Biden Campaign Shook, Democratic Field Narrows After New Hampshire Primary

In contrast to the messy Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary produced clear-cut results. And while they weren't good for Joe Biden's campaign, the Granite State vote tally meant the end of the road for Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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  1. scubatube009

    scubatube0094 tuntia sitten

    #Bernie2020 🇺🇸

  2. W Tollefson

    W Tollefson4 tuntia sitten

    It doesn't narrow...its ALL WHITE...#PRESIDENCYSOWHITE

  3. Krypto Kuban

    Krypto Kuban4 tuntia sitten

    Good one he now is feeling the bernnnn

  4. Annora

    Annora5 tuntia sitten

    Click bait, he didn't really acknowledge or farewell Yang. Thumbs down.

  5. Sanjit Mann

    Sanjit Mann5 tuntia sitten

    Damn ur impression sucks compared to larry davids

  6. Great value chocolate milk

    Great value chocolate milk5 tuntia sitten

    Nooo nt yang Yang gang fo life ♾

  7. Sarah Pedro

    Sarah Pedro6 tuntia sitten

    Yeah make jokes but people are humping rhe streets for Bernie. You dont even know. People in New Hampshire walked in 5 degree weather and slept on floors for Bernie. No one will do that for any of these other fakeasses.

  8. Sarah Pedro

    Sarah Pedro6 tuntia sitten


  9. John Rabson Jr

    John Rabson Jr7 tuntia sitten

    I’ll vote for a hobo’s cumsock if it’ll beat Trump.

  10. Ttinytino1

    Ttinytino18 tuntia sitten

    Stephen has been cocooned by his character from the colbert report. And the sad thing is he doesn't even notices it...

  11. OpenYourMind

    OpenYourMind8 tuntia sitten

    Never mentioned Tulsi...again

  12. OpenYourMind

    OpenYourMind8 tuntia sitten

    That dog joke was af 🙄

  13. dreydman1

    dreydman110 tuntia sitten

    How is this guy still on air?! The best writers in the world couldn't make him funny.

  14. meh

    meh10 tuntia sitten

    Guys, you have to reconcile yourselves to the fact that Bernie Sanders got a WAY smaller share of the votes in NH than he did last time. He’s been around the 25% mark in both states. This election cycle, the people who vote in Democratic primaries and caucuses are preoccupied above all with defeating Trump. That means that if Sanders is seen as someone who cannot unite the party and who will be vulnerable to attack ads funded by the RNC war chest, pounding the Socialist scare message and showing 30-year old videos of Sanders praising the Soviet Union, voters will prefer someone else. Just take a look at the polls to see how fluid the race is. Biden may well bounce back after Bloomberg gets on the debate stage where the other candidates will surely go after him, and once we’ve been to South Carolina and other southern states, where Buttigieg will tank. Maybe Klobuchar will successfully make a move. The race is so fluid because for most voters, it’s about finding a candidate that can beat Trump. And they might just agree on one. Most voters want a safe candidate this year. And frankly, Sanders is not a safe candidate. Polls show him beating Trump in Midwestern swing states, but that doesn’t mean much 9 months away from Election Day. It’s high-risk, because Sanders is counting on the masses to turn out for him.

  15. Jimmy M

    Jimmy M11 tuntia sitten

    Very funny ep 😂

  16. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    The Dancing Vegan Atheist11 tuntia sitten

    Wow. Colbert did as expected -- made the stupidest, most illogical criticism of Bernie Sanders, who is our greatest hope of defeating Donald Trump. There is ZERO contradiction in Bernie's message and accepting the gracious help of his enthusiastic volunteers. Idiot.

  17. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi10 tuntia sitten


  18. MidlifePrices

    MidlifePrices12 tuntia sitten

    Jon Batiste detracts from your show.

  19. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi10 tuntia sitten

    screwing the front runner and favorite twice will destroy the democratic party.

  20. ye yang

    ye yang13 tuntia sitten

    hammering hammering all of your work is destroying.

