Crazy 8s Photo Challenge in Target | Messy Consequence

If I don’t find and photograph all of the Crazy 8s in 10 minutes, there’s a very wet consequence for me. Watch until the end, and then comment your favorite hiding place on the community tab: figos.infocommunity?view_as=subscriber
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Cece @everydaywithcece
I can't believe it took me this long to do a hide & seek video. It's so much fun! Each Crazy 8 runs through Target until they find the perfect hiding spot, and they are vlogging the whole time. They are all hiding in dance or contortion poses. When I find one, she gets photographed and then squirted with water by Cece, an adorable 5-year-old. If I don’t find all eight of them during the 10 Minute Photo Challenge, they get to throw 50 water balloons at me! Meanwhile, I have to dodge the Target employees while they are wondering what I’m doing. Do we get caught before the challenge is finished? Do I find all 8 dancers, or do I get really wet? And how can you be in my next FIgos video? All the answers are in this video! Enjoy! It’s lots of fun :)
Video by Sandy Chase
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