Corsair made an Air Cooler... is it worth it?

Corsair has launched the A500 Air cooler... but how does it stack up against the big guys??
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  1. Troy Matthews

    Troy Matthews4 tuntia sitten

    What's the best thermal paste?

  2. Lex

    Lex4 tuntia sitten

    Extra tabe of thermal boost

  3. Valentino Magafas

    Valentino Magafas11 tuntia sitten

    i can see there are 4 screws around the fans,are these fans removable/replaceable? Good job btw Jay

  4. Herowebcomics

    Herowebcomics11 tuntia sitten

    WOW! That thing is HUGE! And there are TWO fans on it? Talk about being thorough!


    BATKINSON00111 tuntia sitten

    Good video, good looking cooler. I would consider grabbing that style of cooler when I get around to upgrading my Ryzen 5 1600 non-overclocked cpu. The only issue I might have with that is the case I am using and the fact that the gpu (Sapphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+ Special Edition 8GB) is in a vertical mount that was made for my case series (Deepcool Matrexx 70, the bracket/mount is the PAB300). Looking through the glass side panel, it doesn't look like there is enough room for such a large cooler as it might tough the heat pipes on the top of the gpu. I might not even be able to use a prism stock cooler on the cpu...

  6. Uncle Ned

    Uncle Ned12 tuntia sitten

    That sliding fan mechanism is genius

  7. Roger Gordon

    Roger Gordon13 tuntia sitten

    Mod a cooler? Why don't you just mount a 1957 Chevy bumper to make it look pretty...?

  8. Roger Gordon

    Roger Gordon13 tuntia sitten

    Noctua also has air coolers to deal with non traditional ram layouts.. How do I know? I have built a few high end super compact computers that run hot..

  9. Roger Gordon

    Roger Gordon13 tuntia sitten

    Noctua Coolers are the way to go! I have a X99 MB up and running for five years with a very very hot running processor. Why mess with a messy liquid cooling system? Because it has pretty die colored coolant? Which might stain your carpet like a little puppy dog would ? :)

  10. Louis Turner

    Louis Turner13 tuntia sitten

    Great, jay is racist!

  11. pr0xZen

    pr0xZen13 tuntia sitten

    Cinebench isn't a torture test. People actually work with and render with Cinema 4D, all day long.

  12. Victor Otero

    Victor Otero13 tuntia sitten

    im curious about one thing. the hole between the two sides of the radiator,used to have acces to the mounting screws,is covered on top with the plastic piece with logo,but is open at the bottom. could the performance be upgraded if we cover the bottom hole to ensure all the front pressure helps the aft fan? just curious.

  13. Tonny Bukdahl

    Tonny Bukdahl14 tuntia sitten

    I just ordered this one for my next rig - had planned on the Hydro H70, but were discouraged by user problems - ended up ordering this one for a i5 9600K - hopefully that'll do the trick for a combined stream & game rig

  14. Adam Schmidt

    Adam Schmidt16 tuntia sitten

    I think this would be better if they made this a hybrid cooler of air and water.

  15. Ken Bentley

    Ken Bentley17 tuntia sitten

    MSI has had a cooler out for a few years that you can raise the fan to fit over ram.. its the Core Frozer XL

  16. buder5

    buder518 tuntia sitten

    why do i see this 6 month after i bought my super big noctua

  17. RedRainMerc Gaming

    RedRainMerc Gaming18 tuntia sitten

    Thanks Jay. I might use that fan for my first computer build and dont mind the price for everything it does. Plus if I get taller ram then the ones I start with all i gotta do is raise the fans alittle instead of buying a new motherboard or cooler.

  18. MushmouthYT

    MushmouthYT18 tuntia sitten

    Im about to build a new pc so im thinking about getting it

  19. Hadi Musavi

    Hadi Musavi18 tuntia sitten

    Please some one tell me what did he say and what did he do and what was the result ? Is it good cooler compair to nhd15 or not ?

  20. Mariano Martinez

    Mariano Martinez19 tuntia sitten

    That mother is seriously awful. Why the hell are the ram slots over there?