  21. Drool Alot

    Drool Alot13 tuntia sitten

    Biden is TRASH Senile Corrupt Makes deals with self proclaimed racist (Thurman) Has amnesia for the racist drug sentencing bill he authored Shall I continue? Case CLOSED

  22. Ronny Hermiz

    Ronny Hermiz13 tuntia sitten

    You were for good cause in the past but you are nothing now. Seriously bashing on Bernie while thanking volunteers?????? It is not going to work whatever you were to trying to push recently. Bernie is the most legit & deserving nominee who really cares.

  23. mcken2020

    mcken202014 tuntia sitten

    TO ALL REPUBLICANS= this country has socialism for the rich- and rugged individualism for the poor. MARTIN L. KING JR. BERNIE would be so much better than the turd we have in White House now- along with all the cock sucking Senators like Moscow Mitch. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. and offer a ticket back to Russian to them. FLYNN DESERVES THE ELECTRIC CHAIR.

  24. Alejandro Echeverria

    Alejandro Echeverria14 tuntia sitten

    Looks like Colbert wants Drump to win so he can keep making good ratings making fun of him. Disapointing!

  25. Alejandro Echeverria

    Alejandro Echeverria14 tuntia sitten

    Bernie joke not funny

  26. Alexandra Harris

    Alexandra Harris14 tuntia sitten

    Dang. Here I was just starting to like Yang.

  27. Deanna Jones

    Deanna Jones15 tuntia sitten

    How thin skinned are y’all for attacking Stephen for making a joke about Bernie? If you can’t handle that, the rest of this election’s going to be rough for you.

  28. MrSchweppes

    MrSchweppes15 tuntia sitten

    Please educate yourself about Bernie Sanders and you will won't to vote for him! #Bernie2020 #BigUs #PresidentSanders #NotMeUs

  29. hexum7

    hexum715 tuntia sitten

    Colbert 2024

  30. PurpleDjango

    PurpleDjango16 tuntia sitten

    Bernie Sanders sorta doesn't understand the side effects of what he plans to change. Not only is no one at all going to work with him to pass legislation (democrats included), his medical insurance plan does nothing about high costs in medical procedure and medicine. Then again insurance companies lobby for both parties

  31. Game Hero

    Game Hero16 tuntia sitten

    The people in the comments are all going wild for Bernie and Yang but I'm just mesmorized by that SICK AF fury road intro.

  32. The Humanity

    The Humanity17 tuntia sitten

    I wonder how long it's going to take Colbert to realize that Sanders isn't actually opposed to Capitalism. All he wants to do is expand our current social programs such as Medicare & public schooling.

  33. Michael

    Michael17 tuntia sitten

    This isn't the time for this shit Steve! You're undermining the democratic race for president. If you all screw Bernie again you'll get what you deserve! I'm not a Bernie bro, but screwing the front runner and favorite twice will destroy the democratic party.

  34. Dumbus Mishra

    Dumbus Mishra17 tuntia sitten


  35. Chris Ducat

    Chris Ducat18 tuntia sitten

    Damn...I was enjoying this monologue so much: did you guys really need to shit on Yang's candidacy? He was the ONLY candidate bringing new ideas to the table (and I wasn't even a supporter of his!).

  36. juan luis huerta vivar

    juan luis huerta vivar18 tuntia sitten

    Carmen San Diego hahahaha

  37. Eaglez27

    Eaglez2720 tuntia sitten

    I think Andrew Yang was the only chance of defeating Trump. Smart and progressive. Now who?

  38. Holly Garner

    Holly Garner20 tuntia sitten

    you're making fun of sanders' age but what about Bloomberg

  39. eazymethod01

    eazymethod0120 tuntia sitten

    If you don't think everyone but Bernie will hilariously lose to Trump, you don't know what you're talking about. This is only a Bernie vs Trump race and we would have had Bernie now if Hillary didn't win last time. Learn from the past folks. There's Bloomberg's racist stop and frisk policies and there's Bernie getting arrested in the civil rights movement with MLK. That's not even apples and oranges, that's alternate universes of morality.

