Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!


  1. alex silva

    alex silva5 tuntia sitten

    ethan needs to respect his guests a lot more lol

  2. Faiyaz Kashfi Rian

    Faiyaz Kashfi Rian6 tuntia sitten

    Damn this guy got slandered so damn hard and had his words misconstrued so damn hard.

  3. Neptune Ramen

    Neptune Ramen6 tuntia sitten

    good episode but it feels like sometimes Ethan isn't listening to the guest when he says things....he does that cathy newman shit ''so what you meant was'' or ''so you're saying'' its like cmon man lol you are asking him if he said something you read off some bullshit article online and he's told you no he didn't say that its not hard to understand that....repeating the question in a different way isn't going to change his answer its a little stupid.

  4. Awai

    Awai7 tuntia sitten

    Papa is so charming. Awe he's so nice~ I dunno I have a feeling he wouldn't even hurt a fly xD

  5. Arnvlm

    Arnvlm7 tuntia sitten

    Make Papa John Great Again

  6. Awai

    Awai7 tuntia sitten

    I wish I took a pic of the pizza I got last time, because it didn't even rise. It was flat and the crust was literally tasteless and SOOOOOOO dry. I've noticed the pizza change so drastically because Papa John's was my fave pizza place and now I have to find a new fave :c

  7. Bradley H.

    Bradley H.7 tuntia sitten

    What does he do now?

  8. G W

    G W7 tuntia sitten

    gherbos music is trash

  9. Bradley H.

    Bradley H.7 tuntia sitten

    I felt like that divorce question was a personal

  10. Dog Bless

    Dog Bless8 tuntia sitten

    God damn now I want some pizza

  11. Pickled Anxiety

    Pickled Anxiety8 tuntia sitten

    Ethan! Stop interrupting! I 😅🤣🤣🤣

  12. Fabio

    Fabio9 tuntia sitten

    Wow this guy can teach.

  13. Hugh Man

    Hugh Man9 tuntia sitten

    Papa Johns lip and tongue smacks outta this world. Now there's a man who eat a lot of pizza.

  14. Ty Francis

    Ty Francis10 tuntia sitten

    Papa John, first man on Earth to get Ethan to let him talk.

  15. Justin Devessia

    Justin Devessia10 tuntia sitten

    Better ingredients, better pizza, better pappa

  16. Clear Contentment

    Clear Contentment12 tuntia sitten

    Cannot miss this

  17. xBLiTZxKRiEGx

    xBLiTZxKRiEGx12 tuntia sitten

    papa john: "I've had 5 pizzas in 10 minutes, and it's not the same"

  18. xBLiTZxKRiEGx

    xBLiTZxKRiEGx12 tuntia sitten

    man papa is really in the pizza catgeory, whole ass 10 point pizza scale

  19. flyrodu

    flyrodu12 tuntia sitten

    I craved a papa johns pie for this whole episode!

  20. King Rodney

    King Rodney14 tuntia sitten

    Can someone tell me wtfs wrong with this guys eyes why does he keep pulling weird faces , guys such a creep

  21. MattH

    MattH13 tuntia sitten

    King Rodney It might be a tick of his, could be wrong though. Always wondered the same thing.

  22. Jon yung one

    Jon yung one14 tuntia sitten

    Papa Caesar

  23. Adrian Haugo Berg

    Adrian Haugo Berg15 tuntia sitten

    Was smiling the whole time😊😁

  24. Regular Guy

    Regular Guy16 tuntia sitten

    Watching this reminds me why I stopped watching H3H3. Ethan has no ability to stop being a clown.

  25. Wamfel

    Wamfel18 tuntia sitten

    Marker 41:32

  26. SouLvuR

    SouLvuR18 tuntia sitten

    Gokanaru > h3h3

  27. Nadia Coffey

    Nadia Coffey18 tuntia sitten

    If Papa Johns takes away the garlic butter I’ll never eat their pizza again. That butter makes their pizza.

  28. GamerGuy51

    GamerGuy5119 tuntia sitten

    Get him on Joe Rogan!

  29. Lord Cabbage

    Lord Cabbage20 tuntia sitten

    Last quarter of the video where Ethans chewing into the mic is a fucking nightmare.

  30. MattH

    MattH20 tuntia sitten

    He’s low tech, high pizza

  31. Jude Furr

    Jude Furr20 tuntia sitten

    Lmao FIgos captions suck so bad it's a natural disaster

  32. Josh Wendler

    Josh Wendler20 tuntia sitten

    1:27:27 he's at it again fire him a second time!

  33. Dust !

    Dust !20 tuntia sitten

    I really like this man. Handsome af for more then just his looks.