  21. Elim 99

    Elim 9923 tuntia sitten

    considering my case, psu, ram and cooler are from corsair yea i'm gonna trust them. never had any issues. only thing i'd change out is the fans for rgb ones.

  22. Gregory King

    Gregory KingPäivä sitten

    JAY or PHIL please check your auto-generated captions at 10:13

  23. Gregory King

    Gregory KingPäivä sitten

    Things i could see changing: 1. RGB Toplate or a LCD Toplate that displayed Temp (this would be a cool diy mod) 2. Black Fans or RGB fans. 3. RGB Fan Mounts.

  24. Gregory King

    Gregory KingPäivä sitten

    The editing is on point, thanks guys!

  25. Shark with Manners

    Shark with MannersPäivä sitten

    Linus does the same review in 7 minutes, less than half the time and delivered a better review for a consumer

  26. jedikevin20

    jedikevin20Päivä sitten

    Price to high & outperformed by 140mm fan coolers that end up being same size as this 120mm fan cooler. Pass.

  27. Greggulus

    GreggulusPäivä sitten

    Clearly amazing fan attachment mechanism.

  28. Greggulus

    GreggulusPäivä sitten

    You know what would make it legendary? Noctua fans :D

  29. Bob England

    Bob EnglandPäivä sitten

    whats that just $1299 and another $300 to ship it overseas, yeah nah.

  30. Big Dubyuh

    Big DubyuhPäivä sitten

    where is the white version

  31. gameflux

    gamefluxPäivä sitten

    Cool !

  32. dutchguy1975

    dutchguy1975Päivä sitten

    if people can choose between BeQuiet, Noctua and Corsair for their Aircooling, then the fact comes that most humans are creatures of habit, so if they had BQ for years already they see no reason to switch to an about equal performing and equal priced competitor. Personally loved Corsair untill the 1 time I needed customer support for something they didnt help me at all while it was a cheap fix. So I see Corsair as a company that just wants to take my money and take me as customer for granted. So would I pick up this A500? The answer is (ofcourse) no, I would only justify myself to buy a Corsair product if their price is highly competitive so it will be better for my wallet, which in this case.. it's not.

  33. justin hardesty

    justin hardestyPäivä sitten

    Hyper 212 Black edition has sliding fans just like that, I've been using it for a year and it's great 👍

  34. Kenny Contreras

    Kenny ContrerasPäivä sitten

    Love the features

  35. MarcasswellbMD

    MarcasswellbMDPäivä sitten

    What The Hell?? that motherboard is the problem.. Nice Cooler tho..

  36. zacom32

    zacom32Päivä sitten

    Love your video

  37. GC13

    GC13Päivä sitten

    It looks like a very nice cooler but it's a lot of money spent on luxuries and conveniences that are of no benefit to me specifically. The bargain hunter in me, as always, looks to the more basic offerings.

  38. Carde

    CardePäivä sitten

    Love the fan mounting system, do not like the fans cause they are grey and corsair and well my experience with corsair vs noctua fans been that noctuas kept spinning in a hellish system 5 years long and are still in use with the corsair fans being toast within 2 years. None of this is saying much being just my experience of course, but we tend to buy according to our experiences with things. That said if I need to select parts or build systems for people I will add this to the aircooler short list seeing not everyone likes to spend the custom water cooling costs or the AIO tax for the same performance, but different looks.

  39. Der DeS

    Der DeSPäivä sitten

    ...and then I look over to my system and see my Scythe Ninja 5 aircooling my CPU (OC'd Ryzen3600) at less than 15db, for half the price.

  40. Stephen Webb

    Stephen WebbPäivä sitten

    What's the recommended thermal paste these days?

