How To Edit a Video

Today I show you how to edit a video. My videos require a LOT of editing, so I thought i'd give you a look behind the scenes to see the whole process from start to finish. It may look difficult, but it isn't. In a few short days you can go from being a beginner to an expert. Simply follow the step by step instructions.
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  2. Julia Ericson

    Julia EricsonPäivä sitten

    Honestly it didn’t work very well for me my laptop kept crashing, maybe I needed more eggs I didn’t see how many you used so I guessed

  3. Mauricio

    MauricioPäivä sitten

    iesssss! So halp ful an izi 2 make

  4. Andrew001

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  5. Ruslans Olivers Mednis

    Ruslans Olivers MednisPäivä sitten

    Who is bowtobasic

  6. Pickle Joe

    Pickle JoePäivä sitten

    Just little bit. Werid youtuber

  7. Joakko

    JoakkoPäivä sitten

    1:12 macbook pro is converted in HP laptop

  8. twenty five

    twenty fivePäivä sitten

    i had a condom and nothing else :( (edit: it was broken)

  9. John Roland

    John RolandPäivä sitten

    No eggs were harmed during the video

  10. Tony Juan Pailos

    Tony Juan PailosPäivä sitten

    I don't understand, am I in a satanic cult now?

  11. Meme Peen

    Meme PeenPäivä sitten

    2:02 Mix with your hand Puts on feet.

  12. Numb Player

    Numb PlayerPäivä sitten

    *What if he edits his videos just like that?*

  13. Angelina Crystal MIP

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  14. KocoKat

    KocoKatPäivä sitten

    How many bucks does he waste to make money \

  15. AlexeiNahuL.A

    AlexeiNahuL.APäivä sitten

    1:20 HTB: *Throws and doesnt break* The guys throwing the plates: -How did that passed- *Whatever lets continue*

  16. Death Reaper

    Death ReaperPäivä sitten

    Thanks how to basic for the video editiing tutorial. Now i need to buy my new laptop to edit other video.

  17. blonde jacksepticeye

    blonde jacksepticeyePäivä sitten

    HowToBasics mom: have you seen the eggs HowToBasic: -_- .......noooooooo

  18. Bryce Radtke

    Bryce RadtkePäivä sitten

    His laptop switched brands Apple to Hp 1:19

  19. Shadid Shahariar

    Shadid ShahariarPäivä sitten

    The laptop was Hp's not Apple's..😂😂😂😂

  20. Doge Player

    Doge PlayerPäivä sitten

    You owe me a laptop 😡

  21. ReXi

    ReXiPäivä sitten

    When you need a f*king laptop =)

  22. Prajwal Borkar

    Prajwal BorkarPäivä sitten

    Well guess they edited this video the same way

  23. t t

    t tPäivä sitten

    Jakaijsjsjajauujajsuai iaiaiai this not

  24. El Lokillo Mayuyero

    El Lokillo MayuyeroPäivä sitten

    1:19 - 1:20 clearly you can see that the hp logo appears on the laptop and not the apple logo ... Because they changed it ... it shows that the creator would never break an apple laptop because it is poor and has no money to spend

  25. Thành An

    Thành AnPäivä sitten

    1:18 busted

  26. etherraichu

    etherraichuPäivä sitten

    Oh god, HowToBasic knows about thermite. We're all fucked.

  27. Van Mai

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  28. Spider Warrior

    Spider WarriorPäivä sitten

    *Used a camera to record the camera*

  29. dubstep monkey

    dubstep monkeyPäivä sitten

    Does this work with older model computers cause I can’t export my files correctly to my ti-84 calculator plz help :/

  30. Tera Baap Hu Mai

    Tera Baap Hu MaiPäivä sitten

    _This dude have some serious issues with eggs_

  31. Angel Vergara

    Angel VergaraPäivä sitten

    Nunca he entendido la gracia de estos vídeos

  32. Jayla Barker

    Jayla BarkerPäivä sitten

    help i just got an ad for some video editing thing help the fbi is

  33. The Almighty Scronski

    The Almighty ScronskiPäivä sitten

    Starving children coudve eaten those plates

  34. Sakura Uwu

    Sakura UwuPäivä sitten

    R.i.p laptop 2020-2020 we all miss you

  35. Benjaxx x

    Benjaxx xPäivä sitten

    for something you don't upload videos very often, interesting

  36. not laugh didnt funny

    not laugh didnt funnyPäivä sitten

    imagine the amount of time the chickens took to lay those eggs , for them to be thrown and mentally tortured by HowToBasic

  37. Your Local Bin Chicken

    Your Local Bin ChickenPäivä sitten

    How many eggs do I need for this again?