  34. LJrock

    LJrock21 tunti sitten

    Restore Papa!

  35. Tee Riff

    Tee Riff21 tunti sitten

    I feel both presenters do hard drugs. If you know what to look for there's a few signs that indicate yes.


    THEREDBARON77721 tunti sitten

    Ethan, practice interviewing off camera, or look at Joe Rogan clips. Interrupting is not always preventable but damn... You need to realize the guest is the center of attention. Joe messes up too but he generally let's the guest speak what is on their mind.

  37. Funkmeister

    Funkmeister23 tuntia sitten

    Got myself a nice Papa John's pie and a sodi pop and ready for this interview

  38. Jiggelmeister

    Jiggelmeister23 tuntia sitten

    I think Ethan was willing to play the fool a little to let Papa shine

  39. Nolan Burke

    Nolan BurkePäivä sitten


  40. WikStröM

    WikStröMPäivä sitten

    This is one of my favorite episodes! Huge props to Papa! Papa bless!

  41. Selairium

    SelairiumPäivä sitten

    IT HAPPENED Papa Bless

  42. James Miller

    James MillerPäivä sitten

    Ethan was by far the worst part of this interview.

  43. meatmxn

    meatmxnPäivä sitten

    i feel like papa johns is more of a dunkey thing

  44. MLR97

    MLR97Päivä sitten


  45. Matt Moran

    Matt MoranPäivä sitten

    Still wearing eye liner

  46. clickallnight

    clickallnightPäivä sitten

    Genius move having him rate pizzas. You get to see who he really is

  47. GuyRami

    GuyRamiPäivä sitten

    That recording is fucked!

  48. Derek Howle

    Derek HowlePäivä sitten

    hes's such a wholesome dude, idk why ethan is asking such tagerting questions jfc

  49. William Galindo

    William GalindoPäivä sitten

    This is a great interview with a really interesting man. You guys did an amazing job!

  50. Ladilyly

    LadilylyPäivä sitten

    Papa was SHOOK when Dan came in and ruined the podcast 😂

  51. GotPoop WeScoop

    GotPoop WeScoopPäivä sitten

    I can’t believe he said chinks, what a racist Sarcasm

  52. killervacuum

    killervacuumPäivä sitten

    54:49 ethans brain breaks when it finally sinks in he is sitting in front of THE papa

  53. Justin Palmer

    Justin PalmerPäivä sitten

    Papa: *is rating pizza and explaining why. Ethan:"CHEERS"

  54. MiDSLiME

    MiDSLiMEPäivä sitten

    ethan is like a kid in a candy shop this is the crux

  55. Hush3d Hustla

    Hush3d HustlaPäivä sitten

    i fucking love papa now that I've really got to know him

  56. Demorthus

    DemorthusPäivä sitten

    I'll be damned, he really is a down to earth guy. Most people with his wealth aren't as polite, articulate, or even humble in the least. Although dodging some questions for obvious purposes (privacy; not your business who he's dating or not unless HE wants to share.). Pays attention to everyone & listens carefully. Most of all, CARES about the people that work(ed) for him even when the corporate "geniuses" kicked him out. THAT'S the kind of dude I can rally behind and work with.

  57. Derek Fendrock

    Derek FendrockPäivä sitten

    I love Ethan to death but I can only get through ten minutes at a time with how much he interrupts. He needs to chill the fuck out.

  58. GarfialNO

    GarfialNOPäivä sitten

    I thought this was actually a great interview. Lots of people are harping that Ethan is a “terrible interviewer”. He has his own style that isn’t as overly formal like the typical late night show host. He’s a personality, and yeah sometimes it might take the guest by surprise at times but that’s what sets his podcast apart. I think overall the guests usually leave happy and he gets answers to the more off beat questions that make the show more interesting.

  59. Bob ShitDickSam

    Bob ShitDickSamPäivä sitten

    You guys gotta understand, shareholders constantly are wanting max profits I.E Cheaper indigents and make their francisee's pay huge mark ups for those cheap ass ingredients, I guarantee you Papa john was standing in their way of maximizing profits. He probably said no instead of paying $.15cents per pound of cheese we're paying $.25cents for the better stuff and im not gonna let you charge them 10x what we pay for it. 2x is good enough. you can easily squeeze $30billion out of a Tightly ran $2bill company

  60. David Mcgary

    David McgaryPäivä sitten

    “What do you do when you wake up in the morning and you’re not getting that rise”

  61. Bob ShitDickSam

    Bob ShitDickSamPäivä sitten

    1:31:25 turn on CC.