John Kavanagh: Conor McGregor found his new reason to fight | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s head coach, joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss what has changed for this training camp ahead of UFC 246 vs. Donald Cerrone compared to the last one in preparation to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Kavanagh says the last few months have been incredible, adding that this version of “The Notorious” would beat the version that beat Eddie Alvarez in 2016.
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  1. hage kobin

    hage kobinUukausi sitten

    A Beautiful destruction it was indeed !

  2. heavysaxophonemusic

    heavysaxophonemusicUukausi sitten

    This man is an inanimate object containing various notes

  3. ChooChoosGaming

    ChooChoosGamingUukausi sitten

    Proof will be on saturday night

  4. TheEvilPenguinGamer

    TheEvilPenguinGamerUukausi sitten

    Since Conor knows so much about fighting that he was allowed gameplan for this fight instead of his coaches, will he be doing that for his next fight? And since he supposedly has such next level fight IQ, how did he fail so miserably against Nate Diaz, an extremely basic fighter who has been destroyed many times before by simple gameplans. Then still struggle in the rematch. And why did he get taken down by Khabib from a sloppy long distance shot in the 1st round. He wanted to wrestle I guess 'lets wrestle kid' Is that fight IQ? No. Coach Kavanagh should stop talking so much. Once he said Conor was gameplanning for this camp, its obvious this fight was fixed. Conor had the script, his coaches didn't.

  5. Shay Thiele

    Shay ThieleUukausi sitten

    I love what’s going on right now. It’s great for the sport

  6. F Posada

    F PosadaUukausi sitten

    Mcchicken wants to fight out of prime fighters. Fighters with double digit losses. And cowboy he wanted quickly since he just lost two fights via knockout. Cowboys chin is gone. Hes always been able to avoid wrestlers or in prime fighters.

  7. Jacqueline Pletscher

    Jacqueline PletscherUukausi sitten

    All a very polite way to say past drug problems

  8. dubtownman

    dubtownmanUukausi sitten

    A beautiful destruction it was..

  9. Connor Walsh

    Connor WalshUukausi sitten

    John is going to go down as one of the most intelligent coaches in history.

  10. Jess Foreveryoung

    Jess ForeveryoungUukausi sitten

    And a beautiful destruction it was. Mystic Mac is back! 👊

  11. Mutten Mong

    Mutten MongUukausi sitten

    Vasmidal is right, McGregor needs to be baptisted. Cowboy is up against the best saloon bar fighter in the world with his own brand of whisky.

  12. merctrader

    merctraderUukausi sitten

    Kavanagh- "not even last years news, last decades news"? Oh no...Oh no.... so sad how facts are attempted to be covered up. You mean last decade was 19 days ago ago Kavanagh.

  13. Brandon White

    Brandon WhiteUukausi sitten

    Acting like Conor has turned into a spiritual guru.

  14. Timothy Sproul

    Timothy SproulUukausi sitten

    John Cavanaugh is his guardian Angel

  15. Crag B

    Crag BUukausi sitten

    Ariel Mcgregor !!

  16. PARCHY64

    PARCHY64Uukausi sitten


  17. derriyon lewis

    derriyon lewisUukausi sitten

    CM punk was crying after this

  18. D- Money

    D- MoneyUukausi sitten

    John "Fight at Your Natural Weight" Kavanagh

  19. Jordan Williams

    Jordan WilliamsUukausi sitten

    MMA needs Ariel more than Ariel needs MMA!

  20. jay jay

    jay jayUukausi sitten

    I hope he wins this fight so we can get a huge rematch with khabib

  21. Carping and camping Just Fishing

    Carping and camping Just FishingUukausi sitten

    Everyone keeps saying he is looking amazing. He is looking slow and weak to me 🤷‍♂️ And i have seen nothing that changes my mind.

  22. mrcain

    mrcainUukausi sitten

    orientated and not oriented

  23. Academy Fitness Official Youtube

    Academy Fitness Official YoutubeUukausi sitten

    John Kavanagh is the man....