  38. 実況者しんくんの息子

    実況者しんくんの息子Päivä sitten

    I want nothing

  39. Retarded Pig

    Retarded PigPäivä sitten

    So thats how Marvel do his films...

  40. Jaime_ rpg

    Jaime_ rpgPäivä sitten

    Is not funny

  41. A. B. Starzee

    A. B. StarzeePäivä sitten

    Thanks for this video, I used to have a lot of troubles making vids! 😄

  42. M Directioner.

    M Directioner.Päivä sitten


  43. SubscribeForNoReason

    SubscribeForNoReasonPäivä sitten

    Break more things... I miss ur old vids

  44. Gerarudo Gaming

    Gerarudo GamingPäivä sitten

    Ah yes, thank you very much

  45. Cross X

    Cross XPäivä sitten

    Best Tutorial Ever To Edit A Video! I Followed Every Step :) Now tell me how to upload it ?:(

  46. Kushina Shia

    Kushina ShiaPäivä sitten

    Then how much money i need for editing :/

  47. 山爪míku

    山爪míkuPäivä sitten

    Little me just sitting there not understanding

  48. Big Boss

    Big BossPäivä sitten

    If you put x0.25 on 1:11 you will see the laptop become black 🤔

  49. Nohlan Fisherman

    Nohlan FishermanPäivä sitten

    As someone who needs to destroy his 2007 apple computer and who needs help editing videos, this "How To Video" kills two birds with one stone! 😁

  50. Arven Ravindaran

    Arven RavindaranPäivä sitten

    Finally, the truth behind Corona Virus.

  51. Greggy Pearls

    Greggy PearlsPäivä sitten

    Wtf did I just watch!!

  52. Venaiiuza VJ

    Venaiiuza VJPäivä sitten

    1:19 Laptop Hp😂where's Laptop Apple?😂

  53. IEat Donuts

    IEat DonutsPäivä sitten

    Do you make this shit up as you go or is it planned?

  54. Aaron Kosco

    Aaron KoscoPäivä sitten

    Lmfao, definitely a new favorite man, I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of plates with the eggs! Keep up the great videos!


    MERAJ AHMADPäivä sitten

    Ok. Time To Make Galactic Translater To become Rich and Do this kind of Editing

  56. k.j .m

    k.j .mPäivä sitten

    Omg its very helpful!!

  57. IKnowEnglish

    IKnowEnglishPäivä sitten

    You know the storyline of that video was quite the story the drama sadness anger silence romance breakup and acting was better than anyother movie ive seen 100/100

  58. Tylersfoot8

    Tylersfoot8Päivä sitten

    "Cook on low heat" -proceeds to incinerate laptop-

  59. Julia Ericson

    Julia EricsonPäivä sitten

    I just have a question how long dose it take for you to clean up your chaotic videos like how to make McDonald’s French fries (rip fri)

  60. Anvith M Kunder

    Anvith M KunderPäivä sitten

    I did exactly the same , but not working... Oh Wait , the usb port was very loose and not connected properly that's why. Now it's All good here...

  61. ZpxRafL

    ZpxRafLPäivä sitten

    Bro give me the laptop

  62. just fucking

    just fuckingPäivä sitten

    Laptop iPhone nya buat gua dong

  63. Masked Mudkip

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    Mr. Beast: give me some money to people SomethingelseYT: who makes animation and inspires people HowToBasic: wiping eggs together and mixing them in sweat and chicken

  64. Andrew001

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    Thanks Now I Know How To Edit

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    Una obra de arte.