the family for their own gains. You may criticize the Park family for everything under the sun ("well they got rich by exploiting the working class!" or some Marxist drivel that makes no sense), but if the film was insulting them for anything but arrogance, they did a horrible job, since nothing they did was blameworthy. No evidence was given to make them blameworthy. Hell, Mr. Park was a pretty cool, reasonable guy. Snobby? Sure, but not a bad man at all. The wife was ditzy but so what? And the kids were just kids. All of the crimes of the poor family were their own. Blame anyone but them and you have no argument. Even from the beginning they were useless. They couldn't even fold pizza boxes correctly. If you don't contribute value, why should you get value in return? I mean, even the first tutor job was given to them, they didn't even go out and search for it. No one in that family took any initiative whatsoever except when they could pull a con-job. The ending was pretty clear - just work hard and make money. And don't murder people for thinking you smell. It takes longer, is harder, and requires discipline to become wealthy, but it can be done (inb4 some baseless bull about how all rich people inherit their money, which is literally not true. Most inherited fortunes are destroyed in 2 generations). If the worst you can say about rich people is that they're rude or snobby, well, you're a horrible judge of character and the grand irony is that most of the actors acting in this movie...are rich 😂😂😂😂 it's like Hollywood making films about "rich ppl bad" and then clapping at the end, when everyone writing the story and acting it out are precisely that which they criticize. Great movie, but almost everyone missed the point. Or if I missed the point, then the filmmakers shoulda given a better case for us to hate the Park family other than "im mad cuz u got more doll hairs than me." If someone can explain what the Park family did wrong, i'm all ears. and if u try to claim its not the park family but what they and their rich friends "represent," that's still not an argument, because if you want to make a larger point about morality, then the specific example from the criticism (the movie) needs to be so blameworthy that u can extrapolate said blameworthiness towards the entirety of that class. and the director did a spectacularly horrible job of that. funny how someone can create such a beautiful piece of art and yet not even know what it means. if u cant even mount a basic moral argument, you shouldn't be discussing your opinion about this movie

  60. moviemadness 1030

    moviemadness 10302 päivää sitten

    Once they were talking about „reduction of complex cultures“ in the context of a small boy playing indiana, i stopped taking anything they were saying aeriously

  61. Brian Boyd

    Brian Boyd2 päivää sitten

    Another excellent Korean movie. Great analysis video too. Thanks.