Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.


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  2. JinHit INC.

    JinHit INC.2 kuukautta sitten

    ENDER1477 o

  3. Joeybatz33

    Joeybatz332 kuukautta sitten

    Where are the damn bloopers for this!

  4. ENDER1477

    ENDER14775 kuukautta sitten

    Google sucks

  5. Marvin Tran

    Marvin Tran6 kuukautta sitten

    4:21 His “fly” is down.

  6. Adriana Sparkles

    Adriana Sparkles6 kuukautta sitten

    Comedy Central this is the best duo. Their faces say more then when they talk. So perfect.

  7. Apprentice Creater

    Apprentice Creater14 tuntia sitten

    1:37 If you see his head on the left when he says “I have to piss and I have to shit, in the toilet.” It might be funny for some people

  8. Raytheon Nublinski

    Raytheon Nublinski14 tuntia sitten

    I bet he was able to shit very quickly with all that turbulence helping his colon out.

  9. lil bunnie

    lil bunnie14 tuntia sitten

    when his outfit was soaking wet i cringed

  10. Alexander Rios Jr

    Alexander Rios Jr19 tuntia sitten

    Drax on them sklountz

  11. Alexander Rios Jr

    Alexander Rios Jr19 tuntia sitten

    “That’s why I like you, you don’t talk you just listen”

  12. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen19 tuntia sitten

    The real question here is are you sure you want to be above the toilet with turbulence.

  13. Demon Knight ツ

    Demon Knight ツ19 tuntia sitten

    But is it against the law though?

  14. Luke Gramith

    Luke Gramith19 tuntia sitten

    So thats why it took so long for him to board...

  15. Nile Khalaf

    Nile Khalaf20 tuntia sitten

    I cannot stop laughing; that was the most hilarious ever!

  16. Elfriend 23

    Elfriend 2321 tunti sitten

    Lawful chaotic at its finest

  17. Laporsha Wallace

    Laporsha WallacePäivä sitten

    The flight attendant is a witch! 😳😂

  18. Ruby Falls

    Ruby FallsPäivä sitten

    I figured he was controlling this the whole time

  19. Ryan Cottonfinch

    Ryan CottonfinchPäivä sitten

    This was the first Key and Peele sketch I ever watched.

  20. 溫原Yuan

    溫原YuanPäivä sitten

    4:00 Peele continues to stare coldly at the toilet door as the plane go crazy. (Dramatic music plays)

  21. RamZ

    RamZPäivä sitten

    😂😂😂😂 ... Unleash the KRAKEN!

  22. UK DoctorFRCS

    UK DoctorFRCSPäivä sitten

    Lmao that baby with the military cap 😂

  23. Alec Reyes

    Alec ReyesPäivä sitten

    man, these guys are brilliant. Hilarious sketch. Jordon Peele's faces are killer.

  24. Nate S

    Nate SPäivä sitten

    ahaha so good and dramatic!

  25. K Lu Quinn

    K Lu QuinnPäivä sitten

    Dat dang on wig though. He be wearing the heck outta that ugly tired thang.

  26. Gospel969

    Gospel969Päivä sitten

    The flight attendant provoked everything

  27. Brandon Wright

    Brandon WrightPäivä sitten

    I'm in tears. That was the best Kay and Pale sketch I've ever seen!

  28. george washington

    george washingtonPäivä sitten

    Me:who's watching in 2020 Everyone else: shut up no one wants to hear that Me: but is it against the law?

  29. prestococo

    prestococoPäivä sitten


  30. I make No sense

    I make No sensePäivä sitten

    Speak at lower voice *You're hurting my eardrums*

  31. •ForPeaceAndLove•

    •ForPeaceAndLove•Päivä sitten

    no turbulence people are just moving; each in his/her time and speed

  32. Pepp Boi

    Pepp BoiPäivä sitten

    Fun fact, this is after he boarded the plane. After this video the shit he took got lodged in the toilet and caused a flood, this destroying all the cockpits instruments.