  24. Dave Mieze

    Dave MiezeUukausi sitten

    Khabib vs Gaethje November 2020

  25. Giovanni Cleef

    Giovanni CleefUukausi sitten

    A bold statement to say this Conor would beat the one that beat Alveraz. I'm excited for this match, Let's see how he does!

  26. Falk Hammermüller

    Falk HammermüllerUukausi sitten

    lol ... I'm sitting here wearing the same 10 € headphones as john ^^

  27. KuTSpaM

    KuTSpaMUukausi sitten

    I wonder if Conor is planning to take it to the next level of changing the fight game and make it popular to stop cutting and fight each other at the natural weight.

  28. Todd Bertram

    Todd BertramUukausi sitten

    Is it not super obvious from day one that Connor is trying to jump on the hydrated fighter system, just like in ONE championship fighting. It seems obvious but people are only kind of commenting and hinting around the topic when I think it's clear this is a massively superior system for combat sports. 1 of the number 1 constraints for a fighter should be, is your body at maximum injury defense level. Meaning is your brain as protected as it can be with the body you are in?

  29. Jake Bennett

    Jake BennettUukausi sitten

    If Conor comes back and starts to be old Conor they need to make a movie about his lige

  30. Todd Bertram

    Todd BertramUukausi sitten

    If this is all true then we have a very exciting year in front of us if it's bullship it then we have the same Connor we've always had

  31. CatchCanista

    CatchCanistaUukausi sitten

    Conor by Round 1 RNC

  32. Skooby Due

    Skooby DueUukausi sitten

    I’m systems orientated.

  33. Angel C

    Angel CUukausi sitten

    I love Cowboy, but his liver will work against him once again. McGregor with body shots then finishes TKO punches. Calling it now

  34. diferencial diferencial

    diferencial diferencialUukausi sitten

    £200 on Conor TKO 3rd round.. thank you 🙏 Conor in advance for my new motorbike 💪💪💪

  35. Henry Downes

    Henry DownesUukausi sitten

    Cheers Ariel. Wanna see Conor at his best... Tony Robbins, ftwhat, smh unnecessary, a step too far in the wrong direction. 246 lets fight!

  36. TheDeecWun Kush

    TheDeecWun KushUukausi sitten

    They're hyping this like crazy.

  37. Richard Kovacs

    Richard KovacsUukausi sitten

    I hated the thing Conor did when all went down for him but I knew and saw that Conor was changed in a bad way at this time. Same when he fought Kabib. Something was off and wasnt there anymore and still he did good enough to almost get Kabib on his back twice. I belive if Conor was the fighter he was when fought Aldo and Alvares the outcome in the Kabib fight would have been diffrent!!!He finaly lost it for a while and I hope he find his way back and dont let the past get the better of him and his return!!!

  38. Jesse Owurani

    Jesse OwuraniUukausi sitten

    Loved this interview Coach Kavanagh has a really great mind on life. 2 great points that he made 1. systems >>> goals which I now see in life as very true. I link it to great eureka knowledge I get from author James Clear book called Atomic Habits which said same thing systems>>>goals 2. I liked how he clarified the comment he made on TheMacLife FIgos video on Conor knowing more than the whole team combined. Where he did it knowing media would lap it up and also it meant Conor now with his experience and IQ of the game brings knowledge of fighters they watch the footage and it backs up what Conor says so they prepare for it.

  39. Goon99

    Goon99Uukausi sitten

    Am I the only one who thinks Ariel comes of as fake and just cringe? Probably a nice guy but it just seems like he's putting on a front most of the time.

  40. Doug Devine

    Doug DevineUukausi sitten

    Classy dude.. Conner is blessed to have that man in his corner.

  41. Bombay Foukiki

    Bombay FoukikiUukausi sitten

    Im just happy that coach Kavanagh had a good intern3t connexion !

  42. Lorenzo Concepcion

    Lorenzo ConcepcionUukausi sitten

    With these interviews with Kavanagh and Roddy, you get to understand just how important it is to be surrounded with the right people in the game. Conor wouldn't have achieved what he has so far in his career without the two of 'em. They're champions themselves.

