Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

"Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
Official Audio: figos.info/videot/kaaw1I6eZoKHZqc.html
Directed by Director X
Future online:
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  1. Xv Mooky

    Xv Mooky6 tuntia sitten

    Jake Paul is lit

  2. Георгий Корабельников

    Георгий Корабельников6 tuntia sitten

    Perfect song, before the moment, when future opened his mouth

  3. BigFlex Ray

    BigFlex Ray6 tuntia sitten

    1:09 - lil Yachty without red hair 🤔??

  4. Karol

    Karol6 tuntia sitten

    2:49 someone noticed 21 savage?

  5. Marcus Elliott

    Marcus Elliott6 tuntia sitten


  6. Fred Eric

    Fred Eric6 tuntia sitten

    What are we supposed to do if we only like drake' verse ? Haha

  7. ibrahim abdo

    ibrahim abdo6 tuntia sitten

    When future said "FeTticine" I felt that.

  8. Its Jbunny

    Its Jbunny6 tuntia sitten


  9. Its Jbunny

    Its Jbunny6 tuntia sitten

    yo im too turned up

  10. Lil JR

    Lil JR6 tuntia sitten

    Check out Future - „Big Drip“

  11. Jelas.11

    Jelas.116 tuntia sitten


  12. susimoares

    susimoares6 tuntia sitten

    Artist: starts lit song Future: hold up I gotta ruin this

  13. Tsnem Flaha

    Tsnem Flaha6 tuntia sitten


  14. slim x

    slim x6 tuntia sitten

    Nf - when I grow up

  15. Jack Powell

    Jack Powell6 tuntia sitten

    Future & Drake should’ve called this “working regular jobs 🤣💀😱 (GONE SEXUAL) 🤯”

  16. Paradies Venon

    Paradies Venon6 tuntia sitten

    Ufo361 skraaaaaaaaaa

  17. andy Hey andy

    andy Hey andy6 tuntia sitten

    The future, life is goooood...

  18. Izv Isv

    Izv Isv6 tuntia sitten

    Song is actually a real mess haha I mean drake started good and futur I don’t know what he did

  19. Joseph Barlow

    Joseph Barlow6 tuntia sitten

    Duo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖐🍾🍾

  20. Brennan Duncan

    Brennan Duncan6 tuntia sitten

    drake has never worked on a car, this man wipes his hands on a grease and then polishes a bently lmao

  21. Tomás Hernández

    Tomás Hernández6 tuntia sitten

    I love de music

  22. Izv Isv

    Izv Isv6 tuntia sitten

    Those jobs would actually suits them lol

  23. The Wild

    The Wild6 tuntia sitten

    Very nice

  24. Emillio Moralee

    Emillio Moralee6 tuntia sitten

    im sorry to say this, but i feel like Future ruined it so bad......

  25. Rebecca Jordan

    Rebecca Jordan6 tuntia sitten

    Even with the lyrics in my face I still can't understand what future is saying, woo!

  26. Yassine Salama

    Yassine Salama6 tuntia sitten

    Future still in the far futur. Nice work

  27. E H

    E H7 tuntia sitten

    His making a reference to the term wasteman lol drizzy love the subliminals


    MSM MUSIC7 tuntia sitten

    This is the first beat i made i need your opinions they are important for me thanks

  29. dawid

    dawid7 tuntia sitten

    Ich sag nur Ufo.

  30. Isak Nordahl

    Isak Nordahl7 tuntia sitten

    1:06 was that yachty?

  31. Isak Nordahl

    Isak Nordahl7 tuntia sitten

    Oh yeah it was.....

  32. Gasoline

    Gasoline7 tuntia sitten

    Drake is a child groomer and a pedofile

  33. Arktis_ Philipp

    Arktis_ Philipp7 tuntia sitten

    Ufo361 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Boutique Hotel Vera Hills

    Boutique Hotel Vera Hills7 tuntia sitten


  35. SoosTv

    SoosTv7 tuntia sitten

    I always turn this off at 1:43

  36. Cheese

    Cheese7 tuntia sitten

    Let’s all admit it we all came here only for the drake part.

  37. Steve Tagheu

    Steve Tagheu7 tuntia sitten

    Kids sit and idolize this guys!! Smh what a damn disgrace.

  38. Akram lam

    Akram lam7 tuntia sitten


  39. The Spot

    The Spot7 tuntia sitten

    This song is real good

  40. Kunal Palwe

    Kunal Palwe7 tuntia sitten

    2:50 : was that 21 Savage ???

  41. Papuga Boy

    Papuga Boy7 tuntia sitten

    NF - When I Grow Up ctrl+c ctrl+v

  42. Edgar Robles

    Edgar Robles7 tuntia sitten

    Life is great

  43. Red 91

    Red 917 tuntia sitten

    I turn off when future comes in. He garbage.

  44. Bossza

    Bossza7 tuntia sitten

    Who saw 21 Savage at 2:50

  45. Ulysses

    Ulysses7 tuntia sitten

    Future aint got no bars..he got beats tho..

  46. uno fifty

    uno fifty7 tuntia sitten

    IRS: open up ! Drake: shit

  47. SheepOrShepard

    SheepOrShepard7 tuntia sitten

    Future ruins this song.

  48. Tuks

    Tuks7 tuntia sitten

    How many black people? Drake: yes

  49. FBI

    FBI7 tuntia sitten

    2:49 🤣🤣

  50. Life as Brooklyn

    Life as Brooklyn7 tuntia sitten

    I like who the mood changed that’s lit ong


    GAME PLUSSS7 tuntia sitten


  52. Omey Iin

    Omey Iin7 tuntia sitten

    Who head future?

  53. Pat Jk

    Pat Jk7 tuntia sitten

    Why do they be switching flows bro ??? Do two seperate !! Future ruined the song, should've stayed on drake's instrumental all the way

  54. The Pharaoh

    The Pharaoh7 tuntia sitten

    No bills larger than $10, Yall know we ain’t got it !! U can cashapp me tho ! 😂😂😂😂

  55. The Alumni Group

    The Alumni Group7 tuntia sitten

    ... S/O to everyone who work weekends 🙏

  56. Yenny Paola Peñaloza Mantilla

    Yenny Paola Peñaloza Mantilla7 tuntia sitten

    I come here FOR Drakr

  57. Canal da curiosidade curiosidade

    Canal da curiosidade curiosidade7 tuntia sitten

    Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷 aqui curtir aí 👍

  58. Robin Oliver

    Robin Oliver7 tuntia sitten

    German rapper UFO361 dropped a song with Future but you americans are sleeping on that smh

  59. Jessss

    Jessss7 tuntia sitten

    This sounds like 2 songs next to each other

  60. burnaboy Olivia Okpara

    burnaboy Olivia Okpara7 tuntia sitten

    This was a great video

  61. Adrián Vicente Terrero

    Adrián Vicente Terrero7 tuntia sitten

    1:48 That Sick Moves bro