Joe Rogan on Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Monologue

Taken from JRE #1406 w/Brian Redban:


  1. brett heath

    brett heath22 minuuttia sitten

    I used to think Ricky was a knobhead Hollywood elite but damn he just threw down the gauntlet 😮 good stuff Ricky well done

  2. Doug The Moleman

    Doug The MolemanTunti sitten

    Nobody's sharing the full quote about taking their prizes and fucking off though. The context of that joke was that they make a big fuss about doing the right thing, and yet continue to work for gigantic corporations that exploit entire peoples. Companies that manufacture their goods in sweatshops.

  3. youngbuck0911

    youngbuck0911Tunti sitten

    Biggest difference between the Poms and Yanks. Ricky doesn't back down, while Kevin Hart apologised for tweets from 10 YEARS AGO. Scared of the American media and high power, Ricky couldn't give less of a fuck. Doesn't need to scream to be funny, just original and straight up.

  4. Stephen Schultz

    Stephen Schultz2 tuntia sitten

    Working out while working at applebys is a good idea..? Yep, can't think of anything better than a sweaty-ass server delivering your food on his shoulder. Bon appetite!

  5. Kevin Minnick

    Kevin Minnick6 tuntia sitten

    How was the Epstein joke not mentioned?!?!

  6. Pnshr 88

    Pnshr 886 tuntia sitten

    I love when he's reminded that he's only into the opening monologue and there's how many more frickin hours left to go. Then he drinks. Hahaha

  7. Tommy DeNato

    Tommy DeNato9 tuntia sitten

    Joe...the type of guy to dip toes in both waters.

  8. Proxin11

    Proxin1110 tuntia sitten


  9. Thoreau

    Thoreau10 tuntia sitten


  10. World UFO Watch

    World UFO Watch10 tuntia sitten

    Ricky is a hero, my god that was amazing to watch

  11. bodoy euir

    bodoy euir3 tuntia sitten

    Ricky`s podcast are not available in iTunes anymore...

  12. General Disarray

    General Disarray11 tuntia sitten

    Comedy is like rock n roll, its about sticking it to the man 🤘

  13. bodoy euir

    bodoy euir3 tuntia sitten

    Just being proactive, Ricky Gervais didn’t kill himself!

  14. butti fdft

    butti fdft11 tuntia sitten

    Just being proactive, Ricky Gervais didn’t kill himself!

  15. David K

    David K12 tuntia sitten

    I want Joe's shirt. Anyone have an idea where I can get it?

  16. leicster57

    leicster5713 tuntia sitten

    if u care that much about what celebs say(agree/disagree), u already kinda f'ed up any case Ricky Gervais still funny af


    xKING CLIFFORDx16 tuntia sitten

    Who thumbs down this!?!? Fuck you whoever you are.

  18. butti fdft

    butti fdft11 tuntia sitten

    He is a smart man

  19. Juno Cespedes

    Juno Cespedes18 tuntia sitten

    Awesome jacket..Rogan

  20. Iasan O’lunney

    Iasan O’lunney19 tuntia sitten

    Keep.exposumg liberal elitism

  21. Stelcio

    Stelcio20 tuntia sitten

    I liked how he also approached the fake equality issue: "We were going to do an In Memoriam section, but when I saw the list of people who had died this year, it wasn't diverse enough. It was mostly white people. And I thought, 'No, na-ah, not on my watch.'"

  22. Farzad Jahanfard

    Farzad Jahanfard22 tuntia sitten

    I was working in Amazon Wearhouse in UK I will sell my kidney but no chance going back there....the most horrible work condition in UK

  23. Shane's BudgetBikeAdventures

    Shane's BudgetBikeAdventures23 tuntia sitten

    THe best parts of Ricky's monologue was where he referenced both Jeffrey Epstein, and at the very end he even did a Harvey Weinstein joke. You should of seen those faces then. lol

  24. Hachi Roku

    Hachi Roku23 tuntia sitten

    im guessing Joe has never seen "Extras"


    RESKO MENDPäivä sitten

    Attach weights and get a workout, he says, lol. Clearly Rogan has never picked orders in a warehouse for 8-10hrs.