  43. Caveman Dan

    Caveman DanUukausi sitten

    I love the casuals comments. 😂

  44. Yula Tshering Sherpa

    Yula Tshering SherpaUukausi sitten

    Thank you sir!

  45. nippy 31

    nippy 31Uukausi sitten

    I have always loved Conor the way he come up and promotes a fight and with that being said he did get out fucking control real bad. The let down to all his fans and his family and friends. Let's just hope he shows us different bc I still ain't convicened he can say all he wants, but his actions will show me that he changed. And I truly hope he as for him and his family sake.

  46. Nick Grey

    Nick GreyUukausi sitten


  47. Seaileanu

    SeaileanuUukausi sitten

    I can't wait to get naked this Saturday!

  48. Ger

    GerUukausi sitten

    Cant wait for this fight , fan of both fighters . May the best man win ☝️👊

  49. jm apple

    jm appleUukausi sitten

    this coach told conor after the 1st round vs khabib that khabib was at his absolute best in the 1st round.... giving conor a false sense of security/confidence... then the 2nd round knockdown and smashing happened in the 2nd

  50. JoelAmbrose

    JoelAmbroseUukausi sitten

    Who else is excited to hear Uncle Chael’s analysis of this interview

  51. RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles

    RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattlesUukausi sitten

    but where does Kevin Lee fit in all of this?! :^)

  52. D C

    D CUukausi sitten

    Oh yes!

  53. JoelAmbrose

    JoelAmbroseUukausi sitten

    John Kavanaugh is a great man. Much respect to this legend. Let’s go Conor!

  54. Poe Waye

    Poe WayeUukausi sitten

    Ariel looks like a white Rampage Jackson in the thumbnail

  55. b2mic1

    b2mic1Uukausi sitten

    Kavanaugh's a cool guy

  56. Nicholas Tarr

    Nicholas TarrUukausi sitten

    Somebody needs some work anybody catch that dam connor should be paying him way better!


    CRYPTO DDOUukausi sitten

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to unashamedly fall in love with your Gran.

  58. rory macpherson

    rory macphersonUukausi sitten

    Guys. Did you know. It’s the best Conor ever. Yawnnn.

  59. Shrute Farms

    Shrute FarmsUukausi sitten

    Conor is so blessed to have the support with John K and the team. Great insight!

  60. Daniel Crowe

    Daniel CroweUukausi sitten

    The elephant in the room: cocaine. Nobody wants to mention that he was going on drug binges day after day.

  61. Carping and camping Just Fishing

    Carping and camping Just FishingUukausi sitten

    Please show us how you know this ? I wont hold my breath for you to get back to me.

  62. Blake Ranew

    Blake RanewUukausi sitten

    Man how do you know that? I mean I think there was some drug use but I can't say for sure. How can you say for sure its cocaine? You can't say things about people like that with no evidence. You can say its your opinion but you can't say it so definitely. Unless you were with him day after day.

  63. Kevin Coady

    Kevin CoadyUukausi sitten

    Coaches always say it was a great camp, my fighter looks as sharp as ever, including John Kav for the Khabib fight, only to learn it Shiite, but he certainly can't come out the day before a mega fight and say my guys shooting whiskey after sparring. He could have saved 5 min at beginning an quoted the great Marvin Hagler, it's real hard to get up at 5am n pound the pavement when your sleeping on Satin Sheets, Conor isn't the first and won't be the last to fall victim to his own success, however I truly believe the light is back on! We shall see Saturday but listening to Conor had me believing, but listening to coach Kav, there is no doubt in my mind Conor McGregor is 100% locked and loaded on returning to greatness. I truly like Cowboy, how can one not, but Conor has to win this fight, if so Masvidal, Gaethe, Diaz, Khabib man could be an awesome 2020. An early knockout is possible, but I hope they get into deep waters, maybe 4th round TKO with cowboy acquitting himself well, Conor showcasing some ground game ability n ultimately getting a stoppage. You with me!

  64. Larry Fisher

    Larry FisherUukausi sitten

    The next time Conor fights, it will be at 170lbs, but it will reall count as a heavyweight fight