  41. FireStorm_Records

    FireStorm_RecordsPäivä sitten

    don't even have to watch the video (Trust me I didn't) to answer the question The answer is no its not. its a bit higher priced than its closest competition. Performance is ok (nothing spectacular) and its noisy as hell under load. would have to 10 to 15 dollars cheaper to make it an ok deal

  42. Lucifer D. Satan

    Lucifer D. SatanPäivä sitten

    Air cooling worth it? Yes, for basic builds. If you're trying to JUST get the job done at occasional high frequencies and not melt down with a 4-6 core, I'd say hell yeah. But honestly if you're trying to game, heavily multitask, etc. beyond a super basic level, then there's no reason to not get $60 worth of Cooler Master AIO/CL water cooling. I have a $60 CM AIO cooler from 2016 and I run an i7-6700k @ 4.2 Ghz and never go above 55-58c (50-53c on a near-silent turbo preset) on standard/preset fan curve settings at full load for anything I throw at it, using A.S. compound. Otherwise... Fuck that big piece of shit LMAO!

  43. Neophobic Nyctophile

    Neophobic NyctophilePäivä sitten

    I didn't like that Jay didn't break anything... Please break more of your stuff.

  44. John Germain

    John GermainPäivä sitten

    95C is stable but definitely not under control

  45. Fred Scooby

    Fred ScoobyPäivä sitten

    Remember the A70 Released in 2007 by Corsair, massive Black Hulking beast of a cooler. They did that a long time ago before this. One of my machines still uses it. Looked exactly like this.

  46. George Blevins

    George BlevinsPäivä sitten

    Jay, if you don't want that motherboard anymore after testing... I will gladly take it off your hands and pamper it as if it were my first child. :D

  47. Dino D

    Dino DPäivä sitten

    After a fresh install, give it a week, then re tighten the screws on your CPU cooler mount

  48. Dino D

    Dino DPäivä sitten

    I use the deepcool Gammaxx GTE, with only one fan is capable of 2 fans. temp never goes about 72C, even while gaming with a ryzen 5 2400 OC to 3.9GHZ. This CpU cooler only cost me $34.00 Us dollars, and it has RGB Lighting.

  49. Dino D

    Dino DPäivä sitten

    The problem with most people, they may not have a PC case tall or wide enough to be able to adjust the fan higher to accommodate the RAM in there system and put the side cover back on the Case. Which means they would need to mount the PC CPU Cooler in the correct position, to point airflow out toward the back of the case.

  50. Dino D

    Dino DPäivä sitten

    The problem I see with this install, is you have it pointing or directing air flow from the GPU , and not exiting the back of the case. Which means you would have to depend on the top case fans to remove the heat from the CPU Fans assembly

  51. Dino D

    Dino DPäivä sitten

    The design is not much different then other CPU coolers. Not much you can change about a tower of aluminum fins, and a couple of fans. I do like the idea of the fans sliding off, I do not believe it is for you to adjust the height of the fans. I would think the design is to make it easier to install the fans and replace if need be. Also to be able to slide the fans off and clean the unit and the fans itself, DUH.

  52. BadMothaKalashnikov

    BadMothaKalashnikovPäivä sitten

    The CM Hyper212 always had a slider system for the fans. Omfg!

  53. Black Sama

    Black SamaPäivä sitten

    Is it worth it? No get a Noctua instead.

  54. xuser48

    xuser48Päivä sitten

    The less paste the better.

  55. Brent P

    Brent PPäivä sitten


  56. Lachoneus9000

    Lachoneus9000Päivä sitten

    So the cool fan design is for real clearance, but the cooler itself doesn't clear the ram. #designflaw

  57. Comp Wiz2007

    Comp Wiz2007Päivä sitten

    The moment you realize you're using the 5700xt you have in the shop because you don't care if it gets borked..

  58. Ryan144

    Ryan144Päivä sitten

    maybe that pre-applied thermal paste needs to be cured/baked at normal temps before it's ready for 5ghz

  59. Abhinav Ashish Aind

    Abhinav Ashish AindPäivä sitten

    I would definitely love it completely black with the 2nd fan in the middle rather than behind.

  60. Chemy Torres

    Chemy TorresPäivä sitten

    That's huge! But refreshing lol

  61. WhatWillYouFind

    WhatWillYouFindPäivä sitten

    Hate RGB lighting, always turn it off when I can. Who needs a bright lamp light illuminating my room from my computer case? no thanks, dumb gimmick. I only like it on the keyboard and at very low levels. Corsair made a good choice, nice looking product.