Everything Is Stupid - Coronavirus Misinformation & Racism | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng breaks down the misinformation and racism surrounding the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China. #RonnyChieng #EverythingIsStupid #TheDailyShow

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  1. Kurt Suffoletto

    Kurt Suffoletto19 tuntia sitten

    How’s it racism? Any new virus literally comes straight out of China. Those are facts. Not racism. Misinformed? Didn’t China try to coverup SARS and also hush up Chinese doctors about their new amazing Coronavirus they gave to the world?

  2. Payson Zhang

    Payson Zhang19 tuntia sitten

    Thank you for doing this episode.

  3. Brain Mind

    Brain Mind19 tuntia sitten

    "The coronavirus could slow shipments of the iPhone..." The horror, the horror.

  4. Hello my Name is Human

    Hello my Name is Human19 tuntia sitten

    Maybe we should just stop getting so much from china

  5. haziq rabbani

    haziq rabbani20 tuntia sitten

    mi is noodle

  6. Rick Holman

    Rick Holman20 tuntia sitten

    Coronavirus isn't making people racist, it's just giving them an excuse to show it lol

  7. culero perros

    culero perros20 tuntia sitten

    made in. chinna is everythink seys that doe i wonder if trump hair seys made in chinna

  8. John-knee Walker

    John-knee Walker21 tunti sitten

    Robert E. Lee, as in Bobby Lee...?

  9. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak21 tunti sitten

    Garlic prices increased so much

  10. no name

    no name21 tunti sitten

    Uber not picking up Asian because of their names? And that how you differentiate an Asian? By his name!

  11. AJ Theory

    AJ Theory22 tuntia sitten

    by asian doesn't include india right? 🙄 because we already suffer very racism within our own country.

  12. Papa Lewis

    Papa Lewis22 tuntia sitten

    I feel like America is tryna turn Asians in to the new Niggas. Welcome to the family. I wonder if they'll create a disease that only attack whites?

  13. Risa B

    Risa B22 tuntia sitten

    Mie Goreng is not even a Chinese food tho

  14. Red Ruby

    Red Ruby22 tuntia sitten

    Please let racist hillbillies/suprimisis drink bleach. The less of them around, the better.

  15. Red Ruby

    Red Ruby22 tuntia sitten

    Please let racist hillbillies/suprimisis drink bleach. The less of them around, the better.

  16. Gail Sakurai G

    Gail Sakurai G22 tuntia sitten

    Our office lunch at a hot pot restaurant got cancelled because of this crap.

  17. Ken Tsou

    Ken Tsou22 tuntia sitten

    I hope people are drinking bleach. Makes the problem go away faster.

  18. Layshad Vaughn

    Layshad Vaughn22 tuntia sitten

    Funny, now they know what blacks feel like with subtle racism

  19. maramy yehia

    maramy yehia23 tuntia sitten

    a chinese in paris died of corona so its not racism

  20. Teng

    Teng23 tuntia sitten


  21. A theist

    A theist23 tuntia sitten

    The fact remains coronavirus originated in China because of their fetish to eat endangered animals and today the existence of humanity is at stake. China has failed the world.

  22. J Knight

    J Knight23 tuntia sitten

    Asians are the most racist people on earth, I will never feel sorry for them

  23. ramoraydee 3

    ramoraydee 323 tuntia sitten

    For everyone wearing masks to prevent catching the “Coronavirus” aka a cold or flu, which are all strains the Coronavirus, we catch it through our ears🙉not our nose & mouth.

  24. Ken Lii

    Ken Lii23 tuntia sitten

    Is sad but that is what is happening worldwide not only in US. A Dr told me that the virus can spread more rapidly mostly for coughing patient that not wearing mask. Those who haven't caught the virus and started to panic and stock up surgical mask would not actually prevent as the virus could be still penerate your mask at molecular level and even entry point at tears gland. So staying hygiene and fitness is your best bet to not fall sick. For safest biohazard measure one can sleep in a coffin burried 6ft under until future vaccine is discovered. I drink a lot because viruses could not survive in alcohol environment and is proven in medical laboratory test. Godspeed in finding the vaccine is all I can comment.

  25. prem kenneth

    prem kenneth23 tuntia sitten

    Racism just never goes away

  26. Buddy

    BuddyPäivä sitten

    Lots of Garlic helps, nobody wants to be close to you.

  27. John Smith

    John SmithPäivä sitten

    "Everything is racist and everything is stupid" - liberal

  28. Random Mercedes MGTOW

    Random Mercedes MGTOWPäivä sitten

    Trevor should wear a mask and sit by the Chinese guy lol

  29. Shofiq Islam

    Shofiq IslamPäivä sitten

    Corona : who love me? Human: get lost you bitch🤯 South Pole : oh boy 🤩 North Pole : me too me too All other animal: we too we too Human :😭😭😭😭

  30. Leo Volont

    Leo VolontPäivä sitten

    The Wuhan Fever Corona Virus is spreading in America but it's on the hush. See "Shrimp Zoo". Some Gold Fish Guy, his wife works in a hospital, well, they are treating cases which aren't being reported so Gold Fish Guy turns into an instant Investigative Journalist and is posting stories. It turns out that Small Town Newspapers are reporting cases when no major cities will, and none are showing up in National Stats. But, yeah, China was bad for withholding information. Heck, now it sounds like the disease might have started in America.

