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Officers and firefighters respond to a house fire that was started by the home owner's ex-boyfriend in this clip from "11.29.19". #LivePD
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  1. A&E

    A&EUukausi sitten

    Watch new episodes of Live PD Fridays and Saturdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at

  2. OurStory

    OurStoryUukausi sitten

    Can we get the updates on stories like these?

  3. Thot Exterminator

    Thot ExterminatorUukausi sitten

    wisconsindabber YEESSSSS

  4. wisconsindabber

    wisconsindabberUukausi sitten

    Need a update what happened

  5. mrt57rn

    mrt57rnUukausi sitten

    We'll need an update on this one.

  6. Pheel Macababe

    Pheel MacababeUukausi sitten

    lets definitely get a follow up on this !! very interesting

  7. Wotan Hate Machine

    Wotan Hate Machine3 päivää sitten

    Well, that's a loser statement.

  8. HallowedBeThyMelancholy

    HallowedBeThyMelancholy3 päivää sitten

    Those poor fur babies. :( I hope animal abuse charges were added to the guy's arson charges.

  9. Mario Peak

    Mario Peak8 päivää sitten

    That’s torible

  10. the one and only

    the one and only9 päivää sitten

    How appropriate, her dogs, and house were lost in the fire , and she's smoking..

  11. markyncole

    markyncole16 päivää sitten

    Ladies,he's single now.

  12. cc 477tiger

    cc 477tiger18 päivää sitten

    ⁉️ Ummmm WTF where is the full story ⁉️

  13. Josh R

    Josh R19 päivää sitten

    This cop has a way of saying "that's horrible" that sounds indistinguishable from "I don't really care".

  14. Mike Bastoni

    Mike Bastoni19 päivää sitten

    This sad very sad 😢😢

  15. Yuriy Pono

    Yuriy Pono23 päivää sitten

    Now everyone wants to know what happened

  16. hit4beat

    hit4beat23 päivää sitten

    Terrible + Horrible = Torrible

  17. Viva Vegas

    Viva Vegas24 päivää sitten

    The dude that lit the fire would be a dead man

  18. Simon BBX

    Simon BBX25 päivää sitten

    This is very sad and RIP those poor aninals....

  19. darkmann d

    darkmann d25 päivää sitten

    So they gone eat hotdogs that night?

  20. Lee McMullan

    Lee McMullan26 päivää sitten

    We need Live PD updates

  21. Orcaben1

    Orcaben128 päivää sitten

    why are these so short, shows practically nothing, please upload videos with more story, if not entire story.

  22. Devon Deaton

    Devon Deaton29 päivää sitten

    The ex should be waterboarded with month old urine while a torch is put to the soles of his feet everyday for at least a year if he set this fire intentionally.

  23. Sonija Curley

    Sonija CurleyUukausi sitten

    I'm invested in this story. I need a follow-up! We need to know if this butt goblin was caught! Those poor animals!

  24. OonaVaKind Art

    OonaVaKind ArtUukausi sitten

    Another evil psychopath

  25. Bri

    BriUukausi sitten

    My apartment went on fire from my elderly neighbor that fell asleep smoking 😑 luckily I was coming home from work early that day, My now fiancé was driving me home and we ran inside to take my bunnies out of the apartment. It was second nature to run into the building luckily there was no gas leaking or anything. But that’s terrible, I could only imagine the pain of a pet dying from a fire could bring 😓😭

  26. Orion Dezine

    Orion DezineUukausi sitten

    If I can’t have you then no one ever will. I said if I can’t have you then no one ever will. Lord Huron

  27. Alexis Eiland

    Alexis EilandUukausi sitten

    Those poor animals didn't deserve to die like that :/

  28. Jordane Tomczak

    Jordane TomczakUukausi sitten

    “All there animals died.... “ Says in a monotone unsympathetic voice “that’s terrible.” Y’all that was the funniest part. It’s of course not funny that they lost their animals.

  29. Sunit Parikh

    Sunit ParikhUukausi sitten

    Insane people do insane things

  30. CarWars Gaming

    CarWars GamingUukausi sitten

    Did they end up arresting the nephew? Seriously?!

  31. Shea Balden

    Shea BaldenUukausi sitten

    please tell me the cousin wasn't actually arrested... good grief. prayers up to the family. we had a fire in my house last month and it is not something I'd wish on anyone

  32. backoff

    backoffUukausi sitten

    That title is terrifying.

