Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire primary win and Trump bullying the Justice Department into going easy on one of his convicted henchmen.
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Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Matt Thomas

    Matt Thomas6 tuntia sitten

    You’re an idiot and not funny.

  2. Weasel Worm

    Weasel Worm7 tuntia sitten

    I really wish someone would call out trump for what he is......a sexual deviant. Certainly a sexual bully, possibly a rapist, and disturbingly obsessed with his daughters sexuality. Yuck. So foul, so nasty.

  3. sgs1313

    sgs13139 tuntia sitten

    9:22 Karen had it in her more times than I can

  4. Brandbusters

    Brandbusters10 tuntia sitten

    Hi Seth Meyers congratulations to the millions of views, not because you are great just because people get redirected from independent media to your ""funny" political commentary. Thanks FIgos.

  5. Ryan Wifi

    Ryan Wifi10 tuntia sitten

    That heroin joke wasn’t funny asshole

  6. Lauren T

    Lauren T11 tuntia sitten

    Trump has the absolute right to do anything he wants as long as no one holds him accountable. Vote in your midterms. Vote in your primaries. Vote every chance you can get. It's not just Trump we need to flush out


    INSERT HUMANITY11 tuntia sitten

    Thanks to Trump and his supporters, no one discusses policy any more. It's all complete filler bullshit because that's all Trump has to offer and all the media cares to cover because ignoring an angry old man shitting his pants on Twitter instead of doing one of the most consequential and demanding jobs in the country would be irresponsible. People hate the media for covering 24/7 trainwrecks but no one blames the people blowing up trains.

  8. sing along

    sing along16 tuntia sitten

    Bernie is acting like Trump

  9. Cherie Cullum

    Cherie Cullum18 tuntia sitten

    So many slimy, despicable people running the highest levels of our government. Fight these people with truth and morality.

  10. Daniel Stepp

    Daniel Stepp19 tuntia sitten

    Not sure why but this has been my next up autoplay for every video since it came out...I've literally had to stop using autoplay. I mean, good video and all but this is ridiculous, I've watched it fully like 10 times.

  11. Klaes Fris

    Klaes Fris21 tunti sitten

    Trump is clearly making the move towards a making the entire US a fascism state, just compare all he has done with William Barr into what Hitler did in Germany in 1936-1938…. So disgusting and dangerous, I wonder why any of the Republicans do not see this …. Or are they all just waiting for their SS medal they can wear…. Please all Republicans that sees this post watch “The man in the high castle” on Prime - that is where we are heading…. If this continues.

  12. Bobby Castro

    Bobby Castro23 tuntia sitten

    LMAO Bernie roasting Trump was pure gold. Now that's what I call television.

  13. Michael Daly Artist

    Michael Daly ArtistPäivä sitten

    But Sept Meyers could slam the DNC for Iowa election fraud but, of course not, he’s a paid up funny-man troll carrying water for the DNC, and the capitalist establishment that owns the show, the network, Trump and both political parties. As impotent and phony as all WH puppet Presidents are, the US is a global embarrassment as it enables Trump. At least Presidential puppets since Kennedy have a front of logic, decorum and understanding. It’s a positive thing that such fronts are dropped so the crudeness of the whole pusy system, including Late Nite with Steph Myers bears itself naked.

  14. Stephen Kent

    Stephen KentPäivä sitten

    The only rights Donald's has left are his Miranda rights - and him trying to be silent - is impossible.

  15. B Kat K

    B Kat KPäivä sitten

    Anyone who backs Klobs here lol?

  16. B Kat K

    B Kat KPäivä sitten

    BERNIE 2020

  17. Eric Wuebbels

    Eric WuebbelsPäivä sitten

    “A strong third,” lmfao

  18. YADEJE

    YADEJEPäivä sitten

    Finally, someone in the media that's not anti Bernie. It's so rare.

  19. Yellow Cake

    Yellow CakePäivä sitten


  20. Emmett Howell

    Emmett HowellPäivä sitten

    People didn’t think a president could beat the stupidity in the form of Bush but then the Stupid Bigoted Orange stepped up and was like ‘watch this’. Now if a president is somehow worse than Trump that will be the day that our democratic government would be completely obliterated and nonexistent. I hate that this MONSTROSITY is the political state in my country currently. I can’t even imagine how disappointed George Washington would be.

  21. John Newsham

    John NewshamPäivä sitten

    Still voting Yang

  22. 1sm08

    1sm08Päivä sitten

    The thing about Bernie is he makes a lot of promises, states the obvious in lengthy orations, and never explains exactly how his vision will be realized. The same could be said of some of the other candidates. Then there is the cult-like, fanatic behavior of his bernie-bro attack dogs, which Bernie could shut down, if he wanted to, but he doesn't. I don't think our country needs another brand of fanaticism. We need a road map to big, innovative, values-driven, consensus-building solutions, articulated by a leader smart and courageous enough to show us exactly how she intends to get the job done. #Warren2020

  23. Study Buddy

    Study BuddyPäivä sitten


  24. Jordan Halsey

    Jordan HalseyPäivä sitten

    This is funny, but it fucking plays after EVERY VIDEO I WATCH wtf

  25. Ron Winter

    Ron WinterPäivä sitten

    Mayor Pete for Prez!!

  26. corbeau

    corbeauPäivä sitten

    "...and those are his _nice_ qualities!" Feel the Bern... Feel it!