  26. Skhanyiso Mthethwa

    Skhanyiso MthethwaPäivä sitten

    It was all planned, why is everyone surprised lol

  27. mnika voli

    mnika voliPäivä sitten

    Just being proactive, Ricky Gervais didn’t kill himself!

  28. magoo73

    magoo73Päivä sitten

    Ricky`s podcast are not available in iTunes anymore...

  29. Ethan K

    Ethan KPäivä sitten

    How f*cking high is Joe? 😂😂

  30. uk7769

    uk7769Päivä sitten

    The Golden Globes: the world record for most hypocrites, pederasts, racists, rapists, and disgusting excuses for human beings in one place. I was hoping Ricky would chain the doors shut, and end the show like the theater in Inglourious Bastards, but he didn't need to. He burned them all alive with the truth. "I just want to thank my agent and GOD: Harvey Weinstein." - Meryl Streep Thank you Ricky Gervais!!!!!!!!!! Epic hero.

  31. mnika voli

    mnika voliPäivä sitten

    I used to workout at UPS unloading trucks, drove the sorters crazy. Could unload an 18 footer in 45 minutes.

  32. Christopher Crawford

    Christopher CrawfordPäivä sitten

    Get the Hodgetwins on JRE

  33. TJ Swann

    TJ SwannPäivä sitten

    ESPN continues to celebrate Connor McGregor. let's see two pending rape charges, assaulted and old man, threw chair etc etc... this is how pedo's and rapists continue to victimize people. they're protected! Oh and "the black guy did it"

  34. Jacob Dipietro

    Jacob DipietroPäivä sitten

    He is a smart man

  35. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPäivä sitten

    he's owned them like a bad room "gervais" :p.

  36. Ethan Rebluud

    Ethan Rebluud11 tuntia sitten

    Boy, I saw comment mirroring yours, right below your comment. Nice one

  37. Sambo Slice

    Sambo SlicePäivä sitten

    In Generation X if you worked for the largest company in the world you were probably winning at life. Great pay, pension and prospects... Now if you work for Amazon you're being incredibly exploited... But Millenials need to suck it up? Fuck off

  38. Marc W

    Marc WPäivä sitten

    Ricky Gervais years later dies of something so called No exposing satans yaldbaoths lucifers pawns now. You sell you soul for power a demon is given full fake rights to your living body. They sold there soul for a big desperation great lie of the devil to jealousy destroy us. Fake fame fake fame glory fake paper power AKA MONEY number paper most dummy's kill for. I hope the universe looks out for Ricky Gervais he got some big globes in his trousers

  39. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPäivä sitten

    Hahahaha yeah! a fuck island joe, cause child trafficking and sacrifice is funny.. probably the source of the stem cells you put into your gross 4ft body.

  40. bodoy euir

    bodoy euirPäivä sitten

    ricky was the reason so many people even considered tuning in the globes.

  41. clockwork914

    clockwork914Päivä sitten

    Epstein + Trump = BFFs 👯‍♀️

  42. Roman S

    Roman SPäivä sitten

    technically, people do care about other people´s opinions. Especially when you get a tv show celebrity as a US president.

  43. fake fake

    fake fakePäivä sitten

    The only reason the world didn't end in the 1970s is ... everybody got so scared about the world ending _they worked really hard to stop it._

  44. bodoy euir

    bodoy euirPäivä sitten

    The woke need to be put to sleep.

  45. HRU Bricks

    HRU BricksPäivä sitten

    It all was approved so dont worry Ricky will be back. It's a way to test the public. Also @JRE Clips Joe you need him on your show, that would be awesome

  46. Roger Tilden

    Roger TildenPäivä sitten

    Love your direct words of truth about what it is. Thanks Roger

  47. D. Stinson

    D. StinsonPäivä sitten


  48. 淮州機王

    淮州機王Päivä sitten


  49. Robert DeSaulniers

    Robert DeSaulniersPäivä sitten

    I used to workout at UPS unloading trucks, drove the sorters crazy. Could unload an 18 footer in 45 minutes.