  33. Compose

    ComposeUukausi sitten

    Id kill that guy omm

  34. prettymuchbangtan

    prettymuchbangtanUukausi sitten

    These cops don't know how to handle trauma, jesus

  35. Vermi Hax

    Vermi HaxUukausi sitten

    Awwwww poor doggies. I would be heartbroken.

  36. boston babe

    boston babeUukausi sitten

    Poor babies. He should be charged with the felony killing of those poor animals.

  37. darren stevens

    darren stevensUukausi sitten

    Every animal needs a dog door so they can get out back. Just hope they don't hide under the bed and go outside.

  38. s a m p l e t e x t

    s a m p l e t e x tUukausi sitten

    So that's it? Wish we had a follow up to this story.


    RIP YOUNG PAPPYUukausi sitten

    I woulda killed em

  40. Cracc Baby

    Cracc BabyUukausi sitten

    So... did he do it?

  41. Jennifer Scott

    Jennifer ScottUukausi sitten

    Why post this? It is 25% of a story.

  42. John Martin

    John MartinUukausi sitten

    “Detective Cox? Like cox home internet security?”

  43. John Martin

    John MartinUukausi sitten

    Why does detective cox get all the crazies

  44. hooliodevil6996

    hooliodevil6996Uukausi sitten

    Awe poor dogs! That's so sad!

  45. John Gee

    John GeeUukausi sitten

    First live pd clip that didnt have an ending to it 👌

  46. Phil Radder

    Phil RadderUukausi sitten

    Telling a woman to calm down and relax........ he must be single 😂

  47. Rafon

    RafonUukausi sitten

    am I the the only one missing "to be continued..." in the end?

  48. GrimmReality

    GrimmRealityUukausi sitten

    So these people lose everything and the pigs decide let’s cuff the victim and lock him up??? Well done dumbasses. If not for the detective letting him out the dipshit pigs would have locked him up for being upset.

  49. Sebe Christian

    Sebe ChristianUukausi sitten

    I want to see a follow up

  50. David Damron

    David DamronUukausi sitten

    love this show

  51. Blue lives matter 💙🖤💙

    Blue lives matter 💙🖤💙Uukausi sitten

    Do a follow up

  52. Melody -Mellybyte-

    Melody -Mellybyte-Uukausi sitten

    Live PD just cucked us all.

  53. Kaylie Lobe

    Kaylie LobeUukausi sitten

    I hope the dogs hid in a place where the fire didnt reach and they found them

  54. xXxCamixDeathxXx

    xXxCamixDeathxXxUukausi sitten

    That’s horrible

  55. EvanderGee

    EvanderGeeUukausi sitten

    Why even put this on here. What happened next? Ffs

  56. Garrett Johnson

    Garrett JohnsonUukausi sitten

    My apartment was on fire and my dog was in there and the cops wouldn't let me in to grab her and I about fought an officer because they wouldn't let me run in to save her. I was freaking out. Finally she ran to the door and I was so relieved. I love my little fur baby. She has PTSD from it. If I burn something on the stove and the fire alarm goes off she freaks out.

  57. Brakarot

    BrakarotUukausi sitten

    Really cops, you’re going to arrest the guy that’s grieving over the loss of his house and pets right after it happens because he’s upset. Y’all have zero empathy and compassion for the people you’re supposed to protect and serve.

  58. Tyler B

    Tyler BUukausi sitten

    They let the Nephew go lol

  59. Ice Berg

    Ice BergUukausi sitten

    Lmao some cops do not have any people skills

  60. CallMeWolf

    CallMeWolfUukausi sitten

    That's absolutely awful...

  61. Mike Twitch

    Mike TwitchUukausi sitten

    So did the nephew get released? Like wtf?

  62. Kamryn Henry

    Kamryn HenryUukausi sitten

    Awe poor pets😔

  63. NiChole Gallo

    NiChole GalloUukausi sitten

    Poor pets....I would be heart broken

  64. Versace Belt

    Versace BeltUukausi sitten

    Hey this the cop that chased the guy for like 30 miles

  65. Frank Penalver

    Frank PenalverUukausi sitten

    I haven’t watched live pd in a while and this was the first video I saw. I’m so upset by this one that I think I’ll try again tomorrow...

  66. Safa Slote

    Safa SloteUukausi sitten

    This is just so terrible. No one deserves this.