  31. buddy man

    buddy manPäivä sitten

    Social media - stay strong China Real life - stay away China Welcome to pathetic hypocrite world

  32. Maria Perez

    Maria PerezPäivä sitten

    Thank You for this video haha 😂 On that note went to Seattle and celebrated the Chinese lunar year in china town . it was so much fun . And that is what I was telling my friend that people are being stupid racists about Asian this corona virus 🦠 when most of the probably don’t even cover their faces when cough 😷

  33. Shifty Powers

    Shifty PowersPäivä sitten

    I heard the first signs of having the virus is ur eye’s turn ling long

  34. Bobby A

    Bobby APäivä sitten

    Mi goreng noodles isn't even Chinese 🤔

  35. K C

    K CPäivä sitten

    To all the Chinese. Now you no how we in Africa felt during Ebola

  36. jehovers

    jehoversPäivä sitten

    mi goreng isn't chinese product you moron..

  37. BoomMoob

    BoomMoobPäivä sitten

    I’m a Uber driver, fellow Asians in Miami, pls hit me up lol

  38. Thutankamun

    ThutankamunPäivä sitten

    Stupidity is dangerous specially in large group

  39. John Travolta

    John TravoltaPäivä sitten

    Allright Chinese people when are we gonna talk about education camps and what you guys do to Uighurs???? If we are gonna talk about racism lets start here.

  40. Lillie Holmes

    Lillie HolmesPäivä sitten

    Jokes not funny

  41. 枫叶哥追剧

    枫叶哥追剧Päivä sitten

    Stupid people like virus exist anywhere in the world when they want to spread.

  42. Ahmad Agiel

    Ahmad AgielPäivä sitten

    mi goreng noodles anjay wkwkwk

  43. Ibn Haider

    Ibn HaiderPäivä sitten

    China not Asia.

  44. Steelers Freak

    Steelers FreakPäivä sitten

    Now he is funny!

  45. Q V

    Q VPäivä sitten

    If you still support Trump you must be infected.

  46. xWatanukix

    xWatanukixPäivä sitten

    Truth to be told, if the Corona virus was a truly deadly pandemic - like the Spanish flu - avoiding Asians and people of Asian descendent would be official policy. Risk avoidance would be no. 1 policy and since 99% of the infected are Chinese but you never know where they are from, when you see Asians on the street, the people would be told to avoid all Asians. It would be that way in every country of the world. If it was a pandemic of European origin, everyone in Africa and Asia would avoid white people etc.

  47. Douglas Coe

    Douglas CoePäivä sitten

    Trevor Noah is rapidly becoming(like Jon Stewart before him), a national treasure(I know he's S. African, but some of us don't have a problem with immigrants). The Daily show continues to employ excellent writers and "correspondents". But Ronny Chieng is one of the best comedians working today.

  48. PCKyle Wave

    PCKyle WavePäivä sitten

    0:42 chinese claimed that drinking garlic juice cured coronavirus not Americans mr asian man

  49. Follow justcallme_dell

    Follow justcallme_dellPäivä sitten

    Tbh Chinese people are racist towards any dark skinned people. They bully all the small countries in Asia. The virus has nothing to do with racism. Wthhh

  50. Michael Hambozi

    Michael HamboziPäivä sitten

    its called wuhan virus for a reason,,its chinese

  51. abhy by

    abhy byPäivä sitten

    It's TRUE even kids clothes from China awabox are getting sold for 70 % discount online.

  52. Galactic Warlock

    Galactic WarlockPäivä sitten

    I love Ronnie Chang

  53. Violeta Brdar

    Violeta BrdarPäivä sitten

    Sure but they eat bats which is where it originated. It is also their culture to eat freshly slaughtered animals as more nutritious, so they say. I hope they will finally close down those squealing, caged, dog and cat markets too.

  54. Pawan Bhattarai

    Pawan BhattaraiPäivä sitten

    Ronny should have squeeze in the show

  55. Lee

    LeePäivä sitten

    Ya stupid fool better not see your asian doctors.

  56. Rumi Jami

    Rumi JamiPäivä sitten

    5th generation war this is what it is

  57. joshin singh

    joshin singhPäivä sitten

    I’m watching Ebola and corona virus🤣....

  58. E-Motion Less

    E-Motion LessPäivä sitten

    Mi goreng noodle is from Indonesia , one of the country in Southeast Asia that HAVEN'T got infected .

  59. Joe Monroe

    Joe MonroePäivä sitten

    They don't know. Have they done any double blind studies?

  60. Razan Barakat

    Razan BarakatPäivä sitten

    You didnt mention the theory that coronavirus is a punishment for the chinese for torturing and tormenting the Uighurs