  50. hamderkalle

    hamderkallePäivä sitten

    Get him on the show!

  51. foekist

    foekistPäivä sitten

    Ricky Gervais & Karl pilkington on JRE would crash the internet

  52. Wrecktitude Media

    Wrecktitude Media2 päivää sitten

    U wearing NASA gear to piss off the flat Earthers? Me likey lol

  53. FreddyKrugerGloves

    FreddyKrugerGloves2 päivää sitten

    How can you say its not bad ? Sitting there promoting fucking NASA..... You used to be woke..... But you just sound like everyone else now:/ People are waking up and stepping up right now, and maby we will start to change things.... But its always darkest before the dawn somebody said in a fucking great movie once. So saying you dont think its all that bad is like hearing a sheep talk out of there ass..... sorry for the harsh comment, but you need to go take a auwashka trip or something to go find yourself again @Joe Rogan......

  54. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith2 päivää sitten

    They just reported Ricky Gervais died of a heart attack tonight 😳

  55. Murat Tastan

    Murat Tastan2 päivää sitten

    Joe on coke as usual

  56. ArtoftheStone

    ArtoftheStone2 päivää sitten

    Hahahaha yeah! a fuck island joe, cause child trafficking and sacrifice is funny.. probably the source of the stem cells you put into your gross 4ft body.

  57. William Chiafos

    William Chiafos2 päivää sitten

    NASA ? LOL ! Never A Straight Answer. Just like Joe.

  58. William Chiafos

    William Chiafos15 tuntia sitten

    @Robert Carpenter yes, just like the climate change funding.

  59. William Chiafos

    William Chiafos16 tuntia sitten

    @Robert Carpenter you mean sponsors

  60. Robert Carpenter

    Robert Carpenter19 tuntia sitten

    William Chiafos you can’t give straight answers when congress gives you your script

  61. Chemichael111

    Chemichael1112 päivää sitten

    My god yes the joke is over used or copied!!!its established! But it’s so fuckin true!!! 😂

  62. jules igles

    jules igles2 päivää sitten

    The woke need to be put to sleep.

  63. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 päivää sitten

    He's talking about you to Joe. You're also a gated community, yet pro open boreder as you're safe behind your neighborhood wall

  64. fred ward

    fred ward2 päivää sitten

    Ricky seemed to be reading off a teleprompter. They gave him carte blanche on monologue material? Or was it prepared strategic Hollywood damage control?

  65. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX2 päivää sitten

    Joe likes Ricky for telling it like it is but doesn’t like Trump for telling it like it is.

  66. Nip Ple

    Nip PlePäivä sitten

    Trump 2020

  67. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX2 päivää sitten

    Hollywood liberals are offended.

  68. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 päivää sitten


  69. macky

    macky2 päivää sitten

    Ricky Gervais is The Only Reason I watch the Golden Globes... Ever!! :) He is Hilarious! Check out his stand up gigs on FIgos... Fuckin Brilliant! :)

  70. Tourniquet Now

    Tourniquet Now2 päivää sitten

    James Corden is a giant pussy.

  71. marcus l

    marcus l2 päivää sitten

    re; gervais; apart from his general liberal stance and not being into trump he has it spot on

  72. Bryan Davis

    Bryan Davis2 päivää sitten

    Neither the left not the right in the UK are really into Trump.

  73. Kai Baumgartner

    Kai Baumgartner2 päivää sitten

    Full Transcript: 2020 Golden Globes: Read Ricky Gervais' Scathing Opening Monologue

  74. BlendIt MixIt DrinkIt

    BlendIt MixIt DrinkIt2 päivää sitten

    4:00 joe tried so hard not to laugh at the james gordon joke😂😂