Bong Joon Ho Talks Parasite and That Eight-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes

Parasite director Bong Joon Ho tries to describe his highly praised horror film Parasite without too many spoilers and reveals the motivation behind his short response to an eight-minute-long standing ovation at Cannes.
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Bong Joon Ho Talks Parasite and That 8-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes


  1. Johnny Brando

    Johnny Brando11 minuuttia sitten

    Who will gonna win the Oscar?

  2. Teal Lilac

    Teal LilacTunti sitten

    This movie, I sat there expecting nothing big but then it blew me. They said it was good, I thought yeah maybe I'll give it a try.... I was mind blown! I couldn't stop thinking about it right after!

  3. pineapplebae

    pineapplebae5 tuntia sitten

    Parasite well-deserved but sad that The Handmaiden didnt get to this spotlight it's also one fo the best

  4. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis8 tuntia sitten

    He is the director of old boy??

  5. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis8 tuntia sitten

    What is the plot of that movie?

  6. reactor Sincere

    reactor Sincere10 tuntia sitten

    Korea has the best films

  7. benny Salcedo

    benny Salcedo14 tuntia sitten

    Parasite.....Another communist propaganda (income inequality) well as JoJo Rabbit ( white supremacy).....are you really are so naive?

  8. Miguel Isidro

    Miguel Isidro19 tuntia sitten

    Legend has it that they’re still clapping up to this day

  9. Sasha Fox

    Sasha Fox21 tunti sitten

    Korea taking over the world just you wait

  10. dessy eriya

    dessy eriya21 tunti sitten

    Bong joon some how really cute, i mean he is really understand the meaning of comedy and tragedy in life is, i mean through all his works and carriers he is just so down to the earth, he is like an old soul

  11. Chicklet Etsi

    Chicklet EtsiPäivä sitten

    I’m happy Asian stories are appreciated more. May Asian actors be hopefully recognized soon too. The whole cast of this movie was acting so good.

  12. Ari

    AriPäivä sitten

    He is so funny lmao

  13. El ._.

    El ._.Päivä sitten

    He's so cute. And so in sync with translater. Really made my day.

  14. Ajay Cbaby

    Ajay CbabyPäivä sitten

    I saw it twice in the movie theater. I have to get this on bluray.

  15. Ajay Cbaby

    Ajay CbabyPäivä sitten

    Parasite was awesome. Definitely one of the best movies in the last few decades.

  16. Ted Ryan

    Ted RyanPäivä sitten

    Obviously fake Fallon never saw the movie.

  17. aly simone

    aly simonePäivä sitten

    I love how every time he says something in Korean it ends up being something really funny...but you have to wait for the translator, which makes it even better, because while he’s talking you think he’s saying something really serious.

  18. flamingbow3

    flamingbow3Päivä sitten

    *Parasite receives 8-minute standing ovation* Kenny "The Jet" Smith: IT'S OVER LETS GO HOME EVERYBODY

  19. Jaye Sevz

    Jaye SevzPäivä sitten

    Korea film and music industry just taking over 😂 kpop has taken the world by storm, kdrama is real popular and now a korean film being one of the best movies of 2019 big ups to them 👍🏼

  20. Kunoichi4ever4

    Kunoichi4ever4Päivä sitten

    That moment when your own greatness is stadning inbetween you and your food.

  21. frisco

    friscoPäivä sitten

    In the beginning I thought this film was just a well made dark slap stick comedy, but it just grew better and better until I was totally enthralled and moved in the end. Very very good. I thought its Cannes win was well deserved.

  22. Daniel Ziran-Xu

    Daniel Ziran-XuPäivä sitten

    Korean movies are a goldmine. Talent rules!

  23. Aurora Hwang

    Aurora HwangPäivä sitten

    This movie is the best film of the year! It is not merely the best foreign movie.

  24. Tomáš Bugár

    Tomáš BugárPäivä sitten

    Wow Jimmy didn't start laughing in the middle of him speaking korean :D

  25. -쌍쌍바 100원

    -쌍쌍바 100원Päivä sitten

    영어좀 배워볼까 뭐라 써져있는건지 궁금하넹

  26. Owen Dispensa

    Owen DispensaPäivä sitten

    Is Jimmy Fallon on drugs? Seriously who finds this guy funny?

  27. rain ming

    rain mingPäivä sitten

    So he understands english but can't speak? Sounds like me

  28. Anne

    AnnePäivä sitten

    I'm not even Korean but I'm so proud 👏👏👏

  29. Mal Andrew

    Mal AndrewPäivä sitten

    The dude is funny and COOOL

  30. Faran Khan

    Faran Khan2 päivää sitten

    The people trying to justify Korean film industry vs Hollywood shit.. this and that.. the point is, there is a vast array of cinema out there, if you can just read the subtitles in your native language, try something other than what you are used to! I remember watching my first foreign language film named 'El laberinto del fauno' by Del Toro, aka *Pan's Labyrinth* and I knew it from that day, I'm going to watch non-english cinema a lot!