  40. Alxs End

    Alxs End20 tuntia sitten

    I like the garlic knot running gag.

  41. Quinlan Vos

    Quinlan Vos21 tunti sitten

    Wow, et tu, Colbert? That bit on Bernie was disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  42. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss21 tunti sitten

    Go Bernie, my guy for 2020 because he has the 20/20 for this country!!!

  43. Larry Davis

    Larry Davis21 tunti sitten

    BERNIE 2020

  44. Paulo Sampaio

    Paulo Sampaio21 tunti sitten

    Colbert is officially just funny CNN now

  45. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez22 tuntia sitten

    Gotta love the media hate on Bernie it's going to make him win.

  46. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss21 tunti sitten

    I think Trump is flattered every time Bernie says he's the MOST dangerous. He loves being the MOST anything.

  47. loderunner

    loderunner22 tuntia sitten

    Bernie: he jokes about him being supposedly a hypocrite for thanking volunteers Buttigieg: he highlights his burn on Bernie Klobuchar: gives her long airtime and then makes fun of her being long-winded Warren, Biden: did not give them clip airtime tbh I don't think they assume Buttigieg has a chance, I think the Buttigieg bias sounds like warming the seat for Bloomberg.

  48. Arzel Boyonas

    Arzel Boyonas22 tuntia sitten

    Hello sir I'm an how are I'm happy to whatching your show

  49. Nolen Liu

    Nolen Liu22 tuntia sitten

    Why cant yall just enjoy some jokes? Like, chill.

  50. Andy Parker

    Andy Parker23 tuntia sitten

    not funny

  51. Vanessa Coleman

    Vanessa Coleman23 tuntia sitten

    Yang was the best candidate.. He unites not divides! Robots don’t take Yang away...

  52. QuantumBraced

    QuantumBraced23 tuntia sitten

    Volunteers *volunteered* their labor.

  53. D。 C。

    D。 C。Päivä sitten

    sneaky pete...

  54. Arthur Episodes - Full

    Arthur Episodes - FullPäivä sitten

    Hopefully Bernie adopts Yang’s freedom dividend idea

  55. M Daze

    M DazePäivä sitten

    How about ... BERNIE SANDERS WINS NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY, BIDEN 5TH for a headline? Go on CBS tilt your leaning toward other candidates - it worked out so well for you in 2016!

  56. M Daze

    M DazePäivä sitten

    So ... Elizabeth, how did aligning yourself with Hilary Clinton work out for you AGAIN? Time to live and learn, cupcake. Your arrogance is showing and no one appreciates it.

  57. Blake Wade

    Blake WadePäivä sitten

    Feeling the bern! 🙌🙌🙌

  58. Laura Wright

    Laura WrightPäivä sitten

    Nice ending - if the worse thing you can say about Bernie is that he is a bit old and has a good dose of humility then I will dare to be optimistic #goodluckUSA

  59. Sandy

    SandyPäivä sitten

    Clinton the Terrible is again the DNC communist party's nominee, along with dead man walking Mike Bloomberg.

  60. Ludmila Turkova

    Ludmila TurkovaPäivä sitten

    look, in the current American politics you can't win unless you have sufficient money behind you back, which makes America hmm less democratic, more plutocratic? so whoever of the candidates, who can combine the appeal to the Midwest disullusioned Trump 2016 voters with the appeal to Bloomberg money, will most likely win

  61. Robin Markowitz

    Robin MarkowitzPäivä sitten

    I think Trump is flattered every time Bernie says he's the *MOST* dangerous. He loves being the *MOST* anything.

  62. Brandon

    BrandonPäivä sitten

    not that funny

  63. Sollace

    SollacePäivä sitten

    Big surprise, the rankings are in order from least to most conservative. Good job, Bernie!