  27. Michael Munro

    Michael MunroPäivä sitten

    Wow do you know what Roger stone actually did ? Donald Trump is getting involved in his own conspiracy theories. The guy was threatening witnesses with death and all the prosecutors and all the months of work they put into the sentencing it’s going to be interfered with by a fucking loser president that is going to be a civilian in a few months. Donald Trump will be shot dead 4 months after he Leaves office

  28. javamanV3

    javamanV3Päivä sitten

    All white? What about Tulsi Gabbard? Or are you, like the MSM ignoring her because of her anti war stance? She IS still in the race,

  29. Fiction Addiction

    Fiction AddictionPäivä sitten

    Oh okay, I wasnt sure if New Yorkers were aware that the number of Duane Reades were ridiculous. I'm astounded every time I go and i seemed to be the only one.

  30. Enigma Productions

    Enigma ProductionsPäivä sitten

    I find a white girl with a fat ass and smack her ass till it turns bright like a cherry

  31. The Whizkid

    The WhizkidPäivä sitten

    Funny... the rest of the world was crossing their fingers for bernie four years ago already. He really seems to care about the country and seems to want to achieve something good with the people together and not against them.

  32. generationdana9

    generationdana9Päivä sitten

    It’s NOT Dunkin’ Donuts; it’s DUNKIES!!

  33. Elan Morin Tedronai

    Elan Morin TedronaiPäivä sitten

    >>> He stayed out of the impeachment trial (somehow!) and has stayed out of prison (again, how?!). Trump did learn something from not being convicted: He learned he can get away with it, even if it's as POTUS.


    IANinALTONAPäivä sitten

    So i tweeted back.... Geez, if only amy could STFU!

  35. bxxx9

    bxxx9Päivä sitten

    To be fair, in Canada to be Prime Minister you need to speak both official languages (English & French) but also go to every Tim Hortons as part of the campaign

  36. ShadowFoxSF

    ShadowFoxSFPäivä sitten

    Ya Bernt! I'm rolling!

  37. Wayne Shilcock

    Wayne ShilcockPäivä sitten

    Trump's meddling in the Justice Department is what we call Fascism creeping slowly into areas of accountability. When the control of most areas is complete, we will see major changes, like the rules regarding the constitution and then changes to the constitution itself. When that happens, it's all downhill from there.

  38. Elite Premium

    Elite PremiumPäivä sitten

    "and those are his nice qualities"" Bernie, you are so cute.

  39. DRisky49

    DRisky49Päivä sitten

    Hey Seth there is a woman of color and combat veteran still in the race that's getting erased by the media. The remaining candidate are not "all white" #Tulsi2020

  40. Kawdsen Yetty

    Kawdsen YettyPäivä sitten

    Eat your cereal


    BILL MURRAY2 päivää sitten

    Protect Sharon Stone. ARREST and CONVICT Roger Stone.


    BILL MURRAY2 päivää sitten

    I like me some Klobuchar.

  43. WelcomeToTwinklePark

    WelcomeToTwinklePark2 päivää sitten

    I was unaware late night TV was so bad now

  44. George McCartney

    George McCartney2 päivää sitten

    I'm surprised Trump made a few jumps before disintegrating there, I expecting it to happen upon attempting just the first jump alone

  45. Bud Tommy

    Bud Tommy2 päivää sitten

    Feel the burn ...Trump is at 49% in the polls and can easily win the Electoral College. Plus Trump always polls 5% less which means he is at 54% now. Bernie will never flip a red state and is behind in the mid west. So please run Bernie and be prepared to lose like in 2016

  46. Joshua Bates

    Joshua Bates2 päivää sitten

    Once we're done fucking the DNC and liberal elite media, we're coming for your boy Trump. Typically there are 3 presidential debates before a general election. If Bernie wins the primary, I wager $100 that Trump bitches out of at least 2 of them.

  47. Brad Dowling

    Brad Dowling2 päivää sitten

    glad to see bernie also rocks the SVT

  48. Robert Gadziola

    Robert Gadziola2 päivää sitten

    Trump is hitler

  49. Sarah Pedro

    Sarah Pedro2 päivää sitten


  50. Suh

    Suh2 päivää sitten

    Thank you for giving Bernie the positive media time he deserves.

  51. Vincent H.

    Vincent H.2 päivää sitten

    Thank god Bernie is the front runner, I feel so much more confident that Trump will wipe the floor.

  52. Tammy Taylor

    Tammy Taylor2 päivää sitten

    Bernie forgot germ-a-phobe

  53. Tommie Smith

    Tommie Smith2 päivää sitten

    yes Randi

  54. Auntie Jane

    Auntie Jane2 päivää sitten


  55. Michael Ricks-Aherne

    Michael Ricks-Aherne2 päivää sitten

    I'm voting Blue no matter who and you should too!

  56. Lisa Parnell

    Lisa Parnell2 päivää sitten

    Sanders has learned to speak better.

  57. Christine Ebadi

    Christine Ebadi2 päivää sitten

    BERNIE is off the charts 💓🙌🏻💓🙌🏻

  58. Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    Super Luminal Probability Cloud2 päivää sitten

    Eff the establishment. Should've been Yang. You dummies

  59. Karen Woolley

    Karen Woolley2 päivää sitten

    7:25 Trump:"We know how to win." Lackey: Lie to congress and tamper with witnesses Trump: "It's called playing hard ball" Lackey: Goes to court Trump: "Pardon!" Ya, that's corrupt illegal BS, not winning or playing hard ball. But this giant cheeto pos loves him some dictators and hates long term allies.

  60. Barbara Meadows

    Barbara Meadows2 päivää sitten

    I had to go full blown psycho when a chumper told me Hillary hired henchman who messed up Iowa. Are you kidding me ...!!!

  61. M. Karbaschi

    M. Karbaschi3 päivää sitten

    They stole Iowa from Sanders