  31. G Stone

    G Stone2 päivää sitten

    All the main protagonists in this movie should get the electric chair by the end. They are evil and greedy criminals😡

  32. T2DA2DE2DYONG Lee

    T2DA2DE2DYONG Lee2 päivää sitten

    Thank you. Let's stop watching this clip and watch his beautiful film.

  33. Nicole

    Nicole2 päivää sitten

    He is si funny and nice Humble man, Even though his movie is so famous now, he’s still a very down to earth guy

  34. Isabella Yuki Cross

    Isabella Yuki Cross2 päivää sitten

    통역사분 팬입니다♡

  35. Sam Li

    Sam Li2 päivää sitten

    Fron korean pop to korean cinema So proud!

  36. Jessy with a y

    Jessy with a y2 päivää sitten

    1:05 Me, understands what he says without the translator and don't get that he actually spoke english...

  37. Shubham Bhushan

    Shubham Bhushan2 päivää sitten

    Jimmy Fallon liked the movie? Did he even understand it? It is a critique of Capitalism.

  38. shamma afroj

    shamma afroj2 päivää sitten

    Have you all watched 'I saw the devil' oh my god...Koreans are god's special creature.

  39. Tokey Koloiii

    Tokey Koloiii2 päivää sitten

    Must watch movie!!

  40. limaienla Aier

    limaienla Aier3 päivää sitten


  41. #루쏘TV #LUSSO TV

    #루쏘TV #LUSSO TV3 päivää sitten

    The scene from the parasite was impressive. Let's see the movie description.

  42. Sponge Bob

    Sponge Bob3 päivää sitten

    The Translator is Shit... I am Bilingual in Korean and English and the translator missed the key points in saying that the Film was to be viewed without knowing any detail... and she didn't mention the tutor came from an impoverished family

  43. Marisa

    Marisa3 päivää sitten

    Even drama good doctor is a remake from korean drama Good doctor.

  44. Marisa

    Marisa3 päivää sitten

    Hahahaha....let's go home...i'm so hungry.

  45. Marty D

    Marty D3 päivää sitten


  46. 우석

    우석3 päivää sitten

    The Pride of S.Korea

  47. Sis I Si

    Sis I Si3 päivää sitten

    Shut Up Jimmy. He just said you should go in cold and then you tell the plot.

  48. _Issaboll _

    _Issaboll _3 päivää sitten

    Parasite was a wild ride. Like I came out of that thing and I didn’t know what to think. At first I didn’t really like it but the more I thought about it the more I realized how good it was. Like it left an impression that it hard to shake and after reading up on the backstory it became all the more meaningful and felt so much cooler.

  49. Hani Hassan

    Hani Hassan3 päivää sitten

    The movie evokes feelings with the music score. Dayum the music score.

  50. Vanessa lopez

    Vanessa lopez3 päivää sitten

    "It's just funny scary movie".. lol love it

  51. Raul Bagang

    Raul Bagang3 päivää sitten

    I respect how jimmy so humbly waited when he was talking in Korean...

  52. 잔부레이

    잔부레이3 päivää sitten

    Director-nim is such a human and i love that about him

  53. sunclownkin

    sunclownkin4 päivää sitten

    Eat the Rich !

  54. Klash Song

    Klash Song4 päivää sitten

    So happy that Korea is getting the attention it deserves. Who can forget Oldboy?

  55. Jo Moody

    Jo Moody4 päivää sitten

    Its so ironic that that eight minute standing applause was made by privileged people. May be they didnt get the movie

  56. Vincens Aguirre

    Vincens Aguirre4 päivää sitten

    The movie was good but not that good, all the people who think that "it was the best movie they have ever seen" I could say they are fan of mangas, animes or doramas.

  57. C S

    C S4 päivää sitten

    I saw one Korean drama years ago and never went back to American shows. They are brilliant.

  58. NISHAT lala

    NISHAT lala22 tuntia sitten

    I think both are pretty good

  59. Paula C.

    Paula C.Päivä sitten

    Aren't Korean dramas a little bit different than Korean movies though? Like, I've seen a lot of dramas but particularly in this film (and other Korean films) I noticed a lot of details that you just can't compare with a television show. The performance and the subtle comedy for example.

  60. ani umar

    ani umar2 päivää sitten

    Yeah k drama n movies for me...they r delightful!!

  61. SaiyanQuad92

    SaiyanQuad922 päivää sitten

    @Brynne Muir Really? That's a stretch. No more western media? Lmao. You can like both

  62. SaiyanQuad92

    SaiyanQuad922 päivää sitten

    Never? You're never watching another american show again? Really? Doubt

  63. jonginsbih

    jonginsbih4 päivää sitten

    When you walk out of the cinema after watching this movie you feel so conflicted you cant think or do anything else for the rest of the day. This movie makes you think. It makes you uncomfortable. That's why it's a masterpiece.

  64. Keiko Saito

    Keiko Saito4 päivää sitten

    Parasite is no doubt a freaking good movie. Arguably best of 2019. I get the hype at that level but come on. Saying it's the best ever? Lol

  65. shrimpnyoung

    shrimpnyoung4 päivää sitten

    that's what i love about korean movies and dramas, they are never just ONE genre, they always make you laugh but also cry or shiver in angst. it's always layered and you never know what to expect, really.