  33. Sourabh Sharma

    Sourabh SharmaPäivä sitten

    Where is his blue computer bag?

  34. Dew War

    Dew WarPäivä sitten

    Funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Alexander Reinfield

    Alexander Reinfield2 päivää sitten

    Did Mark survive the crash?

  36. Anish Gurung

    Anish Gurung2 päivää sitten


  37. Chinhai Hour

    Chinhai Hour2 päivää sitten

    2:11 That shake.

  38. Gurn Blanstein

    Gurn Blanstein2 päivää sitten

    Boarding group 1

  39. Hi it's me Joker

    Hi it's me Joker2 päivää sitten

    4:50 anyone know the name of the song?

  40. The Hollanesian

    The Hollanesian2 päivää sitten

    lol just came from watching the airport boarding skit.

  41. Alex kangabam

    Alex kangabam2 päivää sitten

    So, it was not against the law it against nature

  42. chris Ez

    chris Ez2 päivää sitten

    Why they got all the lights on the cabin lmao and is it or is it not illegal to get up when the fasten seatbelt sign is on I genuinely wanna know 😂

  43. Molly Sanders

    Molly Sanders2 päivää sitten

    These are so good!!

  44. kawika dav

    kawika dav2 päivää sitten

    I want to take piss and shit. Haha

  45. Domingo The Flamingo

    Domingo The Flamingo2 päivää sitten

    Y’all stupid as hell but like a funny stupid


    THE FAT KING2 päivää sitten

    Don’t mess with mark. He commands the skies

  47. Jim Robertson

    Jim Robertson2 päivää sitten

    Bullshit ad

  48. Sumumma Bish

    Sumumma Bish2 päivää sitten

    I was really hoping for that AIRPLANE booby moment during the turbulence...

  49. Ashley Wednesday

    Ashley Wednesday2 päivää sitten

    This is really fucking funny!!!!

  50. IllumiFN

    IllumiFN2 päivää sitten

    When the passengers were screaming my captions said music💀 BTW Just reached 1k🥳

  51. М'Айк Пиздун

    М'Айк Пиздун2 päivää sitten

    1:42 the strangest ASMR I've ever heard

  52. tianh

    tianh2 päivää sitten

    after all this time, my dumbass finally connected the boarding pass skit with this one and my life is forever changed

  53. O Santiago

    O Santiago2 päivää sitten

    5:22 this dude is as cold as ice

  54. Weeb_ Trash

    Weeb_ Trash2 päivää sitten

    Is this and the boarding plane video the same?

  55. Sadia Ahmed

    Sadia Ahmed2 päivää sitten

    *is it against the law though*

  56. B Smirh

    B Smirh2 päivää sitten

    That was awesome! 😂😅🤣🤣😅😂

  57. bighenkkee

    bighenkkee3 päivää sitten

    Who here came straight from Boarding a Plane Shouldn’t Be This Hard - Key & Peele

  58. ElitexEJK

    ElitexEJK3 päivää sitten

    What happened to my guys head at 2:11😄😅😂😂😂

  59. Ryan Pius

    Ryan Pius3 päivää sitten

    Peele's impression of a MALE flight attendant is spot on.They're all gay, even if they're not gay. I have spoken.

  60. Palesa Mbele

    Palesa MbelePäivä sitten

    You said what you said

  61. Simon LuVan

    Simon LuVan3 päivää sitten

    Next time when people stop me using my phone in the movie theater I will go: But is it against the law THO?

  62. Pablo Picasso

    Pablo Picasso3 päivää sitten


  63. donald brown

    donald brown3 päivää sitten

    This is my kind of funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌞🌞

  64. Elliot York

    Elliot York3 päivää sitten

    I like that whenever he hit his head on the ceiling, he was hitting it on the seatbelt sign.

  65. Derek Handson

    Derek Handson3 päivää sitten

    Theory: Flight Attendant is telepathic

  66. Sinjin Reed

    Sinjin Reed3 päivää sitten

    You just know the Attendant was behind all of it.