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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. IshyGotGame

    IshyGotGamePäivä sitten

    Why did they all jus act they were not blind dating a girl no reaction when seeing its a guy lol

  2. Hadrian Singh

    Hadrian SinghPäivä sitten

    They should have put Alissa Violet

  3. Reginald Alosio

    Reginald AlosioPäivä sitten

    *Auckland is a city in New Zealand*

  4. Reginald Alosio

    Reginald AlosioPäivä sitten

    *Why is Simon in this he has a girlfriend*

  5. V7 Heat

    V7 HeatPäivä sitten

    Bro his face in 19:26

  6. John Pepperoni

    John PepperoniPäivä sitten

    at 22:56 u can see the suspense in simons face 😂

  7. Blex Sachi

    Blex SachiPäivä sitten

    Q: do u have a name for your pp Me:Yes many but the one im choosing is 1 inch wonder

  8. Grumpy Baller

    Grumpy BallerPäivä sitten

    Hi hello I’m Paige, she said that 50 times

  9. B Mel

    B MelPäivä sitten

    “He lives with his dad”😂😂😂

  10. SamKutsmanVlogs

    SamKutsmanVlogsPäivä sitten


  11. Will Snap

    Will SnapPäivä sitten

    12:00 harry doing some deep thinking

  12. Ciaran Keyes

    Ciaran KeyesPäivä sitten

    Harry's a provo in disguise 😂🇮🇪🇮🇪

  13. Bradley Chlopas

    Bradley ChlopasPäivä sitten

    Ngl I don’t watch many sidemen videos but this was entertaining. Good job lads!

  14. Yvngold

    YvngoldPäivä sitten

    KSI : 20:55 “damn she cold” 😂 when it’s actually a guy

  15. NickDoBush

    NickDoBushPäivä sitten

    I came only for harry

  16. Celia Mb

    Celia MbPäivä sitten

    I'd pick Ethan too

  17. Stumpy!

    Stumpy!Päivä sitten

    I haven't been on this channel for 3 years. Wtf happened to Ethan? 😭😂

  18. Thomas Pettitt

    Thomas PettittPäivä sitten

    hullo i’m PAYYGe

  19. Chance

    ChancePäivä sitten

    Video ends at 18:20! Thank me later.

  20. Re FuRy

    Re FuRyPäivä sitten

    Harry is IRA tiocfaidh ar la

  21. t dog studios

    t dog studiosPäivä sitten

    Up the ra

  22. Harrison Barratt

    Harrison BarrattPäivä sitten

    Vik pulled a salty 12 year old 12:14

  23. Rosa Maguire

    Rosa MaguirePäivä sitten

    Up the ra Yes lad 26+6=1

  24. Rin Okumura

    Rin OkumuraPäivä sitten

    11:14 triggered me

  25. Said_577 Ismail

    Said_577 IsmailPäivä sitten

    This one didn’t bang like the first one ngl

  26. pluto

    plutoPäivä sitten

    why they all so rude to vik, they’ve always been like that to him it’s painful to watch🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Jam1e_ Mahnnn

    Jam1e_ MahnnnPäivä sitten

    1:57 Good man Harry 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  28. Shizzy The boss

    Shizzy The bossPäivä sitten

    i love sidmen do a tasting video

  29. Ibro

    IbroPäivä sitten

    All of dem tryna hold back their judgments of him is hilarious

  30. Joseph Devine

    Joseph DevinePäivä sitten

    Omg Harry said oh a up the raaa

  31. J Huh

    J HuhPäivä sitten

    Am I the only one who noticed how many times Harry looked back at his card to see which number he was

  32. Jack Probert

    Jack ProbertPäivä sitten

    Paige= hi, ya alright?

  33. Amani Brian

    Amani BrianPäivä sitten

    " In church?"

  34. JagiThePug

    JagiThePugPäivä sitten

    Its only the men Josh gets

  35. Amelia

    AmeliaPäivä sitten

    I’m sorry but i don’t have 29 minutes

  36. Elizabeth Coake

    Elizabeth CoakePäivä sitten

    Haha enjoyed this vid

  37. Jamie Kimani

    Jamie KimaniPäivä sitten

    The man sounded like a woman?WTF

  38. Vertical Yetti

    Vertical YettiPäivä sitten

    23:32 just look at how jj and Simon are looking at each other knowing that “girl” is a guy!!😂😂

  39. Harpzichordz

    HarpzichordzPäivä sitten

    Discount code: female Martin off Friday Night Dinner: so, any females? 😏

  40. AHReviews

    AHReviewsPäivä sitten

    No one- Absolutely no one- Sinn Féin-1:57

  41. Xanninja

    XanninjaPäivä sitten

    Simon leaned me so hard in this video, and ofc Harry

  42. Daniel O'Rourke

    Daniel O'RourkePäivä sitten

    U ah up the ra -harry 2020

  43. Hassan E.S

    Hassan E.SPäivä sitten

    22:28 lethal

  44. Mignetic

    MigneticPäivä sitten

    20:55 she’s cold

  45. Clément L'Henoret

    Clément L'HenoretPäivä sitten

    song of outro pls ?

  46. Mihail Petkoski

    Mihail PetkoskiPäivä sitten

    The day Ethan got a girlfreind better looking than Faze Banks ex

  47. Tasnim Khan

    Tasnim KhanPäivä sitten


  48. Brin_K_desh

    Brin_K_deshPäivä sitten

    Why does josh remind me of hotchner from criminal minds

  49. Pa Crem

    Pa CremPäivä sitten

    Harry: Uh ah up the ra

  50. 1K Subscribers with 0 videos

    1K Subscribers with 0 videosPäivä sitten

    These ideas the Sidemen should definetly consider: 1) Murder Mystery 2) (MoreSidemen) 3) Road Trip (One vehicle for more chaos) 4) Sidemen Escape Room 5) Apprentice (Josh as Sugar) 6) Talent Show 7) Fear Factor 8) Prank wars 9) Geoguessor irl 10) Show & Tell 11) Ninja Warrior 12) Who can get as far from a point with no cash 13) Paintball 14) Airsoft 15)Rap Battle 16) First one to certain * place * or * country * 17) Sidemen Fifa 2020 Tournament (MoreSidemen) 18) Sumo Basketball 19) Camping trip 20)Sidemen Kitchens hell (Phil as Ramsay?) Like so your mom can see this.

  51. Amy Jane

    Amy JanePäivä sitten

    What is a pink apple? Is that a genuine question 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  52. CutePinkPanda

    CutePinkPandaPäivä sitten

    Who else though it was Harrys sister in the thumbnail

  53. James Wilson

    James WilsonPäivä sitten

    Who else thinks Miniminter looks like a young Mario Mandzukic 😂😂

  54. SaintsBlasterTV

    SaintsBlasterTVPäivä sitten


  55. Rory Quinn

    Rory QuinnPäivä sitten

    I always knew Harry with the Sinn Fein

  56. Villa Till I Die

    Villa Till I DiePäivä sitten

    We want the roast of the sidemen 2

  57. Rotten

    RottenPäivä sitten

    So nobody is going to talk about Vikk’s mom joke?

  58. Gavin and Adrian PRIME

    Gavin and Adrian PRIMEPäivä sitten

    She said she doesn’t want bath, Harry won

  59. Leander Cowie

    Leander CowiePäivä sitten

    yay jj was awake

  60. craig h

    craig hPäivä sitten

    SDMN 10 MIL